The Messy Bet by MuckyVicky


The Messy Bet by MuckyVicky

After a party, one night, a group of friends decided to go back to Taylor’s house to hang out. There were 5 guys and 2 girls. Taylor was the looker of the group. She was a model in her spare time. She modeled underwear and she had a lovely 34C size chest. She also had a great figure. She was very pretty with medium-length light brown hair and a lovely thick ass.


They started a game of cards in the living room. One of the guys went to the toilet, which was thru the garage, and on his return, asked why she had 10 catering tins (large bucket size) of baked beans in the garage. She said that her boss at the restaurant wanted her to get rid of them; since they were all way past the sell-by date and couldn’t be sold, but she had forgotten them in her car coming back from the beach house.  


The boys suggested a game of strip poker but Denise, Taylor’s friend suggested that they play for forfeits. The boys agreed. Denise was also very pretty, with slightly smaller ***** and long black hair. After a few silly dares, one of the guys suggested boys v girls and the losers have to lie in a bath of the rancid baked beans.


“No way,” said Taylor but Denise told her that she was an expert at poker and they could not lose. Plus she wanted to teach those boys a lesson that girls can play cards. Very nervously, Taylor accepted the bet.  It was one hand, all or nothing. Taylor’s heart was racing as Denise played the boys. One of the guys filled the bath up with 8 out of the 10 tins and almost puked from the smell.


 “Eeew,” said Taylor as she watched, covering her mouth and gagging. “No way I’m getting in that!” Meanwhile, the poker hand was reaching its climax. Taylor went back to the living room to hear a huge cheer from the boys. Denise held her head in her hands. “No, no please, don’t tell me you lost Denise!” said Taylor as the boys chanted “In the bath!”


“There’s no way, I won’t do it” and with that, the girls were carried screaming to the bathroom. “We are not going in that yucky bath!” They shrieked. The guys picked up Taylor and held her above the bath. “No, my jeans, they’re Gucci!” so they let the girls strip to their underwear. 


“OK, OK we will get in ourselves” Taylor pleaded. Denise shot back, “but I’m not getting my hair in it, I just had a blowout”.


Taylor went first. She slowly lowered her left barefoot into the rotten baked beans. The boys were laughing and cheering. She had both feet in and sat down slowly, plugging her nose as she did to keep from vomiting at the horrible smell. It made a squelching noise as her ass disappeared. Her ****, legs and feet were now totally submerged. “Now lie down,” said the boys. 


“OK, OK” she pouted before laying down in the thick smelly slimy baked beans. It ran over her stomach and she shrieked as it went down her cleavage covering her *****. She was now in it up to her neck. She gritted her teeth and blushed with humiliation.


It was Denise’s turn. She got in with her head on the other side. “Eeew, it's so slimy!” She got in muck quicker, preferring to rip off the band-aid, gagging and cursing as she quickly layers down.


They both lay in the bath. Taylor did not look happy. Denise lifted up her gooey leg, baked beans dripping off it. She wiped her foot on Taylor’s face, smearing baked beans on her.  


Taylor grimaced, screaming back at her “What are you doing you cow, not on my face.” Unbeknownst to poor Taylor, as she was focused on leaning away from Denise’s slimy foot,  one of the remaining buckets was raised above her head. Denise giggled…


“What are you laughing at now?” Taylor darted. 


“Nothing,” Denise said cockily. And then they began to pour.

Taylor shrieked and hunched up her shoulders as the vile slop poured down all over her. She was powerless and just had to take it. She looked shocked, then disgusted, and then finally closing her eyes and pursing her lips in frustrated defeat, she shook her head in humiliation. It kept coming and covered her hair and face, as smelly rotten beans cascaded over her, dripping down after they finished pouring the full bucket.


“UGH! I can’t believe you did that” She screamed at the boys. “This is so frickin’ disgusting!” 


Then a tin was raised above Denise’s head. She was still smiling smugly until it plastered her hair.


 “Oh no, please” but it was too late. “Ewww Ewww Ewww!” she moaned as the foul slimy mess poured over her. ”Ergh, I’m gonna get you for this.” She was covered. 


Taylor stood up, a dripping, slimy, smelly mess everywhere. They both went past the laughing boys to the shower to clean up. Poor girls.

February 27, 2022 9:51 PM