The Freshman by unknown


Since we don't encourage kiddie stuff, let's say all fictional characters are the age of consent.


The Freshman by unknown

Being new in town can have some drawbacks. Just ask Kim, who found out the hard way that at Central High, a freshman doesn't flirt with a senior, especially if he's a star quarterback.

Kim had just started attending Central a few weeks earlier and really didn't have any friends yet, although the boys noticed her right away. She was very mature for a 14-year-old girl, tall and thin with perky B cup breasts and a tight little ass to go along with her pretty face and big brown eyes. Her mom had her own tanning bed, so she always had a nice tan, even in the winter. She wasn't really interested in any of those little boys, though. The minute she saw Josh, the star quarterback, she was in love. He was the biggest hunk and best athlete in school and she decided that she was going to make him notice her.

Josh was hanging out with his buddies by the lunchroom after 3rd period when this beautiful young girl walked by the group. The guys' tongues about hit the floor - she was wearing a very short skirt and a tight shirt that left a couple of inches of very tan, very flat stomach exposed.

Guys being guys, they immediately called for the girl to stop and talk to them. Well, OK it was mostly hooting and ogling, but that didn't matter, it was Kim's chance to meet Josh, so she walked right up close to him and made her move.

Little did Kim know that Josh's girlfriend Heather and her friends Buffy and Missy were also on their way to meet Josh and the boys. Buffy saw them first - Josh was talking to Kim with his arm around her bare waist and Kim was rubbing her tight body up against him.

The girls stopped before the guys saw them and moved out of sight. They also started asking everybody who walked by if they knew who that skinny ***** was who was talking to Heather's man. After interrogating a couple of dozen kids, they stopped a guy named Martin who knew her - her name was Kim and she was a freshman.

Heather about lost it right there, she was gonna kick this girl's ass. Not only was she making the moves on her man, but she was a lowlife freshman!! Buffy and Missy held Heather back, telling her that this girl really needed to be taught a lesson and that all 3 of them would teach her, which brought a big smile to Heather's face.

The girls asked Martin if he knew when Kim's classes were later in the day and he said that yes, she had a couple of classes later in the day. Just so happened that Kim would be passing by the girls' bathroom between classes. The 3 girls had a plan.

Just before the end of 5th period, the girls checked out the girls' bathroom - nobody in there. They had told Bill, one of the offensive linemen, that they'd make it worth his while if he made sure nobody was allowed in once the lesson started. These girls were all hot blondes and very athletic so Bill agreed enthusiastically. After casing the bathroom, the girls stood by the lockers across the hall and waited for the bell to ring.

5th period ended and students streamed into the hallway, with Bill saying "sorry, it's closed" to any girls who tried to enter the bathroom. After a couple of minutes, Kim came down the hall, carrying a few books. As she passed in front of the bathroom, the 3 girls rushed her from the side, running her into the bathroom as Bill held the door open. "What the..." said a surprised Kim as the door closed behind her...

Kim's books went flying as she was thrown to the cold tile floor of the bathroom and was quickly surrounded by the 3 blondes. Quickly getting to her feet, she found herself face to face with Heather. "What's goinUHHHHFFF!!"

A sharp right from Heather snapped into the tan center of Kim's unprepared stomach, cutting her off in mid-sentence. She had never been hit in the stomach before and the pain spread like a fire inside her. Kim's arms instinctively moved to cover up as she bent over.

But she wouldn't stay bent over for long. Buffy quickly grabbed Kim's arms and sticking her knee in the small of Kim's back, straightened her up just as Heather wound up to deliver a hard left into Kim's tender, young stomach.

OOOOUUUUFFFF!!! Kim bellowed in agony as Heather hammered her stomach where her shirt stopped and exposed stomach began, a couple of inches above her small innie navel. Kim's stomach was thin and flat, mainly because she didn't eat much and the older girl's punch drove deep into her, buckling both her stomach and her knees.

Kim started to go down, but before her knees could hit the floor Heather and Buffy each grabbed handfuls of brunette hair and the tight shirt, yanking the young freshman to her feet while completely exposing her upper stomach and white bra. Kim had no fighting experience and let out a high pitched squeal while reaching for her scalp, leaving her abdomen wide open as Heather and Buffy spun her toward the waiting Missy.

Having to occasionally trade punches with several brothers, Missy was the fighter of the bunch and instantly stopped the squealing by ripping a right uppercut into Kim's solar plexus.

