Tough Grrrl Grille by BellyLord


Tough Grrrl Grille by BellyLord

I took my seat in the front row of the club, right beside the skirts of the boxing ring, and waited for the fight to start.

It was amateur night at the Tough Grrrl Grille, the one night a month when local girls took their chances against each other in the ring, all-out pro-style wrestling with no punches pulled and no holds barred, for $2,000 prizes. The managers tried to lure reasonably pretty women into the contests, and they succeeded often enough to make it worth the $10 cover charge, even though you never knew who was going to fight: the cards weren't posted until the show was about to begin.

There was only one scheduled match on this hot June night, and the crowd murmured and booed lightly when this was announced. The first fighter was introduced, and she jogged into the ring, smiling and waving and looking a bit stoned. My jaw dropped: I knew her. It was Takako. Takako was a friend of my ex-girlfriend's roommate.

She's one of the Japanese students at the language school in town. I had met her at parties and at my girlfriend's house a few times when we were dating. I liked her; she was lively, pretty, and fun-loving. You talked to her for 10 minutes and she nodded and smiled so eagerly that it took you that long to pick up that she had no idea what you were saying. I wonder if she had used the same tactic to hide her lack of understanding from the promoters of this match when she signed the waivers and agreed to get into the ring. I had heard she was in bad money trouble. I had no idea it was this bad.

Later I learned the rest of the story. Her father had lost his job -- I thought that never happened in Japan -- and Takako was resisting her family's pleas to come home and go to work. She was in love here, with a fellow student. Cut off from her family's support, she needed $1,000 to finish paying for her last semester, graduate, get a green card, and stay here. She had seen the handbills advertising this promotion, and she had judged from the posed beauties on the posters that it was some kind of beauty contest or model search.

She had taken one of the handbills that morning and gone in search of the address. That was the last anyone who knew her saw of her until I watched her climb into the ring. They had her billed as Princess Samurai, but she looked more like a scared, dumb, pretty little Japanese girl with long hair. A black bikini fit her snugly around the hips and lower belly, where Takako was surprisingly plump for a woman with such long, graceful fingers.

The second fighter was announced, and the capacity crowd roared. "The Golden Girl" made her way to the ring. Now, the Golden Girl was really Alice B.-----, a well-known character in town, a half-crazy 35-year-old dirty blonde with crooked teeth who had slept with most of the men available in her younger days and now lived on various types of support, some public, some private, in a run-down house by the river. She stood 5-foot-8 and weighed about 145, I guessed, which made her a good head taller and 25 pounds heavier than Takako.

Anyone who had seen her in the ring before knew he was about to get more than his money's worth. Alice was well-known as a violent wrestler who loved to inflict pain. The cheers of the crowd broke over her in wave after wave. Alice stood on the apron and waved with one hand, then the other, then both, to every corner of the building.

Before the applause showed any signs of dying down, Alice turned away from it, stripped off her satin jacket, and climbed into the ring. Alice's gold-sequined bikini was cut high on the thighs, low in the front and it effectively displayed her taut, athletic body. She was black-booted and her thick, long, blond hair cascaded down to the middle of her back. She was a very enticing woman, in her way.

Gradually the crowd settled down and the women stood in their corners. The bell rang. Alice glided out of the corner and trotted slowly in a circular motion, crouching forward in her wrestling stance and glaring through her opponent.

Poor Takako stood in her corner like a dazed animal. What did that bell mean? Who was this other woman? Where was the modeling contest? Where was the dance music? She wandered out into the ring, toward Alice. Alice quickly bent down, grabbed Takako by the ankles, and pulled her down. Takako, taken by surprise, fell flat on her back, arms outstretched.

Alice leaned back and pulled hard on Takako's legs, heaving the young woman off the mat. She began to spin, pulling the upended Takako around and around as she gained momentum. Takako shrieked in fear but the cheers of the crowd drowned her out. Takako's arms flailed helplessly, out-flung over her head by the centripetal force, and her long black hair flew wildly about her. Picking up speed with each spin, Alice laughed madly, then released her grip. Alice fell on her ****, but the Japanese girl sailed halfway across the ring to crash flat on her back in the corner.

Alice quickly ran over to her, snatched her by the hair, and hauled her onto her feet. She then tossed her into the corner, where Takako bounced hard and stumbled forward. Instinctively she grabbed the top ropes, reaching back, arching her back, and holding on for balance. Alice was there to meet her with a fist slammed deep into Takako's soft belly. Takako was so confused and scared that she was the only one in the building who was astonished when this woman unaccountably chopped her knuckles into Takako's stomach.

