The North Valley Tailor part 1



“If you don’t believe, you are going to weaken the connection to the other side,” said Allegra applying a fresh dab of dark purple lipstick. “So if you are going to just giggle through the whole thing go play Candy Crush till we’re done okay?” 

Lakyn and Riley joined Allegra in staring impatiently at Gabi, the 4th girl sitting in their circle. The young woman was contentedly playing whatever game was on her phone. 

“Gabi!” said Riley giving her friend a stiff elbow.

“Ow, Riley! That was my ****!”

“If it weren’t so damn big I might hit something else.”

“Girls!” Lakyn spoke with authority. Gabi and Riley settled down. “Go ahead Retro.”

Back home Allegra would have never been friends with these girls. The Dumb Blondes, as they called themselves, were literally college cheerleaders. Each of them was a pretty, blonde-haired, blue-eyed California girly girl. Precisely the kind of girls that Allegra and her best friend Jarod, who painted his nails and snuck into Rancid concerts with her, would have hated growing up.

Allegra left Jarod behind and had been going to school in California for a semester now. She already felt a dramatic shift in the dynamic of her life. First, it was hot on the left coast. Ungodly hot. It was no wonder these girls all walked around in tank tops and short shorts in January.  


She first noticed the Blondes watching her as she worked out on the treadmill. Later they approached her in the shower, that is while she was naked in the shower. They were trying to find a short enough athletic girl who could learn stunts, when guys throw girls in the air and catch them, and invited her to try out. They awkwardly implied that she had a great body but that, with a wardrobe upgrade and some sun, she would be really hot.

Allegra was initially insulted, but Lakyn was in one of her classes and started talking her ear off as though they had been friends for years. Then they were all meeting for lunch, which was awkward because these valley girls were all legs year-round in their skirts and shorts. It made her feel like an overdressed, sexless monk in her leather jacket, jeans, and boots.

Today though, Allegra was back in black. She wore a girl-cut vintage Black Album era Metallica T-shirt over a violet long-sleeved athletic crop top with cuffs she could hook her thumbs into. Her long legs were wrapped in stylishly ruined striped hose, tiny Levi shorts that had been altered by Lakyn, and her favorite Dr. Marten work boots. 

Every piece of clothing she owned had mysteriously gotten shorter since she met the Blondes. If they didn’t take the scissors to her clothes as she was wearing them, Allegra would find newly altered attire in her dresser after they visited her apartment. 

Riley had unbelievable abs and was always pulling up the hems of her friend's shirts to see their stomachs. She had attacked Allegra’s tops with scissors so that no matter what she tried to wear her belly button was always showing. At least the little gymnast was careful not to destroy the silkscreen print on Allegra’s prized band shirts. 

Most of Allegra’s jeans had not survived the dreaded “tailors from the valley” either.  It was an unwritten rule between the 3 of them to show off as much leg as they possibly could at all times and Allegra was no exception. Lakyn made it her mission to get Allegra's “baby giraffe” legs out in the sun and had turned all of her pants into shorts that would make Daisy Duke turn pink.  

Her new friends always seemed to be conspiring to get her naked, but they were very nice about it. Allegra was shocked by how many guys approached her while she was in their company, but the Blondes ran interference unless she showed interest in someone, which she hadn’t. She was their friend and they wanted her to themselves for now. 

Allegra adjusted her black fedora. She used a fire starter from her kitchen to light the candles at the center of the spell circle, an ornate rune made up of smaller circles, triangles, and illegible text. in the very center was a large star with many points, decisively more than 5 so that it couldn’t be mistaken for a pentagram.

On top of the spell circle was a thick foamy pad with a Ouija Board printed on it. Barb, Jarod’s mom, had given it to her for Christmas when she was 15 and thought she was a druid. She began again. “Girls, tonight we’re  going to…”

“You look really pretty Alley!” Gabi interjected.

“O M G totally hot!” said Riley. “Like when Taylor Swift was a Goth.”

“...or Taylor Momsen. They’re going to be here next month. We should dress up like **** vampires and go see them!” Lakyn chimed in.

“Um… that would be ******* awesome actually.”

“Taylor Sharpe!”

“You always say I look like a Taylor.” Allegra pondered pulling the black bridal veil back over her face. With a big smile, she commanded. “Now all of you shut up!”

The girls fidgeted but obeyed and gave her their attention. She passed the fire starter around instructing them to light the candles in front of them. Allegra took a deep breath and closed her dark-painted eyes. She moved into a more comfortable sitting position, hovered her silver pendulum over the Ouija Board,  and spoke quietly “Gabi, Lakyn, Riley?”

Allegra waited for the wave of giggles to subside before she continued. “Tonight we are going to contact the spirit world to ask questions and seek guidance. I hope to speak with a specific spirit tonight…”

“... we will give him time to arrive. In the meantime, I will tell his story to draw him to us.”

Allegra opened her eyes to see that she had the girl’s attention. Riley looked bored, but Gabi and Lakyn were leaning forward. “Ladies, now I’m going to tell you about Geoff the Voyeur.” 


“Geoff’s parents knew right from the beginning that he was going to be a troubled kid. He was a twin, his brother Stu…”

“His name was Stu?” Riley chuckled.

“His brother..!” Allegra stressed “...Cried when they were born, but Geoff did not. Geoff didn’t cry throughout his whole childhood, he didn’t talk either, not to anybody but Stu.”

“Geoff was mean to Stu. When they played Cowboys and Indians Geoff would insist on being the Indians just so he could tie Stu and put ants down his pants or light a fire by his feet.”

“Oh, that’s so mean!” Gabi commented. 

“Geoff was bold and uninhibited.” Allegra continued. “He would climb up tall trees without fear.” Allegra licked her fingers and played with the candle flame in front of her. “One day Lyla, the teenage girl who lived across the street from Geoff saw him on the roof watching her as she dressed.

“She told Geoff’s parents but they didn’t take her seriously. Telling her that boys would be boys and that she should close her window when she’s going to be naked.

“Bold, mean, and uninhibited.” Gabi counted out on her fingers “Geoff is a psychopath!

“He was much worse than you could imagine. Doctors had never seen a case like his, but besides being a pervert Geoff hadn’t hurt anybody. That is until one day, Geoff and Stu were at the mall when they realized they couldn’t rent videos without their parent's account.

“Geoff said he was going to flirt with the girl at the counter so that she would let them rent movies.”

