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People described shoulder length black haired Tiffany as the attitude and looks of a gypsy heiress, she grew up in a wealthy family in Nevada, and her steel blue-gray eyes were one of her unique features. She knew how to get what she wanted and to keep what she wanted and she was wise beyond belief, knowing how to get rid of something she was no longer interested in. She made a few rivals and also natural enemies with most other women she came across.

Claire who grew up in California was one of those that also knew what she wanted when she wanted it, and how to get what she wanted and most importantly learned how to drop something when she lost interest in it. Her family had a long lineage of wealth too, an attractive gorgeous green-eyed redhead with short neck length hair was fortunate to have the looks of a seductress, she was considered a queen in her own right and like Tiffany, she too had a growing list of rivals and natural enemies.

What each had in common, each was confident in her abilities and skills as a fighter and as a **** woman. Each wasn’t ashamed of dressing to the nine’s, often times dressing a sophisticated formal gown for a cotillion style of affair to sometimes a hot party dress for a weekend part, or sometimes just an two piece string bikini for a backyard party. Each wasn’t afraid of supplementing her looks with simple sheer silk stockings or fishnet hosiery or the addition of a garter-belt to go with a lace and bran and ***** set or something provoking as a g-string and a tight top that came dangerously close to showing skin.

In a world filled with women with breast implants and *** augmentation, Claire and Tiffany loved showing off her naturally fit body, each was comfortable with what God blessed her with Claire sported a pair of firm 36c cup and Tiffany was comfortable with her 36b cup, each leaned to compensate in the attire she chose, sometimes going a size smaller to look more impressive for a spill out effect without having wardrobe failure, it was nice to push things and neither seemed to mind flirting with the failure line and giving the guys something to look at, of course, other women were jealous of how each pushed things to the edge.

Whether it be in the workplace, at a private party, or a night clubbing and dancing they were each ranked as the most graceful and beautiful woman in the social circle the seemed to flutter and the rings of each woman’s social circle were growing to an inevitable collision. One of the constants in their “universe” that share each woman's space was Hank, who was in his mid-50s, an ex-surfer, and lifeguard who had worked some of the hottest beaches along the Californian coast. He still kept himself in shape.

It had been a particularly dull boring winter……in early January he sat down and decided to throw a party in the posh community of Summerlin Nevada an upscale bedroom community of Las Vegas. It would be a formal ball with men dressed in tuxedos and women dressed in sleek ballroom-style gowns and dresses. Working with a social committee who was helping him with his plans of fruition they sent out over 150 invitations obtaining names and addresses from his personal contact list. He had never planned on Claire or Tiffany each meeting, he had a suspicion that if they ever met they would get along like oil and vinegar but in the final planning stages the social committee sent out the invitations unknown to Hank.

For more formal events she neither was afraid of a petticoat, bodice or corset that gave off a certain level of sophistication that a “queen” would often wear in front of an aristocratic audience, of course with the passage of time in the late 20th century the appeal of something adding to the mystique of the female like a baby doll more appropriate for bedroom wear.

Their social circle became entwined as time went on, from Napa Valley wine tasting sessions at some of the most exquisite wineries in California Napa Valley country to the upscale resorts in the posh community of Summerlin in Las Vegas Nevada where each enjoyed the friendships and relationships of mating with a male mate. The finest choices in attire which each could afford to spend from some of the most unique boutiques in California and Nevada. Neither was ashamed of dressing to impress from silk and lacy undergarments to stylish dresses or blouses and skirts to high-end quality stiletto heels or even knee-highs or the ultimate leather thigh highs. Baby dolls were definitely in each woman’s arsenal of select lingerie that brought out the best in their features as were selective lace and silk sheer bras and ******* and stockings as well as garter belts that were of every theoretical color and level of transparency.

As their social circle tended to overlap each became aware of the other's subtle movement within the circle that was slowly entwining. At a recent spring event a couple of weeks before the ball that Hank was putting together for over 300 proposed ball guests at his estate in the Sumerlin community of Las Vegas each had been invited to cross paths in one of the hotel suites of the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas assigned for high stakes high net worth gamblers as each found herself entwined on Hank’s opposite elbow. The short neck length haired redhead held in his left elbow and the raven longhaired brunette entwined in his right elbow as she enjoyed the attention of his advances. Their eyes locked as they glared at each other, Tiffany was in a black pencil style skirt and gray cashmere sweater and Clair was in a gray pencil style skirt and black cashmere sweater. Each was wearing fishnet stockings and a garter-belt that made their toned supple legs stand out even more than they did normally.

