The Chronicles of Lierhaven by BAAS



Bla bla this is fiction and all that jazz ("Quantum indeterminacy demands infinite parallel universes to exist. This means that our fiction is reality in some universe somewhere." —Timothy Pruden, 2015)


After having reached “local celebrity” status back home, Juliette decided to try to expand her fame as a model, so she reached out to her friends, and one of them, Tiberius, said that he would pull some strings to get her started in Lierhaven. He offered to let Juliette live with him, but she declined, because she wanted to make her fame on her own merit. But Tiberius would not take no for an answer, so she let him help her by setting her up with an apartment on the outskirts in the rather rough but usually timid suburb of West Porasil, because it’s the cheapest. So after a few months Juliette finally arrived at her new apartment but the 20 hours long trip was exhausting, she just left her baggage at the door, and went to sleep. At 18:00 her phone buzzed and woke her up so she checked it. It was a notification for Tiberius’ party tonight which would start in 4 hours. She took a shower, and then she picked her clothing for the party. After a few hours of indecisiveness Juliette finally settled on her black “Our Shining Memories” crop top along with her black/white double layered shorts, because all the big shots in the modelling world of Lierhaven would be there, so she needed to look her absolute best, though with her exotic Taiwanese genes,  jet black hair that came down to her mid back, and slim figure, at 172cm tall, and mass of 48kg, that wasn't a problem at all. It was late spring, summer was just a few weeks away, so Juliette decided to not wear a coat, grabbed her brown bag, made her way downstairs, and exited the building and headed back towards the bus stop under the bridge.

Eva had watched the new girl move into the house and her discontent grew by the minute. This ***** just waltzed into their territory and rented an apartment without even asking them? Someone needed to teach her a lesson. Eva let her knuckles crack, eagerly awaiting the moment when the pretty newcomer would exit the house again. Eventually, she would have to go shopping or something like that. In the meantime, Eva and her gang played some basketball in the almost empty parking lot. Nobody in their right mind parked their cars here, unless they wanted them to get stolen.

It was getting close to 22:00 and the sun had already disappeared behind the tall buildings of West Porasil, when the new girl finally showed herself. She wore a pair of shorts and a black crop top, revealing as much skin as she possibly could in the spring weather. Eva shook her head in disgust. What a ****. It seemed almost like her duty to teach that girl a lesson.

“Hey, you, newbie!” she yelled over the parking lot and signalled her gang to follow her as she approached the newcomer. Juliette ignored the call because she was already running late for the party. Eva didn’t like being ignored, especially by such a pretty belly ****, so she started to quicken her pace, Juliette saw that so she quickened her pace too while swerving to the right to avoid Eva. She managed to do so but noticed some other girls approaching her from the left, knowing that she might have to wait a long time for the bus she decided to try to go back home, but wasn’t sure if she would reach it in time. She made a 180, and saw even more girls, she wasn’t going back home.

A minute later the other girls she saw earlier had also closed in on her, she was scared, very scared. Eva spoke again to the fearful Juliette “Why did you ignore me *****?” Juliette stood there for a second before she replied “I don’t want any trouble, please, let me go.” Eva looked at her gang and said “Did you hear that? She doesn’t want any trouble, some nerve she has!” and the girls started to laugh, then Eva said to Juliette “Well it’s not really trouble, you’ll just be getting our official ‘Welcome to West Porasil package’ which we give to all newbies here, except that you will be getting the Diamond Edition, which we reserve for the especially pretty ones.” Juliette then very innocently asked what that entailed.

Eva put on the most friendly expression she could muster, hiding her sinister thoughts behind a mask of hospitality. “Well, it’s hard to put into words, but we will show you right now and you will see for yourself.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t, I have been invited to a party and I’m gonna be late …” Juliette started to turn around towards the bus stop, but two of the girls grabbed her arms. She struggled against the hold, but against their combined strength she had no chance.

“That’s very rude.” Eva said, as the gang dragged Juliette towards the only car nobody had bothered to steal yet: An old Volkswagen that lacked three tires. “We spent a lot of time preparing this package for you and you just want to run away from us? I’m sorry darling, but this can’t wait.”

Despite Juliette’s best efforts to break free, the women got her to the car, where they slammed her back against its front and pinned her against the hood. Four girls took hold of each of her limbs, making any kind of movement impossible.

“Now, what do we have here?” Eva slowly pulled up Juliette’s crop top until she exposed all of her slender, pale stomach. She ran her index finger from Juliette’s solar plexus all the way down to the button of her shorts, feeling the peach fuzz on the taut belly stand up under her touch. “I think we will have a lot of fun with this one.”

Without warning, Eva balled up her fist and slammed it right into the center of Juliette’s exposed, arched tummy. "OOUGF" flew out of Juliette’s lovely mouth along with most of her air, and they let her go. Refusing to give them the satisfaction of having winded her badly, she defiantly stood up and swung at Eva. “That’s not nice, trying to attack me whilst I’m being friendly. Haven’t you learnt to always accept gifts?” Eva said whilst she evaded Juliette’s punch and grabbed her arm before countering with her own right in Juliette’s stomach "OOOOOLFF" went Juliette as even more air was driven out of her, but because this one was right in her stomach she also started to feel a little nauseated, but she knew that if she wanted to leave this place alive, she’d better not show weakness, so again she kept standing. “Well your tummy is not just pretty but also tough it seems, I think I will let my girls soften up that cute little tummy of yours before I continue with the welcome package.”

As soon as she finished the sentence, the four girls who held Juliette before came attacking her, but what they didn’t know was that Juliette had had some training in self defence so she could hold her own, and that she did. The next set of girls attacked and she defeated them too. Eva gestured for the remaining girls to stand down, and said to Juliette “You should have told us that you could fight, this is unfair.” “And 8v1 isn’t?” Juliette replied. “Not if one can defeat eight so easily. Tell you what, let’s just leave it at a handshake, and say that you have received the package.” said Eva as she extended her hand. Juliette wanted to end this quickly so that she could go back home and message Tiberius if he could pick her up, so she started the handshake. But unbeknownst to her one of the girls behind her had grabbed an exhaust pipe from the wrecked Volkswagen, and started swinging it at Juliette’s stomach, she only saw a quick shine from the reflection right before it connected.

“OOUUUU!” This time, Juliette could not hold back a scream, as she doubled over from the blow, clutching her stomach with both hands. She sank to her knees, but someone yanked her up by her hair and the women grabbed her hands and pressed her against the car again. She saw Eva approach with the exhaust pipe that she had taken from one of the other girls and she knew what was going to happen. Struggling against her captors, Juliette screamed from the top of her lungs, crying for help. Hoping that someone would hear her.

“Jesus Christ, someone shut that ***** up!” One of the women said. “Someone’s gonna call the cops on us.”

Eva thought about it for a moment. “Let’s get her out of sight.” she ordered the others. “Somewhere, where we won’t be disturbed.”

The women gagged Juliette with a scarf and started dragging her over the parking lot, despite her best efforts to get free. She kicked and punched blindly, but there was nothing she could do against the combined efforts of the entire gang. They left the parking lot and made their way towards the bridge, when suddenly Eva stopped. A woman was jogging towards them, wearing black workout shorts and a matching sports bra. Her black ponytail swung from side to side in the rhythm of the movements of her body. Juliette looked at the girls who were dragging her, all of them with slightly worried expressions. Who was that and why did she cause the gang to react this way?

“Hey! Leave her alone you bullies!” shouted the mysterious stranger as she approached them. “Stay out of this Mel, this isn’t your business. Leave before we beat your stomach up too.” Eva replied. Mel scoffed at this then said “I see you beating up a random girl, so yes this is my business. You even have your cronies help you, couldn’t you have taken her on your own? And what has she done to you that she deserves this? She’s clearly new here.” That one question really ticked Eva off, so she made a gesture to one of her girls who then grabbed her phone and quickly sent a message and left. Mel and Eva kept bickering, with Mel keeping distance to make sure she didn't get ambushed.

The message arrived at its destination, it read “We have an unexpected guest.” The recipient grabbed their car key, and headed out. While walking to their car, a white BMW GK81, the recipient sent a message, but it was not a response to the girl who left, then they got in and drove off. Back at the bridge, the girl that had left, emerged behind Mel, having taken the long route around the bridge, and grabbed her tightly. As soon as that happened the rest of the gang ran towards her, except Eva herself and a few others who kept watch on Juliette. Mel quickly fought off the one that held her, but now she had to face 8 more, and they would not back down. Eva had waited a long time for such an opportunity and she would not let it slip by.

“Get her!” Eva yelled and her gang rushed towards Mel, who assumed a fighting stance, ready to fend off the attackers. The first two women were met with high kicks knocking them down to the ground, but the rest of them managed to wrestle her down. The biggest woman grabbed Mel from behind and started choking her out, while the others began kicking her in the stomach and sides.

“That’s enough!” Eva commanded. “Get them both!”

The girls grabbed Juliette and Mel and dragged them to the wall of the bridge ramp. It was even darker than at the parking lot, since all the lamps were broken, and even though it hadn’t rained in a while, everything was wet. Two of the women tied the barely conscious Mel to the nearby billboard scaffold, where she hung limply until Eva emptied a bucket full of cold water over her head.

“I’ve waited way too long for this.” Eva said, grabbing a fistful of Mel’s hair. “But since you wanted to save this ***** so much, I’m gonna let you watch while we destroy her pretty belly.” Then she turned to Juliette, an evil grin on her face. “And you, my dear, can thank Mel, as because of her we will beat your cute little tummy up even worse!”

She let her knuckles crack and waited patiently until her gang tied Juliette up in a spread eagle position, binding her ankles and wrists to two poles and supporting her back so that she couldn’t move. “Bring the toolbox.” She said when she was satisfied with how Juliette was positioned. As one of the girls went and retrieved the toolbox Eva went to Juliette, checked her pockets, and found her phone. “Oo a message, let’s read it.” and so she swiped the phone’s finger scanner over Juliette’s finger and unlocked the phone. The message read “You’ve missed the last bus, I’ll pick you up. -Tiberius” with a grin on her face Eva removed the scarf from Juliette’s mouth and asked her “Tiberius? The big shot downtown? Was that the party you were on your way to sweetie?” feisty as ever Juliette replied “None of your business, now let me go!” Eva moved very close to her just a few centimeters from her face with an evil grin and said “In due time sweetie, it takes quite some time to get here, even with a car. We’ll make sure you’re ready for his party.” and gave her a punch in her stomach “OOF” Juliette went, feeling a little nauseated yet again. She didn’t know how long she could stop herself from throwing up if this continued, especially if they started to use whatever tools were in the toolbox. Eva felt Juliette’s breath on her face and said “It’s so lovely feeling your breath on my face, and seeing your pretty face in breathless agony, and since you’re so so pretty, I will take my time with you, right up until Tiberius arrives.” Then she walked over to Mel, stopping a few centimeters from her and said “Don’t worry, you’ll get to enjoy our quality time together too.” and gave her a punch in her stomach, but Mel didn’t flinch at all, so Eva said “Don’t worry, you’ll be in the same state as your cute friend over there soon enough.”

In the meantime the girl with the toolbox had arrived and opened it, so Eva went over to her and looked in the box “Well these are some nice tools. Let’s do it this way, for every five hits to the pretty newbie, we hit Mel once. We continue this way until the newbie throws up and surrenders, then we go all out on Mel until she does the same.” Eva then grabbed a rather heavy spanner, one of her girls grabbed a tyre iron, another grabbed the exhaust pipe from before, one got a jack, and finally one took a ratchet. The remaining girls would either just watch the spectacle, or keep watch on all possible entry points of the area. Eva then returned to Mel and said with an evil smile “Well Mel, now you get to see what your interference has forced me to do.” Then she went back over to Juliette and said with her signature evil smile “Due to Mel’s interference we are forced to upgrade your welcome package to the Ultimate Diamond Edition. I hope you will gladly accept this upgrade.”

“Please don’t do this!” Juliette was close to tears. All she wanted was to go to a party and have fun. What had she done to deserve this? But she could see that her pleading had no effect. Eva just shrugged her shoulders and swung her tool. Knowing where it was headed, Juliette braced for the hit, but nothing could prepare her for what she felt. The spanner slammed into her lower belly and caused an explosion of pain which radiated through her entire body, causing all her muscles to tense as if she was struck by lightning. She doubled over, or rather she would have, if not for the restraints holding her in place. A scream of agony escaped her mouth together with retching sounds. Her belly was burning and something inside her stomach had moved.

“That was a pretty good hit.” Eva congratulated herself and the other girls nodded. “Let’s do it again.” She took another swing and smashed the spanner into Juliette’s upper stomach, with the same result. Juliette howled in pain and her head fell forward. She could see two red welts appearing on her pretty tummy, where the tool had hit.

“Stop it!” Mel yelled at the gang, struggling against the chains, but with no effect. With her legs still free, she kicked at the nearest girl. “you’re going to kill her!”

“Oh really?” Eva now rammed the end of the spanner right into Juliette’s navel, eliciting the loudest scream yet. “I don’t think so. This one might look weak, but she can take much more. Right, sweetie?” She pinched Juliette’s cheeks, then punched her two more times in quick succession, though not as hard as before. “Speaking of which, I think now it’s your turn.” The girl Mel had kicked at, went and tied her legs too. Now Eva was facing Mel, and said “I know that you can take a lot, so we will break you down very very slowly.” and she rammed the end of the spanner in Mel’s solar plexus, but Mel had tightened her abs so the impact didn’t do anything. “This is gonna be fun!” Eva said sadistically as she walked back to Juliette. “Ready for more?” “No please, let me go, I haven’t done anything to you.” “Yes you have, you moved in here being all pretty, and ****, and cute. Didn’t Tiberius tell you that you’d be better off downtown? That’s where your ilk usually lives, not here.” “I didn’t want to live there without having earned it.” “I have not that much of a problem with that, but then you come out of the building being all ****ty, with that crop top showing off your cute little tummy. You belly sluts are always using your cute tummies to steal other girls’ opportunities, but never paying for it, well that’s gonna change, starting tonight, with you.” “No please don’t hurt my tummy anymore, I’ll change clothes or move downtown.” “It’s a bit late for that sweetie, now that I have seen your tummy, I must show you what nefarious persons can do with it.” And so Eva, who is rather attracted to Juliette’s tummy, but also jealous because it’s the prettiest tummy she’s ever seen, thought “Why just beat up her cute tummy if I can have fun with it in other ways too?”, and so Eva got down on her knees, and started running her finger all around Juliette’s tummy.

