The Bully vs the New Kid by Unknown (User)


The Bully vs the New Kid by Unknown (User)

Amy was new to the school and everyone could tell that she was nervous because she always kept to herself and never talked to anyone.

The always snide and ruthless Mary took special notice of Amy and one day told her friends that she was going to have fun with the new kid before walking off. That same day, Amy was walking home from school and suddenly felt a fist hit the back of her head and she collapsed to her knees.

A few seconds went by before Amy was able to look behind her, holding her head. She saw Mary with her arms crossed over her chest and an arrogant smile on her face.

Mary then reached down and with both hands grabbed Amy by the front of her shirt, pulling her to her feet. Mary yanked the front of Amy's shirt up just past her belly button before pushing her back against a tree and punching her exposed stomach. Mary still had a firm grip on Amy's shirt with her left hand and continued punching Amy in her belly.

Mary finally stopped hitting Amy's belly and rams her knee in Amy's stomach. Mary steps back releasing Amy's shirt and watched Amy collapse to both her knees holding her stomach.

Mary told Amy they weren't even close to done and once again grabbed Amy by the front of her shirt with one hand and yanked it upward to expose her stomach again and slammed four more punches on Amy's exposed belly.

Tears were swelling Amy's eyes as Mary held onto the front of her shirt lifting Amy off the ground with her feet dangling. Mary glanced down at Amy's pale, exposed belly and said that she liked it.

"Be seeing you around kid," Mary said before releasing Amy leaving her laying on her exposed midriff.

April 5, 2022 7:53 PM