Twins by Rose


Twins by Rose

Sara and Joan were twin sisters. Sara was older by 10 minutes, taller by 1/2 a foot, and had curly blond hair. Sara wore contacts and her hair was straight. Going up in the same house Sara and Joan fought all the time. They did not share a bond. They hated each other. Sara and Joan competed for all through school. If Sara went out for a sport, so did Joan. If Joan liked a guy, Sara had to find a way to get him to notice her too.

Sara and Daryl had been dating for 6 months when Joan returned from her trip to France. Joan had done a modeling job there and the job had ended so she was forced to return home.

Joan liked Daryl the minute she saw him. And she had no idea yet that he was dating Sara. Joan and Daryl met outside the local (horse)feed store. I was with him. He had agreed to help me load my truck when I picked up the feed. I had hurt my hip and couldn't do any heavy lifting. "Taylor. Hi! Who's your friend?", Joan asked.

"Very funny, Sara", Daryl growled.

"I'm not Sara," Joan growled back.

Daryl stopped what he was doing and turned around and looked at Joan for the first time. He noticed the differences in the twins right away. "I'm really sorry. I was told that you were in France." He responded.

"The keyword there is (was)." Joan replied, "Taylor. Can I get a ride back with you?"

"To the ranch?", She asked watching as Daryl put the feed in the back of my truck. I knew the look she was giving him real well. The (Twin)wars were about to begin again.

"Sure Joan. It's not a problem.", I responded.

After Daryl finished loading the feed into the truck, he helped Joan get her bags into the truck too. On the way home, Joan asked about her old room at the ranch. "Yes. Joan, it's still yours if you want it", I responded.

Joan and Sara had moved into my ranch house with me 4 years before Joan went to France. Their parents had had enough of their fighting. They had put up with it for 21 years. They were through. I lived alone in a large ranch house with 7 bedrooms and lots of space. I told their parents that they didn't even have to see each other the house was so big.

Sara met us outside the barn. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Joan get out of my truck. "What is she doing here?" Sara asked.

"I'm back from France," Joan answered.

"Daryl, may I speak with you in private?" Sara asked.

"Sure, My love. let's go up to the break room.", Daryl responded.

Once Daryl and Sara were inside, Joan started asking questions: How long have they been dating? How close are they? Do they love each other? I didn't answer her I just walked away. I knew what she had planned. She was going to try to take Daryl away from Sara.

That night Joan started a fight with Sara. The fight went from a yelling match to the 2 women trading punches. I broke them up and said if you're going to fight do it out in the backyard. And I'm setting rules. You break the rules, you lose.

Rule One: belly and navel punch only. Rule Two: Kicking is ok, but barefoot to bare belly only. Rule Three: When Daryl or I say Stop! You Stop!

The girls were outside and ready to fight in 5 minutes. Daryl and I stayed on the porch and watched. Both girls were evenly skilled at fighting but, Sara was in better shape. Sara punched Joan with quick rights and lefts to her lower belly. oooofff oooofff oooofffff Was all that could be heard.

Joan was hurting really bad and they had only just begun. After another series of punches, Joan was on the ground, hugging her belly. But, Sara wasn't finished with her yet. She kicked Joan 3 times right in her navel, then walked past Daryl and me and went into the house.

I guess the fight's over. Daryl said with a grin.'

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