He didn’t mind being the center of each one's attention as green eyes scanned the steel blue eyes of the raven-haired woman that seemed to glare back into the green eyes of the redhead. He wrapped one of his burly arms around the other hip and back, his hand stroking the other's outer hip softly and gently. Each wanted him and he wanted each equally. The two women wanted him wholly, neither was a sharer……it was all of him or nothing. A few of the other women who knew of Claire and Tiffany gave each a wide berth, the few that found out through direct contact with each of the others notoriety of the rumor of each woman’s savagery when her path was cut-off or blocked from what she desired, wanted or craved.

Nothing was left to chance for every party or event she attended and the upcoming formal ball would be no exception as each had received her invitation weeks before from Hank, their facial makeup with the right amount of base and foundation for cosmetics, the right eye shadow, the matching lipstick to go with her manicured nails and even toenails, even the eyelashes were sculpted and groomed. It was not uncommon for either to spend a fair amount of time in front of a vanity mirror in her room orchestrating her looks for a party or event. Then there was the right amount of jewelry that each wore from hoop earrings on Claire to diamond earrings on Tiffany, an innocent-looking bracelet on a wrist, a few rings on a ring finger or index finger or forefinger on each which garnered more attention for each woman was definitely a something each used to her advantage.

It was a rather cool evening as the green eyed redhead drove a fiery red Lamborghini sports car and Tiffany who lived in California drove a demonic black Porsche. For each woman her car was part of her lifestyle, they were status symbols of wealth and each woman love a glittery entrance. Tiffany was the first to arrive in Las Vegas that warm spring afternoon, the party would have many socialites and wealthy men, married, engaged, dating and also single. It was definitely a formal event as there would be the standard ball to dance with a partner into the late night of a Saturday each woman was snug in the warmth of her partially unbuttoned petticoat which offered a view of her lace bodice and the cups of her corset beneath that added to each woman’s curves. They were indeed stunning.

Tiffany had found a forest green formal dress and petticoat with a traditional bell shaped waist to ankle skirt along with a light saffron colored lace bodice and silk lace and sheer bra and matching ***** set. She also wore silk VSQ silk stockings that mad her legs look sensational. Claire had driven in after staying with a friend in Reno, she two was invited many months ago and had picked out sophisticated dress and bell style waist to ankle skirt in rich burgundy red and petticoat and lace bodice in soft pink along with the finest silk bra and ******* that could be bought along with a garter-belt and high end VSQ silk stockings as well that made her legs look sensational. Each one wore flats on her feet that were both comfortable and attached to her ankle but a thin ankle strap in addition to a standard foot strap that crossed over the arch of her foot, the ankle strap wrapped securely around her ankle. Tiffany’s flats were of a complimentary forest green and Claire’s were of a complimentary burgundy red.

Claire like Tiffany went the whole 9 yards, she added a Victorian looking riding hat to her ensemble that was a nice matching red velour wrap with her red coiffured hair style and a nice black accent wrapped around the edge her bowl of her hat and a nice lovely gold and red broach pin that secured a black feather pinned to her riding hat by the ornamental broach above the brim of her riding hat. For Hank’s sake she planned on being the talk of the cotillion ball.

Tiffany was no slouch when it came to looking like a woman, either from the modern times of the 21st century or the 19th century, she found a matching forest green Victorian looking riding hat that complemented her impressive wardrobe, she had found was black but had forest green wrap that encompassed the bowl of her hat. She found a lovely broach of silver and matching green trim that she pinned to her hat above the brim that secured a nice feather as well. She intended on being the talk of the ball as she planned on look her best for Hank’s benefit.

The lace bodice each woman selected was laced in a manner that the lace was tied in a manner to show off the sleek curve of her cleavage, each relied on a corset underneath the bodice to help present her displayed a naughty view of her gorgeous breasts. Neither one was afraid to market the natural **** appeal her body had to offer nor if she had to wear a heavy corset underneath to get an advantage so be it.

With their arrival to many of the men at the party they each look stunning, in their free hands each carried and additional accessory seldom seen in today’s culture, a traditional Chinese fan that represented more of an aristocratic look. Some of the women in accompanying their husbands or fiancée’s or boyfriends just rolled their eyes in the traditional ballroom gowns at the sight of the ****tish or whorish looks of Tiffany and Claire.