EEEEEE...GUUUUFFF!!!! Missy's vicious uppercut crushed the young girl's stomach like a soda can, driving through her weak muscles and leaving her guts to absorb the harsh blow. Kim's face went pale as Missy's fist slammed into her diaphragm. blasting all of the wind out of her open mouth as her arms dropped from her scalp in a feeble attempt to protect herself.

Kim's legs gave way as Missy pulled her fist out of the freshman's soft stomach, but Heather and Buffy still had a firm grip on her hair and shirt. Kim was about 5'6", but only weighed maybe 110 lbs. soaking wet, so the 2 seniors had little trouble keeping her upright.

As soon as Missy stepped back, Buffy let go of the shirt and swung a quick right hook high and offset into Kim's upper stomach, aiming for the thin girl's stomach organ.

GUUUUFFF!!...Guuuhh...Guhhhh... Kim's soft, tan flesh caved, then convulsed as Buffy's deep slug violated her stomach. "Let's go!", hollered Missy to Buffy, pointing to one of the toilet stalls. The girls quickly dragged Kim over to the stall and stuck the heaving girl's face in the toilet just in the nick of time as Kim ejected her lunch.

Missy grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and wiped off Kim's mouth. "You think she's done?", asked Buffy. "I dunno", said Missy, as she undid Kim's belt and unzipped her skirt, then yanked her skirt off, leaving her clad only in her bra and low cut *******. "Only one way to find out."

Missy grabbed Kim's hair and pulled her up again as Buffy pulled her arms back, stretching the slender girl's chest out and making her flat stomach stick out invitingly toward Missy. Missy checked out the freshman's young body for a moment. Kim's thin stomach had little muscle tone, only a slight line down the middle to her navel and on the sides separating the center abs from her obliques. Then the senior pumped 2 straight left/right combos high into Kim's already violated upper stomach.

UHHHHFFF..UHHFFF...Uhfff...Uhfff... The hard combination slammed deep into Kim's slender stomach with such force that Buffy could feel them from behind as she braced herself against the wall of the stall. Missy's grunts filled the air as Kim's reactions to the hard punches waned. Although she continued to wretch, nothing was coming up, which was just what Missy wanted.

"Can't have our ****ty little punching bag yakking on us", Missy smirked as she and Buffy dragged Kim's battered body back out into the middle of the bathroom...

Heather cracked her knuckles in anticipation of the revenge she would soon be taking on the soft stomach of this freshman ****. Saying "she's all yours", Missy propped up Kim's sagging body in from of her with Buffy's help, holding her head up and stomach out.

Heather moved in close to the coughing young girl and said, "This is for talking to my boyfriend", then reached back and slugged the teen in her small innie navel.

Kim's navel swallowed the senior's fist as she uttered a low UGGGHHH!! from deep inside her tortured stomach. Heather's hardest gut slug couldn't match Missy's, but Kim's already weak stomach was badly hurt and totally defenseless. She was at Heather's mercy and none was forthcoming, the angry senior was intent on inflicting some serious damage on this freshman ****'s tan, slender body...

Heather pulled her fist out of the soft flesh deep in the pit of the suffering freshman's weak stomach. Kim had reflexively tried to bend at the waist to reduce the force of the blow, but Missy and Buffy would have none of it, they held her bolt upright, forcing the teen's battered stomach out to accept more punishment.

"This is for touching him", said Heather, who now went low, rocketing a left/right combo into Kim just above the ***** line. Although Kim's lower stomach was flat as a board, she was particularly soft down there and her stomach easily conformed to the shape of the senior's advancing fists, which sank in to the wrist. The young girl groaned weakly as her weak muscles left her guts unprotected, left on their own to be rearranged by Heather's knuckles.

"This is for letting him touch you", said Heather as the 2 girls thrust Kim's beaten stomach out toward her again. The angry senior cocked her right arm first and hammered the teen's stomach with a right-left-right-left just above the navel.

THUD!!..Ufff...came to the response as Heather's hard fists slammed deep into the flesh at the canter of Kim's stomach. These were not quick punches, instead, Heather measured her rival, torquing her shoulders and putting her entire body behind her punches as she tried to slug through the teen's slender stomach. Kim's wilted body shuddered with each massive impact.

Kim's eyes were starting to roll back in her head, a sign that her body was starting to shut down from lack of oxygen and the intense pain that was being inflicted on her. Heather wanted to make sure the final message got sent loud and clear while Kim was still awake to hear it, so she took Kim's limp body from the 2 girls and stepped behind her, grabbing her hair and putting her in a full nelson.

"This is to make sure you don't do it again, ****", Heather whispered in Kim's ear as she leaned back... Heather took Kim's body from the 2 seniors and put her in a full nelson, grabbing two big handfuls of brunette hair and leaning back against the bathroom wall for support.

