The Challenge by Ace


The Challenge by Ace

I'm not sure why Carla doesn't like me. I'd never even seen her until I attended one of the basketball games between our two schools. Oh, I guess I do know the reason--I had begun dating a guy from her school (Washington High) whom one of Carla's friends had her eye on. 

Still, that didn't seem like enough cause for WWIII, which it later became. Jim was on Washington's BB team, and every time I went to see him play, Carla would give me a "look" or in some other way try to intimidate me. I guess Carla, who was a senior, was pretty hot stuff at Washington and used to getting things her way.

Not only was Carla the "Queen Bee" at Washington, but she was also flat-out gorgeous Standing nearly 5'10", she had a drop-dead body. She was voluptuous, with an hourglass figure that allowed her to pass for a woman of 23. She used her come-on body to get what she wanted from the boys while intimidating the girls with her personality and domineering ways.

At the beach she loved to play in the tinniest of bikinis, which just bordered on legal. While not fat, she was all curves, from the twin set of 36 C's she displayed in the tiny tops she wore, to her **** belly which was gently rounded below her belly button. When other, also attractive girls saw her coming, they felt like going back to the bath house.

At any rate, things went from bad to worse. She really hated it when I wore Jim's Washington letter jacket to the games. Finally following one game, she tripped me as we were leaving the gym, and I went sprawling. 

"What the f...'s the matter with you," I yelled, brushing myself off. 

"Why don't you just go back to Central, where you belong", Carla retorted. 

"Why don't you make me?", I said before thinking. "Ooooh, tough girl, huh?", 

Carla taunted. "Tell you what, why don't we just find out who goes and who stays. Let's have a fight--gloves and everything--in the ring--winner keeps coming to the games, loser stays away," said the big blonde. 

"I'm such an idiot," I thought to myself, "I can't fight her, but I also can't back down". 

"Sure, why not", I said, exhibiting far more bravery than I felt. 

"Fine", said Carla, "Two weeks from tonight, after finals are over."

"What have I done?", I asked Jim after the game, "I'm no fighter, she'll kill me". First, she's a year older, and at 130 pounds, at least 15 pounds heavier and nearly three inches taller than I am. 

"Don't worry, I'll be your coach," said Jim. "I boxed in Golden Gloves when I was 14 and 15. I'll teach you all you need to know. We'll use the old boxing club".

I was still not much confident am no star athlete, by any means. I run cross country in the fall and never ranked any higher than third on our team. I've also taken gymnastics lessons for several years, but all I've gotten out of those sports is stamina and a fairly lean physique. I didn't see how that would help me much against Carla's strength and size.

True to his word, Jim drove me over to the old gym, and we climbed into the shabby-looking ring. The only good thing I could see is Jim in his cute little boxing shorts. I wore a modest two-piece outfit as we got down to my lessons. 

Jim said, "We're going to match your quickness and stamina against Carla's size and strength. I'm going to teach you to use your head as well as your fists. Part of a good offense is a good defense, and when we're finished, you'll know how to read what she's going to do, be able to block her punches with your arms and be able to dodge and weave. 

"What do you mean", I asked. "I'll show you," said Jim, "Try to hit me--come on, take a swing at me--a hard one". 

After a few taunts and insults from Jim, I swung my right fist at his head. The punch never arrived. Jim parried it with his left arm and when my momentum carried me forward, my body was wide open to the punch he aimed for my stomach. At the last instant, he pulled his punch and instead gave me a light tap to my vulnerable mid-section. 

"Ooogh", I said quietly, “You jerk!" 

“If I hadn't pulled my punch, you'd me in a world of hurt right now. You'd be doubled over, and I could punch you anywhere. That's what you'll need to do to beat Carla--take advantage of her wild punches.”

My lessons continued every day. In addition to showing me how to block punches and to avoid punches by moving my head or dodging and weaving, Jim also showed me how to snap off quick jabs without telegraphing my punch. He taught me how to put my legs and lower body behind a punch for maximum power. I also learned to fight from a slight crouch. "You need to present Carla with the smallest possible target", he said.