Tiffany made her way around the various rooms of the estate greeting other guests and sipping from her crystal fluted champagne glass. As she made her greetings she moved in a circle to her left. Claire arrived about 30 minutes later greeting the other guests; she always made a habit of working a room right to left. Eventually the twain of their paths would cross. As they made their way around the perimeter of the social ball mingling and greeting the other guests they created separate gossip trails as the moved in opposite directions.

As they made the way around the room in opposite directions they reached the halfway point of the room not far from where there mutual interest Hank stood chatting with the other guests, a rugged man in his mid-50, with copper colored hair and an impressive physique that looked outstanding packed in a formal tuxedo. As he was chatting Claire moved up to his left arm and slowly coiled herself around his arm at the same time Tiffany was slowly slithering her way up to his right arm, the subtle touch of each woman broke his concentration from the other guests he was chatting with. He had totally forgotten he had invited Tiffany to the party as well as each woman snagged and claimed his arm and leaned against a connected pec as she leaned in to kiss him on the side of the neck as each did they eyes locked, green eyes from the redhead and the blue-gray eyes of the brunette. For some reason Tiffany’s perfume which was a soft floral fragrance with a hint of vanilla seemed to blend with that of Claire’s perfume a rather tropical scent with a hint of cinnamon.

Each woman leaned in close claiming one of his ears as she subtly whispered into his ear….each one staring at the other woman’s attempted advances. Under the petticoats the feel of her lace bodice and the scanty view each gave in the warm embrace she felt with Hank was having its desire effect, his trousers were already bulging with a growing erection. Each woman seemed to be becoming to be the target of the other woman’s scorn and fury as each pawed at Hank for his affection. Hank sheepishly but politely excused himself from the party as each one straddling one of Hanks legs made an odd ********* as Hank managed to take them to a more private area of the estate. Not many had been to the private living area that Hank resided in as he fumbled with the security keypad unlocking the sealed door to the private residence area of the estate, the two women attached to his elbow. He intermittently continued trading kisses with each as they managed to end up in the foyer of the private living area out of view of the other party guests many of whom were already gossiping about what they had seen so far. Behind the ********* the door which was on a self-closing hinge gently closed with a swoosh and closed and the lock re-locking after they had entered from the main public corridor.

On the other side of the door the lavish formal event to usher in spring continued as the orchestra began playing the musical selections the social committee had planned. Inside Hanks private foyer Tiffany and Claire continued to swoon over the hot ravishing stud that was the subject of each one’s attention and affection smearing his ear and neck with her lipstick from her lips with some enticing kisses. Out of the corner of her eyes they continued to maintain eye contact as they swayed with Hank.

Claire pressed her warm covered left breast against his left pec as her right breast warmed his left side as it pressed against his bulging left bicep annoying Tiffany which she suspected she was doing as Tiffany pressed her own warm covered right breast against his right pec her left breast pressed against his bulging right bicep annoying Claire to which she suspected she was doing to Claire.

Amid the soft coos and purrs directed at Hank from each woman as the competed for his affection and attention new sounds escaped form their throats ………sighs……hisses………growls and snarls which seemed to be directed not at Hank but at the other woman. The emotional crescendo continue to build as each wanted Hank in her arms, not just the pec and his leg that each one was straddling, but all of him…head to toe, to be wrapped in his powerful embrace, each was becoming more fed up every millisecond she had to share his attention with the other *****.

The glare and stares of dislike and hate at the continued presence of the other woman was building and finally all **** broke loose for there was no fury like that of a woman scorned. Tiffany pressed herself from Hank as to turn on the hot looking redhead as Claire turned on the sultry looking raven haired brunette. Each one was satisfied they had enough distance form Hank as they pushed him back on a clothed cushioned foyer armchair with a large wingback design that left him sitting as if he were a king of a court.

The two began trading slaps with the hands which furiously striking the others faces, cheeks, jaws, chins and across the others noses and mouths as the smacks filled the foyer. They were still wrapped in their large form bell style skirts and petticoats that consisted of their upper layer of clothing as the two antagonists began their initial assault of the other woman’s vanity. It wasn’t long for the inner palms of her taut hands to leave the other’s faces blistering red, bruised and even cut form their hard furious slaps. Proffered soft cheeks once kissed by Hank were soon targets of the other one’s devastating hard slaps as they were slapped hard enough to break the blood vessels beneath the skin as they were becoming more infuriated by each passing moment.