“You know, if you hadn't worn your ****ty crop top or had at least covered your cute tummy up, you’d be at the party right now.” Eva said in a sweet tone while she enjoyed the look and feel of Juliette’s peach fuzz being manipulated by her finger. Juliette on the other hand couldn’t help but squirm a bit, while she felt the hormonal rush from the pleasure that the finger moving around her tummy gave her. Eva noticed that and said “Look girls, this newbie is a total belly ****, she likes it when someone uses her tummy!” The girls laughed, and Eva stopped with her finger and started moving her face closer to Juliette’s tummy, then she very gently kissed it. Juliette let out a soft moan of ecstasy, and Eva continued peppering her tummy with love kisses and started getting aroused herself, her thoughts changed accordingly, she now wanted a full submission from this *****, so not only make her throw up and surrender from the beating, but also make her *** from the sheer usage of her tummy. “Ok that’s enough for now, back to beating up your pretty tummy.” Eva said as she headbutted Juliette’s tummy and stood aside so that her girls could have a go. 

The women lined up in front of Juliette. First was the girl with the ratchet, a tall and athletic blonde with a mean smile on her face. She swung her tool and slammed it into Juliette’s pink stomach repeatedly, giving her no time to breathe in between the hits. Juliette lost count, as the pain from the previous hit wouldn’t even die down before the next strike smashed into her abused belly. The girl didn’t aim anywhere in particular, just bashed all over her midsection. Juliette hung limply in her restraints, too weak to even tense her muscles. And even if she did, no amount of flexing could stop the ratchet from invading her guts with such massive force behind. Not only her skin and her abdominals were being beaten, but also her insides were being rearranged by those hard blows. Juliette started coughing and retching as the contents of her stomach were demanding to be released.

Then, a pause. Juliette looked up, her vision was blurry, but she could see that another woman was standing in front of her now. At least she got a few moments of rest, even though her stomach felt on fire. A dull pain pulsated in her belly, waves of agony flooded her senses and overwhelmed her thoughts. How long had they been torturing her? And how long would they keep going? Another tool buried itself deep into her tenderized guts and she spat out with a “Ullk!” sound. Her knees were weak and now the only thing holding her up were the restraints on her wrists, which started to cut into her flesh as all her body weight rested on them. Again and again, she felt a metal bar slam into her midsection. Juliette didn’t even feel the pain, as it had already peaked. But she felt the impact that shook her whole body as she wasn’t able to mount any resistance to it. She felt like a slab of meat, hanging at their mercy, helpless.

“Hold on a second.” Eva said after a while. “I think we forgot our second guest.” She then looked at Juliette, who seemed like she was about to pass out. “On second thought, let’s finish off our newcomer here first, and then we can focus on Mel.” Eva walked towards Juliette and lifted her head up by the chin, she was barely responding “Tsk such a shame” said Eva before kneeling before her again. “What are you doing?!” exclaimed Mel as she saw Eva’s hands moving towards Juliette’s shorts “Just wait and see.” Eva said as she unbuttoned and lowered the shorts to Juliette’s ankles. “You monster! Don’t you dare!” Mel yelled, Eva looked at Mel and said “I don’t think you can do anything to stop me, can you? I will do whatever it takes to satisfy my needs with this pretty belly ****. And you got a front row seat.” Eva then turned back towards Juliette and started giving her love kisses to her tummy again, and although Juliette was all but out, her hormones still functioned perfectly. So she started to softly moan in pleasure, which Eva noticed, so she stood up, and grabbed Juliette by the chin again, and with their faces level she started to kiss her, while Eva did that she slid with her right hand down into Juliette’s black satin *******, doing what one does with fingers down there, and gently caressed her tummy with the left. Eva felt that Juliette was about to ***, so her left hand changed into a fist, which repeatedly punched in poor Juliette’s wrecked stomach. After 10 stomach punches Juliette’s stomach could no longer keep its contents down, and she threw up, straight into Eva’s kissing mouth, simultaneously Eva’s fingers down in her ******* had also done their job. A very satisfied Eva gave the severely beaten up Juliette a gentle kiss on her cheek “Welcome to West Porasil, enjoy your stay!”

She now turned to Mel “See this is what your meddling caused, an innocent pretty newbie’s tummy beaten up way more than it should have. Ready for your turn?” Mel spat at her. “You ***** I have waited a long long time for this.” Then she started swinging her spanner into Mel’s stomach, because Mel wasn’t beaten up that much yet, she was still strong, so Eva motioned the other girls to come with their tools, except the one with the jack, and help her. After a few minutes of beating Mel’s stomach with their tools and still seeing no sign of weakening, one of the guards alerted them that someone was coming, Eva quickly motions to the girl with the jack, who slams it a few times into Mel’s stomach, which finally starts to have some effect on her as she lets out a small “UGH”, then all girls, except Mel, Juliette, and Eva ****tered right at the moment a white BMW GK81 came drifting from under the bridge with full brights, and stopping right next to Eva. Eva got in, and off they went with screeching tyres, back under, and then over the bridge, on their way to downtown Lierhaven. 


Mel put wraps around Juliette’s hands and wrists and nodded. “Now you’re ready. These are important so that you don't injure your hands while striking.” She went over to the punching bag hanging down from the ceiling on a short chain and adjusted its height. “I understand you have some basic self defence training, so this might be easy for you, but I want to ensure you practice with proper technique.”

Juliette nodded and silently watched as Mel demonstrated several punch and kick combos on the bag. Her muscular legs and powerful strikes caused it to swing significantly, a show of force that made Juliette blush slightly. Next to the professional fighter, she felt frail and weak. Even though the incident with Eva’s gang was over a week ago, the bruises on her stomach were still visible even if they didn’t hurt, so she had chosen a long white tank top to cover her entire midsection, and grey sweatpants. She admired Mel for her confidence to wear only a white sports bra and blue shorts in this gang-ridden area. But being here with Mel also made Juliette feel a lot safer, since it seemed that despite the incident Eva and her gang mostly left her alone.

The door to the gym opened and a group of men and women wearing workout clothes entered. Juliette expected them to go over to the racks and benches, but they headed straight towards them. Mel noticed that and her facial expression immediately changed from friendly to serious.

“What’s going on?” Juliette asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

“Potential trouble incoming.” Mel responded and went over to meet the group. “Stay out of this, Juliette, whatever happens.” Juliette went into the back room, but kept the door slightly ajar so she could see what was going on. Meanwhile Mel asked the group of 3 men and 3 women what they wanted “Don’t you remember? You’ve beaten each of us in a tournament.” Jake, the clearly buffest man who stood in the centre replied. “Yes I remember, so what are you doing here? Just go train and I’m sure one of you will beat me next time.” During this the two outermost men walked around behind Mel with the two outermost women taking up flanking positions, while Jake and the middle woman just stayed in front of her. “No we will beat you right now, so that we won’t have to worry about you next time.” said Jake, and everyone took one step closer to Mel. “This is not gonna be good, I have to do something.” Juliette thought seeing this. She knew that she couldn’t fight these pros, so she had to come up with something else.

In the meantime Mel went into her fighting stance, trying to prepare for what was to come. “Oh come on! You think you can beat us all at once? Either you’re very brave, or very stupid.” Jake said to Mel, who replied “Come at me and you’ll find out.” In response to this the girl in front tried to kick Mel’s chin, but she blocked that, though while she blocked that kick, the two girls on the sides kicked her in her stomach. The double stomach kick didn’t hurt her as she had her abs flexed, but the force did move her back right into the arms of the two brutes behind her, who grabbed her arms and locked her legs with theirs. Once she was secured Jake said to her “Do you still think you can take us now?” Mel just spat in his face.

“Big mistake.” Jake said and flung his massive fist into Mel’s hard abs. The thud of his knuckles against her flexed muscles was audible in the entire room, followed by the sound of Mel sharply exhaling. For a second, Jake was puzzled, having expected a stronger reaction, but then he just grinned. “Mhh, you’re strong. This is gonna be a lot of fun then! Get her to the ring, guys!” Together, the six of them managed to drag Mel into the boxing ring, even though some of them paid a heavy price for it as she punched and kicked them as much as she could. One of the guys took some duct tape and used it to tie Mel’s wrists to the ropes, while the others held her in place. He then repeated the same procedure for her ankles. For a while, all six of them stood in front of her, admiring their work and her sweating body, stretched out in front of them, completely helpless.

“Okay, who wants to go first?” Jake asked. “I think it’s only fair if we do it in the same order she beat us. So, Janina, I think you’re up.”

A short brunette stepped forward with a malevolent grin on her face. She placed her index finger on Mel’s solar plexus and then slowly ran it down until it slid into Mel’s navel. There, Janina pushed it deep into Mel’s innie, pressing as hard as she could. Mel flexed her abs, making her six pack pop out even more, but it did little to push Janina’s finger back out. Instead, Janina went down on her knees and started scratching Mel’s stomach, while licking her lower belly and teasing the rims of her navel with the tip of her tongue.

“What are you doing?” Jake asked. “It was supposed to be a beating.”

“Would be a shame not to taste it beforehand, though.” Janina said and stood up. “But you’re right. We came here to play with you a bit and show you that you’re not that special.” With that, Janina rammed her small, bony fist into Mel’s upper stomach. Mel didn’t react. She could feel the impact of the punch, but compared to Jake’s punch, Janina’s was weak. Janina noticed that and fired a series of ten punches into the center of Mel’s abs, with similar results.

“Guys, maybe soften her up for me and I will join the fun later?” she said, smiling. Next up was Tim, towering over the tiny Mel at 185cm, and with arms the size of 10 year old tree trunks, he certainly could pack a punch. Because of her superior agility Mel managed to defeat him in the tournament, but now she had no agility, so whatever force Tim threw at her, it would hit her. “Not so tough now are ya, ya wee lass?” he exclaimed in his thick Scottish accent whilst smacking his fists together. “Ya see these? They’re gonna end up where they belong, deep in yer stomach!” Mel tightened as much as she could, hoping it would help. It did, but at what cost? “BWOOFF” flew out of Mel as the gigantic fist impacted her rock-hard abs. Tim saw the effect, and not wanting to wear her down too fast, he waited until she flexed again. “I see, very impressive, all me other opponents went down with just one hit there from me. I’ll have some fun with ye before I hand ye over, lassie.” he said before ramming his fist in her stomach again. Another “BWOOFF” escaped from Mel’s mouth, and Tim waited again. This kept going on for 20 of his thunderous punches, at which point he saw her weakening. “Aww the wee lass is weakening, such a shame, I should’ve stopped sooner, now the rest won’t have as much fun,” said Tim before he moved out of the way for the next in line, Miura, a really slender and agile black haired girl, the same height as Mel, she specialized in quick attacks, but her agility was no match for Mel’s during the tournament, so now too she had a chance.

“Let’s see how quick you are now *****!” Miura said before pistoning her fists into Mel’s already weakened abs, like a gatling gun. What Miura’s punches had in speed, they lacked in power, so this was actually quite an easy one for Mel in the beginning. “Still strong eh?” Miura said before grabbing some brass knuckles out of her pocket. “Let’s see how you handle these!” and she resumed her blitzing of Mel’s stomach. The first 50 still didn’t have much effect, but by the time she got to 100, she noticed that Mel started weakening. “Teehee looks like it’s working,” Miura said as she started to speed up even more. By the time she got to punch 200 she had enough and stepped out of the way for the other brute Max to take his turn. Mel’s entire stomach had turned bright red from the beating and she was breathing heavily. Juliette couldn’t help but be amazed at how strong she was, still being able to stand on her own legs. But this was probably about to change. Juliette’s eyes widened as she saw Max put on a pair of studded gloves, which were probably also filled with lead to make them heavier for more impact.

Already the first hit penetrated deep into Mel’s beaten stomach, making her double over and grunt audibly. Mel clenched her teeth, her face was an expression of agony as the pain inside her belly reached new heights. But Max didn’t give her much time to recover. Again, he slammed his fist into her upper stomach, four white dots appearing a split-second after he withdrew his hand, right where the studs hit. Max started alternating left and right hooks, taking his time and always using maximum force as if he tried to punch Mel’s guts out. Her **** was forced between the ropes, which made it easier for her to flex her abs, although in her weakened state it didn’t help much. However, it made it harder for Max to aim, so he signalled it to the others. Tim grabbed her from behind and pulled her shoulders back, arching her body outward. The definition of Mel’s abs disappeared as the skin was stretched taut over her stomach and her ribs protruded. In the exact moment, Max punched her with all the force he could muster, right into the center of her belly. The hit was massive, the thud echoed in the room, followed by Mel’s scream of pain. With only the natural tension of her skin between the punch and her intestines, Max’s fist had penetrated deep into her guts, crushing organs against her spine. Mel was in real trouble now, unable to flex, and Max wasn’t done with her. He hit her again and again into the exact same spot, while Mel screamed. Juliette counted at least 30 massive swings and Mel’s cries became weaker, turned into coughs and retching sounds, while her body turned limp in Tim’s arms.

“Alright, Max, that’s enough, the others also want their fun,” Jake said. “If there’s something left at the end, you’ll get your turn again. Janina, now you, darling.” Juliette stood there thinking if she should call someone, but then realized she didn’t take her phone along, then she saw a landline, but when she tried that the line was dead. Out of options, all Juliette could do was stay there watching. In the meantime, Tim had retightened his grip, and Janina had picked up a dumbbell and had started to move it backwards to give it more momentum for when it hit. So when it finally did it even made Tim take a step back. Mel on the other hand could only cough and retch, while some saliva was falling out of the corner of her mouth. Janina liked the sight of that so she hit again with the same force, resulting in even more coughing, retching, and saliva. Next,

she put the dumbbell down and started ramming her bony knee into poor Mel’s stomach. After 10 of those, she said she had enough. “Alright, your turn Laura,” Jake said to the tall blonde, the only woman who did not have her turn yet.

Laura grabbed the dumbbell, but with her own raw strength which is more than Janina’s, the hits with that thing would inherently be harder. “Hey, there’s no fun if she’s out!” Laura said, before smacking Mel’s face a bit. “Hey hey! No face hits! We agreed on that!” Jake yelled at her. “Yes, you’re right,” Laura replied as she walked over to the vending machine and bought some water. Once she got back she opened the bottle and dumped it on Mel who regained her senses just enough. Laura stood right in her face when she exclaimed “Hi, ready or not here I come!” before ramming her knee into Mel’s stomach. An agonized "HHUUGGGHHHH" was forced from her lips along with some stomach acid. “See, now we’re getting somewhere,” Laura said as she grabbed the dumbbell and rammed it full force into Mel’s stomach. Another painful "HHUUGGGHHHH" and this time even some food came out. “Whoa whoa, leave some for me will ya?” Jake said, Laura then laughed and said cheekily to Mel “Hehe get ready for the best part, I don’t think you’ll be a challenge for anyone in next week’s tournament.” as she walked away and let Jake take his place, the last one to still have a go at poor beaten Mel.