"UUUUUUHHH!" The pretty girl moaned as she bent forward. Alice pumped her right arm like a piston, thrusting three quick jabs up into Takako's bare belly. Takako's head jerked forward and she grunted hard from her open mouth as each punch violated her gut. Alice then took a step back and kicked the sole of her black boot into the Japanese student's empty stomach.

"OOOFF!!" Takako groaned as the hard boot punched into her belly with an audible thud. Alice stepped forward and slammed three more punches into the meat of Takako's gut. She then acknowledged the cheers of the crowd by blowing a quick kiss before resuming the assault.

She grabbed Takako by the back of her hair and flipped her ass overhead into the middle of the ring. Takako slowly got to her feet, both hands clutching her belly, but before she had completely straightened up, Alice wrapped her arm around the young girl's head and placed her in a headlock.

Alice raced across the ring with Takako in tow and jammed the student's head into the turnbuckle like a battering ram. Takako let out a loud moan.

The Golden Girl then quickly turned around and raced to the opposite corner, again bashing the student girl's forehead into the turnbuckle. Takako was panting out loud as Alice again took off for the other side of the ring. She mashed Takako's head into the corner, pulled it back up, and slammed it down again into the padded turnbuckle. Alice slammed Takako's head one last time before releasing her grip. Takako collapsed to the mat. She sat, shoulders slumped, gasping, as shudders and convulsions wracked her small body. The bright spotlights baked the ring.

Impatient, Alice, got a fist-full of Takako's thick, coarse black hair and pulled her to her feet again. She pulled Takako forward, walking her around the ring as Takako, bent forward and holding her scalp, hobbled to keep up. Alice took her into a corner and slammed her forehead down into the metal post. No turnbuckle this time. Takako hit it hard, stood up straight, and gripped her head in shock and pain. Alice quickly grabbed her shoulder, spun her around, and punched Takako's gut. "w-UUUH!" The pretty oriental girl grunted sharply as Alice's knuckles caved in her stomach and doubled her over. Alice resumed her hair grip. Again she rushed the Japanese girl into the corner, head-first, and cracked her forehead against the turnbuckle. Takako tumbled backward, rolled, and landed on her belly in the center of the ring.

Alice approached her from behind, grabbed hold of Takako's ankles, and pulled her legs up before bending them in toward her back. Alice adjusted her grip by crossing Takako's legs and then forcing her feet down toward her ****. Takako squealed as her legs crushed in knee-popping agony under Alice's weight. She screamed again as Alice sat on top of her, applying more pressure to the torturous hold. Alice then reached forward and, straining, grabbed hold of Takako's wrists. She leaned back now, pulling the student's upper body off the mat while still sitting on her legs. Takako's back arched as she was stretched, her arms wrenching in their sockets. She wailed in pain.

After what seemed like hours, Alice broke the hold. Takako flopped onto her side, but Alice quickly grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her off of the mat before tossing her into the corner. Takako hit the buckles hard with her ******** and stood there shocked. Alice quickly raised her arm and thrust her elbow forward, landing it squarely on Takako's forehead.

Takako's head snapped back and she quickly raised her hands to her face. Alice then punched her fist into Takako's gut. The pretty brunette moaned pitifully and slouched forward.

The mean woman immediately lowered her shoulder and thrust an uppercut into Takako's unsuspecting gut, driving her back into the corner. Wrapping her forearm around Takako's throat, Alice stood beside the smaller girl, facing the same direction. Takako tried to pull Alice's arm off her windpipe, but the grip was too tight. Meanwhile, with her free hand, Alice pounded powerful hooking punches into Takako's bare gut. Takako sounded like she was being tortured. Her wild, grunting wails bore no resemblance to human speech.

Alice released the choke and wrapped one arm under Takako's ass and gripped her by the shoulder with the other. She deftly lifted the young girl into the air, turning her body over as she carried it around the ring. The crowd roared as the muscles bulged on Alice's arms and legs. Takako thrashed and screamed helplessly.

Finally, Alice marched back toward her corner and threw Takako's body into it, bending the back of her legs over the top ropes. Takako's legs, tangled in the ropes, held her upside down, suspended, with her hair sweeping the mat. Alice then began a vicious assault, stomping mercilessly on Takako's belly, making her bounce uncontrollably with each stomp.

The crowd cheered. Takako grunted as the blonde feverishly worked her over, punting her belly button.

