The Dancers (1) by Ace


The Dancers by Ace

The dance/spirit team at Jefferson High had a great reputation. Yearly the squad would bring home the first place trophy for schools with an enrollment of 500 students or less. Unlike at many schools, being chosen certain of the dance team held more prestige than being a head cheerleader. The captain was chosen by the coach at the end of the first semester, based on individual scores of required dance moves and a short original dance routine.

It was assumed that either Joy or Sara would be selected because each had always performed well, had attended all practices and required meets, and in general, done everything required of them. The two girls were best of friends, virtually inseparable, and had already decided that they would share the title. They even told their coach before the school year began that they did not want to know who was first--if either won (and who else could it be?) they would be co-captains.

They were not, then, too worried when on the first day of school, Tia enrolled and joined the squad. Tia, like Joy and Sara, was 17, a junior in school. The similarities pretty much ended there. Whereas Joy and Sara were each about 5'7" with short brown hair and blue eyes, Tia was 5'9" with long black hair and bronzed skin that hours in the sun could never reproduce. Tia was the Philippine daughter of parents who were hired to teach in the local community college. They had lived in Japan for several years, which allowed Tia to study dance and other forms of Japanese culture.

The coach, not wanting to be play favorites, always hired a coach from another town to judge the competition for the captain's position. On the day of the competition, all three girls performed their required moves quite well. There was little to choose from between them. For the all-important original program, the order of dance was Sara, Joy, and Tia. Sara and Joy performed their routines to American music from the play, "West Side Story". They wore normal dance attire of black tops and black leotards.

Tia, however, danced to the music from "Flashdance". She wore a revealing outfit of short shorts and a shirt ******* high just under her breasts. The high-energy music had her in constant motion, and she showed off the sinuous lines of her body. Her taut belly seemed to draw everyone's eyes as she flowed around the gym floor. Joy and Sara were still expecting themselves to be the new co-captains of the team, and so, were totally shocked when the judge read only one name, Tia's, as the winner.

The girls were furious and left the gym in a huff, not even bothering to stay for the local photographer. "The nerve of her--coming in here and taking over our squad. We are the ones who gave up our free time to jump through all the hoops we were supposed to," said Joy.

"Yeah, then she comes in and shows a little skin. And what happens? She wins. Well, she's gonna be sorry", said Sara ominously. Joy asked Sara what she had up her sleeve, and her friend began to describe a plan. The next day in school, Sara and Joy made it a point to congratulate Tia on her victory.

"You're not mad?" asked Tia.

"Oh, we were a little disappointed at first, but now we're O.K. Actually, we were hoping you could stay after school today and teach us some of your moves," said Sara. The dark-skinned girl was relieved to see that there was no hard feeling and readily agreed.

That afternoon, the three girls met in their locker room to change clothes. As the girls were in their bras and *******, Sara and Joy suddenly jumped Tia. Sara punched Tia in the stomach and Sara hit her in the face.

Tia went down dazed, holding her stomach with one hand and her head with the other. "Why did you do that?" she said in a remarkably quiet voice.

"Because you took what belonged to us," said Joy, "now get up". Sara pulled Tia up and held her arms behind her. Joy then drove her fist to Tia's navel. The punch landed but did not sink in. Joy then punched her again in the belly, but there was no noticeable reaction. Joy then prepared to deliver her third belly punch, but the fist never landed.

Tia kicked straight up with one foot and caught Joy just below the belly button. Tia's foot sank in, and Joy doubled over with a guttural "OUGGGFF".

Immediately, Tia smashed her other foot down on Sara's bare toes. She screamed and released her hold on Tia. Tia turned and made a three-fingered spear and thrust it into Sara's abdomen, just below her belly button. Sara fell to her knees holding her belly.

Tia then turned toward Joy who was about to throw a punch at Tia's head. Tia caught the punch in her own hand and twisted Joy's hand behind her at the same time turning the girl around so that Joy's back was up against Tia. Tia then reached around to Joy's front and gave her two karate chops across her unprotected body. "OOUUGG" was all Joy could manage.

Tia then turned Joy around and gave her a vicious uppercut to the girl's solar plexus. The breath "whooshed" out of Joy as she struggled to stay standing.

Sara was just about upright, one hand over her belly. Tia punched her in the mouth and gave her a shot to the eye. Sara was wide open for the knee lift that crashed into her belly button. "OOOUGH", wailed Sara with her hands back to her belly.

"O.K., you girls want to fight? Fight each other", commanded Tia, "Go ahead".

The girls took timid shots at each other, but Tia said, "You've got to do better than that", said Tia, and pushed both girls. Sara stumbled against a locker hitting her head, momentarily stunning her. She was leaning back against the lockers, her hands at her side.

"If you don't punch her in her belly, I'm going to punch yours", threatened Tia.

Joy then drove her fist into her friend's unprotected stomach. "OOUUFF"

"You b...", screamed Sara. Joy then punched Sara in the face. Sara rushed Joy with a flurry of punches. "I hate you," yelled Sara between punches to Joy's face.