“Are you enjoying this as much as we are?” Jake asked, playing with a strand of Mel’s hair.

Juliette’s eyes widened in surprise as Mel lifted her head up and smiled at him.

“Of course.” she whispered.

Jake scoffed and gently touched her tortured belly. Every square inch of her skin was dark red and a swelling was beginning to form in the areas she had received most punishment in. The contours of her abs had faded, her flesh felt tender as her muscles had been broken.

“You know, I’m actually willing to believe you like this.” He said and sent a spinning kick right into her stomach. Mel gasped and coughed, trying to catch her breath, but Jake kicked her again and pressed his foot even deeper into her destroyed belly. Mel’s eyes rolled back as she wheezed and gasped for air. “Do you like wrestling, Mel?” He asked. “There’s a move I always wanted to try out, it’s called tree of woe.” He nodded to Tim and Max who untied her and carried her over to the corner of the ring. Tim placed her on the top ropes and held her ankles, while Max pulled her upper body down inside the ring. Mel was now upside down, her head barely above the ground, with her stomach facing the center of the ring and her legs draped over the top rope. The group tied her up again to make sure she didn’t fall down, while Jake grabbed a barbell and stripped it of all its weight. With only the steel rod in hand, he entered the ring and swung the bar like a baseball bat. The end of the barbell slammed into Mel’s stretched-out midriff with a disgusting slapping sound and Mel screamed as loud as she could. After all the pain she didn’t think something could top it, yet this just did. Her body jerked upward and she vomited into the ring.

“What an impact!” Janina commented. “Can I try something too?”

Jake nodded and took a step back. Janina went into the opposite corner, then sprinted towards Mel and kicked with the tip of her pointed shoe right into Mel’s navel. Mel moaned in agony, but after the hit from the barbell, her senses were still overwhelmed so that she didn’t even fully register the new pain.

“Tim, help me out please,” Jake asked. “Pick her shoulders up so that she’s parallel to the ground.

Tim did what he asked. Now Mel’s stomach was facing towards the ceiling as her weight was being supported by Tim and the corner she was still tied to. Jake swung the barbell over his head and then slammed it down into Mel’s battered abs. Mel didn’t scream, only groaned weekly and spat out some blood.

“Jake, I think she had enough,” Laura remarked. “We did what we came for.”

“I know her, she’s a tough *****. She’s gonna be up in a week and kick your ass. Do you want that?” Jake replied. “I’ve got one more thing in mind. That will teach her a lesson and make sure she won’t be able to fight.” Laura replied “I don’t know… I mean blood means you’ve already done quite some damage.” “Oh please, for her this is nothing.” Jake retorted, then he went over to the spinning bike and got some tools out of his pocket, removed the flywheel, and took it back over to the ring. “Tim, get her down from there and put her on the ground next to the ring, belly up, feet towards the ring.” Tim did as he was asked, then Jake climbed atop the corner post with the flywheel in both hands, jumped off, and lifted the flywheel over his head, then at the height of his jump he swung his arms downwards and released the flywheel. It landed right in the middle of Mel’s stomach lengthwise with the thin edge. As it impacted, the weight crushed Mel’s stomach and it looked like the wheel sunk in so deep it touched the ground through Mel’s demolished belly. Mel’s legs and head jerked upward as she spat a fountain of blood, then sunk down on the ground, knocked unconscious. “Uhhh that’s a lot of blood, Jake,” Laura said. “Yes, but at least she won’t defeat us ever again, now that she knows what we can do. Let’s go.” Jake replied and they left. Juliette waited a bit before she came out of the office, where she got her phone and called the ambulance for Mel, and then Tiberius to meet her at the hospital because she was too scared to go back home without Mel’s protection as long as Eva and her gang were there.


A week later, Tiberius and Juliette were sitting in an almost empty bar celebrating her first fashion show victory. “Well Jules, good job, to many more.” Tiberius said as he gave her a pat on her shoulder. She thanked him while smiling meekly. “Hey what’s up? You’ve won, show a bit more joy!” “I know, but I’m just thinking about Mel.” At that moment Tiberius’ phone rang. “Hold on, I have to take this.” and he went outside. Meanwhile the two remaining patrons, who were drunk and about Juliette’s age, started looking in her direction. She was still wearing the outfit in which she won the show, her black “Extreme Paris” crop top, with her jean shorts, her unzipped jean cropped jacket, and she also had dyed her hair brown for the contest.

A few minutes later Tiberius came back in and said “I’m very sorry Jules, I have to go.” “Please don’t leave me, take me with you.” “I'm very sorry but I just can't, besides it’s broad daylight, and we’re downtown, no one will try anything. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Then he kissed her on her forehead, and left. As she saw him leave she also noticed the guys looking at her, but she didn’t think much of it and went back to her drink and phone. She heard Tiberius’ car, a black BMW GC31, start and leave, but she wasn’t the only one who heard that, because as soon as she did, the two guys walked towards her.

“Hey sweetheart.” One of the guys sat down next to her, just where Tiberius had been a minute ago. He wore a red buttoned shirt which almost matched his copper hair and beard, which made him look like a lumberjack. And he definitely had the musculature to match that impression.

“Hi,” Juliette replied hesitantly. She didn’t feel like stirring up another conversation, but didn’t have the courage to tell him outright. Hopefully, he would notice that she wasn’t interested and just walk away.

“Did your boyfriend dump you?” The guy signalled towards the door where Tiberius had vanished.

“He isn’t my boyfriend and he has some pressing matters.” Juliette turned to her phone.

“Why not have some fun then, just the two of us?”

She let out a sigh and put her phone down. If she didn’t stand up for herself now, nobody would. “Sorry, I’m not interested.” She stood up and started walking towards the door, when the guy slapped her on her ****. “Hey, what was that supposed to be, *******?”

He jumped to his feet and grabbed her shoulders, looking down at her. “Don’t walk away from me like that.” He whispered in a menacing tone.

“Let me go!” Remembering what she had learned in self defence classes and in her sessions with Mel, she kneed him between the legs and followed it up with a kick to his kneecap. The guy let go of her as his hands rushed to protect his private parts. This was her opportunity. Juliette turned around and ran towards the exit.

Suddenly, she felt a fist slam into her stomach. The air was pushed out of her body with a loud “oof!” as she doubled over and fell to the ground. “Hey, not so fast cutie, we weren’t done yet, my friend here still wanted to have fun with you.” said the guy who had punched in her stomach. “Guys, I have a bar to run here, I have a front window too, it’s rather bad for my business if they see a girl getting beaten up, take her out back.” said Horace, the middle aged bartender, who coincidentally also had some beef with Juliette, because due to her his daughter did not win the fashion contest. “Will do.” replied Steve, the lumberjack looking guy, and he motioned to his friend to pick her up.

As they dragged her out back Juliette thought “No not again.” Once she got her breath back she started struggling against the grip, and managed to break free. She started running towards the main street, but Steve lunged at her from behind and managed to trip her, she faceplanted pretty hard onto the dirt floor, making her dizzy for a bit. At that moment Steve’s friend who had punched in her stomach, Roger, smacked her face a few times on the ground, and then picked the now unconscious Juliette up again. When she regained consciousness she noticed that they had tied her arms to a fire escape above her, and her legs to some cinder blocks, so she couldn’t move much, if at all. Roger spoke to her “Thanks to you, my girl lost the contest, and you also didn’t give my friend here his deserved fun, but no problem, because now you will pay for both those things.”

Juliette looked around as her vision slowly became clearer. “Don’t do this, please!” she whimpered fearfully. She struggled against her restraints, but had no chance to get free.

“Don’t do what?” Steve asked, planting his massive fist into her bare belly with a massive thud. “This?” He punched her again. “Or this?” And again. “Or that?” He kicked her into her upper stomach, knocking the breath out of her. “This is not the day for mercy, sweetheart. Should’ve thought about this before you decided to walk away from me.”

He fired several rapid punches into her stomach which started turning pink. Juliette grunted in pain each time. Even though she had trained her abs the past 2 weeks, she was still not accustomed to taking such hard hits. Mel had always gone easy on her during their sparrings. “Oof! Please! Ugh! Stop!” She cried out between the punches. But Steve didn’t even think about it. He continued hitting her with both fists, always into the same spot, as if he was hitting a punching bag. She was his personal punching bag.

“Who else wants a go?” Steve asked. “Come on, Roger, now it’s your turn!”

“Aight, chief.” Roger cracked his knuckles. He was taller than Steve, but slightly less muscular, more of a lean athletic build. He stood sideways, a little bit further away from her, outside of punching range. Juliette wondered what he was up to, but when he raised his leg, she realized. And she didn’t like it. Rogers' wingtip buried itself into her lower belly with incredible force and speed. By comparison, any of the punches Steve had thrown so far seemed weak as if it had been a child hitting her. Juliette’s body shook in the restraints and she coughed and gasped trying to catch her breath. No amount of muscles could protect her organs from getting squashed against her spine.

Roger waited until she had her breath back then said “My girl said that your tummy is what won you the show, so that’s what I’m gonna destroy.” and then he kicked her in her stomach organ. “BBBBWWWUUUUGHHHHHHH!” went Juliette, as the contents of her stomach rose up her esophagus from the force of the kick. Roger waited until she calmed down and kicked again in the same spot with the same force

“BBBBWWWUUUUGHHHHHHH!” she went again, as her stomach contents rose a slight bit further. Meanwhile a white BMW GK81 had parked in front of the bar, and a person wearing a second skin suit with a builtin voice modulator, but without the mouth and hands covered, and poncho had stepped out. The person asked Horace where the girl was, so he flipped the open/closed sign, turned off all the lights, and led the person out the back exit to the alley, where Roger was just about to give her his 5th kick. He immediately put his foot down when he saw who Horace was accompanied by. As Roger did this, another person in a similar second skin suit and poncho came walking down the street entrance of the alley, and began addressing the first one “Greetings General, I saw your car here, so I thought I’d come and see what you’re up to.” “Oh hello Admiral, cut the crap, we both know why we’re here, that’s her, Tiberius’ new trophy model, Juliette.” gesturing towards Juliette who still hung there in fear awaiting her fate.

The General then said “What’s your deal with her? My deal is that I lost a bet because of her, especially her ****ty tummy.” the Admiral replied “Well my deal is that I just want to hurt Tiberius by proxy, so I’d say his trophy model would be the perfect one for that.” Meanwhile Horace had picked up a long, thick, wooden beam, and stood there waiting for the ok, which he got. “AAUUUUGHHHHHHH!!!” went Juliette as it smashed her tummy, and she started coughing and retching. “Good one.” the General commented. “Hmmm yes very good.” in a slightly aroused tone was the Admiral’s comment. The General noticed this and said “Oh you ******* ***** *******.” Then the Admiral gestured to Horace to swing again and he did. “UUULLLGGGGHHH!!” Juliette went as her cheeks puffed from the vomit in her mouth. The Admiral walked over to her, and gently caressed her tummy and said “Hmmm yes she really is perfect for what I want.” Then they started giving her love kisses to her stomach. “Oi ***** fucker, how is that hurting Tiberius by proxy?” said the General as they walked over and yanked the Admiral away from Juliette. “Here, this is how you do that.” And they punched Juliette in her stomach. “OOF!” Again. “OOF!” And again. “OOF!” The General walked out of the alley while saying “That’s my deal with her done, now you do yours.” They got into their car and drove off.

“Finally the General’s gone now I can have some fun with her. Guys, untie her for me please.” the Admiral said, and Steve and Roger did what they were told. Now Juliette was free of her restraints, but she was so greatly weakened from the beating her stomach had received that she could barely stay standing. The Admiral walked up to her and whispered menacingly “You’ll be all mine sweetie, and there’s nothing even your dear friend Tiberius can do to save you now. You can thank him for this later.” then gave her a peck on the cheek right before they punched their left fist in poor Juliette’s wrecked stomach. “BBBUUULLLGGGGHHH!!” Juliette went while she collapsed to her knees, clutching her beaten up stomach in pain, and throwing up. The Admiral unzipped the genital area of the suit, revealing a very hard *****, which he then stuck into Juliette’s mouth, ******* hard and fast into her, after that was done he zipped it back up and said to the guys “She’s all yours guys, have fun.” As he too walked out of the alley, got in his white BMW GK61, and drove off as well, leaving Juliette at their mercy once again.


Two days later, Juliette had told Tiberius everything that happened. Tiberius was furious at the Admiral for what he had done, so he asked his girlfriend Alice to help him scout for a bodyguard for Juliette. After a few days of scouting, they had found a rather capable candidate. She was Annica, a fighter in one of Lierhaven’s premiere gyms. Tomorrow that gym would hold an in-house tournament in which she would compete, so Tiberius and Alice decided to go watch her during that tournament.

 When they arrived at the gym in Alice's green BMW E34/3, they saw a white BMW GK81 parked there, and Eva standing right next to it. Based on what Mel had told Tiberius a few weeks earlier, that had to be the car that Eva left in on that day, it seemed like Eva was also on the scout for some new muscle. Alice decided to park 10 spots to the left of Eva, and wait until she went into the gym, then she and Tiberius also went in. Upon entering they went to check the roster to see who would fight when. Annica would fight only in the final match, because she was title defender, so in the meantime Tiberius and Alice watched the other matches, and then it was finally time for the title decider.

A man announced the challenger over the microphone and the crowd cheered as the entrance opened with a hissing noise and smoke for effects. Elsa, the woman who had fought her way up to the finals, was an imposing woman. Over 180 cm tall, the physique of a MMA fighter, and lots of fighting experience. She had won most of her fights in the first round by knockout and had breezed through all the previous rounds without much of an effort. She was wearing a white sports bra, grey sweatpants that ended right below her navel, and white sneakers. Her short black hair was styled in a sidecut and her facial expression screamed murder. Quickly, she made it into the ring where she waited in her corner for the arrival of the champion.

She didn’t have to wait long. Another door opened and out came the current holder of the title, Annica. The crowd gave her a cheer as well, almost as loud as for Elsa, as she entered the arena with a flic flac. She was wearing a black sports bra with a red strap, a black miniskirt with a red belt and black and white striped thigh high socks. She smiled and waved towards the viewers as she stepped into the ring. Elsa only rolled her eyes at this show and started hopping from side to side, eagerly awaiting the fight. The referee stepped into the ring and signalled both fighters to join him.

