The Diner Written by Aliaswise


The Diner Written by Aliaswise

Tracy was already on her 4th beer and feeling good. It was still before noon and the oppressive Arizona desert heat was yet to set in. Tracy stood 5'5 and 37 years old. She had curly brown hair and a thickish build. She spent many of her days in the roadside diner playing pool with her friend Betty. Today, like most other days, the air-conditioners didn't work, so Tracy was determined to get drunk before the 100+ temperatures made her miserable.

Betty lined up the 2 ball and banked it in. Betty was 31, another product of a nowhere Arizona desert town, She stood 5'7, short brown hair. Betty leaned and missed the 5 ball. Tracy reached a thick forearm across the table and shot. She began to clear the table, her countless hours of time in the diner paying off as she finished before even having to ash her cigarette.

"You win again," Betty said, reaching into her pocket to gather money for the next round of drinks. Betty wore a cut-off white T-shirt that revealed a slightly pudgy belly with a deep navel.

She sucked in her stomach to reach the change in her tight jeans. "You better lose some weight sister" Tracy stabbed her pool cue into Betty's midriff.

"Hey, at least I can still wear a shirt that shows my stomach."

Betty shot back "Just buy the drinks loser."

Tracy didn't like the fact that her once athletic body was now the product of too many beers and too little exercise. Her stomach had begun to bulge. Tracy was contemplating socking Betty in her flabby belly when the first car of the day pulled up to the service island in front of the roadside diner. It was a cream-colored Econoline van. The variety of which university kids or geology projects used out in the desert. Tracy shuffled over to the window and looked out, sure enough, the words "University of California" were printed on the side.

Betty had just given Tracy her beer when the two occupants of the van entered the diner and made their way over to the small grocery section on the opposite side. "Whoooee, look at that little dolly," Betty whispered to Tracy.

The two students were girls and one was a skinny, tall brunette, with streaked hair that flowed down to her ass which was barely concealed in tight jean shorts. She wore a tied-up T-shirt that revealed a tan flat belly. Despite the heat, she bounced around the grocery section with her blond friend, picking out supplies. Sasha was a 24 yr old graduate student. She was on a geology field trip with 3 other graduate students, a couple of professors, and 5 undergrads, one of whom was Denise, the blond she had ridden into "town" with.

Sasha was 5'11, she had attended college on a runner's scholarship and had a body that women would kill to have including Betty and Tracy who watched her intently from the other side of the diner. Sasha was used to being ogled and liked it, even when stared at by women. She wore clothes that accented her attributes, her long sinewy runner's legs, and her flat tummy. She had the sleeves pushed up to her shoulders on the T-shirt, proudly showing off small but well-defined biceps and triceps on her tan slender arms. She was an intelligent girl, smart enough to know that using her looks and her brains would get her where she wanted to go, such as this expedition with two of the most respected geologists in the country.

Denise's attention began to wander to things other than the essential supplies they had come for. Denise had blond hair in a bob cut. She was pale-skinned, but the desert sun had given her a pinkish-tan, not like the dark brown tan of Sasha. She began to look at candy bars, ice cream, chips, all the stuff that they didn't have at the camp in the desert. "Hey, Sasha let's get some treats!"

Sasha looked over a smirked. "We only were given money for water, matches, and salt Denny." But Denise could tell her Sasha's resolve wasn't there.

Tina was 5'6, about 125 lbs, her upper body was thin as she carried most of her weight in her legs. She had a pretty face with thin lips and blue eyes. She wore cotton shorts and a university of ca. T-shirt.

"I know, how bout a beer!" Denise knew that Sasha was a partier, and would love to have a little buzz for the 2hr ride back along the desert basin.

"Fine then." Sasha smiled, the girls made their way over to the bar. As Sasha and Denise took a seat on the ragged barstools, they noticed the obvious staring of Tracy and Betty from the pool tables.

"Why don't you just take a picture?" Denise mumbled.

Sasha gave the two a wide-eyed look. "I think the college girls want our attention."

Tracy stated after receiving the hard look from Sasha. The beer was cold and refreshing. Sasha swiveled out of her stool and stood, stretching her arms to the ceiling. When she opened her eyes she jumped at the sight of Tracy and Betty standing directly in front of her, Betty's eyes were focused on her naked belly. Tracy flashed a warm smile "I couldn't help but noticed that attractive belly ring."

