The Nudity Engine by Meepo the Kobold


A friend challenged me to write shorter stories, trying to stay a bit more brief. What follows is a little series of short-shorts I wrote, each less than 1000 words. They all revolve around the same character, but are otherwise independent.

Since the stories feature stripping and ******, I decided to share them here. They're admittedly quite silly, but I hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless! Without further ado, I present the first of the series: The Nudity Engine.


The Nudity Engine

“Ladies and gentlemen!” declared Amelia Duchagne to the excited crowd, “You have heard of the Spinning Jenny, but what I am about to unveil will make her seem like a crude stone-age contraption!”

She clapped her hands, and the great tarpaulin fell away behind her. “Behold! The Spider Engine!”

It deserved the name. The contraption looked like a great black spider, with pistons and pipes crisscrossing a huge black steam engine fitted with cast-iron limbs. To each limb was attached spindles and reels of thread, and there were also multiple smaller limbs protruding, that held needles and rotating drums. The machine was overall mystifying, and many gentlemen scientists in the crowd reacted with such shock at the black monstrosity that the monocles fell from their eyes. A lady somewhere in the crowd nearly swooned, and called out in shock: “Oh! Such an ugly thing!”

“Ugly, perhaps!” replied Amelia, puffing out her already considerable chest, “But the Engine is highly functional! With enough steam, it can produce any textile product you could possibly imagine!”

“Is that so?” called out a gentleman scientist, fiddling nervously with his hat. “May we ask for a demonstration?”

“Of course!” replied Amelia, adjusting her glasses and pulling on a pair of heavy workmans' gloves. Despite the dangerous-seeming machine, she wore no protection except these and a pair of sturdy boots – she was dressed only in a plain checkered dress in green and brown. “What shall I ask the machine to produce?”

“Neckties!” called out someone in the crowd.

“Very well!” said Amelia, and moved up to the complex control panel. She flipped some switches, and then pulled a giant lever. Slowly, the great spider came to life. It chugged and spit steam, and the great limbs began to move in a strange, almost hypnotic, fashion. The spindles spun and the little arms worked so fast they looked like a blur. Yet, nothing came out of the machine.

“Curious.” said Amelia, “We should see the first neckties by now. Hmm...”

She leaned forwards, over the control panel, trying to peer into the machinery even as it was moving. Abruptly, without warning, she suddenly flew into the air! One of the little arms had caught the front of her dress, and it was lifting her by her collar!

“Oh!” shouted Amelia, kicking frantically as the iron arm lifted her higher and higher over the surprised crowd! She tried to get loose, but only accomplished kicking the sturdy boots off her feet!

Then, another blur of arms grabbed the hem of her skirt. Amelia screamed out in shock, and was joined by several ladies in the audience, as her skirts began to disappear, layer by layer: First the dress of the checkered skirt, then a petticoat, and another one. Her shapely, kicking legs were dressed only in stockings, and not a monocle in the audience remained in its place!

“You brute of a machine!” protested Amelia, “I created you, and I can stop you!”

She struck at one of the great iron limbs with her hand, but this was a mistake: The machine caught hold of her sleeve, and it was torn into nothingness in seconds. The spinning, black arms continued up her arm, destroying what was left of her dress – only the left sleeve remained!

Amelia was now wearing just her corset, undershirt, bloomers and stockings. Her face blushed with anger and humiliation as she kicked at the machine again. Yet, this too was a mistake: Her stockings snagged on the machine, and were pulled off with loud snaps – quickly fed into the hungry machinery.

“Somebody stop this thing!” she cried out in desperation. “Flip the safety switch!”

Her assistant ran to the control panel, but the switches were not labeled! He threw a few randomly, hoping something would happen – and it did:

Amelia was pulled backwards, further into the machine. Within moments, she was concealed behind gouts of white steam. The crowd could hear her scream in panic from within, and her assistant stared powerlessly at the panel. Then a gentleman from the crowd took action: He sprang up, and pulled the great lever.

The machine came to a stop.

The crowd looked fearfully towards the machine as the steam cleared. Out between the great iron arms, climbed the shape of a woman: She was soaking wet, and stark naked! The machine had eaten even her hair-ribbons, and her long wet hair was all that concealed her large breasts. She held one hand before her groin, and her cheeks were flaming red with embarrassment.

“It- it seems I forgot to load it with fabric!” she called out awkwardly. “Alas, the machine works...”

And thus, with her free hand, she raised aloft a handful of neckties.

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