“Alright, you know the rules: 5 rounds, each of them 3 minutes. All holds are allowed, but punches and kicks only into the stomach area. I want a nice and clean fight! No biting, no poking into the eyes. Start at the sound of the bell!”

The girls returned to their corners, eyeing up each other, Elsa with an expression cold as stone, Annica with a slight smile. The bell rang, announcing the start of the fight and the crowd went wild, as both fighters rushed into the middle of the ring to meet each other. They threw a couple of feints, testing each other's defences, although Annica made no attempt to cover her stomach. Elsa towered over her, being one head taller. In any other scenario, Annica would have looked impressive with her athletic figure, her muscular legs and her chiseled abs, but next to Elsa she resembled a stick figure. Elsa on the other hand, was much faster than a woman of her size and build should be. She took the initiative and started chasing her opponent around, throwing a barrage of punches at her. Annica only evaded, not even bothering to raise her guard. She was still smiling, but Elsa’s fists were coming closer and closer. Finally, a hard right, hit dead center into Annica’s abs. The crowd cheered, but Elsa’s brows furrowed as Annica showed no reaction to a strike that had ended at least 3 fights this night alone.

“Is that it?” Annica asked cheekily before countering with her own right to Elsa’s stomach. There was no reaction from Elsa except her retort “Same question, right back at ya.” Annica jumped backwards and started circling, Elsa rotated on the spot, making sure she always faced her. Some punches and kicks were thrown, but due to the sheer quality of these two fighters, nothing really happened, so Elsa tried to lunge and grab Annica, but she missed. As Elsa got up Annica saw the opening and ran towards her and kicked her stomach at speed. This released a loud “SPLAT!” as Annica’s foot contacted Elsa’s rock hard abs, but it also launched Elsa 2cm off the ground. Annica moved quickly out of the way as Elsa got up. “DING!” and so ended round 1 with both fighters still in top notch condition who went back to their respective corners.

Tiberius said to Alice “I think we should go for the winner, because it looks like they’re gonna need all 5 rounds..” Then round 2 began, Elsa yet again took the initiative, but Annica had learnt how her opponent fought, so while evading Elsa’s punches she stepped closer to her, so that she could be the one landing the first hit this round. Which she did, eliciting a slight puff of air to release from Elsa. “Getting soft already?” Annica asked once she was back out of Elsa’s range. “You were just lucky.” was Elsa’s response before she charged with incredible speed at Annica, who could not evade this time. Elsa smacked Annica with her back into the corner post, paralysing her for just a moment. As soon as Annica could react again, she flexed her abs against the incoming fist. “SPLAT!”.”You have to do better than that I’m afraid.” she cheerfully said before launching her own kick into Elsa’s stomach. “SPLAT!” and Elsa moved back due to the kick’s momentum. Annica now went on the offensive, or at least she tried, because although she did manage to evade Elsa’s incoming punches, the bell rang, signalling the end of the second round.

Alice said to Tiberius “Good idea, because we need to have the best we can currently get, not just the one we found by scouting.” Another ring of the bell signalled the start of the 3rd round. Annica danced her way to the middle of the ring, while Elsa was a bit slower. It seemed that the taller woman had changed her strategy, letting Annica attack first. Annica accepted the invitation and started with a kick to Elsa’s sternum, followed up by a punch as she got close. Elsa however, was prepared. She evaded the kick, then rushed forward and clasped her arms around Annica’s waist, picking her up in a bearhug. The smaller fighter tried to escape the hold but was no match for the sheer power of Elsa’s thick arms. For a second, Elsa thought about what to do next, she wouldn’t win the match just by standing there. Suddenly, she had an idea.

In an impressive feat of strength, Elsa threw her opponent into the ropes and charged at her immediately. Annica bounced off the ropes and flew forward, where Elsa was waiting for her with a massive swing into her bare stomach. THUD! The crowd went wild as Annica went down instantly without making a sound, falling on her chest. Elsa wasted no time and kicked Annica in the side right as she was about to stand up. Annica’s body was thrust in the air again and she slammed back first into the pole. Before she could react, Elsa kicked her into her stretched out belly, then yanked her up by her auburn ponytail and slammed another hard left into Annica’s firm abs. To her surprise, Annica started laughing even after having received four brutal hits to her tummy, which was still in top shape. The smaller fighter jumped and landed on the top of the corner post, then somersaulted over Elsa’s head. While in the air, she grabbed the head of the tall fighter, and pulled it with her. Elsa’s body had no choice but to follow and landed back first on the mat. A split second later, Annica’s elbow buried itself deep into her exposed stomach and Elsa’s grunt was audible in the entire room. Annica stood up, while Elsa lay there, unable to move. The referee started the count, while the crowd was chanting Annica’s name.

“That’s it! We have a winner by knockout: Annica!” The announcer yelled over his microphone. Four men rushed into the ring to attend to Elsa and carry her out of the ring, while Annica performed a dancing routine that would make any cheerleader proud, then left towards the locker room. Tiberius and Alice waited outside the locker room until Annica came back out, once she did they congratulated her, and Tiberius asked her. “You seemed to enjoy being hit in your stomach, or was that just for show?” “Haven’t you paid attention when you watched? This was a stomach hit only tournament. It’s also the only type of tournament I compete in. There is just something about exchanging hits to one another’s stomach.” “I see, I see, so what would you say about making some extra cash on the side whilst doing that? We’re setting up a belly punching website, where we intend to have fighters who do just that, film them, and sell those videos, of course the fighters get their due cuts of the profits.” “Interesting idea, I’m in.” “Cool, so how about we first test your abs, before we let you have your first fight? I mean obviously they’re strong, but we really want to test them to the limit.” “Sounds good, just give me a where and when.” After having made the deal, Tiberius and Alice went for a drive around town, scouting for a good place.


“We didn’t build this specifically for belly punching, but it works just fine.” said Tiberius as he led Annica and Eva through his home gym. “Have you done something like  this before?” 

“I do abs conditioning with a training partner, where she hits me a bunch, if that’s what you mean.” Annica replied.

“Well, we’re gonna hit you more than a bunch.” Alice chimed in. “But trust me, it will be worth your time.”

“Okay, step into the ring, please, and hands behind your back.” Tiberius instructed her.

Annica nodded, undressed down to her fighting outfit and positioned herself with her back against the ropes. Alice walked up to her and gently stroked her abs.

“Wow, they’re actually even more impressive close up!”

Annica laughed. “Thank you, that’s too kind!”

“Enough pleasantries.” Tiberius stepped into the ring, wearing a pair of MMA gloves and positioned himself in front of Annica. “Ready?”

She gave him a smile. “Of course!”

“Alright, here goes nothing!” Tiberius took a swing and threw a punch right onto Annica’s deep navel. “SPLAT!” “Is that it?” “No, I’m just warming up.” and he threw the next punch in the same place “SPLAT!” still no effect. As Tiberius continued punching, Alice and Eva walked out, and began discussing ideas of more creative ways to test her abs. “Wow you’re really strong, at least against me, and your opponents in the tournaments, but I wonder how you would fare against Alice' more creative methods, but in the meantime, I will keep on trying,” Tiberius said after having landed 20 punches without effect. He walked out to his zen garden, and grabbed the biggest stone he could. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t be creative as well.” he showed Annica the stone “This one is a good 30kg, and I will charge at you as fast as I can, think you can handle it?” “Of course, I have taken harder hits from opponents during tournaments,” she answered, Tiberius came at her, and all that got out of her was a slight exhale of derision. He walked back, lining up for the next charge.

In the meantime Alice and Eva were rummaging around the storage trying to find something. They found several different items, including some rather heavy bookends, and also what they were looking for, a pair of pointy shoes. As they returned they saw Tiberius charging at Annica with the big rock, and giggled a bit. They watched this go on for a few more charges, when they finally decided to enter the gym again. “Hold on T, we’ve got this,” said Eva as Alice climbed into the ring. “Let’s see if you’ve done your job,” said Alice to Tiberius as she smacked her knee into Annica right in the very middle. “SPLAT!” “Even with that rock still nothing? Wow, you really are strong, but let’s see how you handle this.” Alice said to Annica as she started lining up for a kick.

Alice threw a roundhouse kick, aiming for Annica’s belly button with the tip of her pointed shoe. A thud was audible in the room, different from Tiberius’ punches before, followed by a huff from Annica who exhaled sharply. The force of the hit made her take a tiny step back. “Did you like that?” Alice asked with a smirk. “There’s more where that came from.” She kicked again, right into the same spot and then again and again, without pause. A small red bullseye was forming around Annica’s navel, who now started grunting after each kick. Though her abs were strong from countless conditioning sessions, she was never hit by something pointy, which concentrated the force of the blow on a miniscule area. To counteract, she had to flex to the maximum and the added effort was beginning to take its toll. With each consecutive kick, she was pressed further into the ropes and doubled over a bit. Alice noticed this and stopped.

“Hey, T, I need a better target. Let’s tie her up, okay?”

“What?” Annica looked a bit worried.

“Unless you want to give up now,” Alice said grinning and pressed her index finger into Annica’s deep innie. “Maybe your abs aren’t that strong after all?”

“We won’t hurt you,” Tiberius added. “We’ll stop before it goes too far.”

Annica sighed. “Alright, then.” She allowed them to handcuff her and waited as Alice and Eva tied her to a punching bag that was hanging from the ceiling. Then, lifted the bag until Annica’s feet lost contact with the ground. Annica’s body was now stretched taut, her slightly pink stomach flat like a table.

“Much better!” Alice said and slammed her fist into Annica’s tight belly with a slapping sound. “How are you doing there? Having fun?”

“Of course!” Annica said with a hesitant smile.

“That’s good, cause I’m having fun and I wouldn’t want to stop this now.” Alice rubbed her hands over her target area. “Now, whose turn is it?”

Eva grabbed one of the bookends, which was shaped like the Eiffel tower. “I think this will test you pretty good, but first I want to do something else.” she said as she started inspecting Annica’s tummy up close “This looks very nice.” “Oi Eva, it’s an abs test not an abs inspection we’re doing here. Do it before I test yours.” Alice said. Eva, clearly intimidated by her sister’s remark, then rammed the bookend into Annica’s mid stomach, right at the intersection of her abs. Annica grunted a bit as the point of the Eiffel tower contacted her stomach. “Oo nice.” was Eva’s remark at that, so she smacked it at the same spot again, same reaction. Meanwhile Tiberius had re-zenned the zen garden and stood at the edge of the ring watching together with Alice.

After Eva had scored 10 hits with the Eiffel tower she said “Guys, give her the momentum and I’ll stand here.” but Tiberius said “We don’t want to kebab her, just stand there with your fist ready.” Eva sighed “Fine.” and dropped the bookend while Alice and Tiberius walked over and pulled the punching bag back. “Be ready Annica.” Alice said while winking at Eva. As they released the bag, Annica swung towards Eva who stood there with her fist waiting, but as Annica approached her, Eva suddenly punched with her other fist, right in the middle of Annica’s tummy, exactly the same spot she had been hitting with the Eiffel tower. A thunderous “SPLAT!” was heard, along with a “BWOOFF!” from Annica as the combined momentum buckled her abs a bit. “Are you still having fun?” Alice asked. “Yes, what else do you have in stock?” Annica replied. “Just wait, the best part is about to come.” said Alice as she lined up for yet another kick, while Tiberius and Eva pulled back the bag once more.

They lifted the end of the bag as much as they could and pushed. Annica swung forward with incredible speed, where her belly made contact with the tip of Alice's pointed boot. The kick combined with the swing made Alice's shoe penetrate deep into Annica’s abs despite her best efforts to flex. “Ugh!” Annica clenched her teeth and lifted up her knees to protect her exposed belly. “That was a good one, let’s do it again!” Eva cried out ecstatically. Alice however, ******* Annica’s ankles and put a pillow between her back and the punching bag, such that Annica’s stomach was arched outwards. All definition disappeared underneath her skin, taut like the surface of a drum. In this position, Annica would have a much harder time to tense her muscles. 

Tiberius and Eva pulled the bag back once again and let it swing once more. And again Alice was waiting, kicking at the perfect moment, the tip of her shoe digging right into Annica’s abused navel. “Hgggh!” Annica grunted loudly as the boot broke through her muscles and pushed into her organs.

“I think it’s my turn now.” Eva said. While Alice and Tiberius pulled the punching bag yet again, she left the ring, only to come back with a tool a minute later.

“Oh my god, are you crazy?” Annica cried out, seeing the golf club in Eva’s hands.

“Come on, this must be nothing for you.” Eva responded, smiling devilishly. “Or maybe you’re not that tough?”

Annica frowned. “I think I’ve already proven that I am?”

“We just want to be sure you can take it.” Tiberius added. “These belly punch videos are nothing for wimps. You’re not a wimp, are you?”

Annica pressed her lips together and nodded silently. Tiberius and Alice pushed the bag, while Eva slammed the club right into Annica’s upper abs. She followed it up seven more times on each forward swing of the bag. No sound came out of Annica’s mouth as she tensed every muscle in her body. Thin red welts appeared on her firm belly in the spots where Eva had hit her with the golf club and sweat was running down her fit body, making it glisten in the sun. She was panting from the strain of keeping her abs flexed all the time, while Eva, Alice and Tiberius were breathing heavily trying to pound her into submission. Although sweating herself, Eva seemed to enjoy beating Annica’s stomach a lot.

Alice looked at her sister and said “What about you and Annica doing a test match as a final test?” Eva looked back at Alice with a questioning look “Come on Eva, it’ll be fun, or would you rather go against me, sister to sister, like old times?” daunted by the thought of fighting Alice again, Eva agreed to fight Annica, and stepped into the ring while Alice and Tiberius released Annica from the punching bag. “So Annica, you heard the challenge, are you ready to fight Eva?” asked Alice “I’m more than ready.” replied Annica as she took up her position. Tiberius went outside to take a fresh breath of air, whilst Alice brought some water for the four of them to drink before the match began. Then Alice struck the bell, and the match was on.


It was sunset on the very first day of summer, and Juliette was jogging along San Lynara Beach, which was empty at that time of the day. Juliette had dyed her hair a dark aquamarine, and wore her blue cropped sports jacket, and black running shorts today, allowing her tummy to get cool air. She got a phone call from Tiberius and answered it. “Hey Jules, I’ve found a bodyguard for you.” “I’m fine, I don’t want to bother you.” “It’s no bother, and besides, aren't you worried you might get attacked again?” “No I’ll be fine, there’s no one here.” “Ok Jules, if you say so, have a good evening.” Tiberius hung up, and immediately called someone else. A few minutes later, a couple of figures started appearing on the horizon, closing in on her.

