Tia and Krystal (4) by Ace


Tia and Krystal by Ace

During the next two weeks, Marie worked with Tia almost every day after school. At first, there was not too much strenuous work done, because Tia needed healing time. Instead, the two jogged, talked about what was important to each of them, and generally became big sister/little sister. Finally, after several days, Marie drove to the area dojo and introduced Tia to her sensei, Mr. Asai.

"There is much to learn about Aikido", he told Tia, "You will find that over time your mind will become stronger than your body".

He demonstrated the principle of the unbendable arm and Tia was amazed. "You will become a different person", said Marie, "and you'll like the differences".

Marie showed Tia some of her specialized ab crunches, tailored to different parts of the body, and as Tia healed, she was able to begin to exercise on a regular basis. Over the next few days, Marie worked with the ******* good punching techniques. She showed her how to use the strength of her shoulders and legs to maximize her punches.

Finally, about two and 1/2 weeks after Marie and Tia fought, Tia confronted Krystal. Krystal had asked her how it went, but Tia was very close-mouthed. She also did not wear any stomach-baring clothes, so Krystal had no idea what had transpired. Tia asked Krystal if she would come over to her house to see some pictures. Krystal agreed and came over, alone. This was unusual because Krystal usually hung around with several other tough girls, who many people thought were a gang.

Tia took Krystal downstairs to a former rec room that had been converted to a workout area. It didn't take Tia very long to unload on Krystal and tell her what happened, and that she knew Krystal had lied to set her up. Tia demanded an apology. "Forget it", Krystal sneered, "I'm outta here, loser".

Krystal turned to leave, but Tia caught her arm, turned her around, and told her to apologize or else.

"Are you looking for a fight? I'll give you one", Krystal said.

Both girls took off their shoes and walked over to the mat on the floor. The two girls were about the same size, 5'8", 130 pounds. Krystal was a dishwater blonde compared to Tia's brunette locks. In their shorts and cut-off tees, they appeared to be an even match.

Tia took the initiative and jabbed at K.'s face. The blonde staggered back and fell against the wall, looking helpless. Tia stepped up to work her over, but was surprised and hurt by the kick that came from the seemingly defenseless K. the kick thudded up between Tia's legs causing her to scream. "You're no street fighter", Krystal leered as she threw Tia against the wall.

It was quick work for K. to rip off Tia's shirt and bra and leave her half-naked and vulnerable. Krystal laughed as she punched Tia's naked breasts. "AEEIII" "OOHHHHH".

Krystal's rough fists set Tia's breasts on fire as they plowed into the silky skin. Krystal then threw a left at Tia's belly button. It connected hard, but Tia was able to muscle up and protect herself. The tables were quickly turned as Krystal telegraphed a huge right hand aimed at Tia's face. Tia had the presence of mind to duck the punch and land her first punch of the fight--a solid uppercut landing just above K.'s navel. "OOOOFF", she grunted and backed away.

This gave Tia a little breathing room to recover from the pain in her breasts and between her legs. There was precious little time, however, as the street fighter rushed her again throwing wild punches and even succeeding in pushing her down. Landing on top of Tia, K. punched at her face repeatedly. Remembering the similar position she was in versus Marie a few weeks earlier, Tia used a similar strategy and karate chopped K. under the ribs on each side. Tia then kicked free of Krystal and in the tangle, was able to get to her feet holding Krystal's tee in her hand. Krystal had gone bra-less that day, so there was now nothing between her ******* and Tia but the air.

The two girls stood facing each other when suddenly, motivated by who knows what, each girl slipped off her shorts, leaving them clad only in their bikinis. Compared to Tia's fairly sculptured body, Krystal was voluptuous, with a gently rounded **** belly complimenting her full breasts. Tia looked at her adversary and knew what her plan would be.

Tia and Krystal faced each other warily. Each had been hurt by the other--Tia by Krystal's tricks and Krystal by Tia's strength and ability. Krystal was motivated by jealousy of Tia. Anyone who succeeded because of preparation, good choices, or just because they had a will to win was "just sucking up" according to Krystal and was a "goody-goody".

Krystal covered her own inadequacies by joining the "Ravens" a local girls' gang. She was a new recruit and had to prove herself by beating up one of the "goodies"

Tia, on the other hand, never fought just to win, but always out of the need to defend someone or in the case of Krystal, to exact revenge for a wrong committed or to punish an evildoer.

As Tia looked at Krystal, she knew the blonde's weakness and where she could provide the most pain. She knew Krystal's body was her weak area. Although not "fat" in the overweight sense, she was soft. Her lightly tanned stomach and belly showed little if any muscle definition with upper abs and obliques displaying no development. Tia recalled how Marie's punches to her own well-developed obliques had made her moan with pain--she wondered what Krystal's reaction to the same punches would be.

When Tia looked at Krystal's lower belly, she saw only a good bikini body, but no evidence of lover's abs. She wondered how far her fist would sink into Krystal's lower belly. With a slight smile, she knew she had to find out.

In her street fighter manner, K. came after Tia, grabbed her in a clinch, and tried to throw her down. As Krystal lunged toward Tia, she made use of the Aikido lessons she's learned from Marie. Using Krystal's strength against her, Tia grabbed her arm and instead of resisting, pulled Krystal in the direction she was lunging. Krystal lost her balance and landed hard against the wall on her left side.

She was momentarily stunned and was stunned 90 degrees away from Tia. Tia responded quickly and drove two sharp jabs on Krystal's right side under her ribs. As Tia suspected, there was not much-protecting muscle there, and her sharp fists elicited a groan of pain from Krystal.