“Do they go to a video store? I don’t get it.  Why don’t they just watch something on their phones?” Lakyn asked.

“There were no phones when this story takes place!” Allegra said in a spooky voice. Her friends gasped in horror. “Didn’t you see Captain Marvel? She crashed landed in a Blockbuster.”

“Oh, I missed that one because I’m not a nerd!”

“Stu laughed at Geoff “Yeah right you’re a virgin!” Geoff said he wasn’t a virgin and that he had almost touched an old woman’s ****…” 

At the word, ‘****’ chaos broke out. Riley playfully honked Gabi’s chest and Lakyn made a lunge for Allegra’s breasts with her hands out but the taller girl used her legs to keep her at bay. “Stop it!”

“Where was I? They were at the mall, right? So while Stu was making fun of Geoff for still being a virgin at 13 years old, the girl at the counter said “Hey are those your bikes? 

“Geoff and Stu ran through the doors of the video store into the summer heat and saw that Lyla and 2 other girls had knocked their bikes over and were going to run over them with her car. Stu started crying “No! Don’t destroy my bike!”

“Lyla walked right up to Geoff, she had just graduated high school and was a few years older than Geoff and Stu.

“Hey look it’s Geoff the Voyeur,” said Lyla. 

”Did you call me a Voyager?” Geoff said confused. 

“No I said “Voyeur”, it’s the french word for pervert. You are dumb,” said Lyla. “Are these your bikes? I thought you just left them for us.”

“No, they’re ours!” Stu said, still crying really hard. “Me and Geoff’s and I’m Stu.”

“Stu?” said Lyla, “Like Stu-pid?” then she and her friends laughed at them. 

“You like looking at naked girls Geoff? Huh? Did you get a ***** looking at me naked?”

“Yes,” Geoff said because he did get a ***** looking at Lyla. She was pretty and had big *****. 

“It was creepy and you’re ugly!” Lyla said. “I’m going to make you pay for spying on me.” Lyla slapped him.

“Geoff was really mad now, he didn’t like getting slapped. Stu shouted “No!” and ran after Lyla. She slapped Stu too sending him to the ground crying. All the girls laughed at him.”

“Now the other girls walked up to either side of Lyla making fists and tough faces. “Now, you’re going to take off your shirts and pants and walk home naked, or we’re going to beat you up.”

“Stu screamed “No! That will be so embarrassing!”

“Do it! Or we’ll make you take your underwear off too!” Lyla slapped Geoff again.

“This is where Geoff lost it, he had tried to talk his way out fighting, but seeing his twin brother on the ground crying and that smug look on Lyla’s face was too much. Geoff was suddenly filled with a rage he’d never felt before in his life. 

“Geoff didn’t hesitate, he stepped forward, falling into a boxing stance he had learned from a class his dad enrolled him in. He put a hand on Lyla’s shoulder, she was taller than him because she was of legal age and older than him, then he made a fist…”

“Ooh” purred Gabi.


“If you don’t want to do the seance just say so,” Allegra complained.

“Don’t stop Retro!” Gabi pleaded, “It was just getting good! I promise I’ll shut up.”

Allegra came back after a few minutes with water and some baked cheese crackers. She sank back into her seat. “Alright, where was I? Did he rip off their clothes yet?”

“He rips off their clothes?” said Riley, too excitedly.

“No, he was going to punch her in the stomach,” said Lakyn.

“No! He punches her in the face!” Allegra argued. 

“Pretty sure a man wrote “Geoff the Voyeur”, he goes for the stomach.”

“Yeah stomach,” Riley and Gabi both agreed.

Allegra conceded and picked up her phone to continue reading. “Okay yes, Geoff put a hand on one of Lyla’s shoulders and punched her really hard in the stomach. There was a loud slap as Geoff’s fist hit her soft belly. Lyla was caught completely off guard, jumped a foot in the air, and went “Oof!”. She made a funny face and held her tummy. 

“Geoff liked the sound she made so he pulled her in close and walloped 2 more punches into her gut. “Oof, oof!”

“The ‘oofs’ are written in the story.”

Lakyn and Gabi both cringed bringing their hands to their own stomachs. Riley was more interested than ever “Then what did he do?”

Allegra shook her head at Riley, “Lyla’s knees buckled and she looked like she was going to fall down, but Geoff pulled her up by the hair and pounded 4 hard punches up into the girl’s soft gut. Then he shoved her up against her own car. ”

“He hit her like 8 times, that’s brutal!” Riley said wrapping her hands over her own tummy. “Ugh, that would ****!”

  “That did happen to me once, I rear-ended another car” Gabi confessed, she laid on her back holding her stomach remembering the feeling “The driver was really pissed and she got out and punched me in the belly a bunch of times. It hurt for days.”

“Lyla was out of the fight, moaning and holding her beaten belly. Another girl, Rachel, said “Hey!” and charged Geoff. She threw 2 really fast punches but Geoff just stepped out of the way both times. Rachel was surprised none of her punches landed and dropped her guard unsure what to do next.

“Geoff did though. He stepped inside her guard and threw an uppercut into Rachel’s stomach. Her eyes went huge and she fell forward staggered onto the hood of Lyla’s car passed out. 

“Poor girl!” Lakyn worried. “Imagine if some big dude did that to you? 

“The last girl, Grace, was reluctant to fight, she held her hands up in surrender. Geoff was still angry though so he pushed her over to the front of the car with her friends and pounded Grace in the stomach twice. Oof! Oof!”

“There’s a lot of this,” said Allegra reading the room. The girls all laid on their backs moaning with sympathetic pain for the girls in the story. “It’s fucked up. Should I skip ahead?”

“Yeah!” Riley seconded. Gabi, still lying on the floor put her hands behind her head, stargazing at the ceiling of Allegra’s apartment, so Riley laid her head on the girl's stomach. “Read the part where they get stripped!”

“Yes Retro. Please!” Lakyn implored. The petite young woman scooted over so she could rest her head in Allegra’s lap and encouraged their host to play with her hair. 

Allegra scrolled down to the end of the fight scene. “Here it is…”

“...Then Geoff remembered Lyla’s hot body when he was looking through her window. He wanted to see it up close so he pulled down Lyla’s shorts and ripped off her shirt. Then he stripped Rachel and Grace’s clothes too. The three, 18-year-old teenagers, stood there in just their bras and ******* holding their hands over their ***** and vaginas.

“See how you like being naked,” Geoff growled viciously. He reached for Lyla’s bra.

