The Witchery Forest -- fighting3k_88


I wrote a belly punching tale. It's a bit cheesy, sensational and to the point. Hope you like it. If you do, let me know and I'll write the next chapter. Thanks everyone.

The Witchery Forest -- fighting3k_88

Chapter 1 - Italian Tummy:

“Stay away from the Witchery Forest, honey. You don’t want your digestive organs rearranged, do you?” the village elder warned.

Julie sipped some coffee from her cup. “I’m a demonologist, madam. This mystery is too intriguing for me to miss.”

“You’re from Italy, are you not? I can tell from your accent.”

Julie nodded.

“You’re a beautiful woman.” The elder put a hand on Julie’s cheek. “Don’t travel all this way just to forfeit your life.”

Julie adjusted her skin-tight jeans. The truth was, these pants caused her great discomfort. But she decided it was worth it, as she enjoyed letting men admire her curves. “I’m not changing my mind.”

The elder shook her head. “You youngsters will never learn. Well, prove to me that your body is ready.”

Julie glanced towards her firm breasts. “My body?”

“That’s right. You know about the witches who lurk in the forest, don’t you?”

Julie nodded. “They capture and torture the female villagers, right?”

“Correct. So, what makes you think you stand a chance?”

“I know a bit of martial arts.”

The elder looked amused. “Is that so? How much pain can your body endure?”

Julie could feel the coffee warming her stomach. She put a hand over her navel. “I heard the witches tend to aim for the belly.”

“You heard right.”

Julie’s cheeks heated slightly as she rolled up her shirt. She inhaled and tightened her muscles. Curves surfaced around her navel, revealing her abs. “My stomach can take a bit of pain.”

The elder rested her palm on Julie’s gut. “Is that so?” Without warning, she slashed her nails across Julie’s belly.

“Ughhhmm!” Julie folded over, cradling her stomach. “Uuuooo… what did you do that for?” Her face was distorted from the pain. After a few seconds, she released her belly. The scratch marks on her abs made her wince.

The elder lifted her cane. “If you’re going to the Witchery Forest, you’d better prepare for pain much worse than this.”

Julie recognized that the elder planned to test her with the cane. “I was just caught off guard, that’s all.” Her scratched belly forced her brows to twist.

With her cane, the elder traced circles around Julie’s stomach. “How well do you know your internal organs?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Those witches know exactly where to aim to cause you the greatest amount of pain.”

Upon hearing those words, Julie could feel her digestive organs churning underneath her flesh. Without realizing, she let out a moan.

The elder smiled. “So tell me. Do you actually know where your stomach is?”

Julie blushed, as she realized she didn’t know the precise location of her digestive organ. She could still feel the warmth of the coffee in her stomach. Tracing its source, she decided her organ was sitting beneath her navel.

“Here?” Julie pointed towards her belly button.

When Julie lowered her hand, the elder inserted the cane into her navel. It fit perfectly into the curve. As the elder pushed the cane, Julie’s lips formed an o shape. “Mmmffffff…”

The elder rotated her wrist, stirring Julie’s insides like it was liquid.

“Uuuuhhhhhhmmmmmm!.......” As Julie’s organs got swiveled, she could feel that her stomach was sitting above the cane. “S-stop! Pleas – mmmhhmmm… please, I- uggmmmm… I get it!”

The elder withdrew her cane. Julie circled a hand over her navel like she was trying to reposition her organs.

“I could feel it.” Julie managed to mutter between huffs. “Those were my intestines.”

“That’s correct. Your stomach is actually sitting above her belly button.”

When the pain in Julie’s intestines eased, she managed to let go. But she kept a distressed expression, as her sausage-like organs continued to ache.

The elder’s face stiffened. “Look at you – a poke in the gut and your eyes are already teary. Let me warn you. A stomach punch is many times more painful than a blow to the gut.”

Julie cupped both hands over her upper belly, shielding her stomach from a potential blow. The elder rolled her eyes. She jabbed her cane against Julie’s nether regions.

“Uuuyyyyyyyhhhhhhh!” Julie dropped her hands to cover her groin. Sweat drowned her forehead as the cane penetrated slightly into her womanhood.

“Your body is full of weaknesses!” The elder pulled out her stick. Julie also fell off her chair from the pain. She could feel a sticky substance leaking from her crotch. Her face reddened as her *** stained her jeans. Julie often teased men with her groin, which rested between her juicy thighs. This time, her womanhood was teased instead. Pain and humiliation plagued her brain.

The elder gave Julie a moment to take some deep breaths. “Yes, the witches like to go for the belly. But that doesn’t mean they won’t attack anywhere else! The groin is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Remember it well!”

Julie managed a weak nod. She rubbed her ***** in an attempt to soothe the pain. To her dismay, her groin only grew more wet. Once the pain subsided, she released her hands. But she pressed her thighs together, thus protecting her nether regions from further assault.

“There’s one more weak point you need to know.” The elder raised her cane. Julie thought she was going to slug her stomach this time. In defense, she wrapped her arms over her tummy.

But instead, the elder poked Julie’s left breast. The cane landed square on the ****** secured beneath her bra.

“Eeeeiiihhhhh!” Julie sensed pain tearing through every tissue in her milk gland. When the elder pulled her cane, Julie’s breast jiggled a little.

“Uuuuoooooohhhh…” Julie blocked her left tit with both hands.

“You’re not defending yourself properly.” The elder planted a hand over Julie’s right breast. She pinched the young Italian woman’s ******. Again her breast bounced.

“Uuuugggmmm!” Julie circled her hands over her breasts. This position embarrassed her, as she felt like she was arousing herself. Julie felt something wet on her right tit. She wondered if the elder had squeezed some milk out of her ******.

It took Julie several minutes to recover. In the midst of the pain, she gained new knowledge about her body’s weaknesses.

The elder tapped the cane against the carpet. “You know what’s coming next, love.”

Julie shook her head. “No, please, I don’t think my body can take it.”

The elder narrowed her brows. “You plan to make it out of Witchery Forest alive, don’t you? If so, you must prepare yourself for the worse.”

Julie thought the woman had a point. Her body pleaded with her to quit, but her mind urged her to continue. Mustering her courage, she locked both arms behind her back. “I’m ready for action.”

The elder aimed her cane at her victim’s tummy. Julie shut her eyes and anticipated the worst. She could still feel the coffee blending inside her stomach.

Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

“Hey, wai – “

The elder thrust her cane into Julie’s stomach.


Beneath her skin, Julie felt her organ trembling from the blow. She clutched her belly as if scared that her insides would spill out. The coffee swirled inside her stomach, which let loose a series of gurgling noises. Julie’s mouth dangled as she wheezed for air. Her brain recognized nothing but pain. When the elder released the cane, the liquid in Julie’s stomach converted into something vile. The vomit rushed up to her throat and piled inside her lips. Julie collapsed from her chair and sank to her knees. Finally, she could endure no more, and she puked across the carpet. After the first wave of spillage ended, a few more dribbles leaked from her mouth.

The elder rose to her feet. “This is what those witches are after?”

Julie squinted at the woman. “They’re after vomit?”

“No one knows the reason, but it seems to be the case.” The elder crossed her arms.” Well? Are you still up for it?”

Julie nodded. “I want to find out what’s going on.”

“I was afraid you might say that.” The elder nodded. “Alright, then you’d better prepare for some training.”

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