The Breeze: An Urban Legend (complete) by Captain Quixote


An Urban Legend

Of course all the wind stripping could not go unnoticed. Stories had spread about about women having their clothes torn right from their bodies by seemingly impossible winds. There were various names for the phenomenon. The most popular was the one that we all recognize. In print and through word of mouth stories, the phrase “Mischievous Breeze” has become part of the lexicon of urban legends. Not many people believed of course, but there were recordings of reporters and singers and the like that were difficult to refute. No special effects seem to be used.

The Breeze discovered his celebrity status on a fine warm day in yet another new city. It had been a bit of time since his shopping mall adventure, but he wasn’t expecting another surge in power. It happened though. He lazily blustered by a newspaper stand where he spotted a small story titled “Mischievous Breeze : Fact or Fiction?”

Well, that got our hero’s curiosity up. With a whisk, he swept away a paper. Anyone watching would have thought that a bit of wind was just circling it around, but the newspaper that was being taken apart was also being read.

He was famous now. The Breeze didn’t mind that at all. Most people thought him a hoax, but that was to be expected. Perhaps he might make a few believers today though. Come to think of it, that pretty lady at the very news stand he had stolen the paper from would make a great candidate for a bit more proof.

She was tall and stacked. You couldn’t tell if her legs were nice or not given the long skirt. The rest of her was so perfect that you could guess pretty well that she had a wonderful lower body as well. The Breeze made himself just a little whisp of wind in order to hear her mumble to herself. She was reading the same story that he had just finished. “Ridiculous. People believe this stuff? It belongs in the tabloids, not in a real newspaper.”

To get her attention, the Breeze whisked around her head lifting her nice, dark blonde hair a bit. Then it was time to show her that she shouldn’t be so skeptical. He swept up around the bottom of her skirt, making it move rapidly so that everyone around would notice. There were really only a few people, but it would be enough.

“What’s going on?,” she said in surprise. Then she noticed that nothing else seemed bothered by this odd wind. “Oh no. OH NO! This can’t happen!” But of course it did happen. The Breeze lifted her dress fast to keep her from running. He had been right, she did have wonderful legs that moved in an awkward stumble as she batted at her dress. She couldn’t possibly fight the Breeze though. The dress rose, baring ******* on marvelous hips. Then the Breeze tore at her *******, snapping them right off. The sounds of the few onlookers’ delight made the unfortunate woman scream. Her pretty, dark blonde beaver was bared on one side and her gorgeous, voluptuous ass was bared on the other. “NO! NO! This can’t really be happening!”

With an exceptional effort, the Breeze managed to lift away everything else, her dress and the bra under it. The fabulous naked woman looked down at her own body for a couple seconds of sheer disbelief. Then she squawked as she threw her hands across herself. She was so confused that she wasn’t even covered right. Everything was still out there for everyone to see as she screamed. The Breeze was still circling around her, carrying separated pages of the newspaper she had been reading. He moved in a way that offered them to her. Realizing that it was all she had for cover, the new believer grabbed a few pieces. She had one big piece of newspaper over her bush. Another was over her breasts. Anyone behind her was still treated to the naked view of her ass.

There she was, naked except for the story that she hadn’t believed moments before. With wide eyes, she managed to collect herself and run from the newsstand. “Hey lady! You forgot your purse!” She didn’t stop for it though. The Breeze thought about carrying it to her, but he heard the very happy news vendor say, “She’ll have to come back. I can’t wait for that.”

The Breeze loved the serendipity of it all. How many women out there needed to be convinced? He determined to specifically target any pretty lady that was cynical about him. His mystical abilities would not only allow him to do that, but he would be strong and powerful as he possibly could be while fulfilling that mission.

He felt the pull of a very realistic mind in a lovely woman’s head. With more speed than was normal even for him, he shot along the streets to get to his next target. Long red hair, slender sort of build, but with pronounced, if smallish breasts and a derrierre that really stuck out into the world invitingly. Like the last woman, she was wearing a dress. Wonderful!