“Alright *****!” Riley called out. While Gabi was firmly straight and Lakyn was queer, the retired gymnast swore she was pan******. Yet, Allegra always felt like Riley was ********** her with her eyes. She was a bit too forward about her ****** attraction, but Riley was a serious babe, and Allegra couldn’t help but be flattered by the attention. 

“No Geoff! I’m sorry I’ll leave you alone, just let me go home!”

“It’s too late,” said Geoff menacingly. “Stu, find me some scissors!”

But Stu stepped in front of his twin brother. “Geoff stop! That’s enough!”

“Why stop now?” Geoff said in a chilling voice. “They wanted this…”

“Security is coming Geoff look!” Stu was right. Geoff took one more lecherous look at the three helpless beauties and got on his bike. He peddled after his twin brother and got away from the mall cops.


“That was it?” Riley said angrily. “He just beats the **** out of some girls then wheels off like a loser? I mean… It was kind of hot but.”

“Well yeah, what were you expecting Rye?” Allegra had been so excited that the girls wanted to do a seance with her, but it was becoming a letdown. Her spirituality once meant a lot to her, it was the one thing with which she was at odds with Jarod, who said it was all nonsense. 

There was a time when Allegra really believed she was communing with Aaron Kosminski, and casting glamours to influence people's thoughts, commanding the other girls at school to leave her alone. It seemed to work, they acted like she didn’t exist, but then she realized it was because she was just a weirdo beneath their notice. 

So she resolved that she wasn’t a witch who “was not like other girls” and admitted that Jarod’s thoughts on God were probably on the money. Allegra stopped trying to summon serial killers and her interest turned from the macabre to naughtier things. Graduating from reading silly creepypasta stories on Reddit to steamy exhibitionist fiction featuring damsels in distress getting themselves in  increasingly embarrassing situations and decreasingly less clothing. Allegra would never have the guts to write down one of her own fantasies, but then she met the Blondes and they “helped” her with her pent-up ****** frustration. 

When she went back to Alabama she arranged to star in one of her favorite scenarios, with Jarod as her special guest star. Jarod pretended he wasn’t heartbroken when she got on the plane to go home. He claimed he had babes crawling all over him. She could only hope that jumping his bones would give him the confidence to move on. Allegra didn’t want to be the one that got away for Jarod.

“You said you were going to read us something from your **** file. We finally get to the good stuff and it’s like one paragraph.”

“But this is a really famous story Riley,” Allegra appealed “and we’re not even at the good part yet.”

“It has been kind of lame Alley.” admitted Gabi “Sorry.”

Lakyn added, “The writing is really bad is all, I know you didn’t write it yourself.”

“But…” Allegra said wounded.

“Aw sweetie it’s okay.” Lakyn assured, “Why don’t you just read your favorite part?”

“Get to the *** scene!” Riley posited.

“There is no *** scene.”

“There’s no… one way or the other there will be *** tonight!” Riley and Gabi broke down in laughter. 

“My favorite part is coming up soon, but it won’t make sense unless I read the part with Geoff’s parents. Could you hang in there for 20 minutes? Then we can stop if you want.”

“We’re just giving you a hard time Alley.” Gabi consoled.

“Yeah, just keep reading.” said Riley “but get to the **** stuff.”

Allegra's face beamed. “Okay good…”


“What did you do..?” Missy Forrester screamed at her twin sons. She had never been so angry with them. The boys were afraid to go home so they stayed away as long as they could, spending their movie rental money on snacks and a few rounds of Street Fighter II Turbo Edition at the Circle K. When they ran out of cash they went down to the riverbank near their house, a quiet place for both of them when they wanted to get away from the stress of their parents, till sunset. 

“There are so many words in that sentence I don’t understand Retro,” said Riley.

Stu was hysterical, what were they going to do? It was bad enough that Geoff had beaten those girls, but he’d left them in their underwear. Stu was frightened of the consequences coming Geoff’s way, but he was also disturbed by Geoff himself. Stu had long been tortured by his brother, he was the victim of Geoff's mean pranks and foul temper. More than his parents knew about.

His outburst with Lyla was different though. When he stripped those girls Geoff had an odd look, a voracious look. A goggle-eyed, unblinking gaze Stu had only witnessed when he had confronted Geoff about a dead rat he had found in his pillow. The 13-year-old boy wore not a smile but a hungry leer as he watched the older girls wriggle sheepishly in their scanties.

The brothers had a plan to sneak Geoff into their house to hide in their room. Stu would tell his parents that his brother ran away after the fight, and try to sneak food up to him. However, when they cycled up to the back of their house they saw that a police cruiser was parked by the entrance to their backyard. there would be no sneaking in through the kitchen door. 

“Thank you, Stuart, but let’s go inside and see what happens.”

“But Geoff! They might send you away to Juvie!” cried Stu.

“Nah, this is my 1st offense. They ain’t going to do anything to me, I’m only 13,” he said with forced confidence. 

They found their parents sitting together in the tv room with unreadable expressions. A cop sat across from them drinking from a coffee cup. The black man said something into his radio as he saw the boys walk in.

Missy, their mom, jumped to her feet and began a verbal assault on Geoff. “… you attacked some poor girls because they were riding your bicycles? What is wrong with you?”

“They hit us, first Mom!” Stu talked back. The other officer walked in through the kitchen giving his partner a nod.

“That doesn’t matter son.” said their father putting a calming hand on his wife’s shoulder “Boys are stronger than girls, even if a woman hits you are supposed to walk away. I’m sorry if I never explained that to you.”

“But we’re just kids and there were 3 of them and they’re all 18.” Stu argued “Geoff was just… I mean I… “

Both of their parents were now standing between the boys. Geoff looked confused but Stu silently told him to go with it.

“… was just defending Geoff.” 

“It was you Stu? You beat up those girls?” said Mom in disbelief.

Officer Jackson, the black cop, flipped his notepad back one page. “Ms. Lyons said it was Geoff Forrester that hit her.”

Geoff flashed Stu a desperate look, but his brother had his back. “We’re identical!” He said, “They don’t know us very well and couldn’t tell the difference.”

The second officer squatted down so that he was at eye level with Geoff. “Is that right Geoff? Is Stu the depraved son of a ***** that slugged Lyla Lyons over and over?”

“She’s pretty that Lyons girl, you know that. You like to go up on the roof and watch her get dressed don’t you?”