Finally, Alice dropped Takako to the canvas. Takako moaned as she tried to roll over onto her side, but Alice quickly snatched a handful of her hair and hauled her onto her feet. She then slapped a full nelson onto Takako, wrapping her arms over Takako's and pinning them over her head. Alice then stepped forward and began to slam her knee into Takako's extended midsection. Takako's pot-belly jiggled as the blonde drove her knee over and over into the tender flesh.

Alice then stepped in front of her rival, gripped both Takako's wrists above her head with one hand, planted her feet, and slammed her free fist into Takako's stomach.

"g-UUUH!" Takako squirmed but Alice's grip was inescapable. Alice paused for a second and then backed up several steps. She charged forward and smacked her knee into Takako's stomach.

Takako let out a loud "UUNNHH!" Alice released her arms, and Takako bent over, wrapping her hands around her battered belly. She dropped to her knees, then fell face-down on the canvas and lay still. But the blonde showed no sign of letting up. Alice pulled Takako to the center of the ring and flipped her over onto her back. Takako lay still. Her only motion was the heaving of her chest as she labored to breathe.

A yank on her hair got Takako back on her feet, wide-eyed with pain, and a crude shove pushed the Japanese girl's back into a corner. Takako took a deep breath as Alice approached, and she raised her arms to fend off Alice's attack. But the angry blonde simply lifted her bony knee sharply in Takako's soft belly.

"OOF!!" Takako moaned and she folded over. Alice quickly grabbed a handful of Takako's hair and straightened her up. She launched an uppercut into Takako's unguarded belly, causing the brunette to double over again.

Alice lifted her head and with fire in her eyes, dug a powerful shot up into Takako's stomach as she stood, bent forward, in front of Alice. The student beauty's soft flesh wrapped itself around Alice's fist. Alice then lifted her rival upright and slammed her knuckles into Takako's soft belly.

"h-OOOF!" Takako blurted, just as Alice whomped her other fist into Takako's belly button. The cute, bikini-clad woman bent forward again. I knew that she couldn't take much more punishment. Alice took the opportunity to quickly launch a solid fist into her stomach.

Takako let out a loud "UUNNNNHHHH!" and dropped to her knees.

She tried to straighten herself up, placing her hands on the mat in front of her and pushing. She raised her head and then pushed her upper body so that she was kneeling upright. But before she knew what hit her, Alice punted her leg forward and buried her boot-tip in the brunette beauty's lower belly. Alice's foot sank into Takako's stomach, her belly-button the bull's-eye. Takako collapsed onto her side, wrapping her arms around her belly as she rolled on the mat in pain.

I watched in a state of intoxicating arousal as the pretty student rolled from side to side, clutching her battered belly. The straining motion made her suit cling awkwardly, and the bottom of her breasts was exposed, while the firm buds of her ******* were clearly visible beneath her top. The bikini bottoms clung like a second skin to the sensitive, private, dark places at the bottom of her body.

Alice reached down and grabbed Takako by the wrist, hauling her up onto her feet. Takako rose sluggishly, gingerly pulling her legs beneath her as she was forced to stand up. Her legs wobbled, but Alice gave her no time to recover. She pushed her backward, sending her into the corner.

Takako draped her arms over the top ropes for support, letting her legs fall limply below her. The tough blonde moved closer and then, standing directly in front of Takako, ducked, unbent her elbow, and thumped her fist right into Takako's belly.

"OOOOOHH!" Takako's shoulders slumped as her body jerked convulsively. Alice swung her other fist and whomped her knuckles into Takako's soft stomach.

"OOUUFF!" Takako's lolling head jerked forward again as a loud grunt spilled from her. Her long, black hair covered her face, but her body, especially her voluptuous ass, was all but bared by the tightness of her suit as she leaned back into the ropes. Alice then lifted her knee into Takako's gut, driving into the soft meat.

"UUUUUU!" Takako grunted, unable to resist.

Completing her attack, Alice slammed her other knee into Takako's belly. The battered brunette sagged even more, till her elbows were the only things holding her up. Alice took a few steps back and caught her breath. Her body glistened with sweat. She charged forward and jumped into the air as she approached the dangling Takako. She landed her two feet on Takako's thighs, grabbing hold of her wrists in the process. Not having anything to hold her up, Alice fell backward, but as she did, she pulled Takako with her. She hit the mat, kicked her legs up, and forced Takako's' body into a flip. Takako somersaulted in midair and landed flat on her back in the center of the ring.

