Volleyball Story by Unknown


Volleyball Story by Unknown

Growing up I always had long hair. Now that I'm in college it's only to my shoulders. I'm 5'3" tall and my friends say I'm very attractive. My first experience of being belly punched happened when I was a sophomore in high school. 

It was at a volleyball tournament at a school in the city. My school was a small country school. My uniform consisted of a T-shirt and those small tight shorts. I came out of the restroom stall and a group of girls was there. I tried passing and one of them balled her fist and planted it in the center of my belly.

Uullff I grunted as I painfully doubled over. She stood me up by my hair and punched me again. This caused me to double over then fall to my knees holding my stomach. I was picked up and someone wrapped their arms around my elbows and pulled my arms back so I couldn't move. I was scared and nervous now. 

I watched as she again balled her fist and slammed it straight into my stomach 3 times. Uullffmp,uullfff and uullfff I grunted as my body twisted.

My arms were pulled tighter back than it happened. At least 10 times she planted her solid black fist deep into my belly. My grunts became whimpers while saliva came out of my mouth. My knees completely gave out, stretching my belly as I was held in place. My belly button, my lower belly, my solar plexus it didn't matter. She punched me everywhere she found a soft spot in my gut. They unmercifully punched me out then placed me in a toilet stall.

I stayed there for several minutes. My friends saw me walking holding my belly and asked what was wrong. I lifted my shirt and showed them my bruised belly. I begged them not to say anything because I was embarrassed.


Now I play for a Jr. College and it happened again. My arms were held firmly behind my back while I was trapped in a storage closet at a volleyball tournament. Punch after punch penetrated my belly. It felt as if her fist connected with my spine at times. I must have a sign on me saying, Punch Me. Has this ever happened to anyone else? It must be something about a girl's belly button because it seems that is where she mostly is punched.

February 19, 2022 7:04 AM