How it was the Breeze could tell that she was a disbeliever, he didn’t know, but he had done so many fabulous things by then that it didn’t matter. It was time to change her point of view drastically. He swept around her, playing with her skirt to get both her attention and the attention of the few men that weren’t yet looking her way. It would have been nothing, but of course he kept it up, swaying her clothing enough that she had to wonder what was wrong with the wind. That was when he struck. Her dress spun as it lifted, rolling up until it was caught in a bind at her waist. Her ******* on those lovely hips were showing to the world. “How?” She couldn’t even say anything other than that word over and over again. “How, how, how?” She was blushing as she realized that everyone was taking in the view. The Breeze, of course, wasn’t done with her yet. He swept to the waistband of her ******* and slipped them down, rolling them as tightly as he had her dress. The pretty redhead shrieked. Her wonderful buns were bared along with her **** *****. She had just the tiniest little bit of bush that demanded attention because of its bright red color.

She stopped trying to unroll her dress as her hand shot over her bared beaver. “Oh oh oh OH! Stop looking at me! How is this happening?” Now that was dedication. It should have been obvious to her by then that the Breeze was real. He knew that she needed a bit more convincing though. So he took ahold of the top of her dress and blew it down. She had a bra on underneath, so there was more exposure, but no real ******. All the same, she tried very fast to slip her top back up, which was exactly what the Breeze wanted. He had become a master of tearing and tying clothes with blinding speed. He needed that skill for this feat. Once her wrists were together at her waist, the Breeze twisted the upper part of her dress around and around. It took a moment, but her hands were captured at her waist, unable to move down to protect her lower body. Of course she also couldn’t move them up either. So the Breeze snapped her bra off of her body completely exposing her graciously firm and perfect breasts. On most women they might have looked small or even undersized, but on her they were wonders with nice, upstanding ******* pointing at the awrstruck crowd. “Oh my god! It’s that wind thing they talk about! Oh my god! I’m naked! Some one help me!”

She needed help, as the Breeze had left her helpless to cover anything. With her tightly wound ******* at her knees, she could barely even walk. He gave her long red hair one little wave as a goodbye.

The Breeze shot through town in search of another woman in need of educating. Being selective beyond just the ladies’ looks would spread his acts out, but his instinct for finding unbelievers was enough to make it fast. His next lovely victim didn’t look like the kind of serious woman who would firmly doubt the Breeze’s existence. In fact, with her rollerskates and bright, tight clothing, she looked flighty enough to believe anything. The Breeze could tell though that she thought the idea the stripping wind was ridiculous. She was about to learn otherwise.

Her skirt was so short that almost nothing of her legs was hidden. The Breeze could still improve on that though. With a quick gust he shot it up in back, showing a pair of dark ******* that clashed with the bright yellow skirt wonderfully. The lovely roller girl took that in stride, even laughing at her own momentary exposure. A moment later, the Breeze forced her skirt back up, but this time he didn’t let it fall. He kept it up, forcing her to push it down slowly. “How weird!,” she said, blushing slightly. When she looked around though, she saw that there was no other wind. “What?” Time for some real baring. The Breeze shot her skirt up again while at the same time blasting her ******* completely off of her! Her athletic ass was gorgeous and her ***** was beautiful. She had just a tiny patch of light brown bush above a narrow but pretty pair of ***** lips.

“Oh my god! It’s that breeze! It’s real!” She couldn’t have said anything better. To the Breeze it was even better than a scream. People around her heard that and saw the show. The Breeze was convincing them as well as he swirled around her. The force of him pushed her around, so she was just trying to keep her balance on her skates. While she was doing that, again and again, her skirt popped up, baring **** and beaver to the crowd. After a bit of that, he left her alone long enough for her take several deep breaths and ask, “What happened?”

What happened? He might have actually let her be after just the skirt play if only she had said something about him being real. Instead, he did his instant stripping trick, weaving his way quickly into all of her clothing. Then, with one outward burst, she was stark naked, firm and gorgeous. Wearing nothing but roller skates, she screamed, threw her hands over her ****, and tried to get to safety.

The Breeze swelled with pride as he educated the public. He found his next victims indoors, which made for an even better presentation of his existence. They were a pair of beautiful thirty somethings out clothes shopping. He couldn’t have asked for a better setting. He didn’t start with them. Oh no, he wanted to warn them first. He started by blustering along the clothes hanging on racks and sitting on shelves. It got a lot of attention, and before long every eye in the store was watching the odd movement that flew along. Then he starting throwing clothes off of hangers and shelves in colorful bursts of fabric. “What’s going on?” “How is this happening?” “I can’t believe it!” “You can’t! I have to clean all this up!” This last was from a lady working there who was also very attractive. The Breeze had a mission today though, and he didn’t want to strip any woman who wasn’t asking for it by disbelieving in him. It would be only those two beauties that got his attention here.