"Where do you think I should punch her--her head to go for a quick knockout?", I asked. 

Jim told me that the best plan would be to go for combination punches--to both her head and body. "We will have to determine her weak spot and then exploit it," he said. Jim said he thought that Carla's body may be the area to attack. "Unless she's been putting in some major gym time, I think we should go for her middle", he said. 

"Speaking of weak spots, how's your stomach? Do you think you can take some punches there?" he asked. "Tighten up your stomach muscles and let's see," Jim suggested. 

I tightened my abs and gave Jim the O.K. He punched me with a couple of jabs to the middle of my stomach. His fists dug in a little, but I didn't feel much pain. 

"I'm going lower," he warned. He then punched me in the pit of my stomach, just above me navel. OOUGH was forced from my lungs. These punches hurt more and seemed to sink in deeper. 

"Get ready, I'm going lower," he said. I wasn't sure this was a good idea, but before I could protest, he had belly punched me below my navel. I put my hands to my bare belly and groaned as the fire spread up from my belly button to my entire stomach. "

If you can't take a couple of belly punches without collapsing, you will be in trouble. While you're holding your belly, Carla will be sending you to dreamland with a headshot. We've got to work on those abs," Jim said with finality. 

Every day he made me do sit-ups and pedal the imaginary bike while on my back. At the end of every day, we had the body punching session. He put a mask over my eyes and would then punch me in the belly or stomach. I never knew if he was going to jab my midsection or give an uppercut to my lower belly. For these sessions, I changed into my bikini to achieve more realism. He also did not wear any gloves to maximize the impact. I just stood there with my hands at my side trying to keep my abs tight. These sessions were torture, and more than once I was left gasping on the floor after a particularly hard punch. 

"You're not just getting off on punching me in the belly, are you?" I asked once. 

"Well, it is kind of hot to be doing this to you," Jim agreed, "but the main thing is to get you ready." I drank protein shakes after the workouts and then had a long jog to finish off my sessions. As a result, as the day of the challenge drew nearer, I was feeling good and looking about as fit as I ever had. I still wasn't sure that I was ready, though.

On the day of the fight, I arrived with Jim and changed into a red robe covering my yellow bikini. Carla was already in the ring with one of her girlfriends as her corner person. There were about 20 people in attendance, and they all gasped as Carla removed her robe with a flourish and revealed a micro-black bikini. There was very little of Carla that was not on display, which is, I'm sure what she had in mind. That curvy body made me feel like I looked like a boy in comparison. Carla's firm breasts needed no support as they seemed to be ready to pop out of her flimsy bikini top. Her stomach and belly looked smooth, brown, and desirable. 

"Wow", breathed Jim. "Put your tongue back in your head and pay attention to me," I snapped with some heat. 

"Right", Jim said.

"I think you need to soften up her midsection. Get in there and mess up her breathing, and then you can dominate her," said Jim, "Be cautious, and feel her out".

The ref we had previously agreed to told us to begin. I walked to the center of the ring and reached out with both hands to touch gloves as I had seen fighters on T.V. do, but instead of touching gloves, Carla lunged forward and smashed her right just below my left eye. I went staggering back and landed on my ****.

As I sat on the ring floor in my corner, my **** hurt, I felt a lump forming under my eye, my head was buzzing, and I was mad as Hell at the cheap trick Carla did to me. The gloves we were using were not official boxing gloves, but more like driving gloves, possessing very little padding; so the punch Carla connected with was just as bad as being hit by a bare fist. 

"What a sucker," I thought to myself as I started to get up. 

"Wait, stay down 'til the ref counts to eight," yelled Jim from behind me. I was up on my knees by five and eight I was up ready for revenge. "Stay cool, remember: defense," Jim cautioned. 

I was up at eight and turned to face Carla as she charged me again. This time I caught her punch on my left arm. It really stung, but better my arm than my head. I backed away, and Carla kept banging away at my head. Most of her punches were missed entirely. I blocked some with my arms and was able to dodge the others. Some just grazed my jaw, and I realized from that little contact that I didn't want to get hit by the big girl. 

