Val and Lisa by Ace


Val and Lisa by Ace

Sisterly love, it wasn't. Val, 19, and her sister Lisa, who was 18 months younger had never been close. Over the years they had fought over clothes, which TV program to watch, over boys, over who was prettier; you name it, and they had disagreed about it. Lisa was never happier than during Val's first year of college. Lisa had a great year--no older sister to boss her around or compete with, and no one to interfere with her and her boyfriend, Bill.

Understandably, Lisa was not excited about the end of the school term and Val's re-appearance in her life. For the first week or so, things were tolerable--each sister kept away from the other one. On the second week of summer vacation, the girls' parents were going away for the weekend, and Val had plans with some college friends that were going to take her out of town. Lisa took advantage of the plans to invite Bill over to swim in their pool and to just hang out.

Things were going well that evening--Bill and Lisa were frolicking in the pool, listening to the music, and enjoying themselves. The evening turned un-fun when Val showed up about 8:00. One of the girls had gotten sick, and the others decided to postpone the outing. Lisa was not happy to see her sister but was determined to enjoy herself anyway. Val noticed the good-looking Bill and thought she might have a little fun herself.

After a few minutes, Val came down to the pool and deliberately, slowly took off her robe in such a way that she knew Bill would notice her. Underneath her robe, she was wearing the new bikini she had just purchased. It was brief, black, and revealed most of her 'uh, assets. The bottom was almost like a thong and the top consisted of two tiny triangles bound together with a little string. Val was about 5'8" and carried about 125 pounds on a body that was a real show-stopper. She had long, shapely legs, a pair of perfectly formed breasts, and a trim midsection. The gentle curve of her belly below her navel seemed to go on forever down to the wisp of a bikini bottom she wore. She made a great show of diving in the pool and then slowly coming out near where Bill and Lisa were sitting. She bent down in front of Bill to get her towel treating him to a great cleavage view. She put her head back and toweled her hair, showing Bill her smooth brown belly.

Meanwhile, Lisa was doing a slow burn. She was an attractive girl herself, but tonight did not compare with her sister. Lisa was wearing a modest two-piece suit that fit her well. She was about one inch shorter and 10 pounds lighter than Val. "She makes me look like a little girl", she thought to herself.

Val continued her shameless flirting with Bill. She stood close to him as he was sitting down and asked him questions about the football team and other school activities. As she stood there, her belly button was about eye level with Bill. Val slowly toweled herself off, making little, short strokes with the towel across her belly and breasts. Bill was ignoring Lisa now and enjoying the show.

Finally, Lisa could take no more and screamed, "Get away from Bill, you ****!"

"I don't think Bill minds. Do you, Sweetie?" Val cooed as she put her hand on his shoulder. Lisa screamed at Val not to touch her boyfriend and slapped her hand away.

"Watch it, little girl, or you'll be in more trouble than you know.", warned Val. Ignoring the warning, Lisa slapped her sister across the face.

Recoiling, Val rubbed her face and said, "Big mistake".

She advanced on Lisa and swung at her face. Lisa was able to block most of the punch's force, and send her own fist rocketing into Val's mouth. Val again stepped back and felt for blood that was indeed trickling out of the side of her mouth.

"I'll kill you--"OOOF" Lisa's fist had again hit pay-dirt as it landed in Val's stomach. Val doubled over slightly and her face was easy pickings for Lisa as she bounced Val's head back with a solid punch to her forehead. Val straightened up with her hands coming up to her face. There was nothing to prevent Lisa from digging first one fist then the other into Val's midsection. "OOUGH!"

"OOGHHH" The older girl backed into the side of the house, holding her stomach. Val closed in on her and punched her again in the mouth--more blood, fear showing in Val's eyes. Lisa saw it and liked it. She faked a punch to Val's wounded mouth, and when the defending arms came up,

Lisa drove her left into Val's belly button. "UUMPH" The splat, the grunt, and the yielding flesh felt good to Lisa, and before Val could react, Lisa sent the other fist into the same place.

"OOOUUGH" Val put her hands over her belly and slid down the wall. Lisa tried to pull Val up but was unable.