"Go to her belly," commanded Tia. Sara responded by digging her fists into Joy's lower belly. "OOUUG". Sara then continued her attack with a punch to Joy's mouth and then a shot to her stomach.

As Sara was getting the upper hand, Tia grabbed Sara and held her hands behind her. "Get her," said Tia and Joy said, "Gladly".

Joy ripped off Sara's bra and freed her perfectly formed breasts. She drove hard punched into Sara's ******* and thrilled to the feel of the soft smooth skin under her fists. She then pulled Sara's ******* down until they were hanging on her hips. Sara's flat belly was wide open and vulnerable, and Joy unloosed a series of vicious punches low in her gut.




Joy felt her punches buried deep in the soft flesh. She moved up a little and worked out on Sara's belly button. She seemed to feel internal organs move around as her fists smashed in. She was intensely enjoying this. Like most dancers, Sara's abs were well developed, but no amount of exercise could prepare a body for a belly beating like this. Joy looked at her helpless victim and was feeling hot at the sight. She knew Sara was hers to do with as she pleased.

She began to experiment. She came in close and nuzzled Sara's left ****** with her lips, then caressed it gently with her fingers. Sara began to moan and move her hips. Suddenly Joy stopped caressing and drove a perfect uppercut between Sara's legs. "AIEYYY".

A left and a right just above her navel silenced Sara. "Now step back and finish her off. You're a dancer, use your legs", ordered Tia.

Tia forced Sara to her knees facing Joy. Barefoot buried into the bare belly. "OOUUGGFF" Right to the belly button.

Another kick to the same place. "OOUUUGGF"

Another kick in the lower belly and Tia released the moaning girl to collapse at the feet of her friend.

Joy looked down at Sara, lying in a crumpled heap at her feet. She couldn't believe she had just punched and kicked her best friend nearly unconscious. Guilt came over her until she remembered her own situation.

She looked over at Tia and began to stammer, "I'm sorry we hit you; it was Sara's idea. Just let me go now, o.k.?"

"I thought you wanted to fight me and get revenge. Well, here I am". Joy backed away, fear etched in her face. Tia slowly walked toward Joy, her hands in the classic Kung Fu motion, fingers extended, moving left to right, up and down. Joy was transfixed by those hands and never saw the blur of Tia's foot as it shot up and out, not stopping until it was buried in Joy's belly, just below her navel. Joy's breath exploded in a guttural "OUGHFFFFF".

Joy bent over and staggered away, her hands covering her wounded belly. Tia quickly stepped in front of the girl and punched her hard, twice, above the protecting hands, "OOOHHHH". Like a skilled surgeon, Tia began a series of punches to Joy's face and stomach, one brought her hands down, the next one brought them up.

The punches hurt but did not knock out the girl. Joy was backed up till she was against the lockers. It was the work of only a few seconds for Tia to use a couple of strands of twine to tie Joy's hands to the handle of one of the lockers behind her.

Tia surveyed the scene in front of her. The young girl was facing her wearing her bra and *******. Her body was totally helpless and vulnerable. Her belly and stomach had already received several punches, and red splotches could be seen forming.

"I think I will give you what you gave to your 'friend'" said Tia, "but I need to see my target better".

"No', pleaded Joy as Tia pulled her ******* down 'til they just barely hung on her hips. Tia stepped to the side and ran her hand over the smooth, soft skin of Joy's lower belly.

"How far do you think my fist can sink in your belly," she asked Joy.

"No, please don't punch my bel--"OOUUGGFF". Tia slammed two karate chops across Joy's belly, just below her navel. The whole side of her hand disappeared in the brown flesh. Giving Joy no time to rest, Tia stepped in front and buried a left and a right in her lower belly. "OOOOUGHF"

"Let's see, I believe you were interested in your friend's breasts," said Tia, as she removed Joy's bra, revealing her shapely orbs. Tia was just about to punch them when she heard a noise from behind. It was Sara, struggling to her feet.

"Let me do it," she said with a sneer.

"Help yourself", said Tia. Sara walked unsteadily toward the helpless Joy. As Joy moaned, Sara drove punch after punch into Joy's breasts--on the *******, under each breast, and punches that made the ******* dance from side to side. Sara then drove her fists straight up between Sara's legs.

"AIEEEE" was the hideous sound from Joy. Sara then made Sara's **** belly button her target and smashed her fists into the wide-open target.

"OOOUUGH", "OOUUGH". Joy's head slumped down.

Just as Sara turned to look at Tia, she was met by a vicious punch to the middle of her stomach.

"AAOOGHH". The young girl doubled over, her breasts hanging down. Tia drove a sharp uppercut into each tit. A punch to the eye straightened her up and left her body vulnerable to the sidekick that landed on her belly button.

Tia stepped forward and pinned Sara against the locker with her left arm over Sara's chest. Her right fist became a piston driving into the helpless girl's belly over and over. Each punch was buried into the nubile body and was swallowed by Sara's belly. One last huge shot sank in low in the belly and Sara was allowed to fall.

Tia turned and walked away, confident that these two would probably not be friends again.

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