“The Lyons got a pool, you ever seen her out there? Climbing out of the water or sunning herself in a little bikini? Hmm?”

“See I think you got a little ***** for that girl, fact I can tell you do. Today she embarrassed you and you couldn’t take it. You started swinging and you couldn’t stop.”

“Warren.” Said Officer Jackson pulling back on his partner's reigns, things were getting intense.

“Geoff has really bad social anxiety, he doesn’t talk very much.” Stu said “On the roof? That was me too, I… I let Geoff get in trouble for me. Even Mom and Dad get us mixed up sometimes.”

Jackson looked to Dad for affirmation and received a nod. Mom looked as though she was going to protest, how dare the officer accuse her of not being able to tell her children apart, but she thought better of it and inclined her head. Mom turned to Stu and chastised “You were my good kid Stu. How could you do this to me?”

Stu sniffled, he loved his Mom so much that he almost dropped his lie, but he was convinced there was something very wrong with his brother. Stu would come home tomorrow with a felony but that would all go away when he became an adult. They would see Geoff for what he was and he would be lost to Stu forever if he entered the system.

“Your brother Stuart is facing some serious charges, Geoff. Assault and Battery, Aggravated Assault if he’s lucky. Only a real ************* would let his own brother go down for something he did. What do you say, Geoff? Are you a chicken****?”

Nothing about taking off their clothes? Geoff wondered why the girls wouldn’t have reported that part of it.

Jackson spoke up with good cop authority, “That’s enough Warren. What do you say Geoff was it Stu that messed up those girls?”

Geoff caught Stu’s gaze, who slowly blinked his eyes. It was at that moment when Stu condemned himself to a more difficult life going forward to spare his brother the same fate, that Stu became a man.

The 13-year-old Geoff Forrester turned to Officer Warren, wordlessly promising that the man would die by his own hand one day, and agreed to ruin his brother's life.


“Oh, that’s so sad!” Gabi said, wiping an actual tear from her eye. She fanned herself with her hand so that her crying wouldn’t ruin her makeup.

“Gabi? Geoff is the bad guy!” Lakyn scolded. 

“No, he’s not!” Gabi said going on defense for a badly written fictional character. “Just nobody understands him.”

“Did you cry when Dark Vader died too?” Riley teased.

“Shut up! Everyone was so mean to Anakin.”

“Who the **** is Anakin?”

“It’s Darth Vader!” Allegra corrected angrily “Darth! And Everyone cried when he died! His real name was Anakin Skywalker and they turned him into the biggest whiny ******* ever put to film. Man, I hate the prequels!…” Allegra trailed off realizing the other women in the room had fallen silent and were looking at her as though she were crazy. 

Then all together they yelled “Nerd!” And attacked the embarrassed girl with carefully manicured fingers. Tickling her till she was in tears herself. The heavy petting sparked another specific reaction in Allegra and it was all she could do not to smash her painted lips against the nearest willing pair she could find. Probably what at least one of the girls was hoping for.

“Stop!” Before she was unable to stop herself Allegra pushed the girls off of her so that they went tumbling in a cascade of tanned limbs and other fun extremities. “You have to stop!”

“Ow! That was my ****!” Gabi complained. She jumped up and started poking around in Allegra’s kitchen cabinets “I want popcorn!”

“Wasn’t Dark Vader a robot?” Lakyn broke in.

“No that’s stupid” Riley chided. “Why would a robot need an iron lung?” 

“Does that mean he isn’t really dead?” Gabi’s eyes darted around the room as if Darth Vader were going to walk in. The popcorn bag was starting to pop and expand in the microwave.

“Ahem,” Allegra grumbled impatiently. presently 3 pairs of blue eyes held her rapt attention. They were interested in her story, but they were the 1st generation to be raised with smartphones and had the pruned attention span to match.

Morning came and Stu still hadn’t come home. Even though they did not entirely believe Stu’s story he stuck with it, so Mom and Dad had decided to send Stu to stay with their grandparents for the last few weeks of the summer. 

Geoff’s punishment was looming in the near future, but for now, Mom and Dad just wanted him out of their sight. Geoff spent the next few days holed up in their room playing games on his PlayStation, giving his parents the cold shoulder unless they wanted him to mow the lawn or had food. Like most kids, he played Fortnight or Metal Gear, his favorite way to play was to disguise himself as a box or a port-o-potty then sneak up behind a guy and frag him with a stealth kill.

Having the room to himself was fun at first, but on day 2 he began to miss his brother. Yes, Stu was a constant annoyance, but he was the only person in the house Geoff ever spoke to.

Without Stu barging in with some dumb activity in mind, Geoff did not know how to distract himself. He caught himself falling asleep at the endgame screen, losing 15 minutes at a time, waking when he imagined Stu was walking in.

There was something else keeping Geoff up at night. Lyla Lyons. He hated Lyla but then…

Geoff reasoned that Lyla was to blame for him losing Stu. If she hadn’t tried to destroy their bikes Geoff wouldn't have had to confront her. She was heading off to university in a few weeks, and he was entering his second year of high school. She was supposed to be the more mature person in this circumstance, which meant that she should have known better than to push Geoff’s buttons like that. If she hadn’t embarrassed him he wouldn’t have been forced to get violent with her and her friends. It wasn’t his fault!

So what if he watched her sunbathe from his house? It’s not as though he broke into her home, he could easily see into the Lyons backyard if he stood on the roof outside of his bedroom. All he needed was binoculars or a telescope and there she was, almost naked and oiled up with tanning lotion. It wasn’t his fault!

Why did she make such a big deal about it anyway? So what if he stared at her? What did she expect to happen when she wore such a tiny swimsuit like that? Not to look? He was a 13-year-old boy! If you don’t want to be looked at, don't look like that! It wasn’t his fault! 

At least that is how Geoff rationalized it.


“Dude! Geoffs like a psycho stalker! What the ****?” Lakyn had found her way back into Allegra’s lap.

“That’s the whole point of the story Lakyn,” Allegra said casually, placing a hand over Lakyns mouth to silence her. The girl playfully bit at her fingers, then sucked on them lightly trying to get a rise out of their owner “This is Geoff’s origin story. I thought that if we had fun we could read some of the stories other people wrote.”

“Sure! I like this!” Said Gabi returning from another kitchen forage. She had somehow found the stash of chocolate Allegra kept for when she watched Outlander. 