"Help me, Bill", she called. "Sure", said Bill as he came over to the two beautiful sisters.

Bill slowly walked over to where Lisa was struggling to pull Val to her feet. "Hurry up", said Lisa. "Help me," pleaded Val.

Bill didn't know what to do--help his new girlfriend Lisa or this beautiful creature who had almost hypnotized him with her beauty.

While he did nothing, Val's hand found an unopened soda can and quickly came up with a plan. Concealing the can behind her, she allowed herself to be pulled up by Lisa. The two girls were facing each other now, and Lisa moved in on Val and literally got in her face to tell her that she was now going to get the beating of her life, and Bill was going to watch the show.

Just as Lisa drew back her fist to pound her sister, Val smacked Lisa on the temple with the soda can, stunning her. Val took complete advantage of the situation and punched Lisa in the middle of her stomach.

"OOOOF", said Lisa as her breath was forced from her. Two more sharp uppercuts to her sister's trim midsection doubled her over. Lisa's face met Val's knee, and she straightened up. Val then punched the pit of her stomach just above and to the left and right of Lisa's belly button, which was just barely showing above the top of Lisa's two-piece bottoms.

"AAOOUUGH", she groaned and tried to turn away. Val caught her, turned her so she was facing her, and drove her knee up between Lisa's legs.

"OOOOOWWW" was the high-pitched sound that came from Lisa's mouth as her hands went down to the wounded area. Val stepped in and drove vicious uppercuts into her sister's stomach with such force that the young girl was forced upon her toes. The small fists sank in midway between breasts and belly button and totally winded Lisa.

"You're gonna be sorry you messed with me", she sneered at her sister. Turning to Bill, she said, "Want to give me a hand with this b....? "

Lisa was doubled over, holding her stomach. Blood was trickling from the corner of her mouth. She was about out of it, but Val said, "Come on, hold her for me; I'm not finished, yet."

Bill did as she asked and pulled Lisa's arms behind her back, straightening her up.

"I need to see what I'm punching," Val said as she pulled Lisa's swimsuit down several inches til it hung low on her hips, revealing her **** belly. Lisa had never really worked out, so although she looked trim, it was not because of any massive number of crunches. Therefore, her belly was baby fat soft. Val's hand gently caressed her sister's belly below her navel. She began to play with her navel, first making circles around it, then kissing it, then licking it. Lisa groaned.

"Oh, you like that, eh. Well, I've got more for you", Val said wickedly.

"Have you ever been punched in your belly before, little girl? Do you think you'll like it? Imagine my fist buried deep in your soft, unresisting belly about right here", Val cooed.

With that, she placed her right fist on Lisa's belly about two inches below her navel. She slowly forced her small hard fist into the white skin. Lisa tensed her muscles at first in an effort to stop the penetration. But there was no stopping Val's strength. Finally, Lisa's muscles gave up and Val's fist came to rest far inside her sister's gut. Lisa groaned slightly and told her sister to stop.

"Forget it, baby." Val then in one quick motion retracted her fist only to smash it into Lisa's belly.

"AOOUUUGH" Bill kept her from falling as the young girl tried to double over. Val then drove two more punches into her lower belly where there was no resistance. Lisa's little tummy wrapped itself around her fists like a glove.

Val then reached up and removed Lisa's top freeing her pear-shaped breasts. She then punched her sister's **** mercilessly, first on the *******, then swinging them side to side with hard punches. Bill was beginning to breathe hard and beads of moisture appeared on his upper lip. "You like this, don't you?" Val asked. Do you want some action?

"Sure", said Bill as he released Lisa, who slumped to a sitting position against the wall, "but I want it with you". Val looked coyly at Bill as he approached, having far different thoughts than he did.

Bill placed his arms on Val's shoulders and said, "I think a little beating would be a good idea." As soon as he said that he brought his knee up into Val's naked belly, right on her navel.

"OOOOUGGG" Bill wouldn't let her double over but instead drove two uppercuts into the girl's stomach.