The blonde swore and turned to face Tia. Not an especially good idea, since Tia was waiting for a jab that landed on Krystal's mouth, loosening teeth and cutting her lip. Tia stepped away from the wild head punch aimed by Krystal and then quickly sent an overhand right that landed on Krystal's left eye. The punch was not meant to hurt Krystal that much but only to set her up for somebody's punishment.

Tia faked another jab to the face, drawing Krystal's guard up and leaving her midsection open. Tia quickly found the open target with two jabs to the plexus.


Before Krystal could react, Tia powered a left into Krystal's midsection, just above and to the right of her navel. "UUUGGGHHH"

The hard fist penetrated Krystal's obliques and sent throbbing pain through Krystal's right side. The seventeen-year-old was in trouble now and knew it. She couldn't stand erect because of the pain but instead listed to the right. Krystal braced away from her tormentor, but not fast or far enough. A couple of light jabs to the face kept Krystal's hands up, and Tia suddenly powered an unexpected shot to Krystal's lower belly.

"UUUUGGGHHHH" Tia felt her right fist sink into the other girl's belly about two inches below her navel. Cascades of pain flowed through Krystal's belly as Tia's knuckles forced their way into her gut. Krystal's eyes bugged with the pain and she was almost in shock. Unable to move her arms, she could do nothing to prevent Tia's left from following the same path as her right a second earlier. If anything, this punch did more damage and caused more

pain because Krystal's lower abs were no longer a factor. An agonized "HHUUGGGHHHH" was forced from Krystal's lips.

For variety, Tia came up about a foot on Krystal's voluptuous body and used her ripe breasts for punching bags. Uppercuts and straight punches

landed right on Krystal's ******* or on the underside of her ****.

Recovering her breath, Krystal screamed, "AAAIIYYYY".

A finishing uppercut to the jaw would have ended the fight, but Tia wasn't ready for that. Krystal was a wreck: there was a trickle of blood coming from the corner of her mouth, her breasts were bruised, there were ugly red splotches on the right side of her stomach, and her lower belly showed the results of the punches there. Tia felt no sympathy for the girl who had lied, tried to wreak vengeance on Marie through Tia and had been the cause of Marie beating her up. Tia wanted vengeance.

She shot a punch to K.'s left breast, mashing it flat against the chest wall.

"OOOOOHHH" moaned Krystal as she covered the wounded *****. Krystal had no defense for the next assault, a punch like the one that had brought tears to her own eyes a few weeks earlier. Tia landed a vicious punch to K.'s right side--totally pushing through the flaccid obliques there. The uppercut nearly lifted K. off her feet and sent paralyzing pain coursing through her.

"AOOOUUGGHHH" Tia felt the rudimentary muscle pushed aside in Krystal as the fist traveled deep into her mid-section.

Krystal put both hands to her stomach and held them there trying to massage away the pain. "Stop, please. Don't hurt me anymore", Krystal

begged through her sobs.

"Not yet", said Tia grimly.

Tia roughly pushed Krystal against the wall. Krystal just stood there, a "deer caught in the headlights" look in her eyes. "Now I'm ready", said Tia.

Krystal could see where she was going to be punched. Tia's eyes were locked in on her lower belly. She saw Tia take a step forward, and start the punch low. She saw the punch coming--knew it would land with devastating force in her belly. Barely able to stand--no strength left to tighten her abs, hands at her sides, Krystal could do nothing. Even though her mind told her she was going to be hurt badly, her senses were not prepared for the shock of Tia's fist, which began its journey at about knee level and landed directly below Krystal's deep-set navel. Tia's small hard fist forced its way in and up into Krystal's unprotected, vulnerable belly.

The blonde's eyes opened wide in shock as incredible pain radiated through her belly. Tia's fist plowed through Krystal's poorly developed lower abs and displaced organs deep inside her. A long, low guttural moan was forced from her "UUHHHUUUHHHHH" as Tia left her fist in Krystal's naked belly.

A spectator standing to the side would have seen Krystal bent slightly, hands still at her side. Tia's fist could not be seen, so deeply was it embedded in Krystal's soft belly. Incredibly, Krystal remained on her feet after Tia removed her fist. Both Krystal's hands were pressed to her lower belly. They might have been the hands of a lover caressing the blonde's **** belly. but in reality, they were the victim's hands trying to make the pain go away.

Tia stood in front of Krystal, deciding what to do. Tia decided not to punish Krystal anymore just yet. Instead, she picked up Krystal's purse and began to rummage through it. She quickly found what she was looking for--Krystal's address/phone book. Marie and Tia had developed a plan for Tia to infiltrate the girls' gang and then try to bring it down. The address book had the name of the girl who was supposed to be the gang's leader, April.

Tia called April and asked her to come over. In a very few minutes, April swaggered in and then stared in amazement at the sight of the battered, nearly ****, Krystal. "Just thought you'd like to see how well one of your members takes care of herself in a fight." sneered Tia, looking tough.

"Help me", wailed Krystal.

April walked over to the wobbly Krystal. "Sure, I'll help you".

With that April belly punched Krystal right on the navel. "OOOUUGGGHH" With no protecting muscle, April's fist buried itself in Krystal's gut. Krystal screamed as April's knee landed between her legs. Her head jerked down just as April's fist was coming up. The resulting collision of the fist to the chin sent the blonde to Lala land.

Stepping over the body of the former gang member, April said to Tia, "Now let's talk about a replacement for that sack of garbage."

"Why not?" replied Tia.

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