“Nope! Too much sugar, we have regionals in 2 weeks.” Riley snatched the little tin out of Gabi’s hand and handed her a few pieces of chocolate before setting it aside. 

“Awe..!” Gabi looked at the tin longingly. “What if I workout later?”

“You can’t outwork a bad diet. Besides, we're going to that movie. Go on Alley.”

“Geoff, Come down here!” Mom called. She had barely spoken to him since his incident with Lyla and there was still anger and disappointment in her voice every time she did. Geoff was not sure if he cared about what his Mom thought of him, or if he just did not like being yelled at. She had to call him 3 times before he ambled down the stairs. In the foyer, he was startled to see a well-dressed woman a few years older than his own mother, eyeing him with disapproval. He had seen this woman leave Lyla’s house. 

“Geoff, this is Mrs. Lyons, Lyla’s mother.” Mom said looking through the sideboard for her car keys. She refused to look at her son. “We’re going shopping for her daughter’s going away party.”

Geoff was confused but said nothing.

“You are going over there to apologize to that girl and help her set up.” Said Mom, making stern eye contact for the first time, she was not making a request. “Behave yourself, and don’t even think about running off. I’ll call the police, and you had better hope they find you before I do.”

Geoff felt hot. He did not like being threatened either, even so, he recognized that he didn’t hold the power in this situation so he agreed to do what Mom told him to do. He went back up to his room to save his game and put on fresh clothes and shoes, he hadn’t bathed in a few days, before trekking across the street to the Lyon’s residence. Geoff rang the doorbell several times before he finally heard a distant irritated “Coming!”

Geoff was in for a second, altogether more evocative surprise as the door opened. An annoyed Lyla stood there wearing nothing but a pink bikini, a sheer coverup wrapped around her waist, and a second skin of pool water. It would seem that she had just been swimming and had done a slapdash job toweling off before running through the house to answer the door. Her hair was tangled and cohered to her face and shoulders. Geoff could smell the chlorinated water as it coursed down her smooth-shaven skin. The teenager's breasts were high and youthful, young Geoff had never seen anything like them in his Dad’s secret computer file. 

While Lyla was a year away from her twenties, and nobody would card her at a bar, she still had the slimness of a teenager. Curvy slim, Geoff had read in Mom’s fashion magazines, slender figure with somewhat wide hips and shoulders but a tiny trim waist. Her bare stomach was flat but soft, Geoff remembered how soft that tummy was.

“Oh.” Lyla frowned shifting her weight from one hip to another when she saw Geoff. “What do you want you little freak?” 


“My Mom said I have to come to help you with your party.” Geoff spat back at Lyla with equal loathing.

“What else did she tell you to do?” The girl asked. When Geoff did not respond immediately Lyla poked him hard in the chest. “You’re supposed to apologize to me, you little pervert!”

“Why should I apologize to you?” He said with spite. His tone pissed Lyla off so much that she kicked him hard between the legs. Geoff groaned and fell to his knees; then flat on his face. He turned bright red as he lay on the ground holding his injured manhood with both hands.

“Apologize for stripping me you little ****!” Lyla screamed. “Do you know how embarrassing it was when those old guys from security walked up and we didn’t have shirts on?” 

Geoff couldn’t answer. The scrotum is basically a bundle of nerves at the base of a major nerve with no muscle or fat tissue to protect it. A stray baseball or the foot of an angry girl next door suddenly smashing into it not only causes pain, but that pain radiates through all the nerves the scrotum is attached to. Geoff had taken 1 or 2 shots to the nuts before but this time Lyla had somehow nailed him much worse than ever before. 

“Wow. You’re really red.” Lyla said after a few minutes, and he had not sat up. Not that she cared about Geoff, but she did not want to have to call an ambulance for him. “Do you need ice or something?”

 “Bitch!” Geoff wheezed. The girl growled in frustration before storming back into the house. “Fucking whatever.” 

Stu was gone, his parents were scared of him, and the girl he was wanking off to knew he was a loser. He hadn’t even started high school yet and he was all alone. Geoff considered running away right then and there, then they would all know they should have been nicer to Geoff Forrester.

He had almost hobbled to the sidewalk, ready to walk away in a dramatic fashion, when it occurred to him that he did not know where he was going. They had just moved here and he was not familiar with the town. Maybe he could grab some clothes and a tent from his house and hide out in the park for a few nights. There were some scary people out there, and what would he do for food? Perhaps he could sneak back into the house when his parents were at work to eat and play a video game.

That all sounded like a pain in the ass, he may as well put up with his parents then, a better choice than trying to sleep around a bunch of crazy homeless people. He knew that Mom would call the cops as she had threatened to. There were not many options for a 13-year-old kid with no money.

“Yeah…” Lyla said into her phone. The front door to the Lyons house was unlocked and Geoff went from room to room searching for something, though he was not sure what it was. When he saw Lyla she was in the backyard taking a seat on an outdoor recliner. He ducked out of sight, taking a hiding spot near the glass double doors leading out to the pool, he could only hear that the person on the other end was another woman. “My mother told me I had to put up with him.”

“I think he went home.” Then she broke into laughter, an unpleasant cackle “I kicked him in the balls!”


“I did!”




“Yeah get over here as early as you can...”

“Wait a minute?” Lakyn interjected. “Lyla’s outside?”

Allegra rolled her eyes, this story should have taken 20 minutes to read through, all the interruptions had drawn it out to almost an hour.“Yeah so?”

“… and she’s using a phone? Retro, I thought you said there were no cell phones?”

“No smartphones.” Allegra corrected “Maybe she had a Blackberry.” 

Phones were whipped out of purses. Gabi found it first. “1999!” She blinked in disbelief “I wasn’t even born yet!”

“And hey!” Said Riley “How was he playing Fortnite in the 90s?”

“I don’t know!” Allegra shouted abruptly. Her friends detected her annoyance and pouted. She felt bad for raising her voice and took a breath. 

“Look, ” said the tall girl, “A lot of these CreepyPastas get revised by the authors or even completely rewritten. Nobody can prove they were the original author.” She added, “This is just my favorite version of the story.” 3 blonde heads bobbed understanding, but they said nothing, so Allegra started reading again.

Lyla hung up the phone.

“She hung her phone on something? What?” Allegra put her hand over Lakyns mouth again, immediately regretting it when the girl started licking the popcorn butter off of her fingers. Allegra squirmed, taking another deep breath to put out the flame in her loins, and had to adjust her sitting position.