Claire grabbed the raven shoulder hair on Tiffany’s scalp and tugging between her thin fingers as Tiffany grabbed back at the red hair on Claire’s scalp and pulled hard yanking with her thin fingers as the jerked each other’s heads around on her neck. In the ensuing melee Tiffany’s Victorian riding hat was knocked off her head as Claire’s own Victorian hat was knocked off of her head as well. From between clinched teeth amid snarls and growls each spat “*****” “*****” “****” and “****” at each other as they traded spats at each other’s faces. Each woman even resorted to wrapping her hands around the other’s throat as she viciously choked each other’s feminine soft throat digging in her sharp talons leaving crescent shaped marks and puncture marks and numerous scratches too. It wasn’t long till each woman’s faces were covered in the others saliva gooey spittle as they seemingly sneered at one another.

The two twisted like a pair of king cobra serpents released from the container of a vase by a Hindu carrier as each double down with a twin handful of the other woman’s hair in her clutched closed hands. They could have backed away a few steps but neither was going to make it easy for the other to get control as Tiffany tugged hard on the redheads coiffured red neck length hair and Claire pulled back on close to the roots on Tiffany’s shoulder length raven locks.

With their large bell skirts that encompassed their hips and legs and their heavy petticoats moving became and exercise in futility, neither one was satisfied with trying to tear into the other and with the amount of layers of clothing it was making it hard to get at bare skin to scar and damage the other. Hank could only sit in the large wing back foyer chair and look on as the two ladies stumbled about the makeshift foyer floor of his estate’s living chambers. Meanwhile out in the rest of the estate his guests were enjoying the ball and sound from the large symphony style live band. Some of the women must have known deep down what might be going on in private in Hank’s living chambers part of the private estate. Some of the women in Claire’s and Tiffany’s age group couldn’t care less……….let them tear each other apart as they each passed the time dancing to the live symphony orchestra band and danced with her selected invited mate or beau.

Many of the other women at the cotillion event knew what Hank was like and many of whom knew firsthand what Claire and Tiffany were like as well. Many knew what Tiffany and Claire were like when crossed and infuriated. Not many women wanted to be in the same room with one or the other or let alone both.

Meanwhile, the brawl between the steel grey eyed raven haired and green eyed red haired woman continued inside the foyer of Hank’ living chambers. The melee was continuing as each woman grabbed at the other cumbersome petticoats grabbing roughly the cloth and pulling as sleeves were ripped along the seams of each arm. Petticoats were torn from the others backs. Pieces of petticoats layered the foyer’s floor as did several handfuls of silky black hair from Tiffany’s scalp and several handfuls of Claire’s coiffured silky red hair.

The two continued exchanging open-handed slaps that stung each woman’s palm as they were attracted like moths to slap at the other’s exposed cheeks, their soft graceful cheek were turning red as they assaulted the other’s looks leaving blistering palm prints on the other demure faces. With their petticoats on literal rags across the foyer floor their nails got at the other's soft and silk-like lace bodices which were peeled like onions from the other torso. The light fabric was no match for either woman’s desire to devastate the other ones' fashionable attire. Each one took advantage of the laces of the bodice and began stripping yet another layer from the other’s body. With tearing sounds the silk lace bodices each wore were soon ripped remnants littering the floor as well.

Fury engulfed each woman as she turned her attention to the thin silk blouses ripping from the collar downward as the buttons popped from the thin thread that held them Finally the only thing that stood in either one’s way was the corset she had worn that protected and enhanced her cleavage. The fine Victorian costumes they had selected for the party and for Hank’s eyes were slowly becoming ruins suitable for the garbage pail.

Claire snarled under her breath as Tiffany hissed back. Corsets were the next article of clothing each woman focused her attention on as they ripped the soft stitched material with her talons. With their soft breasts exposed to the other one’s claws as each came under mutual attack. Each one attacked the other's vulnerable flesh in anger and fury which was matched by the other's maddening rage. Nails savagely clawed soft breast flesh as they attacked the other glands in hate as they exchange painful attacks not only clawing but stabbing and slashing at the other's now bared bosoms.

They each were each suffering as well as giving. As each one marked the other one’s assets with her finely freshly done manicured sharpened nails. Their arms were as twisted and entwined as were their long legs under each one’s long Victorian-era skirts. Claire hissed as Tiffany raked Claire’s heaving breasts as Tiffany replied in a guttural snarl as Claire dug deep furrows into the brunettes bouncing breasts. Each could be a cruel vixen when provoked and provocation was mutual as each assaulted the other's pale flesh. Hank sat mesmerized in the foyer chair as the two women fought for his affections. Skirts were slowly being ripped and split along the seams as the soft fused silk material of the panels of each one's Victorian material was being slowly shredded from her body; even the pleats were being ripped as each stumbled into the private foyer of Hank’s estate. Blood dripped from the hideous scratches and furrows each one had etched into the other's soft flesh.