The bra and *****-clad teen was still struggling to regain her breath after her thin body had gone through another round of convulsing and dry heaves induced by the senior's heavy punches deep into her abdomen. As Heather leaned back, Kim's lean stomach was stretched out toward Buffy and Missy, her navel now a small slit with just a hint of her light muscle tone peeking through her tan skin.

Buffy stepped up first, clenching her fists and watching Kim's arched stomach move in and out as she began to draw in a few short breaths through her open mouth. The senior waited for the freshman's stomach to move out one more time, then she drew back and sent a hard right ripping straight into the young girl's elongated navel.

Kim tried to tense her abs, but her weakened stomach offered little resistance as Buffy's advancing fist crushed the center of her stomach, bashing a pleasing GUUUHHHHHHFFF!!! from deep inside her.

Before the poor girl knew what hit her, Buffy started wailing on Kim's already collapsed stomach, sending her fists flying high into the teen's gut in a rapid-fire assault. The freshman's body sagged and her knees buckled as her upper stomach became a receptacle for 6, then 8, then 10 sharp punches. Kim groaned as the first couple of shots thudded into her, then nothing more as the lightning-quick punches took their toll.

Then, Buffy wound up and slammed another hard right deep into the pit of the girl's stomach. Her fist disappeared into the teen's body, accompanied by a grunt from the senior and a loud THUDDDD!!! as her fist violated Kim's stomach flesh

While Buffy was beating up Kim, Missy was retrieving something from the far corner of the bathroom.

"Whatcha got there", said Buffy as she withdrew her fist from Kim's battered stomach...

The custodian had left a large plunger in the corner of the bathroom, which Missy brought over just as Buffy slugged the center of Kim's soft belly. The senior's barrage had done considerable damage to the young freshman, whose legs were no longer capable of holding her up.

"This ****'s getting heavy", said Heather. Kim's body had already taken a brutal beating, but the merciless seniors were intent on making the teen's slender belly their own private playground.

The school was an older building with some exposed plumbing. so the seniors stripped off Kim's underwear and used it to tie Kim's wrists to a pipe above her head. The naked, coughing girl's feet just touched the floor.

Missy walked up to Kim's dangling body, slapping the wood handle of the plunger into the palm of her hand. "So you want Josh, huh?" Missy said. "Well now you're gonna feel what it's like to have Josh inside you." She moved to spread Kim's legs, but the teen resisted with the little strength she had left. "I was hoping you'd do that" smirked Missy, who reached back and drove the blunt end of the plunger handle into Kim's flat lower belly at the tan line.

AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Kim yelled as Missy bludgeoned her helpless gut, then held the handle deep inside her as Kim's young, tan skin stretched impossibly inward, conforming to the handle's rounded end. The teen's howls of pain were cut off when Buffy slammed her left fist up into the teen's stomach just under her ribs.

The effect of the blunt handle on the lower belly and Buffy's uppercut into Kim's stomach was instant and devastating. The freshman's head dropped and her hair hung down, but Heather threw some cold water on her, waking the moaning girl back up.

THUDDD!!!..uffff...Droplets of water flew from the teen's body as Missy again rammed the plunger low into Kim's belly, followed by another uppercut from Buffy into her upper stomach. Kim's responses were mostly involuntary now, her pillow soft abdomen shuddering with each impact as the seniors bludgeoned and slugged her slack body several more times. The teen felt only the first few devastating combinations, the lights going out as Buffy thundered her fist deep into her.

Kim awoke with a start as the cold water splashed onto her **** body, first feeling the chill of the water, then forgetting all about it as the overwhelming pain from the fire in her battered belly consumed her. Her hands were still tied to the pipe above her head, but the view through her semi-conscious haze had changed. Instead of her bowed head offering a close-up view of Buffy's fist slamming up and into her helpless stomach while Missy held the plunger deep in her lower belly, Kim now looked up to see Josh standing in front of her.

Josh had been looking for Heather and Bill let him into the bathroom just as the seniors had put the finishing touches on their bludgeoning of the slender teen's stomach. When Josh asked what was going on, Heather told him that the freshman ***** was being taught a lesson for saying she had slept with him and that he was 'less than impressive'.

Needless to say, Josh was pissed. He and the girls threw cold water on Kim until she started to awaken, then as her eyes opened, he started to interrogate her.

"You been talkin' about me, *****?" asked Josh as he put his face close to Kim's while holding her chin up, but Kim was too badly hurt to speak, mustering a semi-conscious moan as her only response. "Huh?" asked Josh. Kim responded with another low moan. Josh turned as if to walk away, then said "Fuck it" as he turned around and slammed his hard fist into the poor girl's navel.