"Um ...yea?"

"Betty here has been thinking of getting her navel pierced, may she look?"

"Um...sure..ok" Sasha furrowed her brow at the strange request and looked at Denise who shrugged. Sally bent down to one knee and began turning the belly ring with her forefinger. Sasha reflexively sucked in her belly, opening a gap between her lower tummy and her jean shorts.

"I can't believe how flat yer stomach is..." Betty began running her fingers over Sasha's now goose-bumped belly.

"Um.... excuse me but...." Denise could see Sasha was uncomfortable, she watched the blond hair on Sasha's arms slowly stand up with goosebumps. "Look here Tracy the girl's hairs are standing up!"

Betty lightly ran her fingers down the middle of Sasha's concave belly, brushing the soft line of blond fuzz. Betty then ran her forefinger down Sasha's quivering belly and hooked her finger in the gap of the shorts, just below the oblong navel, pulling the waist of the worn shorts down almost two inches. "Hey! Wha..."

Before Sasha could finish her sentence, Tracy shot her thick forearm forward into Sasha's vulnerable gut, burying her large fist two inches above the navel and pushing it up under the ribs.

"GGUUUUHHHHHSSS" Sasha's wind shot out of her as she folded over Tracy's arm, grasping at her midriff. Denise's jaw dropped in horror as Sasha fell to the floor with a thud. Sasha's eyes were bulging, face turning red as she clawed at her belly in the fetal position on the floor, trying to breathe. The pain in her midriff was unlike anything she had ever felt.

Denise looked in disbelief at the two older women just in time to catch a glimpse of Tracy's fist before it snapped her head back with a jab to the mouth. Denise, still in her stool, fell back against the bar, hands over her head, barely holding on to consciousness. Tracy reached a hand under the small of Denise's back, lifting to arch the helpless blond's midriff. "Give her a couple of Bett!"

Betty bounced around in a boxer's stance and shot a hard jab into Denise's midsection. "Ooph!"

Denise instinctively tried to bring her hands to cover her belly but Tracy easily pinned them back over the bar. "No Betty! Lift up her shirt." Betty grabbed the white T and yanked it up, revealing a soft white belly. "Now punch her!" "N...N....No my tummy...."

Denise moaned Betty aimed straight for Denise's deep navel which was being pulled oblong. Even though Denise was arched her muscles pulled somewhat taut, her stomach was nowhere as hard as Sasha's, Betty's fist seemed to sink in up to her wrist in belly flesh.

"UUUUHHHH! " Again Betty put her weight behind a navel assault...

"UUUUAAHH!!!" Tracy yanked Denise up off the stool, holding her up by her wrists. Denise had no strength in her legs as her knees buckled together. Denise now hung from Tracy's grasp, hands above her head. Betty yanked the cotton shorts down around Denise's hips and again lifted the shirt back up, revealing a soft pooch right below Denise's navel. "Hurry Betty, I can't hold her all day!"

Tracy's thick arms were straining. Betty's eyes lit up at the sight of the slight bulge in Denise's taut helpless gut. Betty couldn't put all her weight behind the punch as she was still holding up the shirt but shot the punch downwards, driving through Denise's deep belly button. Betty was rewarded with the parting of the soft belly and the sensation of organs being rearranged. "AAAHHUU" Tracy dropped Denise into a heap on the diner floor.

Sasha was pulling herself up on a table as Denise was being attacked. Betty turned in time to see Sasha unsteadily rise to her feet and dash for the door. Betty easily closed the gap between the two and grabbed hold of Sasha's long hair spinning her around. "Going somewhere college girl?"

Betty instantly shot a punch towards Sasha's belly but Sasha was expecting this and covered her stomach, bouncing the blow off slender forearms. Not to be outdone Betty followed with another left to Sashas B-cup right breast, painfully smashing it against her chest. Sasha's legs buckled and she went down to her knees. Her chest felt like a knife was piercing it. Betty grabbed Sasha from behind in a full-nelson, lifting her to her feet, belly exposed.

"Ohhhh, your gonna get it now college *****..." Tracy rubbed her large hands together as walked over and looked overextended torso of the tan graduate student. Tracy hated the skinny tall girl before her, she hated the prettiness, the intelligence, and most of all the brazen way she flaunted her tan flat midriff.