Lyla “ended the call.” Better? She had been sitting cross-legged on a rainbow-colored pool lounger. Now she put earbuds in and stretched her body to its fullest.

In high school, and often in life, a girl’s personality could be as bland as a rice cake, but she could still be popular because everybody wanted to have *** with her. The pecking order for men had more to do with who could beat the crap out of the other or had money. As they grew older and were expected to become productive members of society, intelligence and more importantly social skills were valued more. 

Lyla was very popular.

The girl was not skeleton thin, but neither did she carry any access weight. Her body could be described as “neat” or “tight”. She was no athlete but watched her physique and kept up her grooming routine meticulously. 

As Lyla settled into the lounger and closed her eyes Geoff saw the thing he was searching for on the top of a nearby reading desk and slithered quietly from his hiding spot. With great care not to disturb the gorgeous sun creature lying at the poolside, he pulled open the sliding glass door. 

Geoff took it one step at a time, positioning himself so that he could take in the young woman’s aforementioned magnificent body all at once. 

She had kicked off her sandals and laid with one knee bent slightly engaging the calf muscle in an enticing way. Lyla had long, shapely legs, freshly sheared and polished with lotion so that they had a pleasant sheen to them. The string of Lyla’s bikini bottom rested high on the girl's velvety smooth thighs. Geoff fantasized about how it would feel to run his hands up and down those arresting legs. 

Her tiny pinched waist was trim, if soft, her belly button a cute vertical slit. He didn’t have to imagine what that felt like, he understood the “No hitting girls rule” but at the moment he had been defending himself. Right? At least that’s how he remembered the incident. 

She had slapped him in the face twice, and it hurt. Still, Lyla was a pretty girl and he couldn’t bring himself to hit her in the face like he would a dude. So he went for her flat, concave belly and it was more effective than he had anticipated. Not so much the hitting, but the look of surprise on her face, and the orgasmic moans Lyla made as he knocked the breath out of her.

Lyla’s white and pink top was little more than a couple of triangles sewn together with floss thread. She had wrapped the excess string around her waist a few times and made a bow in the front. The brazen pink bikini gave her deeply tanned skin an even darker appearance and 13-year-old Geoff didn’t need to get creative about what those patches of cloth reined in.

Geoff had traveled ⅔ of the way unnoticed, from the door to where the girl slept. Now he stopped to appreciate the generous proportions genetics had gifted to Lyla. He didn’t have technical terms to describe a woman’s breasts, he would just say that she was thin and her ***** were big. Geoff had only seen her from a distance thus far. In this defining moment in his young life, he could appreciate how flawless and well-developed her breasts were. 

Geoff loomed over her now, he could hear Lyla snoring gently and smell the bleach-like chlorine smell of pool water mixed with tanning cream and mary jane as she lay unaware and vulnerable at poolside. If she was this alluring at 18, one could easily envision what she would be like when she was at her ****** peak in her 20s. 

Geoff stood imminently above her for a long time, standing up she was half a head taller than he was, but right then he was the Colossus of Rhodes. He hung fire…

“…Uh, that means he waited for a minute...”

…getting the first of many mental snapshots he would recall over and over in the years to follow. Geoff would later develop a near-eidetic memory so that he could visit his favorite victims whenever he pleased.

He still held the shiny metal item he had stolen from Mr. Lyons desk. He threaded his fingers into the rubberized thumb and finger rings. 

Do it!

Geoff’s heart was racing, and his hands shook in anticipation. This is it, Geoff! This is when you stop being a ***** and become a man! 

Do it! 

Lyla, feeling the change of temperature as Geoff towered above blocking the sun, began to stir. All she could see was a dark silhouette eclipsing the sun above her.

Do it!

There would be no denying it if Lyla caught him, and she might be able to fight him off before he could finish it. He had to take action fast! 

“Do it!” Said the Dumb Blondes in unison. They were at the edge of their seats. 7,000 words and they were finally the good part.

Geoff extended his blade, leveling it at the girl's breasts…


Lyla turned her head suddenly and fixed Geoff with a hard stare. Geoff stood over her with a dark unreadable expression on his face. The sun behind him swathed him in shadow. In his favored hand he held a small blade that he thrust before him aimed at the girl's chest.

“What the **** are you doing you Spaz?” Lyla challenged, her voice dripping with absolute revulsion. She jumped to her feet and shoved him.“Are those my scissors?”

“N… no!” Said Geoff caught off guard, captivated by the summits and valleys created by the casabas ripening atop her rib cage…

“Haha! Casabas?” Riley laughed, wiping away tears. “What the ****? Does he mean her *****?” 

Lakyn looked it up, “Casaba Melons… bright yellow… round, oval, or acorn-shaped… taper at the stem end, that’s probably what they meant… can weigh 1 to 2 kilograms!”

“Oh gosh! She’s like an E cup!” Gabi cried in disbelief. She brought her arm up to her own D cups sympathizing. “How does she walk upright?”

Allegra took a sip of her electrolyte-enhanced smart water. “Okay, that proves a guy wrote this.”

“Oh, you think?” Riley quipped sarcastically. “What’s next?”

…Lyla followed his gaze down to the thin pink strings of her bikini top. Her mouth dropped, horrified at what almost happened. Lyla wrapped an arm around her breasts, punching Geoff hard in the chest. “You were going to cut off my bra!”

“No, I…” Geoff quickly stowed the scissors into a pocket of his shorts.

“You were! I bet you would like that, you degenerate!” Lyla made a disgusted face, “even if you could get a hot girl like me, a nasty little kid like you wouldn’t know what to do with me!”

Then she gave him a broad, phony smile.  “I’ll show you what to do.” She motioned for him to follow her, which he did like an obedient dog. Geoff was enthralled by her wide hips as they swayed to and fro while she walked. 

She led Geoff to an aluminum-sided storage shed and pointed at some 6ft tables and folding chairs. She laughed saying “That’s what you can do. You can set those up.”

Geoff worked by himself to set up the outdoor furniture, dragging the tables out and kicking the legs into place. After his efforts, he had 2 tables in place but not enough chairs. He would let Lyla or her parents worry about that. 

He considered the small shelter, if he cleared it out it was just big enough to lay down in and far enough from the main house that he wouldn’t have to be totally quiet. He could bring a pillow and a sleeping bag and be comfortable enough. He had his phone and could figure out the Wi-Fi password. That would cover entertainment, plus Lyla went swimming almost every day…

…There was a third table he couldn’t get to stay steady, so he left that one folded and leaned it against the side of the shed. Lyla was back on her phone trying to get whoever she was talking to come over. He finished up and went to find Lyla to see if there was anything else but the girl avoided him by diving gracefully into the pool.