"I think you need to learn a lesson," he said as he jabbed Val in the face twice. Grabbing some clothesline from the nearby pole, he quickly tied Val to the pole with her hands behind her. She stood there in all her beauty but also in all her vulnerability. Her belly button looked to him like the center of a bulls-eye, and he punched her hard right there. He felt his fist sink in as Val cried out in pain. He had never punched a girl before, but he for some reason always wondered how it would feel.

He liked the feeling.

Val's belly, thanks to the tiny bikini she wore to entice Bill, was a wide and low expanse of smooth brown skin. Her lower belly was his next target and he felt his fist almost disappear in her defenseless gut.

"OOUUUGGGHH" was the long, guttural moan that escaped Val. He gave a shot to the navel.

"OOUUGH" , a punch to the stomach, "OOUFF", and a short jab to the face. Then he reached up and removed her tiny top.

Bill was just getting ready to punch Val again when an unfamiliar voice yelled "Stop!"

Bill turned around to see two girls he didn't recognize. "Are you her friends?", Bill said, motioning to Val.

"That'll be the day," one of them said. "I don't know why you're beating her up, but she deserves even more", said the girl, introducing herself as Hillary.

"She is or was my roommate till I found out she's been stealing from me all semester. I confronted her today, and she drove away before I could get this worked out."

"She told us that one of you got sick and that's why she came home early," said Bill. "One of us is gonna be sick, all right, but she's going to be the sick one."

"Untie the pig, I don't want her saying this wasn't a fair fight", aid Hil. Amused, Bill untied Val, who immediately tried to run into the house. Hilary caught her and pulled her back on the lawn. Val seemed to just realize she had lost her top and covered her breasts with her arms. Hil, who seemed very athletic, quickly took advantage of Val's unprotected belly and drove her fist into Val's naval.

"Unggg", she groaned. Hil then came up and punched her solar plexus, her hard fist digging into the vital area. Val's breath whooshed out of her and her eyes bugged as she fought to breathe. All her body's focus was on sucking in air, so her arms were allowed to hang helplessly at her side, leaving her whole delicious body wide open.

Hil went to Val's lower belly with a hard uppercut directly below her navel. Val had no air left, and so she stood there suffering. The next punch was right in her full left breast, directly on the ******. Val then blasted her right tit. This seemed to stimulate Val's breathing reflex, and she sucked in enough air to be able to moan.

Val was begging for mercy now, but she found no one interested. Bill and Hilary were helping Lisa back to her feet and making sure she was O.K. After Lisa was up and her head was clear, the three walked toward Val. Val was still tied to the pole with her hands behind her.

Val was an incredible sight, standing there naked except for her tiny bikini. She was the absolute picture of what any teenager would want to look like: smooth tan skin, long shapely legs, full firm breasts, a midsection that was flat, and a **** belly that seemed to go on forever below her navel. All of that was a potential target for the three individuals who now faced her.

They agreed to take turns. Each would get three punches. Bill went first and aimed his shots at the lovely girl's ****. His fists sank into the tempting mounds, and he thrilled at the feel of her breasts accepting his punches. Hilary was next. She went to the girl's wide-open navel and just buried her fists there. "UNNNNG"

Finally, Lisa walked over and looked at her helpless sister. Val's tempting belly was her choice, and she dug her small hard fists into Val just above her bikini. "OOUUGHH"

She punished Val with more than her allotted three punches, sinking blow after blow into the softness of Val's belly.

Left to the low right side: "OOUUGGGG"

Right to the other side: "UNNGGGG"

Placing her hands on Val's shoulder for balance, she drove her knee up into Val's gut just below her navel: "OOUUGGHHFF" "OOUUUUUFFFF"

"AAOOUUGGG" Lisa's knee was like a small, hard, battering ram, and it quickly broke down any muscle protection that remained. Lisa motioned Hilary over, and together they turned Val's belly to mush. Hil took the left side and Lisa the right, and together they punched the helpless girl. They timed their punches so that Val's belly was impaled by two shots at the same time--all up and down Val's delicious body. Val's groans grew weaker until she passed out.

They cut Val down and let her beautiful body sprawl to the ground, face up. A couple of belly stomps left Val curled into a fetal position as the girls walked away.

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