"Arch her back Betty!" Betty struggled but managed to bend the tall girl backward, causing the short shirt to creep up just below Sasha's bra, revealing the quivering and bruised belly flesh.

Sasha was breathing in short gasps, fully aware that she was at the mercy of Tracy's hard fists, her belly was aching and her little left tit throbbed. "P...P..Please......l..ll..let me go.." Sasha begged. She knew how her belly must look to Tracy, the arch was pronouncing her stomach muscles, and her navel was pulled oblong. She had always put herself purposely in this position, to get attention or anything she wanted for that matter. Now her belly was being offered as a punching bag...

She was answered with a fist slamming into her open navel. "Uuuhhhhaaaa"

Sasha doubled over, the blow tenderizing her firm lower belly. " s...s..stomach" she moaned.

Betty pulled her upright, opening Sasha's tortured midsection taut for another shot. "OOOOOOHHHFFFFFFFUU"

Tracy had shot her fist up under Sasha's ribs, lifting her off the ground and dispelling the air in Sasha's lungs. Sasha fell like dead weight from Betty's arms onto the diner floor, her arms and legs sprawled, on her back. "Think she'd learn to cover up that belly huh Tracy?" Betty chuckled, proud of their work.

Betty knelt next to Sasha's unmoving body. She watched the tan stomach convulse as Sasha fought to regain her wind. "You look in bad shape college girl." Betty then slipped a finger in the waistband of Sasha's shorts and slowly pulled the waistband down as far as it would go.

"Tsk Tsk..." Betty shook her head "What do we do know? I think she's done."

Tracy shot a glance over at Denise who was sobbing over in the corner. "Maybe you should go see what her friend is up to."

"Alright, but maybe we should get outta here."

With Betty gone Tracy knelt on both knees to get a closer look at her handiwork. Sasha was moaning softly, still with her thin arms sprawled high above her head, her eyes rolled back as she fought losing consciousness. Tracy ran her gaze up the tan legs, long, thin and muscular, she noted the abundance of the same sun-bleached hair as on Sasha's arms and belly. It had been days since Sasha shaved. Tracy found herself transfixed on the smooth tan skin of the young girl. Her gaze stopped on Sasha's quivering tummy, namely on the golden belly ring. Tracy reached out and took the ring between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a firm tug.

"uhhhhhhhhh" Sasha let out a soft painful moan. Tracy was strangely becoming aroused and decided to grind a thumbnail deep into Sasha's helpless navel.

"uhhhhhhaaaauuhh" Sasha was too weak to resist. Tracy pushed her sharp thumbnail up the middle of Sasha's tan midriff, along the hairline, intrigued by the contrast between the brown skin and almost white peach fuzz.

"" Sasha managed to lift her arm and grab ahold of Tracy's arm. Tracy quickly grabbed Sasha by the hair and lifted her head by her hair, looking into her cloudy brown eyes. "I don't think so sweetie!" She slammed Sasha's head down against the floor. WHACK! Sasha's eyes rolled back in her head.

Tracy looked over at the bar where Betty had the other co-ed arched backward over a barstool and was occupied. Satisfied that Betty was paying no attention to her, Tracy carefully leaned over Sasha's bare outstretched belly, bringing her face less than an inch from the concave stomach. Tracy flicked her tongue into Sasha's navel. Tracy again slipped her wet tongue deep into Sasha's helpless belly button, this time running it around the rim, licking the soft tan skin, teasing the little navel fuzz. "ohhhhhhhh"

"You like this you little *****?" Tracy began widening circles around Sasha's navel until her tongue left Sasha's tan belly covered in wet tacks.

"aaahhhhhuuu" Sasha instinctively arched her back as the soft tongue played against her hurting midriff, giving her goosebumps. Tracy couldn't resist and licked the center of Sasha's hard belly. Tracy began to take a ****** between her fingers to crush and painfully twist when she heard a loud CRASH and saw glass rain down across Sasha's firm chest.

"UUUHHHH" Tracy's head split open as Sasha had reached back for an empty tequila bottle laying on the floor behind her. The bottle ended Tracy's day as she slumped across the firm breasts.

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