They had somewhat matching bodies, toned to perfection as workout partners. Nice, very firm **** on both, great asses and fabulous legs. Given the kind of clothing they were wearing, these two didn’t mind their bodies getting attention, but they would have a lot more than they wanted in moments. Both brunettes, one had light hair and the other very dark. The Breeze rushed to them and started tugging at the hems of their short pants. “Do you feel that?” “Oh no. It can’t be.” All of a sudden, their shorts were down to their knees. The ******* they had on were not revealing enough for the Breeze, so he did his spin trick in a way that wedgied each ***** wonderfully. Both pairs of buns were amazing.

The women shrieked as their hands first moved to cover their exposed butts. Then they were trying to get their pants up as one of them actually said, “This can’t be that stripping wind!” The Breeze playfully pushed at the pants just hard enough to keep the unfortunate disbelievers from pulling them up. At that point, onlookers got loud. “Whooo!” “All right!” “Bend over a little more baby!”

The **** pair turned around, which was great for the Breeze. Right when they did, he cycloned their tops up, snapping and lifting their brassieres at the same time. Two pairs of amazingly taut **** were completely bared, and the clothes that should have covered them were hopelessly tangled up. While everyone was leering at them, the exasperated women were frantically trying to unroll their tops. “I can’t believe this!” “Its real! I can’t believe it’s real!!”

Right after that, their ******* were thrust down, baring two very nice, close trimmed bushes. The ladies turned and tried to move to the dressing rooms, shuffling along as they pulled their ******* back up, then their shorts. Before they could get far that way, the Breeze just dropped their bottoms again. Again and again they covered and were bare assed until they got out of sight. The store was all applause and cheers and laughter as the Breeze looped in celebration.

It had been fun already, but the Breeze was looking for a bit more creativity. He got his chance for that after just a few minutes. The city he was in was full of very skeptical women. There were two of them again. They were lovely and voluptuous. The Breeze zeroed in on them, enjoying the view. One was a very cute and sweet red head with very ********. Walking along side her was blonde with somewhat bigger ****. You could see this pair of pairs from quite a distance. From any distance, the matching figures would suggest that they were sisters. They weren’t but their exceptionally ***** figures made it seem that way.

The Breeze rushed down and circled a happy path around one pair of breasts, then the other. “That felt good,” the blonde noticed. The Breeze enjoyed her gratitude, even though he knew she would hate him less than a minute. He had to move fast for this trick. He swept first into the top of the red head, weaving into it in less than half a second before bursting away. One moment she was turning heads, the next she was completely *******, and drawing open stares. Before she even built up a good scream, her friend the blonde got the same treatment. Blouse and bra were torn away, but the Breeze carefully kept the blouse somewhat intact. He blew that large scrap of fabric over to the red head. It was a blessing to her, as her breasts were covered again. Of course the blonde shrieked in terror as her big, big, big beautiful jugs were bared to the world. There were chuckles and happy commentary from the people around. “Wow!” “Look at those things!” “Damn honey, you are built!”

In the next moment, that blushing, bit titted blonde glared at her friend. “That’s mine!” The Breeze watched with glee as the women started a frantic tug of war for the torn top. It was the blonde’s but the red head had caught it fair and square. They shouted at each other, “Let go!” “It’s mine!” “I’m as naked as you are!” The crowd cheered them on, “Keep it up!” “Look at the bouncing!” “How did it happen?”

Oddly enough, even while they were struggling for the cover they both wanted, the red head said, big bare ****, shaking and bouncing as she struggled, “It’s that wind! It’s that wind they talk about in the news! It’s real!”