 She started lapping back and forth. When Geoff was sure she could not see him watching he inched towards the edge of the water for a closer look. Her slender body was a dark distorted form as she slid smoothly through the water. This was new for him, he was able to see a lot from the roof of his house, but she disappeared from sight while she was actually in the pool.

After a few laps, 10 minutes or so, she started to use the ladder to climb out, but she saw him and paddled over to where he was watching. Acting as though he weren’t there Lyla put both hands on the pool's ledge before slowly pushing herself up out of the crystalline water. 

The girl made a big show of posing in the sun, arching her back and pulling her dripping hair back, droplets cascading down her nubile body entirely aware of the effect it was having on Geoff. Then she did a front handspring and landed in the side splits, a move that never failed to get her a date.

The boy flushed scarlet red. Geoff had very little experience with girls but neither was he an idiot. After what happened with Stu she was confident Geoff was not willing to risk more trouble. He could be sent to Juvie for the rest of high school or worse, treated as an adult. He was both flustered and enraged. Lyla was just trying to get a rise out of him, and it was working.

Throughout all this, the young woman made a point of ignoring Geoff, but now she looked him up and down to check his reaction. When she saw the small bulge in his shorts she pointed at it and laughed hysterically.

“Haha! Ew! That’s so gross!” Geoff lowered his head and bared his teeth in a sinister grin. Lyla was so consumed with laughing at his expense that she failed to notice Geoff taking a purposeful step toward her, his hand reaching into his pocket for the scissors.

“Hey girls!” Lyla called boisterously to someone behind him. The 13-year-old was almost upon Lyla when she looked up and smiled excitedly. Geoff turned to see Rachel and Grace, the other girls he had fought with at the mall coming through the back gate. Rather than reaching for a towel, Lyla bounced past him to greet the new arrivals. They both wore wide-brimmed summer hats and short, leggy sundresses with flower prints.

Geoff had sudden flashes of these girls stripped of their shirts desperate to cover themselves as he and Stu ran away. He had regretted not being able to look at them longer, but now that he saw them again perhaps this was the opportunity to add some new snapshots to his mental file. 

He left the scissors in his pocket for now. Perhaps events were on an upswing.

Grace was as tall as Lyla, which was around 163cm but had more of a s****-shaped body. Thin up top with wide hips. Rachel had narrow, even proportions throughout like what they prefer for models, except that she was too short.

“Like Riley!” Gabi interjected.

“I am not that short,” Riley argued for the defense “I’m taller than Simone Biles.”

“Who is 4 foot 9!” Allegra laughed. 

“That’s right she is,” said Riley, herself a 2-time regional gymnastics champion, “and I’m taller than her.” 

“I’m feeling underrepresented.” Lakyn pouted.

“Why did you bring a marine flare?” Lyla asked irritably, referring to the gun in Rachel’s hand. 

Rachel fiddled with the hand cannon “You said to bring my Dad’s gun, but all I could find was this.” 

“What are we supposed to do with that?” Lyla complained. It was true what was said about hiring effective assistants.

“If he doesn’t do what we say.” Said Rachel “we shoot him.”

“I bet it hurts like hell,” said Grace.

Geoff suddenly registered that the “him” they were talking about shooting a fiery missile at was himself.

“Okay fine,” Lyla conceded. Regardless of his impending doom, Geoff admired Lyla’s backside as she bent at the waist to fish out the roll of duct tape she had stashed under the lounge chair.

Lyla handed the roll of tape to Grace, thankfully Rachel wasn’t training the flare directly at him. It was enough that it was loaded. Geoff thought he might be able to fight these girls, but the flare changed things, nothing good would happen if that went off while it was pointed anywhere but up. 

He hesitantly allowed the girls to bind his hands with the silver tape making the mistake of putting his arms behind his back for them. He learned from movies that a captive can still fight if their hands are bound in front. 

“Let’s get him to the shed before we tie up his legs,” Rachel suggested. 


“I want to punch him in the gut!” Grace announced, remembering how rough Geoff had been with them. He tensed up his abdominal muscles but the body blow never came.

Geoff was burned up with shame. He was going to start school as the guy that got beat up by 3 girls. He threatened “If you don’t let me go I’ll…”

“You’d do nothing because you would still be *******. Dumbass.” asserted Grace.

Lakyn snorted “That’s awesome! I've always wanted a character to say that.”

“Not now. People could show up at any time now. Maybe before we let him go.” Said Lyla. To Rachel, she asked. “Did you figure out the live stream?”

The little blond Rachel held out her smartphone pointing at the screen “Yep! We just hit “make connection” choose camera 2, then record.”

“Okay seriously this timeline is all over the place,” said Allegra “First they are at a Blockbuster now they are setting up a video feed?”

The Blondes gave their friend a smile that said they didn’t understand what she was talking about but didn’t want to hurt her feelings. “We are the same age!” Allegra cried incredulously, “Blockbuster went under in 2010 there is no way you don’t remember them!”

“I would have been like 10,” Lakyn said quietly, brushing hair out of Allegra’s face, she was the oldest of the 3 of them. Gabi raised her hand as though she were back in grade school,  “I was 8.”

“But Captain Marvel…”

“…Nerd,” Lakyn said automatically.

“She was the worst Alley, the guy I was with hated her.” Opined Gabi. “At least Cap is hot.”

Riley agreed, fanning herself “Chris Evans is so hot, so is Captain Africa!”

“Black Panther.” Allegra corrected.

Riley’s eyebrows rose quickly, “A little racist Alley, you know that Gabi’s Dad is black?”

“I…” Allegra stammered, not sure if she should explain the misunderstanding and risk offending her friend further.

“It’s okay.” Gabi soothed miming a hand pat. “This is every day for me.”

Lyla and her friends taped Geoff to a folding chair, as far away from the door as possible, binding his legs separately and keeping his arms behind him in a very uncomfortable seated position. At once his shoulders began to ache but almost as bad was the polyethylene on the cloth tape pulling on the hair follicles of his wrists.

With some difficulty, Rachel was able to set up her tripod so that her phone was where Geoff could see it. It gave him a spectacular view of the pool, instead of from his roof it was from the top of the Lyons house.

