Welcome To Our School by Ace


Welcome To Our School written by Ace

"SPLAT. OOOOFFF" Kay doubled over and held her stomach. The punch, by far not the first one, had landed in the middle of her stomach and forced the air from her lungs.

"WHUMP, OOUUFFF" The next punch landed in the tender upper stomach of the 18-year-old. Kay moaned and staggered away from her tormentor.

"Not such a big shot now, are you?", a distant voice sneered. "How had this happened? I can't believe it. I've got to get away", were some of the thoughts running through Kay's jangled brain. 

"Get her", a second voice said. Arms lifted her up and held her from behind. 

"OOUUGGHH" A small fist sank in just above Kay's belly button. Her resistance was going, along with her strength and her breath. 

"AAIIYYY" A hard knee was driven up between her legs. Through the fog of pain, she saw stars.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way," she thought. "I was going to be #1 here". Things hadn't worked out as she planned in her new school, and here she was, naked except for her bra and shorts and being pummeled by two girls she barely knew. "CRACK" The sound of the slap as much as the pain to her face snapped Kay back to reality. 

"Don't stop, I don't want to be captain. Just don't punch "OOUUGGNN"

One of the girls drove her fist into Kay's belly button, just above the waistband of her shorts.

"Pull those shorts off. I want to see what I'm hitting," said Cindy, who along with Sue, was teaching a small-town lesson to the big-city girl. Sue released Kay, who was threatening to run, and yanked Kay's sweat shorts down to her ankles. Kay's beautiful young body was now completely revealed except for the tiny ******* and brief bra she wore.

Kay had arrived in town just a few weeks ago when her dad was transferred to manager of the only industry in the town. Kay was tired of her previous big school and thought she could be the queen bee of Central High. With her natural blonde good looks, she knew she could have any position she wanted as well as any boy she fancied. She made the mistake of flirting with Sue's boyfriend and announcing that she was the obvious choice as the captain of the cheerleading squad. The result of these actions was that Cindy and Sue ambushed Kay after practice in the girls' locker room.

At first, Kay held her own. At 5'8" and 120 pounds, she was strong enough and certainly not afraid of these hick girls. She had even been in a few scraps at her previous school, and after some hair pulling and slapping, she usually won.

These girls fought differently. They punched. Kay had no way of knowing that Sue's older brother had taught Cindy and her the rudiments of boxing--how to put your weight behind a punch, how to protect your thumbs by curling them inside your fist, and how to punch as if you were going to punch through your target. Kay was doing all right until Sue punched her in the stomach. Kay had doubled over, leaving her face a convenient target for a jab to her mouth that split her lip. With Kay's hands up to her face, Cindy had snuck in from the right and given her an uppercut under the ribs. Things had gone from awful to horrible, until now, Kay was stripped to her underwear and being pounded by two girls who did not want to knock her out, but instead just punish her.

Kay just stood there, the picture of teenage beauty. Her lightly tanned body was there for the punching. Her stomach was flat, her breasts medium-sized, but well-shaped, and her gently rounded belly appeared soft and smooth. 

Cindy approached next and said, "How's your belly? Can it take a punch".

When Kay only said, "Please", Cindy drove her fist into Kay just below her navel. 

"UUGGNN" Kay moaned and put her hands to her belly. Sue quickly stepped in and pulled Kay's long hair straight up, 'til the pain made her straighten up. 

"Good", said Cindy, "a better target" 

"THUD. UUMPHH. SPLAT, OOUUGHH" A left and a right dug into Kay's lower belly. Kay tried to double, but Sue caught her and held her from behind. Kay was now wide open. Her body is one wide-open target. Cindy worked on her soft belly from the navel down. 

Her punches dug in and rearranged Kay's guts. "UUGGNNN" OOOMMMPHH" 

"Please, no more UGGNNN". A final tremendous punch to Kay's soft belly made her eyes flutter into unconsciousness and Sue let the dead weight drop. Cindy and Sue slapped hands and left the gym, leaving Kay to her pain and her plans for revenge.

February 19, 2022 5:44 AM