I fought from my crouch, arms held so that I could move them up or down as needed to block either head or body shots. About halfway through the two-minute round, I had still not thrown a punch. I noticed that every time Carla threw one of those big rights the whole right side of her body was exposed during her follow-through, and the next time she telegraphed that one of those big bombs was coming, I was ready. 

I easily avoided the punch, but instead of stepping back, I stepped forward and hooked my left fist under her ribs on her right side. She didn't say anything, but I knew the punch must have hurt. 

She again came after me, trying to force me into the corner. She aimed a right at my head, and I dodged just enough for the punch to go whistling by my ear. Again, she was wide open, and I sent a solid left to the middle of her stomach about halfway between her navel and breasts. 

Her eyes showed her pain, and a small gasp escaped her lips. I followed up with a right that glanced off the side of her face, and she stepped back just as the bell rang.

"Nice comeback", Jim said, "I think you should go on the attack now. See if she can play defense". The bell for round 2 sounded and we approached each other. She was more cautious this time. As we got closer, I was able to snap off a left jab. It snapped her head back. Jim told me to always lead with my left and keep circling. 

I was able to land three or four light jabs to her chin or jaw. I could see i was quicker than she, and I intended to take advantage of it. I faked another jab, and when Carla brought her guard up, I had my chance. I drove a hard left and then a right into Carla's mid-section. 

The big blonde let out a low "OOUGH" and back-pedaled. I followed her and peppered her face with light jabs. I then hooked her under her ribs twice and sent a medium right just under her left eye. She was in full retreat as the bell sounded. 

"It's time to go for more body punches," Jim said and gave me a couple of ideas. 

The third round began with me moving to the center of the ring a lot faster than Carla. She was very cautious and moved away from me. I jabbed away at her face, finally landing a hard jab to her nose, bringing a trickle of blood. 

This seemed to enrage the big girl, and she made a huge mistake. She charged me with a huge, wild right. This time, instead of dodging, I blocked it with my left arm setting me up to drive my right fist to the pit of her stomach, just above her belly button. It was my hardest punch, and the loud smack of my fist and the feel of it sinking into her stomach made me think that the fight was as good as over. Before Carla's hands could come down to protect her stomach, I rifled my left into her belly below and to the right of her navel.

"OOUUGGHH" Carla was in trouble now, nearly doubled over. I let her clinch with me, but she didn't do a good job of holding my arms, so I was able to fire off two more short uppercuts to her mid-section. 

She dropped to her knees holding her stomach but was up by eight looking like she was ready for the knock-out. I rushed her and paid the price. I sent the fight-ending punch toward her jaw, but never connected. Carla took a page from my book, ducked the punch, and blasted me right on my belly button. 

"AWWFFF", I gasped as Carla sent an uppercut just below my breasts. My body was burning, and I was having trouble breathing. Fortunately, I clinched til the bell rang.

"Painful lesson, huh?" asked Jim as he gave me a little water and massaged my belly. "Be careful; she can still hurt you", he said as he sent me out for the next round. 

I was determined that Carla was going to pay for that belly punch, and I went after her aggressively (but carefully). We exchanged headshots, and following a series of jabs, I hurt the big girl with a left-right combination just above her deep-set navel. I could tell she was getting softer, and the punches were digging in deeper. I repeatedly was able to jab her face after her guard came down because of hard stomach punches. 

Toward the end of the round, I sent an overhand right that caught her right between the eyes, and she backed up, stunned. I saw that her soft, brown belly was unguarded, and I punched her right on the belly button with my right and then a follow-up left to the same target.

"OOUUGGFF". Her belly button disappeared along with my hard fists as they plowed into her unresisting belly. She tried to double over, but I sent two screaming uppercuts into the middle of her stomach. The breath whooshed out of her as she went down. 

The ref reached "six" when the bell rang. I turned in triumph to my corner to accept Jim's congratulations. "Not yet", he cautioned, "look". 

Carla had crawled back to her corner where her second was working on her. She then staggered to her feet as the bell for round five rang. Our rules said the fight would end at a knock-out or when either fighter gave up.