As Juliette was jogging towards the old pier enjoying the sunset, she spotted a group of guys walking roughly in her direction, kicking a football between them. It looked like they started playing, so Juliette stopped paying attention to them. She took off her crop top and her shorts and began her stretching routine, dressed only in a black bikini, she truly put her perfect figure on full display for anyone to see, facing the orange disc of the sun that already touched the sea.

“A beautiful sight, isn’t it?” Someone behind her said.

“Yea.” Another voice added. “Really hot.”

Juliette turned around and saw the group of guys approach her. Seven young men in their twenties, all of them sporting beach shorts, some of them tank tops, some of them shirtless. 

“Hey, Juliette!” The one in the front said, waving towards her. He had the figure and tan of a surfer. “What a coincidence to see you here!”

“Who are you?” Juliette asked. “And how do you know my name?” 

“Well, you're kind of a celebrity around here, aren’t you? I’m Matt, by the way. We just went out here to play some football. Wanna join us?”

That made sense. Sometimes Juliette forgot that even though she was still rather new in town, word of mouth travelled quickly in times of the Internet.

“No thanks.” She said, feeling increasingly uncomfortable as the group closed in on her and encircled her. “I was just finishing up my stretching.”

“It looks like you just got here.” Matt was at arm’s reach now.

“I really need to go, I have an appointment tomorrow and don’t want to oversleep.” Juliette took her things and tried to get through, but the guys blocked her way out.

“You’re lying.” Matt said and grabbed her arm. “Why don’t you stay with us so we can enjoy the sunset together?”

“Let me go!” She cried and swung a fist at him, which he evaded. In return, he slammed a hard left into her unsuspecting stomach. Juliette gasped in surprise and sank to her knees as he released her from his grip. Clutching her stomach, she tried to catch her breath, but was interrupted by one of the guys who yanked her up, grabbing her from behind. “You have to learn how to treat your fans, honey.” Matt said as he pulled her up by her hair so she looked him straight in the eyes. “Don’t you think?” He then punched harder in her stomach. UUUGGGHHH!!! Matt and his friend let her go, so she fell to her knees, arms wrapped around her midriff, totally breathless. “Hey fellas, why don’t we teach little miss ****ty diva a lesson on how to treat fans?” Matt asked. His friends agreed. Once Juliette got her breath back she started pleading “Let me go, please. I will play football with you, take a photo, give you an autograph and all else you want.” “Oh…It’s not so easy” Matt replied “this is much more fun…” He walked to her and pulled her up. Juliette suddenly protected her abdomen, but Matt's friend locked her arms behind her back. UUULLLGGGHHH!!! Matt’s fist heavily landed in her stomach organ.

She bent over, but Matt straightened her up. UUUUUFFFFF!!! Another one, right in the solar plexus. She started coughing. WWOOOOFF!!! OOOHHHH!!  Another, and another. Matt stopped and his friend released her. They all looked at her. Juliette was a ball on the ground, her arms folded around her midsection and her knees lifted up. She couldn’t breathe and felt her stomach hot and pulsating. She thought she was going to die. Meanwhile, Alice sat on the edge of the 20m high wall that separated the city from the beach, a few hundred meters from the spectacle, drinking her strawberry milkshake, enjoying the view of the sunset, then Tiberius arrived with binoculars for each of them, so that they could not only enjoy the view of the sunset, but also enjoy the view of the beating, which they did. Matt shoved the girl towards the friend that had just held her. He stopped the half naked girl in her tracks with a hard uppercut into her belly "OOOOFFFF!!! Ohhhhh..."  she went as she folded over his arm, clutching at his elbow. He pushed his fist even deeper into her "Unnnh! ... uukkk! ... ooohhhh! ... UUnngghh! ... oooofff!! ... UUunnggg” then he removed his fist, and sent her careening into the next guy’s attack. Juliette stumbled forward as if she was drunk, not quite weak enough to fall. Suddenly she was stopped in her tracks, as the guy rammed his knee up in her lower belly. She doubled over in pain, the air being pushed out of her slim body, gasping for breath. This time she dropped to the ground, curling up in a fetal position.

“you’re not gonna get away that easily, Missy.” Matt said. “Pick her up!”

One guy grabbed her arms, another one her ankles. Together, they stretched her out and lifted her up such that she was facing the sky, about one meter above ground. Matt appeared in her field of view and sent a punch down into the pit of her stomach. She groaned in pain as his big fist slammed into her tender stomach, sending ripples through it. But she couldn’t protect her exposed tummy. Completely at his mercy, she couldn’t even beg, as he smashed another punch into her, followed by at last ten more. Another guy also approached her from the other side, and now Matt and his friend were taking turns, hitting her on both sides of her belly button. Juliette groaned and grunted as the two men got into a murderous rhythm, beating her stomach like a drum.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they dropped her. She immediately curled up, massaging her stomach and whimpering quietly. For a moment, she had time to breathe and recover a bit, although the pain in her tummy was immense. Then, two guys grabbed her again, just like previously, but this time they turned her around so that she was facing down. Because she wasn't stretched taut, her midriff was arched, as gravity was pushing down her hips more than her head and legs.

Suddenly, she felt her tummy explode. One of the guys had just kicked her in her relaxed belly and got her by surprise. “BWARGH!” She yelled out with a retching sound as she felt the contents of her stomach being forced towards her mouth when the boot rearranged her internal organs. Juliette coughed and spat out and tried to say something, but another shoe buried itself in her tortured belly. “UUUUULLGH!!!” Juliette went as her stomach contents moved towards her mouth once more. “I think that one almost had her throwing up!” one of the guys yelled. The one who had kicked her stomach took a running start for his next kick. “OOOOHOOOUUUULLLLGGHHH!!!!!!” Juliette went as a little food came out. “Come on, there has to be more in her, do it again!” Meanwhile Alice took a sip of her milkshake and said to Tiberius “Quite a show isn’t it?” Tiberius took a sip of his ice macchiato whilst sitting there with a pretty hard ***** and replied “Yes it is, god I hope she stays this stubborn. Oh look, the show continues.” as exactly in that moment the next kick was about to land in poor Juliette’s wrecked stomach "BWOOOOOLGGH!" Juliette went as she finally threw up the rest of her food too. “YES! Finally she’s empty, but I don’t think she’s ready to be refilled just yet.” Matt said as he motioned them to drop her once again.

As she lay there she got yet another kick in her stomach “Uuunnnnhhh” and one of them picked her up again, holding her standing by her hair, she didn’t even have the strength to move her arms to grab the hand on her head. Matt came up to her and menacingly whispered into her ear “You would have been home by now, if you had just played football with us, honey.” and then he did a field goal kick into her already empty stomach "H-OOOOFFFF!" again "H-OOOOFFFF!" and again "H-OOOOFFFF!" Then he whispered again to her “Tonight will be a long night honey. And by the end of it you’ll be all ours.” he then kissed her cheek before ramming his left fist into her destroyed stomach once again. "UUUUUUHHH!" Juliette went as her breath exploded from her mouth, and Matt invaded her open mouth with his tongue, and kissed her roughly with his fist still deep in her stomach. After a minute he stopped kissing, removed his fist from her stomach, and asked “Who wants a go at her next?” 

“She said she wants to play football with us, so let her be our goalkeeper.” One of the guys said and grabbed Juliette’s arms and legs. He pressed his feet against her lower back and pulled her ankles and wrists towards him, arching her body in a crescent pose. She was laying on her side, her red belly facing slightly upwards, completely exposed and vulnerable. The other men lined up in front of her, only a few meters away. Matt put the football between them and her and when everything was arranged to his satisfaction, he nodded. The first guy in line took a few steps back, then ran towards the ball and kicked it as hard as he could. A split second later, the ball slammed into her stomach with a loud thud and Juliette’s scream of pain followed. For a brief moment, the hexagonal pattern of the leather appeared white against her reddened skin, then quickly faded away. 

The next guy ran up to the ball and kicked it into her beaten stomach. Juliette felt a painful sting as if someone had scratched her skin, but she was in such pain from the previous beating already that these kicks couldn’t make it much worse. As they continued to kick into her tenderized belly, the spot became more and more numb, and her back began to hurt more than her stomach.

“Let’s try something else.” Matt said, a bit disappointed with her lack of reactions. He signalled the others to come with him. Two of the guys grabbed her limbs and started dragging her over the beach, with her belly scrubbing against the sand. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t just sand, but also seashells, pieces of wood and shattered glass. Juliette moaned weakly whenever she felt a sharp object scratch her skin, which was a completely different pain than she had suffered before. It felt like an eternity during which she was dragged like a heavy bag. When they finally put her onto the wooden pier, her belly was covered in blood from countless tiny cuts and slashes. One of the guys put her on his back such that she was hanging upside down, her back touching his. In the meantime, Matt had taken a rope and made a huge knot on one end and now was swinging it like a mace. “This is gonna be fun, don’t you think, boys?”

Alice said “This has gone too far, there’s blood! I’m stopping them.” while he opened a bag of crisps Tiberius replied “You? I thought you’d like to see such things happening to the competition?” “Not this extreme, and besides I thought you had a bigger crush on her than on me.” “Well yes, that’s exactly why I wanted to arrange this.” “Fine, keep watching then if you like it so much, I’m going home. When it’s over you explain it to me ok?” “Yes dear.” Meanwhile one of the guys had filled a bucket with seawater and splashed it onto Juliette’s tummy. She wailed like a banshee as the salty water stung all her wounds. “Good, at least I won’t get so much blood on my rope now,” said Matt as he swung his rope mace. As it contacted Juliette's tummy it elicited another scream from her. Matt swung again into her stomach, another quieter scream was the result. Five times he did this until she wasn’t reacting at all. His friend went and fetched another bucket of seawater, and this time he splashed her face with it. Juliette woke up, and started pleading again "please...please...stop! Why are you...doing this…to me?" "We already told you babe" Matt said to her, "now shut up or we'll really give you something to moan about. Oh hell, we'll do that anyway, right boys?" The others quickly agreed and they all laughed hard.

Juliette thought about how she never got beaten up like this back home, maybe this was how top models were treated here in the Lierhaven area. Meanwhile Matt had put down his rope mace and approached the still upside down Juliette. He then inspected her tummy and said “Such a shame we have to do this to you, but you asked for it.” “Do what?” She asked fearfully “Well I know what I will do, but I don’t know what my friends will do.” Matt replied. He then proceeded to lower his shorts, revealing his *****. Then he went with his right hand into her bikini bottom, doing what one does with a hand over there, whilst punching her stomach with his left, as she opened her mouth, either due to the hormonal response from being fingered, or the escaping air from being punched in the stomach or a combination of both, Matt stuck his **** in her mouth. There he stood ********* and punching her all the while getting a ******** from her, until he finally ***med and shot his load into her mouth. Then he stepped back and said “That’s me done, guys, it’s your turn to make her submit, and take as long as you need, doing whatever it is you need.”

His friends laughed and one after another, they proceeded to imitate Matt, choking Juliette with their erect dicks while ********* her with one hand and punching her sore tummy with the other. She gagged and retched as they forced their ***** down her throat, but there was nothing left inside her to vomit. The torture and the blood rushing into her head made her pass out again. When she regained her consciousness, the guys emptied another bucket of water over her head and slapped her face a couple of times. It must have been a while. When her sense returned, Juliette felt a dull pulsating pain in her stomach and a dryness in her throat. She wanted to run away, scream, but her body wouldn’t listen.

“Welcome back sweetheart, we’re not done with you yet.” One of the men said as they stretched her out on the pier. He showed her a wooden plank and Juliette knew what he was going to do with it.

“Please!” She begged feebly. “I will do whatever you want, just don’t hurt me any more.”

“Oh, it’s too late for that, sunshine!” The guy swung the plank like a bat and slammed it into her exposed belly with a loud smack. A wave of pain rolled over her when the plank hit her entire stomach at once. It felt as if a thousand bees stung her tummy all at once. She wanted to curl up, protect her exposed belly, but the men held her tightly as the man swung at her again. Juliette screamed in agony every time the heavy plank smashed into her brutalized midsection. The wood didn’t penetrate very deep into her stomach,so at least she didn’t have to worry about internal damage, but it hit a huge area and turned all of her tummy red in just a few hits.

After about 20 swings, the man placed the plank on her belly, then signalled two of his friends who jumped on it. The sudden increase in weight made the plank sink deep into her midsection. “ULGH!” Juliette gagged and coughed as her belly was squashed by the mass of two adult males. Then, one of them jumped in the air and as he landed, the other one jumped. They continued this, causing the plank to seesaw from one side to the other, crushing her sides which so far had received much less of a beating than the center of her stomach. Juliette moaned in agony unable to move while her belly was being flattened to a pancake.

After a few minutes of seesawing the guys did one final simultaneous jump onto the plank. Their combined momentum caused Juliette to erupt blood like a volcano from her mouth, then they left her there for dead. Tiberius knew that the ambulance would take too long, so he himself drove over to her, he checked her pulse, she was still alive, but just barely. He gently carried her to the passenger seat, got in himself, and raced to the hospital. At the hospital, as Juliette was rushed to the emergency room, Tiberius thought to himself whether or not he had gone too far with this, and phoned Alice to talk about it.


Back at Tiberius’ place Alice, Annica, and Tiberius awaited the arrival of a new prospective girl for the belly punch site. The bell rang, it was the new girl “Hi I’m Kim, here for the belly punching thing.” sounded a very gentle voice over the intercom. Tiberius opened the door, and they all waited eagerly for this new girl to get up to the penthouse. When she finally got there, they were all impressed by her. North Korean, shoulder length brown hair, 158cm, and a very well distributed 45kg, and of course her prized asset was her deceivingly cute yet very tough tummy, which was on full display in her current outfit of a blue sports bra and a blue miniskirt, accompanied by her pointy high heels in the same blue. After the initial introductory chat, it was time for the belly punching contest, and they all headed towards the gym. 

A coin toss decided who would go first. Kim was elected to be the puncher and Annica positioned herself against the wall with her hands behind her head. Kim stroked her hands over Annica’s abs and pulled down the waistband of Annica’s skirt to expose even more of her deep v-cut.

“You have a very punchable stomach.” She whispered.

“Aw, thanks!” Annica laughed. “Your tummy looks great, too!”