Alice jumped to her feet, grabbed hold of The Samurai Princess's long hair, and tugged on it, pulling her upright. Takako grimaced and stood up. Alice then grabbed her wrist, took two quick steps forward, and whipped Takako toward the ropes on the far side of the ring. The Japanese girl twisted, stumbled, and fell heavily into the ropes, desperately grabbing at them.

She bounced off of the ropes, but held her grip, and hugged the ropes, facing into the ring. Alice dashed across and lunged her hand forward, grabbing the brunette's throat. She then pushed her hand forward, forcing Takako's head back and out of the ring. Takako's back arched as Alice squeezed her windpipe. Her beautiful belly curved out in front of her, vulnerable. Still pressing the brunette beauty's head forward with her left hand, Alice cocked her right arm behind her and slammed a solid punch into Takako's defenseless gut just as she released the chokehold. Takako doubled over sharply, coughing and gagging, as Alice looked on in delight and the crowd cheered its approval.

The longer Takako remained doubled up, moaning, the more the crowd cheered. Alice slowly wrapped her arms around Takako's head, pulling the Oriental girl away from the ropes. Takako hobbled forward as Alice yanked her hair. Reaching the center of the ring, Alice switched her grip to Takako's throat. Takako seemed to be light-headed. This is it, I thought. She's finished. She was perspiring heavily.

She grabbed Takako by the chin. held the young, pretty face close to her own haggard, hate-filled visage. She must have been saying something to Takako, but I couldn't hear it and I doubt Takako could, either. Her end was fast approaching. A head-**** stunned her senseless and stood her upright, a belly-punch dropped her to the canvas, curled up, and a boot-heel kick to the shoulder laid her out flat on her back.

Alice then walked over alongside Takako and the Golden Girl sat down on the chest of the bruised wrestler. The crowd began to count and upon reaching 10, the bell rang to signal the official end of the match. Alice jumped to her feet and raised her hands over her head, waving to the cheering throng. Takako meanwhile, lay sprawled in the center of the ring. Her whole body heaved up and down as she breathed heavily, her hair strewn wildly about her head and face. Her bikini was now stuck to her body from the perspiration, exhibiting every nuance of her skin.

Alice discontinued her celebration and walked over to her fallen foe. She placed one foot on each side of Takako's midsection, straddling her body as she looked down into her face. She then reached down and grabbed Takako's bikini bra between the cups, and in one smooth motion tore it from her body. The crowd gasped as Takako's bare breasts glistened softly in the harsh glare of the ring lights. Then the strangest sound I have ever heard filled the place to the rafters. The women, high voices, all started cursing and shouting at Takako. "You ****!" one woman near me screamed. "You deserve everything you got!" But the men -- the men were beside themselves with delight. The gleaming of their eyes as they burned toward Takako's body was making the whole arena get hotter.

Alice seemed puzzled by this reaction. Why wasn't anyone paying attention to her? She quickly lifted her knee and stomped her foot down squarely on Takako's stomach.

"OOOFF!!" Takako's legs flew into the air and her head lifted slightly off of the mat. Alice then reached down, grabbed the crotch of Takako's bikini bottoms, and pulled hard. Takako's pelvis rose up, then the fabric gave and the bottoms flew free in Alice's hands, and Takako sank naked back to the mat.

The crowd exploded with laughter and derision and scorn for the fallen girl. Alice seemed to take a wicked delight in running around the ring, waving the two black strips of cloth in the air. Then she returned to Takako and rolled her onto her back. She tied her hands behind her, using her own bikini top. Grabbing a fistful of thick brunette hair, she hauled the naked warrior to her feet and displayed her for the crowd. Takako stood shame-faced as all those eyes pored over every nuance and curve of her lovely young body. Alice again felt upstaged by the woman she had just beaten. She took out her frustration by unloading a surprise fist into Takako's belly.

"UUUNHHH!!" The Oriental beauty took it hard and dropped to her knees, bending forward, exposing her lovely bare ass to one half of the arena and her small soft breasts to the other. As Takako knelt, sucking air, Alice kicked her in the rear and dumped the dark-haired beauty forward onto her face. Takako rolled onto her back, *****, belly, and crotch naked in the glaring ring lights, as the crowd showered its adulation on the victorious Alice. Alice raised her hands in the air in victory and ran around the ring.

She took one final bow before climbing out and heading back toward the locker room. Takako took long minutes to compose herself, but nobody in the arena moved. They watched her intently, as she pulled herself to her feet, and, hands still tied, staggered out of the ring and back to her room. The women in the crowd jeered as the tortured woman stumbled away, but the men just stared with thirsty eyes.

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