Besides being primal scratchers and chokers, neither was shy about pummeling the other's body or faces in the process with the bare knuckles. Each knew instinctively where to strike hard with her bare knuckles and what parts of another woman’s anatomy to work over. Each found from experience that getting to another woman’s face was difficult and Tiffany and Claire were no slouches in protecting themselves from knockout punches. Fists were driven in hard below the belly button and above the ***** line of the other waistband of her *******. Gasps and groans came from each woman as she was pummeled by the other's graceful fists.

In addition to fists and claws, VSQ's sheer silk encased knees were exchanged brutally as they hammered the nether regions between the other woman’s legs. They continued their battle in the privacy of Hank’s foyer. Both must have been aching beyond belief. In their uncontrolled unabated fury the women grabbed the waistband of the other’s ***** line and pulled hard on the silk fabric as it dug deeper into the wears crotch it roughly and viciously flossed the other **** and *****. Claire reached down and seized a generous handful of Tiffany’s luxurious public hair covering her mound and pulled on the fine raven-colored hair and twisted. It brought a roar from Tiffany’s mouth.

The shoulder-length brunette could only wince in agony as she purposely leaned her head back and without warning and in between a smirk and a sneer, she smashed her head forward colliding forehead to forehead with the redhead. Not only did their foreheads smack together but so did the bridge of each woman’s nose and the tips of the noses as their nostrils flared. Claire could only groan in agony as her forehead felt like it had been driven open with the sound of a thud that rocked her ears and she could taste the blood that came from her bleeding nose that had been split open.

Claire barely got the words out of her mouth in a sassy tone “you ****ing dirty *****” before she felt her own bush getting pulled viciously as the fine pubic fur of her ***** was entwined between Tiffany’s slender fingers and pulled hard as well. Claire’s eyelids fluttered as she felt the agony as well each woman ripped her slender fingers through the other matted sweaty crotch hair as she pulled with reckless abandon. Tiffany winced as she felt the redhead's slender fingers dig into her crotch as she pulled with all her might.

Claire was glad as she could hear Tiffany howl in agony, she craned back her neck and then released her neck muscles as her forehead smashed back into Tiffany’s forehead, again the forehead smashed together with a thud, this time Claire’s nose brim bridge to tip of her nose smacked as well, her own nostrils flaring as blood gushed from Tiffany’s broken nose, the blood from each woman’s nostrils splatting across faces as the blood leaked down her nostrils to drip down her face to land on her cleavage and bust.

Tiffany snarled out “you ****ing dirty ****”. Each one refused to step back, instead, they embraced the other in a dirty hug as they hugged and ran their hands through the other one’s hair as she did each leaned in and bit into the other cat’s mouth. Teeth bit the other kitten’s lips as they leaned in and kissed ivory teeth ground against the other ivory teeth as they bit into the other’s mouth, as the lips were chewed by the other alpha *****. Green eyes focused on Gray's eyes as the jaws clenched. Blood flowed with saliva dripping from the corner of each woman’s mouth.

Hank could not believe the savagery he was witnessing from the two hellcats as they fought for his affections and his love as both blood-smeared foxes remains a biting kiss with her mouth engorged and locked with her rival. As each continued the furious delicious kiss each ran her nails across the other's bare flesh and exposed curves. It was anything but an enchanting enticing kiss as they clawed and gouged at the other exposed curves.

Both used the sharp talons to cause more damage to the other bare exposed skin clawing areola and ******s and the circumference of the other's breasts. It brought gasps from their mouths as they took advantage of the other's exposed and bare anatomy. Each woman was not new to torture and savagery. They clawed at the other fleshy ***** lips clawing the wrinkled skin, Tiffany tore into Claire’s ***** as Claire ripped into Tiffany’s own *****. It didn’t take long till each reached the other aroused ****, raking the length of each woman’s exposed muscle. In addition, each tore into the other’s *** as well ripping the other curvy tight *** that was reserved for Hank or the man of her choice.

Claire had more experience than Tiffany as she managed to face-sit the grey-eyed brunette and commanded her to surrender as she sat defiantly on Tiffany’s face. With a sneer of disdain on Claire’s face, she viciously punched the brunette into submission, her knuckles knocking out Tiffany as she celebrated her win of Hank.

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