The Pantry by Vonce m/f pies, food, adult lang, ******


The Pantry by Vonce m/f pies, food, adult lang, ******

For two years while I was in college I worked in the kitchen area of a large hotel. I was usually a dishwasher, but I had various other duties as well. It was a great work environment in that there was no shortage of beautiful waitresses to hang out with.

Perhaps the prettiest of the bunch was Karrie. She was a 20-year-old pre-law student who had a real knack for confrontation. She seemed to get a special satisfaction out of arguing the opposite viewpoint of any opinion I expressed (even when I knew she really agreed with me.) This made it very difficult to like her, despite the fact that her slim body was well-toned and her dark brown eyes blazed with a knowing smugness. When she got riled up, her auburn, shoulder-length hair fell across her face in **** disarray. She usually had to sweep it back from her eyes when she wanted to look me in the face. Despite our constant debating, we were often required to work together as we were the most experienced employees in that high-turnover occupation.

One balmy summer night, our manager was called away early and since the dinner rush was long over he left it to us to clean up and lock the place down for the night. Karrie and I were familiar with all the procedures but some tasks were not performed by us on a regular basis so it was taking us much longer than usual to close the place down. In our hurry, we made a major mistake.

Next to the kitchen was a large walk-in pantry complete with a glass case that held any prepared cold dishes. We were both in the pantry when the door closed with an authoritative THUD! The door was normally held open by a large can of shortening but I had used it earlier that evening and the small door wedge that I had supported the door with, had finally given away. Karrie was immediately VERY upset and I couldn't figure out why. This type of door had a push knob that popped the latch on the other side so that it was impossible to get locked in. "What is your problem, Karrie? Just pop the latch."

She whipped around, grabbed me by the face, and drug me to the door, "MAINTENANCE TOOK THE PUSH KNOB BECAUSE IT WAS BANGING INTO THE GLASS CASE!! WE'RE LOCKED IN GODDAMNIT!!! I HAVE A DATE TONIGHT!!!"

I felt kind of sheepish because I knew what was coming next. "WHY DID YOU MOVE THAT CAN? YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!" she barked.

"Look", I said. "nobody told me they took the knob and that was the last can of shortening."

"Fuck" she said under her breath, "what now?"

"Well, we're going to have to hope security checks the kitchen for a change but we both know they never look back here," I said.

With that, Karrie started to get even more upset, "I can't believe I've got to spend the night here with YOU!" As she said that she noticed that I was sitting on another can of shortening that I had missed earlier. "You *******!" she pulled me off it and popped the lid, "what the hell does this look like?" She scooped up a large handful.

"Shortening" I muttered.

"YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT IT'S SHORTENING" Karrie screamed just before she spread it across my chest.

I was completely caught off guard by her action, "WHAT THE HELL...I DIDN'T DESERVE THAT...."

"You're right," she said, "I'm sorry, you deserved this...." with that she scooped up two large handfuls of shortening and slathered them through my hair, one at a time. I've got to admit, her fiery temper was already a turn-on for me and the sensation of her hands sliding over me was arousing. Naturally, I didn't want to let her know that... Karrie turned around in exasperation when I just stood there in disbelief. She walked across the room, leaned up against a shelf, and peaked up at me through the hair hanging over her eyes. I wasn't too surprised when I detected her suppressing a giggle.

"You really should wash your hair once in a while, it's looking a little greasy." She chuckled.

With that, I knew she was not going to leave this pantry clean.......

I laughed along with her as I walked over to one of the cold cases and slid open the door. Inside was a large banana cream pie which I had to use both hands to pick up. The pie had been there all night and had because the cooler didn't work too well, it was dripping cream over the edges. We would have thrown it away anyway. As I turned around I saw Karrie's eyes open VERY wide.

"Don't even think about it! I didn't cause any of this." she pleaded. "It's not going to help things by you getting me messy too. I said I was sorry...."

"I guess your right," I said, "but it would make ME feel better." With that, I heaved the pie with full force. Karrie looked like a deer caught in the headlights as the pie flew in her direction. She made a high-pitched squeal as the pie exploded across her forehead.

The impact made Karrie take a step in retreat, the pan flew back over her head, and waves of cream gushed in all directions. The hair that normally hung over her face was plastered back behind the creamy avalanche, even her ears were now partially visible. The front of her low-cut waitress uniform was spattered with bits of crust and cream. An occasional dollop would drip from her face and slide down her cleavage. Karrie reached up with both hands and cleared her eyes, "OH MY GOD! I told you I had a date tonight! I can't go out now."