Kim planted a kiss onto Annica’s lips and punched her right in the navel. A thud echoed in the gym as Kim’s fist impacted Annica’s hard muscles, barely denting them. Kim threw another one at the same spot, with the same effect. Unfazed by this, she fired eight more shots right into Annica’s belly button, after which she gave the spot she punched a kiss.

“Your turn now, darling.” Annica said, gently pushing Kim against the wall. She drew an X with her index finger onto Kim’s upper stomach, then slammed her fist into that spot. Even though Kim’s tummy looked much softer, the moment Annica’s fist hit, it tensed immediately, preventing the punch from penetrating into her stomach. Suddenly, Kim’s abs turned into a brick wall. She huffed as she pushed the air out of her lungs exhaling sharply, but other than that showed no reaction. Annica finished her ten punches, each of them thudding and smacking into Kim’s hard stomach without doing any damage.

“That was good.” Kim nodded in approval as they swapped positions, and rubbed her belly against Annica’s. “You look like you enjoy this as much as I do.”

“I do, finally someone with an equal tummy.” Kim started gently caressing Annica’s abs before giving them a few love kisses, Tiberius said  “I thought this was a belly punching contest, not a belly kissing contest.”

Kim then stopped kissing and said to Tiberius “You’re welcome to take her position if you want to see belly punching so badly.”

“Ehhh no thanks.” said the clearly scared Tiberius as he moved slightly behind Alice, who then elbowed him in the stomach. He stepped back while a slight puff of air escaped his mouth.

Meanwhile Kim stood very close to Annica now and said “Be ready darling.” Then she kissed her and rammed her fist just under her sternum. It didn’t do anything because Annica still had her abs flexed. Kim adjusted her target to Annica’s mid stomach, and hit her there 4 times, still it had no effect.

Then Kim went for 5 navel punches, still nothing. Kim then gave each spot a love kiss per punch she had given it. “Your turn sweetie.”

As they switched places they kissed each other, and once Kim was in position, Annica started inspecting her tummy in search for the perfect spot to punch her in. She found it, the intersection of Kim’s slightly visible abs. “Now you be ready sweetie.” said Annica before she kissed Kim and slammed her fist into the previously scouted spot. A thunderous “SPLAT!” was heard, but it did not have any effect on Kim. She fired 4 more with the same result. “I think you’re ready for a bit more than just normal punches.” Annica said, before spinning a 360 to give her punch a bit extra momentum. “SPLAT!” and a puff of air from Kim as her back slammed against the wall. “Aww baby, I thought you were tougher than that.” “I am babe, keep going.” Kim moved a bit further away from the wall so that she wouldn’t slam so hard into it for the next 4 punches. Then Annica gave Kim’s tummy 10 love kisses exactly where she had punched, and they switched places again.

“This can go on for hours.” Alice whispered to Tiberius so that the fighters wouldn’t hear it.

“I agree.” Tiberius thought about what to do about it. “I have an idea.” Before Kim started punching, he approached the two women. “I think it would be better if we spiced things up a bit. Each of you gets a full minute to punch the other person, who will be blindfolded. For each round we will also randomly choose a tool for you to use. The one who is being punched has to keep her arms above her head for the entire duration. Dropping your arms means ten penalty punches from me and Alice. Understood?”

Both nodded. Alice blindfolded Annica, while Tiberius set up a wheel of fortune to determine what tool Kim should use. She spun it and got brass knuckles. With a mischievous grin, she put them on, then positioned herself in front of the unsuspecting Annica. “I’m gonna count to three and then I’m gonna punch you!” Kim said. “One! Two!”

There was no “three”. Kim rushed forward and slammed her fist with all her power right into Annica’s relaxed belly. SPLAT! The brass knuckles forced their way into the soft flesh and penetrated deep into her upper abs before Annica could even react. She grunted audibly and doubled over and massaged the spot Kim had hit. “Hey, you said on 3!”

“I’m sorry.” Kim laughed. “But the temptation was too big, I promise, I won’t do it again.”

“Annica, you dropped your arms, that’s a round of penalty punches for you.” Tiberius said and signalled Alice to come over, who was already wearing her pointed shoes. Instead of punching, she threw ten hard kicks into Annica’s abs. Since Annica had flexed, none of the kicks did much damage, but judging from her facial expression, at least they stung. Then it was Tiberius’ turn. He put on a pair of lead filled gloves and smashed ten quick yet powerful punches into her lower stomach. Annica absorbed them quite easily as well, but her stomach was beginning to turn pink now. “Okay, Kim, continue. You still have 59 seconds.” Kim lined up again “One! Two!” and she fired her punch exclaiming “Three!” a split second before her fist impacted Annica’s upper stomach. “SPLAT!” into Annica’s barely in time flexed abs. Annica’s abs held, denting in just a tiny fraction from the impact. Kim liked it and fired a punch into her mid stomach this time. “SPLAT!” again “SPLAT!” and again “SPLAT!” “OK Kim, one more punch,” said Tiberius as the end of the minute approached. Kim approached Annica, gave her a gentle kiss, and then walked 2 meters back before taking a running start to punch her. “SPLAT!” Annica had to take a step back due to the momentum, but still it didn’t hurt her. Alice removed the blindfold “How was it?” “Interesting, the surprise element really adds something.” Annica replied, then she kissed Kim whilst switching spots, then Alice blindfolded Kim, while Tiberius handed the Wheel of Belly Punishment to Annica. She spun it, and she landed on tongfa.

Tiberius handed Annica the tongfa, it was made of black ironwood, the densest wood in existence. Annica said “I hope you’re ready for this.” and gave Kim a kiss. “I am, give me all you’ve got.” was Kim’s response. “Same thing, I’ll count to three then punch you.” “One”, what followed the “One”, wasn’t a “Two” and “Three”, no it was the thunderous “THUD!” of the tongfa into Kim’s unsuspecting relaxed stomach. “BLERGGHH” Kim went and she coughed and retched a bit while she collapsed to her knees and clutched her stomach.

“Aww, can’t handle it, baby?” Annica mockingly asked. “You….got me….by….surprise….good one though.” was Kim’s response.

Tiberius said “But you still have to take your punishment from us though” Kim stood at the ready, fully flexed, Alice lined up, and launched 10 kicks right at the intersection of Kim’s abs. They didn’t do much except elicit a “HNH!” from Kim each time. Next up was Tiberius, but he traded the lead gloves for osmium gloves, which were denser than the lead ones. He smashed 10 thunderous punches in the same spot Alice had been kicking, and the reactions were pretty much the same. “Ok Annica, let’s go, you have 59 seconds left too.”

Annica wasted no time and started pounding into Kim’s flat stomach, using the tongfa to its fullest effect. Sometimes smashing it into Kim’s belly like a bat, sometimes ramming the pointed end into her navel. While Kim was holding up well at the start of the minute, her grunts became much louder towards the end of it and she started to double over. The tongfa was penetrating deeper and deeper into her reddening abs, but before her muscles gave up, Tiberius announced the end of the minute. Annica went on her knees and started kissing and caressing Kim’s beaten belly. “I’m sorry,” she said smiling and looked into Kim’s eyes. “But I wanted to repay you in kind.”

“It’s fine,” Kim replied, catching her breath and moaning a bit as her stomach was being worshipped. “I mean, I kinda asked for it.”

“Alright, next round,” Tiberius said. “Let’s make it a bit more interesting. So, this time you will do a backbend, which you will have to hold while being punched. If you drop, you get twenty penalty punches from Alice and me.”

Annica gracefully went into a backbend, her arched belly was flat like a table and her skin taut like the surface of a drum. Her navel turned into an elongated slit and the ridges separating her abdominals were almost invisible. Meanwhile, Kim spun her wheel of fortune and got a crowbar. she positioned herself to the side of Annica and felt her hard stomach.

“On the count of three?” she asked.

“I don’t trust you!” Annica answered laughing. “Just start whenever you want.”

“Okay.” Kim grabbed the bar with both hands, brought it high above her head, and then slammed it down into Annica’s exposed midsection with all her might. A loud THUD and a metallic ringing echoed through the room, followed by Annica’s groan. But this time, Kim didn’t give her a moment. Immediately, she raised the crowbar high up again and brought it down with force once more. Annica groaned a bit louder. Excited, Kim worked herself up into a rampage, beating Annica’s belly as hard and fast as she could. Red welts appeared all over her stomach and she began shaking from the effort and from the hits themselves. With only ten seconds left, Annica screamed out in pain after a particularly strong hit and collapsed.

“Oh, god, that was unexpected.” She said, massaging her sore tummy, but still smiling. “I give up.” “What, you don’t want to test my tummy anymore?” “Nah, I’ll have plenty of time to do that.” Annica and Kim kissed again. “OK that settles it for this contest, welcome to the team Kim,” said Tiberius as Alice came back with water for everyone. After some more chatting, Annica and Kim left together. “Shall we do one of our own?” Alice asked Tiberius “I know you’ll win, but whatever makes you happy.” Tiberius replied in a slightly sombre tone.


Tiberius and Alice were having a celebratory party for having reached 100 sales on their BP site. While Tiberius and Alice were mingling with some of their guests, Eva was watching Kim and Annica who were just chatting by themselves, awaiting her chance to strike. After a few minutes Tiberius called Kim over to discuss her future, and Annica went to the loo. Eva saw her chance and slipped a little something into Annica’s drink, the stage was set, Eva would get her revenge today

When Annica came back, Eva sat down next to her with a grin.

“I heard, you’re gonna be a star pretty soon!” she said, putting her arm around Annica’s shoulders.

“Really?” Annica asked with a shy smile.

“Yeah, the videos are selling well, you’re gonna be famous in the BP sphere. Let’s drink to that!” Both women took a sip from their drinks, but as they continued their smalltalk, Annica suddenly started feeling dizzy.

“What happened?” Eva asked, pretending to be worried. “Come on, let’s get some fresh air.”

She helped Annica up and dragged her outside, where Annica collapsed. When she woke up again, she noticed that she was in a dark, empty room. She was tied to a metal rack in a spread eagle pose, with no room to wiggle around, stripped down to her bra and *******. The restraints would not give in, no matter how hard she tried to break free.

“Comfy?” Eva’s voice sounded from the darkness. A second later, Eva stepped into the lonely cone of light that illuminated the room, together with her entire gang. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. You come here with your arrogant attitude, dancing and laughing, humiliate me and think you can get away with this? Well, think again, sunshine. We got all night to teach you a lesson and I promise you, before we’re done, you will beg for mercy and then I’ll make you my *****.”

She threw a punch into Annica’s firm abs, but it was as if her fist hit against a concrete wall. Annica didn’t comment, just raised her eyebrows, while Eva cursed and tried again, with no effect either. She hit Annica a third time but only hurt her hand.

“If you’re gonna try this way, we will need all night, indeed,” Annica said calmly.

“Shut up!” Eva yelled. She breathed in and out, calming herself down. She had to approach this the right way. “Girls, let’s soften her up a bit.”

Her girls lined up and started punching but it didn’t have any effect. “I do have all night, so you girls go on, and maybe you’ll get a little oof out of me at the end,” Annica said mockingly. Eva was clearly ticked off by this as she went to get their new toolbox and showed it to her girls. The girls laughed as they chose their favourite tools: a giant steel ball bearing for really big machinery, a bicycle pump (the model that looks like just a rod), a sledgehammer, and a really big wrench. Then they discussed amongst themselves what tool should be used first, they settled on the ball bearing.

Eva stood near Annica whilst the girls discussed who would throw the ball. They settled on Linda who was the pitcher for her baseball team when she didn’t beat up others’ tummies. So they gave Linda the ball, and Eva told her to throw it as softly as she could while still hitting the target from 5m and then keep increasing speed ever so slightly every single throw. The ball soared through the air, hitting Annica’s tensed abs not doing anything, Eva threw it back to Linda. Linda threw again, slightly harder this time, still nothing. “Is that all you got?” Annica asked mockingly. Linda looked questioningly at Eva who gestured to her to throw 10% harder than she had been doing for now. These throws also didn’t do anything and Annica mockingly said “I guess we’ll need more than just tonight.” Eva got even more ticked off, so much so that she yelled “Give her your full power Lin!” Linda happily obliged, she started to take her stance as if pitching for a match. The ball left her hand with incredible speed and slammed into Annica’s flexed abs, bouncing off with a loud thud. At the same time, the force behind it made Annica grunt slightly as she exhaled sharply. Another throw caused her to grunt a bit louder, as Linda was getting into a rhythm. Each time the ball impacted Annica’s stomach, the thump was audible in the entire room, together with a grunt from Annica and her belly was beginning to turn pink in several spots. Yet, when Linda wasn’t throwing, Annica was given a fair amount of time to recover. It would take hours to break her this way, and Eva realized it, too.

“Carly, come and make her tummy soft for us, please,” she said.

Carly, a big muscular woman who was carrying the sledgehammer, stepped forward with an evil grin.

“Actually, Zoe, you too.”

Carly positioned herself to the left of Annica, while Zoe, who held onto the wrench, took the right side. When Eva gave the signal, Carly swung the hammer and slammed it into the center of Annica’s flexed abs. A massive SPLAT echoed through the room as the heavy steel head splashed into Annica’s sweaty belly with incredible force, penetrating several centimeters into her midsection and Annica groaned in pain. While Carly was preparing for the next strike, Zoe smashed the wrench into Annica’s quickly reddening stomach. With not as much force behind it, it did not do quite as much damage, but Annica still grunted as her whole body trembled from the impact. She had no time to recover, however, as Carly flung the hammer into her abs again. Annica clenched her teeth and it was apparent that these hits really hurt her and took a toll on her six pack. As the two women continued to take turns breaking her muscles, each subsequent hit penetrated a little bit deeper than the previous one, while Annica’s grunts became louder and more painful. Eva knew it was just a matter of minutes before her abs would break fully, but that would not be the end of it.

“You still enjoying it, you little *****?” She grabbed a fistful of Annica’s red hair and yanked her head backward, while pressing her knee against Annica’s back to arch her stomach out further.

“Yeah, I do.” Annica hissed through clenched teeth, while her torso shook under the continuous pounding from Carly and Zoe.

“That’s good to hear, because I’m gonna make you my personal punching bag.” Eva said, smirking. “Your pretty tummy will be my property and I’m gonna enjoy destroying it. Every! Single! Day!” She underlined each of the last three words with a punch to Annica’s side. Annica let out a small grunt with each of the punches. After a few more minutes of bashing from Zoe and Carly, Eva ordered them to stand down, and Linda to throw another full force pitch. This time it did have its desired effect “UUUGGHH” Annica went as the steel ball bearing penetrated deeply through her weakened abs “Aww, you’re already weakening, sweetie.” Eva said mockingly as she threw the ball back to Linda “It still will take longer than tonight to break me *****.” Annica retorted followed by another “UUGGHH” as the ball flew back into her stomach.

