Tia and Debbie (2) by Ace


Tia and Debbie by Ace

After the most run-in with Lynn, things were pretty quiet for a while. Tia concentrated on her dance squad duties. Joy and Sara stayed clear of her, but gave her looks that revealed that they hadn't forgotten.

Tia got a job at the local health club cleaning out showers, putting away towels, and doing other menial chores. She really didn't mind too much because she had a free run of the place and could exercise, swim, or use the weight machines whenever she wanted. She used the time well to further tone her already tremendous physique. She added a bit of muscle and strength to her arms, shoulders, and legs as well as further defining her six-pack of a belly.

Tia resolved to stay out of trouble and not get involved with others' problems. She had a strong streak of fair play about her, and she couldn't stand to see people, especially the weaker ones mistreated. Still, she realized she would have to look the other way, or she would constantly be involved in someone else's life, trying to defend them.

This resolve was sorely tested one day when Debbie, one of the regulars in the club, dropped off her young daughter in the child care room of the club. Debbie and her ex, Rob both still used the club, and occasionally ran into each other there. It was clear that the split had been an especially bad one because of the icy stare each gave the other. But on this particular day, Debbie had evidently not had a good day and seemed to be taking it out on the little girl, who appeared about three. The little girl could do nothing to please her mother, and received only remarks like "Shut up", or "You're so stupid" to the various questions the little girl brought up. Finally, Debbie swatted the little girl two or three times, harder than Tia, who had been observing the little drama, thought necessary. Wanting to intervene, Tia bit her tongue and walked away.

Later, after Debbie had finished her workout and showered, she went to her locker to towel off and get dressed. Tia's cleaning cart containing buckets, mops, cleansers, etc. was next to Debbie's locker, and although she was not crowded by the cart, she gave it a huge shove which sent it careening across the room where it turned over, sending its contents all over the floor.

"Why did you do that?" asked Tia, "I would have moved it if it was in your way."

"Shut up", said Debbie, "I'm the member here and I'll do what I want". She then added some comments about Tia being not an American. Beginning to get hot, Tia told Debbie that she was indeed an American citizen, and even if she weren't Debbie had no right to act like that.

Debbie's response was to use some misplaced ethnic slurs to Tia. "Take that back," Tia said.

"F----you", responded Debbie and pushed Tia out of her way.

"Take it back, or you'll be sorry", Tia warned. Debbie quickly turned and slapped Tia across the face.

Debbie tried to slap Tia again but was unable because Tia caught her arm. Tia tried to prevent Debbie from continuing. but she would have none of it and tried to pull the long brown hair. "Don't do this; you'll be sorry," warned Tia.

When Debbie aimed a knee toward Tia, the teenager turned just in time to catch it on her upper thigh.

"Fine, get ready for a beating," she said. Tia released Debbie's arms and pushed her away as she assumed her fighting position--body at a slight crouch, arms up ready to protect high or low. Tia was dressed in her usual gym attire: shorts and a tee shirt.

Debbie, who had just started to get dressed when everything happened was wearing only her red bikini pants and her matching red bra. She was quite voluptuous, standing about 5'2". She carried 110 pounds on an eye-popping 36-26-36 figure. She had a light tan with no visible tan lines anywhere. Debbie was about 26, and although she visited the health club fairly often, her smooth stomach and **** belly did not show any muscle definition. Her soft feminine curves were what caught men's eyes. Tia, on the other hand, stood about 5'8" and weighed about 120 pounds. Her naturally golden brown skin glowed with vitality. Her measurements were more like 35B-22-35.

If Debbie had any clue as to what fate was about to befall her, she would have apologized in a heartbeat, gotten dressed, and gone home.

Debbie charged her again and threw a punch at Tia's head that didn't come within 6 inches of landing. Tia leaned away and let Debbie's momentum add to the power of her own left fist that found a home in Debbie's solar plexus. "AOOUUGH".

Debbie's hands went to her stomach as two quick jabs connected with her face. Debbie's hands came up but had another reason to come down as Tia fired a left and a right into the pit of Debbie's stomach just above her belly button. "OOUGH", "OOOUUGH".

Tia stepped in and drove the flat of her palm into the shorter woman's forehead, snapping her head back and up. Stepping quickly to the overturned cart, Tia picked up one of the mops and holding it with both hands aimed it at Debbie. Her aim was true, and the handle buried itself in Debbie's belly button. Her eyes bugged out, but no sound came as Debbie's belly was invaded by the handle. Tia threw the mop aside and punched her twice in the mouth, sending blood from both corners of Debbie's mouth.

Debbie was clearly beaten, but there was a part of Tia's make-up hidden deep inside her that wouldn't let a victory be enough. She had to dominate, to humiliate; and so with the older woman weaving in front of her, it gave Tia a real high to bury both her fists in Debbie's soft tummy. "OOOUUGH", AUGGHH".

Debbie's soft rounded belly might be a place a man might want to caress, her navel might be a place to nuzzle and kiss, but to Tia, it meant a delicious target. Tia dug her fists into Debbie's lower belly, and when Debbie's hands came down for unsuccessful protection, Tia simply came up to make Debbie's deep-set innie navel disappear with punches that had her full weight behind them. "OOOUUUGH", "OOUGHHHH".

Debbie staggered back, nearly out, and Tia prepared to K.O. her when suddenly, a man's voice rang out, "Stop, don't hit her anymore".

Tia wheeled around and was surprised to see Rob, Debbie's ex. "Help me", pleaded Debbie as she stepped toward him.

"Sure", Rob said, "I'll give you what you need, and something I've wanted to do for a long time." With that, he drove his big fist straight into Debbie's belly button.

"OOOUUUGGGHHH" she moaned and fell to her knees. "Want some help?" Tia asked.

"Yea, hold the b... for me," Rob said.

Tia easily hoisted the **** brunette to her feet and pinned her arms behind her back. Two punches from Rob dug into her soft tummy; another one found her stomach; a thunderous right disappeared just above her red bikini *****, and left smashed into her belly button.

Rob carefully removed Debbie's skimpy bra before gently caressing each breast. Debbie's ******* became hard and pointed under the soothing touch. Rob then backed up a step and drove his left fist into Debbie's right tit three times. Her perfectly formed breast was flattened against her rib cage.

"AAEEIIII" the woman screamed before an uppercut to her vulnerable stomach lifted her up on her toes and drove the breath from her body. Rob then worked over the other tit. "Time to finish her off?" he asked.

"Sure", said Tia. A right and a left to her wide open belly button and huge left to her lower belly met no resistance as his fists simply disappeared into the soft flesh.

"You do good work", said Tia.

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