"Considering we're locked in," I said as I wiped some of the shortenings from my short black hair, "you were going to be standing him up anyway. Besides, you started this remember."

Karrie shook her head a little from side to side, dislodging some of the bits of crust and cream from her face and hair. "Hell, all you got was a little goop in your hair, you could have washed it in the sink in about two seconds. Look at me, I'm a total mess!"

I did look at her and I was getting very hard. I knew that whatever I said next would either stop this nonsense or keep it going until we were both head-to-toe messes. "You really shouldn't hog down all that pie, you've been putting on some weight around your hips."

Karrie's anger seemed to melt away as she looked up at me with a mischievous grin. "Where are my manners? "she said, "I know I'm supposed to bring enough for everyone."

Karrie walked over to the cooler and removed a pitcher of pancake batter that we had prepared for the morning crew. She grabbed ahold of the waist of my pants and pulled them open far enough for her to pour the contents of the pitcher right down. I suppressed a shudder as the batter oozed over my rock-hard *****. I suspect Karrie could detect my excitement because she roughly placed a hand on my crotch to work in the batter.

As I let out a quiet moan, Karrie looked up with an evil smile. "Looks like someone is getting a little worked up. You might have had a chance with me if you weren't such a quick shot." She indicated to the white batter that was running out the bottom of my pant legs.

"Very amusing Karrie. But when I shoot, you'll know it." Off to the side was a frosting bag used to decorate cakes for special occasions. I grabbed it and gave it a good squeeze.

Karrie held her arms out of the way as frosting blasted across her chest and stomach. The last couple of squirts just reached her legs and pumps.

"There you go, hogging all the dessert again," I said as I tossed the spent container away. "You really need some table manners."

Karrie rubbed her hands over her breasts and smeared some of the frostings away. "Don't worry, there is some leftover here for you." She said as she picked up a large rectangular pancake that had been decorated for a party tomorrow.

With full force, Karrie slammed it down over my face and head. It took a couple of swipes before I was able to dig my eyes clear. My hair was white with a thick layer of frosting, and the top of my uniform was similarly coated. Meanwhile, Karrie was upending a jar of spaghetti sauce down the back of my shirt.

Karrie was laughing loudly at this point. I could tell she was enjoying the lack of resistance I was offering. She was doing things to me she had always wanted to do to someone, running her hands over my body to work the mess into every square inch. She took a step back to examine her handiwork. "You really look quite the mess. You're going to look awfully funny walking out of here." She picked up some cake from the floor and gave one last swipe down my face.

"Don't worry, I don't intend to be the only one." Off of one of the shelves, a grabbed a large container of cheese sauce. Karrie tried to evade me but I soon backed her into a corner. She turned her back to me as I hoisted the glop above her head.

First just a trickle, then the contents of the tub issued forth. Any part of her head that had remained clean after the pie hit, now disappeared now under rivers of yellow ooze. As she leaned over, I finished emptying the container down her back. Karrie slowly turned around, her head was tilted toward the floor and she paused for a moment, watching the cheese run from the hair that was once again hanging in front of her face. With both hands, Karrie reached up and smoothed her hair back over her head.

"Well, how do I look?" She laughed as she flicked cheese from her hands.

I moved in close and gently touched her face. Her smile faded as we looked into each other's eyes. I could no longer hide my feelings, I leaned forward and kissed her. Gently at first, then with extreme passion, we embraced and furiously began ripping off each other's clothes.

The various slimes we were coated with soon intermingled across our naked bodies. a few large sacks of flour provided insulation from the cold, now-gooey floor. Our hands were running wildly over each other's bodies. Karrie's breasts rubbed over my chest, the slick sensation kept me rock hard for much longer than I had ever been before. We made love without speaking a word. Occasionally, one of us would scoop up some glop from the floor to continue the effect.

Eventually, we were both spent. I held her close to me as we lay back on the flour sacks. At this point, the slickness had passed and we were a sticky mess. "Well, I suppose we should get dressed," Karrie whispered. "The breakfast crew comes in at 3:30".

Chuck was an ex-hippie who had been working the morning shift at the hotel for over ten years. I'm not sure what he was thinking when he opened the pantry door to see us standing a**** all that mess. As the door opened I made a point of straightening my collar and holding my arm out to allow Karrie to exit first. Chuck watched her as she walked by then pulled me off to the side as I tried to walk past. "Hey, did you have a good time?"

I smiled as I pulled the push-knob to the door out of my pocket. It had a newly added rubber stopper on the end, "Maintenance brought this back down last night. Be sure to screw it into the door here or someone could get locked in."

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