I was looking forward to some fun as I walked toward the unsteady blonde, who was breathing heavily and hardly able to hold her hands up.

As I walked toward Carla, I had a choice. I could finish her off easy or I could finish her off hard. A couple of good headshots would put her down for a nap, but to repay her for the months of intimidation, verbal abuse, and threats would take a little longer. I needed to teach her a lesson she wouldn't forget. I decided to punish her. 

Standing near the blonde, I gave her a quick left-right combo to the stomach. "OOUGH". 

Carla's hands came down to the middle of her stomach. Earlier in the fight, I would have gone up to her head. Instead, I went down below her protecting hands and drove my fists into her lower belly. 

OOUUGHFF. The tan belly she so liked to put on display at the beach in her tiny swimwear now was soft and fun to punch. As Carla doubled over and moved her hands down to her lower belly, it was easy to come up with a powerful punch to her midsection that almost lifted the girl off her feet. 

"OOOUUFF". She was nearly defenseless now, clutching her wounded stomach and gasping for breath. I didn't know if the ref would stop the fight or not, but I couldn't resist those big ******* right in front of me. I punched each breast with two shots each as Carla screamed and tried to cover up. I could hear the other kids in the folding chairs rooting me on. 

With Carla holding both arms over her ****, I had many choices of targets. I chose her belly button and rocketed three shots into her there. 

"OOUUGGFF". Carla looked at her second and then at the ref, but neither seemed to want to step in. Likewise noting this, I continued my assault. 

I straightened her up with a shot to the jaw. Faking another face jab, I rocked two more punches to her navel. Another uppercut brought her hands up, giving me the chance to work her lower belly, that wide expanse of delicious flesh stretching several inches below her navel. 

I started on her left side, just above her ***** line, and scored lefts and rights all the way across her belly to the other side. My fists sank into her belly with no resistance from muscle tissue. Carla's mouth was open, but no sound came out. I then came up to that **** gentle mound of flesh just below her navel. I buried my left and then my right in her gut.

As she doubled over yet again, I wondered two things, what was keeping her up and why the bell hadn't rung. At any rate, that wasn't my problem. I worked Carla's face with two soft jabs, just hard enough to make her stand up straight. A left/right combo right under her breasts dug in deep. 

"OOUUGHF" I backed her into the corner with more face work. The big blonde was now leaning against the corner, hands at her side. Blood was trickling from her mouth and nose and her dynamite body was now wide-open and helpless. 

Again I attacked her stomach and belly, giving her shots low in the belly to just below her breasts. Slowly the big girl slid down the post to the floor.

I turned to walk away, but the ref said, "Wait, I don't think this is over". 

Walking over to Carla, he hoisted her nearly unconscious body to her feet and announced, "I know everyone here would like a shot at this *****. Now's your chance." 

One by one, boys and girls filed up into the ring. "You get one punch each", the ref said. 

Amazed, I watched her supposed friends, as well as my friends, get back at her for years of unkindness. 

The first girl punched her deep in the belly button. 

The next girl removed Carla's top and sank her fist into her left tit. "AWWWF". 

The next person, a guy, gave her a tremendous shot to her lower belly. "OOUUGGFF" 

Another guy punched her in the nose. 

The next boy buried his fist into her navel. "OOUUGGG". 

Another girl punched the big right tit. "AAWWFF". 

The next boy drove an uppercut up between Carla's legs. "EIYYYY". 

The next two boys did the same, each trying to deliver a harder punch. 

Finally, it was over, and only I was left in the ring.

"She's all yours to finish," said the ref. I put all my weight into a vicious uppercut to her belly button. "OOUUGGFF" 

I then worked out on her stomach, burying my small hard fists into her flat, but putty-soft mid-section. 

Finally, I sank my fist wrist-deep in her defenseless belly right below her navel. I swear my fist must have touched her backbone. 

I gave her a knee lift to the belly button. "OOUUGGFFFF". Carla was out, and the ref let her slump to the floor.

I guess Carla will think long and hard before issuing another challenge.

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