The star quarterback's right hand crushed the center of Kim's stomach with such force that her feet jerked several inches off the floor as her abdomen collapsed. After momentarily tensing in a hopeless effort to protect herself from the hammer embedded deep in her guts, the teen's tan body fell limp and her head bowed again as Josh his fist out of her, allowing her belly to return to its flat shape.

"Wanna watch, do ya *****?" said Josh as he grabbed Kim's hair and pulled her head down with his left hand until her chin rested on her chest again giving her a close-up view of her ravaged body as he drew back his right for a full-frontal assault.


The unmistakable sound of knuckles against belly flesh filled the room as Josh repeatedly slugged the hapless girl's stomach, scything punches high, low and deep into the center of her abdomen. It only took a few ripping blows into Kim's gut to send the freshman back into oblivion. Josh drove his fist into her several times after she was out.

About the time Josh had finished the destruction of Kim, there was a loud commotion in the hall and the bathroom door burst open. Miss Brandt had gotten past Bill and entered the scene just as Josh was pumping his last punch into Kim's unconscious body.

"What the hell is going on here?" Miss Brandt demanded. Josh, knowing he was in big trouble, dashed past the teacher and out of the bathroom as she moved to untie Kim. But instead of leaving, the 3 senior girls moved to surround Miss Brandt...

Missy traded places with Buffy, who was more than ready to exact her revenge on Miss Brandt. The senior moved in close to the teacher, but when she did, Miss Brandt whipped her leg up and between Buffy's legs, striking the surprised girl squarely in the crotch. Buffy covered up and dropped to her knees, howling in pain as Miss Brandt began to struggle against Heather and Missy. The pain between Buffy's legs quickly subsided and turned to anger - the plunger lay on the ground next to her She grabbed and got to her feet, then reached back and rammed it into the struggling woman's stomach with everything she had.


No amount of tensing could prevent the blunt end of the plunger from penetrating deep into Miss Brandt's body, crushing her in an instant as her navel swallowed the handle and her stomach collapsed around the it. Her knees buckled and eyes bulged as the now gagging woman's body folded in the middle in a vain attempt to contain the intense pain that was rapidly spreading inside her. "Don't straighten her up", Buffy instructed the other 2 girls. The bent over woman's beautiful face was in punching range and Buffy was ready to give the teacher a lesson for cutting her.

With great fury, the senior began raining punches into Miss Brandt's face from all directions, first swinging hooks that snapped her head from side to side, then several uppercuts that jacked her head up, only to fall back down to meet another vicious punch. Then Buffy grabbed her hair and slammed her knee up into the teacher's face several times, taunting her with a "How you like this payback, *****?" before each blow. Buffy stopped and looked down at her knee, which was covered with the teacher's blood, then pulled Miss Brandt's head up. Her beautiful face was beaten to a pulp and blood dripped onto her gorgeous body, which had gone limp after the 2nd knee. "Hold this ***** up", said Buffy to the other girls, who complied with the order.


The sound of the air rushing out of the teacher's body filled the bathroom as Buffy hammered the middle of the now-defenseless woman's stomach. The senior's facial assault had taken all of the fight out of Miss Brandt, her once hard abs no longer resisted Buffy's fists, which sank wrist deep into her.

The vengeful senior was now intent on completely destroying the now out-of-it teacher's fit body and pumped one punch after another into her stomach as the girls cheered her on.

"Hit the ***** again!!" said Heather. Buffy stepped up and drove a right uppercut into the sagging woman's navel with a THUD!! "f--- her up!!" yelled Missy, followed by the sound of fists hitting a heavy bag as Miss Brandt absorbed a left-right combo high into her solar plexus, the fit woman's ample breasts jiggling as the deep punches ripped into her stomach.

After slugging the teacher in the upper belly for several minutes, Buffy undid the skirt that Miss Brandt was still wearing and pulled it down low on her hips. The senior now had a clear shot at the battered woman's **** lower belly and drove her fists into it as hard as she could.


The senior beat the teacher's flat stomach like a drum, turning her fists on impact, her knuckles sloshing Miss Brandt's guts around as her defenseless muscles collapsed completely with each punch. The poor teacher only felt the first couple of punches, but Buffy continued to hammer the unconscious woman's belly after she was out.

The seniors untied Kim from the pipe and threw her still unconscious body on top of Miss Brandt's and left them laying on the cold floor, laughing as they walked out of the bathroom together.

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