“We shall see,” Eva said while throwing the ball back yet again. Yet another “UUGGHH” from Annica announced that the ball had completed yet another voyage from Linda’s hand to Annica’s stomach. And so this went on for 7 more throws. Then Eva signaled Petra, the one with the bicycle pump, to come take her turn.

Petra came sprinting towards Annica holding the pump like a spear. “UUGGHH” came from Annica as the pump did penetrate her abs, but not deeper than the steel ball bearing did. She walked back and came at Annica again, but with the same result. This went on for 8 more sprints until Eva got an idea, “What if we try to combine you two? Linda throws, and when I throw back Petra runs in, and when Petra walks back, Linda throws, and so on.” And so it happened, a ball hit “UUGGHH”, a pump hit “UUGGHH”, another ball hit “UUGGHH”, another pump hit “UUGGHH”. This continued for 10 minutes then Eva said “What if we combine it all? So this current routine continues, but while she is not being hit by either the ball or pump, Zoe and Carly take swings at her, this should speed things up quite nicely I think.”

The other girls laughed in approval and so they resumed the beating, not giving Annica a moment of respite. Like a well-oiled machine, the woman tortured her stomach and Annica had no time to even relax her abs and breathe before the next hit impacted her belly. She moaned and groaned in pain almost constantly, her body trembling under the massive impacts of the girls’ tools. Then, suddenly, one huge swing from the sledgehammer broke through her defenses and penetrated deep into her insides, it almost looked like her stomach swallowed the steel head. Annica’s head flew forward and she screamed out in pain.

“That was faster than I expected.” Eva signaled the gang to stop. “Maybe your abs aren’t as tough as you thought?”

“Tougher than you think, that’s for sure,” Annica said, forcing herself to smile.

“Doesn’t matter to me, sooner or later that belly will be demolished. And I know I’m gonna like every goddamn minute of it.” Eva kneed her in the side and followed it up with a series of punches into Annica’s lower belly. It was still hard from the natural firmness of the muscles, but much softer after all the abuse it had suffered. Even Eva’s bare fists could penetrate reasonably deep into it. But then she thought better of it and looked into her toolbox. She grabbed a short but heavy steel chain and folded it once in the middle.

“It’s almost a shame.” She said, pushing her index finger into Annica’s navel as hard as she could. Then, she swung her tool and smashed it into her red belly. “Ooof!” was Annica’s response as the chain impacted her wet stomach, which was already red from the torture so far. Eva hit her again, in the upper abs. “Ugh!” Annica’s head fell forward and she doubled over a bit as the restraints had yielded a tiny bit, allowing her some wiggle room. Eva punched her a third time, and a fourth and fifth, each time getting a loud grunt out of Annica.

“Looks pretty,” Eva said, examining the dark red welts on Annica’s flat stomach, then she rammed her fingernails into her tenderized flesh. “But I want more of that different red. How about we beat your stomach to a bloody pulp?” Eva then hit her 5 more times while one of her girls grabbed a crowbar from the toolbox. She took her place slightly offset to Annica to her left and whacked at her stomach 20 times, Annica groaned in pain with each hit. During this Eva found some very coarse sandpaper in the toolbox and said “This’ll do.” Then she started sanding Annica’s stomach very roughly. Annica screamed in pain as the rough sandpaper sanded her skin away, and after some time her tummy was littered with tiny wounds from all the sanding, but that wasn’t the end of it.

While Eva was sanding, one of her girls found a file made out of diamond, and she threw it to Eva and said “I think this will work even better than your paper.” Eva inspected the file and said, “Yes indeed it will, silly me for not seeing it earlier.” And she started filing Annica’s tummy, so a while later, after basically one long banshee wail, Annica’s tummy was one bright red bloody mess. Eva said, “Yes, this looks good, now let’s mash it!” Her girls lined up and started to mash Annica’s bloody tummy, and the blood splattered onto them, and the ground. Eva just stood there enjoying the scene. Even though the cuts and scratches were only superficial, they were so numerous that Annica’s entire belly was covered in blood as each punch pressed a few drops more out of her body. Annica was in intense pain but still lucid enough to feel every single hit thudding against her destroyed abs. The women used brass knuckles, studded gloves, some also kicked into her stomach with their heavy steel capped boots. Annica started whimpering, coughing, and retching from the intense beating. Some of the particularly strong hits made her spit out or vomit tiny amounts of food. Her abs were completely tender and soft now, every hit was penetrating deeply, squashing her organs against her spine, rearranging her insides.

“Are you ready to be my ***** yet?” Eva asked.

“Fuck … off ..” Annica whispered between the moans and whimpers.

Eva nodded. “Well, girls, it looks like our little pain **** wants some more. Get some more tools!”

The women grabbed a shovel, a baseball bat, a rubber mallet, and a rake and tested them out on Annica’s belly. Especially the rake caused her incredible amounts of pain as the sharp metal claws scratched over her skin and caused even more wounds. Eva herself took a 20-kilogram heavy kettlebell and started swinging it into Annica’s torture stomach. A wet, squelch sound was audible, as the giant lead ball crushed Annica’s tummy and her intestines with no effort. Annica puked out all contents of her stomach and coughed and gasped as her limp body trembled under the continuous beating.

“You know what, I’m gonna give you a little break,” Eva said as she searched for something particular in her toolbox.

“Really?” Annica spat out some blood. “How nice of you.”

“At least from beating your belly.” Eva came back with a pair of pincers and a screwdriver. She spread Annica’s navel apart with her fingers, then pushed the pincers in, grabbing the fleshy knob at the bottom, and started pulling it out. Annica screamed, wiggling around trying to escape the pain, but that only made it worse.

“Let’s turn your innie into an outie,” Eva said, then took the screwdriver. “And let's give it a piercing!” With a stabbing motion, she thrusted the screwdriver into Annica’s navel, forcing it deep into her tender guts. Once she had pushed in and only the handle was visible, she began moving it around in circles, violently ripping Annica’s flesh apart. Blood trickled out of Annica’s belly button and tears were streaming down her face as she cried in agony.

“Oh, are you crying?” Eva asked and let go of the screwdriver, which stuck in Annica’s navel. “You’re just a little ***** who can’t handle a bit of pain?”

“Please … stop …” Annica whimpered.

“See? I told you you’re gonna beg me for mercy.” Eva pulled the screwdriver out, causing her to groan. “Are you ready to be my ***** now or shall we continue?”

Annica just spat at Eva. “Alright, I take that as a sign to continue then,” Eva said cheerfully as she pushed the screwdriver in. More blood trickled out of Annica’s navel, as well as tears out of her eyes. Then Eva yanked the screwdriver out of her navel, which made Annica scream in pain.

“Well, I think we’re almost done here, what’s keeping them?”

Right at that moment 4 of her girls came in with an uncut tree trunk from the nearby sawmill “Ah there they’re.” Eva gestured for them to line up, and they did. Next, they ran as fast as they could with the trunk towards Annica, using it like a battering ram. It impacted her tummy with such a thunderous “THUD!” that even shook the room they were in. Annica’s belly was squashed into a pancake, her organs crushed. She spat out a fountain of blood, and her body went limp.

“Are you ready to be my ***** yet?” Eva said with a smirk.

Annica raised her head and looked at her with half-closed eyes, a small trail of blood coming from the corner of her mouth, running down her chin, and dripping onto her chest. “Never.” She whispered.

Eva smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “You will.”


Kim was very worried about Annica, when the party ended Annica was nowhere to be found, and Kim knew she wouldn’t leave her without saying goodbye. She tried calling her but she didn’t answer, it went immediately to voicemail. “Her battery must be dead, I hope she is not.” Kim thought stressfully on her way home. Once home she turned on her computer and tracked the last known location of Annica’s phone to an industrial area. She was still in her party outfit, an all-white ensemble consisting of a rather tiny crop top, flare jeans, and an unzipped long sleeve woolen cropped jacket, along with a belt and jewelry all made in the style of chains. She went to the place where Annica's phone was last recorded, it turned out to be an abandoned warehouse. As Kim searched the building she found Annica hanging there barely conscious in one of the rooms. She was stripped down to her bra and ******* and her entire stomach was a bloody mess. Bruises and welts covered her entire skin and swelling covered her abs and all definition of her muscles. “Annica, what happened?” Kim asked and rushed toward her friend. Annica opened her eyes “Kim?” she said weakly. “What are you doing here?” “Getting you out, for starters.” “You need to leave, they are coming.” “Who?” Kim looked around. 

As she said it, the door slammed shut, and Eva stepped out of the darkness “Well well well, who do we have here?”

“You!” Kim shouted angrily, pointing her finger at Eva. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Playing with my little *****, and it seems to me that you just interrupted the playtime. But don’t worry, you can join in on the fun.”

Kim rushed towards Eva, clenching her fists, ready to strike, but suddenly four other women jumped out of the shadows and attacked her. Although she fought valiantly and managed to give out several bloody noses, they overwhelmed her and wrestled her to the ground. Despite her best efforts to break free, they cuffed her ankles and her wrists together then placed her against the wall, where they hung her up onto a hook on the ceiling, such that her arms were above her head and her feet were barely touching the ground.

“Now you’re gonna watch as we get to play with your friend’s tummy,” Eva whispered into Annica’s ear, who despite her condition struggled against her chains, almost catching Eva’s throat.

“I’m glad that you’re already wearing the perfect outfit for what we’re about to do,” Eva said to Kim, running her index finger up and down Kim’s flat belly. “Now, what should I do with you first? Maybe a kiss?” and she held her mouth just a centimeter from Kim’s tummy “Maybe a punch?” and she launched her fist, stopping 1 centimeter from Kim’s tummy. “I know! I’ll just play a bit with it!” as she caressed Kim’s tummy very gently. Kim felt her hormones rushing from the sensation Eva’s caressing on her tummy gave her, but she would not give in to them, not for her. “You have a very cute tummy,” Eva said as she stopped caressing and then started peppering Kim’s tummy with love kisses. Kim kept fighting very hard against her hormones, she would not give this ***** the satisfaction. Eva stood back up and said “There will be more where that came from sweetie, but I think you’d like it more if you were a bit softer.” and she gave Kim a punch in her stomach. “SPLAT!” “You’re wrong, I like it more when I’m harder.” Kim retorted.

“You know, with your ****ty attire, your whole tummy on full display for everyone, and your Asian looks, you kinda remind me of that newbie I beat up a few weeks ago, and she was a total belly ****, what about you?” Eva asked Kim who then replied “Not for you, that’s for sure.”

“Oo I like a challenge,” Eva said before she tried to kiss Kim’s cheek, but as she moved in Kim headbutted her. Eva stumbled backward holding her head, after a few seconds she said to Kim “You’ll regret that!” and launched a kick with her pointed shoe into her stomach “HNH!” went Kim as the shoe contacted her stomach. Eva went back to giving love kisses to Kim’s tummy, and again Kim had to resist her hormones, which became more and more difficult with each love kiss. 

Eva knelt down in front of Kim’s gorgeous belly and started kissing her lower stomach while also playfully jabbing her thumbs into her navel and finger******* it. She kept one finger inside her navel, twisting it around, and with the other hand began punching into Kim’s abs. Her fist splashed repeatedly against the wet skin, causing ripples in Kim’s belly, but none of the blows penetrated deeply. Except for the occasional grunt as a reaction to a stronger hit, Kim stayed silent, keeping her body and her hormones in check.

“Well, this isn’t working as intended.” Eva stood up after a few minutes. “Girls, come on, let’s soften her up a bit!”

The gang lined up in front of Kim and started working her stomach over with countless punches and kicks. Kim was given barely any breathing room, as each girl tried to hit harder and faster than the previous one, pummelling her reddening stomach relentlessly. Then Carly stepped forward and slammed her massive fist into Kim’s belly button with the weight of her full body behind it. “Ooof!” Kim’s body rocked forward and backward from the insane momentum behind the blow as it penetrated her abs and slammed into her soft guts. “Looks like we’re finally getting somewhere. Carly you know what to do,” said Eva when she saw this. Another “Ooof!” escaped Kim as Carly’s other fist slammed in her navel, again “Ooof!”, another one “Ooof!”, and yet another one “Ooof!”. Kim started panting a bit as these punches were finally starting to take a toll on her.

“Hold on Carly, let me check if she’s ready,” Eva said as she walked towards Kim and tongued her navel, this time Kim fought her hormones as hard as she could, but she couldn’t hold it, as she squirmed ever so slightly. “Seems like you’re ready to be my belly **** too cutie,” Eva said gleefully before she started tonguing Kim’s navel harder. Kim’s hormones soared from the wet tongue in her navel, and she even started to moan a bit. Then her hormones truly got the better of her, and she relaxed her abs, as soon as that happened, Carly smashed her gigantic fist in her mid stomach, right above Eva’s head. “OOOFFFF!” went Kim as she flew as far backwards as she could. Eva stood up and gave Kim a punch in her stomach herself “OOOFFFF!”

“This will probably be the most fun night I have ever had,” Eva said before she planted a kiss on Kim’s cheek while Kim was gasping for her precious air.

“Leave her alone, you sick *****.” Annica said suddenly.

Eva demonstrably pushed her finger into Kim’s navel, making her moan quietly. “Or what? You’re not in a strong bargaining position, honey.”

Annica tensed all her muscles and struggled against her restraints. She even managed to move a bit. “You know that sooner or later I’m gonna get free and I will kick your ass.”

Eva walked over to her and punched Annica’s bruised abs, getting a slight huff out of her. “Right now, you got your ass kicked and it’s up to me when I will release you, if at all, so be a bit more humble, Missy!” She slammed her fist into Annica’s devastated belly a few more times, making her grunt in pain. “But if you agree to be my little *****, then maybe your girlfriend will only get a minor treatment.”

Annica considered accepting the offer, but Kim cried out: “Don’t do it, Annica! They will kill you!”

Eva gave a signal to Carly, who grabbed a wooden bat and smashed it into Kim's upper belly. “Hnng!” went Kim as her body swung back and forth from the massive blow. A red welt appeared across her pink stomach.