Lyla approached him holding a leather strap with a quilted texture. It had velcro fasteners and at the center was a black rubber or vinyl ball about 1.5 inches around. The ball had distinctive holes evenly distributed over it.

“Girl! Where did you even get that?” Grace asked.

Lyla replied, “It’s my Mom’s…”

“… or my Dad’s” all three girls seemed repulsed, not sure which truth was worse.”

“You're not really gonna put that in his mouth are you?” Said Rachel in disbelief “That’s nasty Lyla!” 

“I cleaned it!” Geoff clamped his mouth down tight, so Lyla made a fist and slugged him in the stomach. The punch bounced off of his abdominal wall but it was enough to force his mouth to open to exhale so she could shove the ball in.

She secured the strap behind Geoff’s head whispering softly in his ear. “No, I didn’t.”

Grace turned down the corners of her mouth, “I wanted to punch him.”

“Maybe you forgot but,” Lyla ferried the girls out of the shed, closing the door behind her, “I deserve to hit him first, not you. That little emo Puke sucker-punched me like a hundred times.”

“That’s my girl!” Riley rallied pumping her fist “What a badass!”


Geoff could see the outside world through the window Lyla provided, but only what his captor wanted him to see. Shortly after they abandoned him in the hot aluminum storage shed he saw the security camera being adjusted by someone on the other end.

Geoff assessed his situation. His feet were well bound, and the chair was also taped to the center support beam. Geoff remembered a video about escaping this exact scenario and tried thrusting his hips forward but that didn’t work. He was unable to tip himself over which might have made it easier to wriggle out of the restraints. he felt that with some effort he might be able to slip the wrist tape but he wasn’t going to risk it yet. One of the girls could check on him at any moment.

Then there was the heat. the summer season was just over the hump and the days were getting shorter. Still, the sun rose early and it was a sweltering 90 degrees by 9 am and that heat kept up till well into the evening. The shed had all day to warm up well beyond that. They did not think to leave him water, and with his breathing restricted by the gag Geoff passed out a few times.

Before long more of Lyla’s friends arrived. Young men, women, and some parents. Lyla had cleaned up and covered herself in a modest dress. There was no sound on the smartphone, but he could hear the party just outside the shed. Geoff found he could breathe through the ******** but was unable to scream for help over the ambient noise.

He watched as Lyla made the rounds to each parent giving out hugs and playing nice. She told the same good girl story to each of them. She was going to business school, she was going to miss her friends, her boyfriend would still be here and she never intended to move back but they loved each other so much. Blah, blah, blah.

Once in a while, Geoff noticed her look up at the camera. He saw her for what she was now. Nobody understood Lyla the way he did, not even her. If only she could see that…

… Geoff started awake. He was drooling out of the corner of his mouth and drenched in his own sweat. He checked the phone screen to see that only 10 minutes had passed. the outside lights had switched on and the dynamic of guests had changed. All the adults had left and it was just Lyla and her 15 closest friends now.

The ratio of girls to guys gave the women the advantage in the inevitable **** that was going to happen. No doubt Lyla had planned it this way so that every girl had a couple of choices while a few of the guys were going to be left with their dicks in their hands.

When the coast was clear Lyla’s boyfriend, Mike suddenly arrived coming through the back with a beer keg, and the real party started. Making sure they were in the frame, Lyla jumped into the lucky guy's arms and plowed her tongue down his throat. 

From outside the shed, Geoff could hear her lively scream as Mike threw her into the pool fully clothed and legs kicking. Underwater Lyla stripped off her dress and threw it at Mike. She waved a finger at him, a challenge for the boy to pursue her. 

Grace and Rachel wandered into the frame looking at something off-screen to the left. Geoff’s shed. Then girls looked straight into the camera, at him, Grace gave him a little wave before grasping the short hem of her sundress and pulling the garment slowly up over her head. 

Geoff tried to grunt his appreciation for Grace’s revealed figure but only nonsense came out. He’d only seen Rachel and Grace's **** legs till this moment, but now he saw Grace in all of the glory. 

Her upper body was thinner than her lower half. With her smaller breasts, she required a less robust bikini top. The trade-off was that the bra was more revealing. That was nice of her to wear that. Her waist was narrow till her hips abruptly stuck out making a shelf. This made her hips and **** larger than average, but Geoff noted that it made her stand out a**** the many pretty girls present.

“Oh my god! Who wrote this?” Lakyn howled. The Blondes were on the floor in hysterics. Allegra rolled her eyes and searched for a charging cord. Even she had no defense for the writer this time.

 “She has a big ****…” Riley postulated.

 “…but that’s okay,” Gabi finished. “ Her big **** is what makes her so special!” 

“You’re very special Gabi.”

“Hey, my ****’s not that big!”

Rachel too had a fine body. Grace helped her unzip the back so that Rachel could pull her skinny arms free and let the frock float down to her ankles. Rachel was petite and vivacious. She was pencil-thin waist, with small breasts and a defined 4 pack stomach. The girl had no shortage of curves, but they were more subtle than her voluptuous friends. Rachel’s bikini was little more than string which only girls with her body type could get away with. For a moment Geoff reconsidered the object of his obsession, then resolved that he could obsess over more than one woman. 

Allegra looked each of her friends in the eye, daring them to make a comment. The girls faces were scrunched up as they tried to contain their laughter. 

An hour passed and Geoff was forced to watch mostly naked women, frolic and ******** their dates. Although such scenes had lived in his fantasies the real girls always stopped before they were completely ****. It was both heaven and a form of torture for Geoff. He wanted more.

It would never be enough for him.

He stayed in ******* until everyone was suitably drunk before attempting an escape. Freeing his hands required him to bend his arms in awkward and painful positions but it took less than a minute. He was surprised at how easy it was and made a mental note of that. From there removing the gag was as simple as undoing the Velcro. His legs were a complicated mess though, but he remembered the scissors in his pocket and cut himself loose. Good for him that Lyla forgot to take those away. 

As he opened the door of the shed, fresh air cooled him off, Geoff felt renewed. The repression he felt from his parents, from society, from women. It all came together to make him stronger. The shed was a co****, a second womb that Geoff emerged from as his true self.

Geoff was free!

He lowered his gaze, his lips turning up in a baleful grin. He raised the scissors, working them a few times. A plan of action formed in his mind.

 The chiffon would tear tonight! Lyla would be last, that decision was straightforward.

Who would be first?

April 1, 2022 2:14 AM