“Shut up, belly ****, you’ll get your turn!” Eva kicked Annica’s stomach a few more times until she was satisfied, then returned to Kim. Carefully, she pushed the tip of her tongue into Kim’s deep navel and started flicking it. She spat into the belly button and moved her tongue around with a wet, slimy sound, causing Kim to moan a bit louder. As Eva did this she also pushed her left fist slowly into Kim’s stomach organ, squashing it in the process. Kim started to moan even louder as she got pleasure from that as well. “Uuunnnnhhh ... OOOHhhhhh ... UUUUMmmmhhh” Kim went as Eva started to move her fist in a pumping motion, trying to make her nauseated. After a minute of that Eva stopped with both the pumping her fist into Kim’s stomach, and the tonguing of her wet navel. “I like your cute tummy very much, little miss belly ****.” said Eva before she started licking Kim’s tummy up and down the centreline, all the way from her solar plexus to the top of her jeans. Kim started moaning again from the sheer sensation of her tummy being worshipped.

Annica yelled “Stop that! UUNNGGHH!!” as Carly smashed the bat into her battered stomach to make her shut up. 

Meanwhile over at Tiberius’ house he and Alice just finished their game of Battleship, with Tiberius not even landing a single hit on Alice' fleet. “As always, good game,” said Alice. “Oh come on! I haven’t even scored a hit!” “I meant good game for me. We need to discuss future plans with Annica too, I’ll call her.” straight to voicemail, then she tried Kim, after a long wait, also to voicemail. “I guess they’re busy doing fun couple things,” she said and went back to Tiberius to discuss game strategies. 

Back over at the warehouse, Eva had moved out of the way so Carly could ram the head of her bat into Kim’s tummy, it resulted in a “WWOOOOFF!!!” from Kim followed by gasping and retching as well as some spittle flying out of her mouth, and her eyes tearing up a bit. Eva then said to Annica “It would not have come this far if you had just been my obedient little *****.” Annica tried to lunge at Eva but of course her restraints prevented that “Aww, don’t you like it if we use your girlfriend’s pretty tummy as leverage? Well you should’ve thought of that before you declined my offer sweetie.”

“When I get out of here, you’re ******* dead!” Annica screamed.

“I see you recovered?” Eva gave Carly a nod, who slammed the bat into Annica’s ravaged belly several times, eliciting painful grunts from the ******* girl. 

“Stop!” Kim cried. “Don’t you see she can’t take any more?”

“Hmm, actually no.” Eva laughed. “But since you’re both here, let’s play some games, shall we?” She took a 20kg dumbbell and put it on the ground in front of Kim. “Hold this between your feet, while we punch you. If you drop it, we beat your girlfriend, until you pick it back up. Now, pick it up!”

Kim did as instructed, taking the dumbbell between her feet and lifting it up. She had to bend her legs such that the dumbbell was in the air, and immediately she felt her abs going under strain from the weight. Eva signalled her gang, who rushed towards Kim and began punching her tensed midsection, except Carly, who waited impatiently, next to Annica, with a small steel hammer in her hand and an evil grin on her face.

After they had pounded Kim’s abs for a few minutes, Eva told them to stop as she walked over to Kim and then gave her several love kisses all around her tummy, then she moved away, and motioned for her girls to continue, who this time even added some kicks, elbows, and knees into the mix. Kim knew she couldn’t hold out against this assault much longer, but also didn’t want Annica to get hurt more than she already was, she had a difficult decision to make. She got some help from Eva to make it though, as Eva had picked up the steel ball bearing and rammed it in an upward angle into her stomach organ. The ball with Eva’s momentum behind it crashed through her weakened abs, crushing her stomach, and even ejecting some food. “BLLARGGHH” Kim went as she dropped the dumbbell. “Well, it looks like it’s your girlfriend’s turn, you better pick up that thing quickly.” as Carly swung the hammer into Annica’s tummy “Hngh” she went every time the hammer struck. Kim needed two full minutes to recover enough to grab the dumbbell again.

“Alright girls, you know what to do.” Eva said and signalled to them to continue pummelling poor Kim’s broken tummy.

Meanwhile Alice had tried to phone both of them again several times, and was starting to get worried, when she said “Hey T, I think something’s up, we have to look for them.” Tiberius replied “Oh come on, our fun couple sessions last at least as long, they probably are still busy.” Alice then suddenly remarked “Hey waidaminnit the last time I saw Annica she was talking with Eva while we were talking with Kim.” “You don’t think she has them, right? Al?” Alice was not responding, she just shook with anger, yanked her car key off the table and stormed off, Tiberius thought “This can’t go well.” and raced after Alice.

Back at the warehouse the pummelling became too much for Kim, and after she dropped the dumbbell the second time she whimpered “Please don’t hurt her tummy anymore.” Eva chuckled as she motioned to Carly to go ahead, and the hammer smashed into Annica’s wrecked abs again. After five minutes of this Eva told Carly to stop, because she could see that Kim wasn’t able to pick up the dumbbell anymore. So she walked over to Kim and gave her love kisses to her tummy while she unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her jeans, and let them drop to her ankles. Then she grabbed Kim by her hair and said “Fine, but then you will have to become my ***** instead of her.” and she slid her right hand into Kim’s white linen *******, doing what one does with a hand down there, and as Kim’s mouth opened from the hormonal ecstasy from being fingered, Eva stuck her tongue in it.

Kim had no control over her body as the arousal crept in. She moaned and gasped, goosebumps appearing all over her skin, while Eva continued to rub her between the legs, kissing her upper stomach and finger******* her navel. Her breathing quickened and her whole body began to tremble as she felt close to a climax. Eva saw this as well and fucked Kim’s navel even more aggressively, going in harder and faster. Then, she began throwing punches into Kim’s lower belly with the other hand. Kim’s grunts and groans became one prolonged wail that increased in intensity the closer she was to *******. 

Finally, after a particularly strong hit just above her pubic area, Kim orgasmed. Her body shook, all her muscles tensed, then suddenly she went limp as if all energy had left her together with one loud cry.

“Are you gonna be my ***** now?” Eva asked, nibbling at Kim’s ear.

“Nnn … no…” Kim whimpered, barely able to speak between her weak moans.

“As you wish. I’m just gonna beat you into submission then.” Eva grabbed a steel hammer and started whacking away into Kim’s red stomach. Thud, thwack, slam, each blow penetrated deeply into her belly, sending ripples through her wet skin. Kim retched and gagged after a few hits, and after about 30 blows to her destroyed abs, she vomited on the floor.

“Please … stop …” she begged feebly. “I will do whatever you want.”

“Does that mean you will be my *****?” Eva slammed the hammer into Kim’s upper abs with both hands.

“Hnng! Yes!”

“I can’t hear you!” Eva smashed the hammer into the navel, even harder.

“Yes! I will be your *****!” Kim said as loud as she could.

“Good!” Eva stroked her cheek, wiping away Kim’s tears. “Very nice.” She turned around towards Annica. “You know what, two ******* is better than one. Isn’t it sweetie?”

“You’ll pay for this, you monster!”

“No I don’t think so, and since we’ve already beaten your stomach to a pulp, it seems very obvious to me what I have to do.” Eva started to plant soothing love kisses all over Annica’s devastated tummy while she slid her right hand down her ******* and started ********* her. After a few minutes Annica’s hormones started to work and she began enjoying the *********, Eva noticed this and stopped giving love kisses to her tummy. Eva gestured with her left hand, and one of her girls gave her the steel ball bearing, which she then rammed into Annica’s stomach resulting in a grunt from Annica. Again and again, 20 times in total, then Eva went back to giving love kisses to Annica’s tummy. As the hormones surged, Annica could hold it no longer and ***med. “So, I have beaten both your and your girlfriend’s tummies, I also have made you both ***, and she is my *****. Are you ready to be my ***** too?”

“No you wicked monster!” Eva walked out of the way and gestured to her girls to continue mashing Annica’s tummy. After 10 minutes Annica had vomited a shipload of blood, and Eva gestured to her girls to stop. “What about now babe?”

“Y-yes...I’ll be..your..*****...” said Annica faintly before fainting from the severe blood loss.

“EVAAA!!” a very very very furious Alice yelled as she stood in the doorway, the rest of the gang was clearly in shock, they had never seen Alice this way, and knew it would be best for their health if they stayed out of this. Alice charged at her sister, slammed her against the wall, and slammed her left fist in her stomach organ "OOOOOLGGH!" Eva went as she collapsed to her knees, clutching her stomach, gasping, and retching. “Girls, untie them, and put them in my car, NOW!” said Alice then she exited the room “Oh hi T, I didn’t know you followed, Eva’s inside, ready to talk with you.” a clearly baffled Tiberius stood there just outside the room, processing what had just happened as the girls carried Kim and Annica out “Uh girls, where are you taking them?”

“Alice' car.” “Put one of them in mine please.” “Ok will do.”

Tiberius continued into the room and found Eva there on her knees clutching her stomach in pain and throwing up, so he said “So, you decided to beat up our two newest recruits, and you didn’t even ask me? Maybe your sister isn’t the only one who will punish you for this.” and he picked her up by her hair with his right hand.

“Please not my stomach.” Eva whimpered in reply while grabbing Tiberius’ hands in her hair. “Yea….you really should’ve thought about that before going on your beating spree.”

“Please T, I’ve filmed everything, you can sell it if you want, please don’t hurt my stomach anymore.”

“Well thank you for your input to our catalogue, but you still need to be punished for attacking our main money making stars, you only got Alice' half of it, now you get mine.” and he slammed his left fist deeply in her stomach organ “BLLAARGGHH” Eva went as she vomited again, and he let her go, making her collapse to her knees and clutch her stomach in pain again. Tiberius then grabbed all the recording equipment and left, leaving a sternly warned Eva to think about what she had done.


Mel looked out of the window of Tiberius’ car, watching the crowd gathering in front of the arena building. After being in the hospital for 2 weeks, she didn’t have any training and didn’t feel like she could participate in a tournament without any preparation, but Tiberius had insisted that she at least tried. After all, he partially paid for her gym.

“How’s Juliette?” She asked, when they got out of the car.

“She’s gonna go home tomorrow, where she will need a few days to fully recover, but at least she’s back on her feet again,” Tiberius replied. “You ready?”

“Not really.” Mel adjusted her sports bra. She was already wearing her fighter outfit of a black bra paired with black shorts, since it was warm enough. They entered the arena, where a fight was taking place already. Two women were beating the **** out of each other, while the audience was cheering every time one of them landed a hit.

“You will fight together with a partner against 2 opponents.” Tiberius reminded her. “So, if you don’t feel well, you can always tag her in. This is her, by the way.” He pointed towards a slim girl wearing a red bra and matching shorts, with long blonde hair and pale skin. “Hey, Lisa!”

“Oh, hello Tiberius!”

“This is Mel, your partner,” Tiberius said. “Mel, this is Lisa. She was recommended to me by a friend.”

The girls shook hands and went towards the ring in the center of the arena, where the previous fight had ended. As the announcer called out their names, they stepped into their corner, waiting for their opponents to arrive.

“Get ready folks! Here come the Flaming Fennecs!” and the door to the locker room area flew open, through it came 2 girls, first was Stella, a slender girl with light brown hair that reached just under her shoulders, wearing a flesh coloured sports bra, and blue shorts. The second girl was Emily, she was also slender, her hair was of the same length but a darker brown, and she had a bit more of a tan than Stella, her outfit was a rainbow coloured sports bra, and blue shorts.

As they entered the ring the referee stepped into the middle, gesturing to both teams to join him there. “OK, the rules: 10 rounds, 3 minutes each, punches and kicks to the midsection only, no holds barred, tag in your mate whenever you feel necessary, and whoever spent the least time in the ring during a round starts the next one, clear?” Both teams nodded “OK teams, choose your first fighters.” Lisa said to Mel “You’re still recovering, I know, Tiberius told me, so I will go first to try to weaken them a bit for you.” The other team decided on Emily to go first.

“DING!” The first round began, and Emily and Lisa were warily squaring off, waiting for the other to strike first. After a minute, it was Emily who launched the first attack which Lisa evaded and then countered “THUD!” Then she moved back out of striking range. Emily went in again, this time with a feint, and Lisa fell for it, she took a hard right in her stomach “THUD!” and she moved back out of striking range again. This went back and forth for the rest of the round until finally the bell signalled the end of the first round.

“You did well!” Mel said with a smile, as she got ready for the second round, eagerly jumping in place.

“Thanks!” Lisa said. “Give them hell!”

Mel entered the ring at the sound of the bell and eyed up her opponent Stella, who wasted no time and rushed in for an attack. She evaded the punch and countered, but Stella was quicker, kicking Mel in the lower belly. Her foot slammed into her flexed abs without doing much damage, but Mel had to take a few steps back. Stella followed it up with a series of punches, driving Mel into the ropes, but she also left her stomach open and Mel used that opportunity and smashed her fist into her unprotected tummy. Her opponent grunted and broke off the onslaught, which Mel used to drive an uppercut into her solar plexus. Now, the roles had reversed, and Mel was forcing Stella into her corner. She got another punch into Stella’s navel and a kick into her obliques, then approached the ropes where Lisa was waiting to get tagged in.

“Here you … OOOF!” The air was pushed out of her lungs with a loud grunt and huff, as Lisa’s foot dove deep into her relaxed belly. Mel flew backwards and slammed with her back against Stella, who grabbed her arms, while Lisa entered the ring.

“Surprise!” Lisa said with a smirk, and punched Mel’s defenceless abs. Mel saw the punch coming and flexed, so it did minimal damage, but she still had trouble breathing.

“What’s going on?” she asked, looking around for someone to help her. She saw the audience go wild, Tiberius argue with the referee, and Emily stepping into the ring. 

“These two ladies convinced me it was better to be on the winning team, you know?” Lisa said and kicked Mel in the belly again, while Stella and Emily held her in place. “Hngh” went Mel as it impacted her flexed abs. Lisa then went for an uppercut into her stomach “SPLAT!” as it impacted Mel’s tummy followed by another “Hngh” again “Hngh” and again “Hngh” then Lisa walked back and took a running start to her kick “OOOOOOOOOOLFFF!" Mel went as the kick with Lisa’s momentum behind it penetrated her abs deeply. Stella and Emily let her go and she fell to her knees, clutching her stomach.

Lisa said “We can do better than that, let’s stand in a triangle.” as she picked Mel up. As soon as Stella and Emily were in position Lisa threw a punch into Mel’s stomach “OOF!” and flung her at Stella who stood there waiting for the opportune moment to give her an uppercut in her stomach, and it came “OOF!” went Mel as she lifted off the ground a bit, then she was flung towards Emily who gave her a knee in her navel “OOOLLFF!!” Mel went as she doubled over her knee. This went on for a few minutes until Stella suggested to do a “Binary Gravity Slingshot” the idea of which is: from opposite corners, one slings Mel, and the other slings