“Don’t be stupid!” the blonde said. Bounce, shake, jiggle. “There’s no such thing.” That sealed it. If even a direct action on his part hadn’t convinced her, the Breeze needed to do more. He had planned to strip them both bare, but since the red head believed, she would be left alone. While the two women continued their silly, ******* tug of war, the Breeze worked his way into the blonde’s pants and *******. her body wasn’t just a pair of nice ********. She was stacked all over. Her **** wasn’t as big as her **** would suggest, but it was good sized, very round and demanding. Her legs were wonderful. Then, all of that was public knowledge as the Breeze stripped the rest of her clothes off! AAAaaaAAaaAAAH!!! “Oh my god it is real!” She was stark naked on a public sidewalk! Everyone was staring at her gorgeous, curvaceous body, big, ********, nice round, pillowy ass, **** black bush. She threw her hands over her nakedness, one covering her dark beaver,


Continuing from where it got cut off :

“Oh my god it is real!” She was stark naked on a public sidewalk! Everyone was staring at her gorgeous, curvaceous body, big, ********, nice round, pillowy ass, **** black bush. She threw her hands over her nakedness, one covering her dark beaver, the other trying and failing to cover some tit. She continued a very loud screaming fit as she was gawked at by so many people. She couldn’t even bring herself to run, she just stood there frantically and hopelessly naked, a new believer in the Breeze.

Her ******* friend was also staring, but more out of shock than anything. While the Breeze had determined to leave the rest of her clothes alone, he didn’t see why she should win the battle for the torn shirt. So he flew to her and swiped the torn cloth she was using to cover her chest. Of course without it, her big jugs were not covered by much. Her jaw quivered in fear, but since her lower body remained covered, she didn’t panic as much. She took her blonde friend’s arm and gently coaxed her, little by little, away from where she was toward the nearest door.

The next woman in need of education had a newspaper with her. The Breeze was delighted at that. It was the same newspaper that had started this educational series of strippings. She had been sitting at a table at a sidewalk cafe, drinking some coffee and finishing a meal as she read over the top of a very expensive pair of sunglasses. She was marvelous in expensive clothes, a perfect coif of blonde hair, elegant style all over. The Breeze swept around for a few minutes, feeling that the time would be best to strike after she had finished the article about himself. She left her newspaper on the table as she walked away. The Breeze picked it up and followed her. She was a bit startled at the airborne newspaper that circled around her without even unfolding. As she walked, it didn’t even fly away, it just kept orbiting the fancy beauty. Her walk slowed as she realized, much to her dread, that this did not appear to be a natural occurance.

That was the perfect moment for the Breeze to begin. He began with her blouse. It popped open at the same time that the center of her bra burst, revealing artistically curved medium breasts with the most perfect jiggle, highlighted by dancing ******* as she began to trot away. “Oh my god it’s real!” Still carrying the newspaper with him, the Breeze circled her pulling and tugging at her clothes for a few moments before relieving her of her top. He scream of embarrassment was beautiful as she clutched her torn bra back over her *****. “Someone do something!” What could anyone do even if they had been inclined to help? Several people stopped dead in their tracks to stare at the half undressed beauty. Most notably were a pair of men who above her, working at pasting a billboard. “Whoo-hoo baby! Shake that this way!” “Great weather we’re having this time of year!”

The lovely woman would have begun to run again if it weren’t for the Breeze. He blasted skirt and ******* down. The skirt fell to her ankles, but the ******* were at her knees, keeping her from moving much. At first she kept trying to escape without letting go of her ****. Then as she looked down at her own lovely, downy brown bush, she started cursing loudly as she started pulling up at her underwear. Everything was bare as she struggled with that. It gave the Breeze plenty of time to do one of his favorite tricks, using her clothes to bind her. Right when she had her ******* up, adjusting the back side, her bra shot down her arms and was twisted fast around her wrists. “What? NOOOOOOO!” Right after that, her ******* were dropped again, this time just above her ankles, impeding her speed as much as possible. “OH OH OH! I’m naked! I’m naked!”

As a final measure, the Breeze tore the fateful headline from the newspaper, carefully applied some of the adhesive from the half finished billboard to the back of it, and then pasted it right above the woman’s fabulous breasts. She blushed and fumed and let out the occasional shriek as she stood there, ******* at ankles, hands bound back, ***** and bush bare with the words “Mischievous Breeze : Fact or Fiction?” above her nakedness.

So far the Breeze had indulged only in small displays. If he was to truly spread his legacy, he needed something more high profile. Of course he was granted that exact opportunity. As he wafted along, he found himself in an educational sort of setting, students and intellectual types abounded. Though a few lovely young scholarly types were available, the Breeze had an instinct to head directly to a certain building where a very high profile guest lecturer was explaining to a very, very large crowd the truth behind urban legends. For just a little bit, she had an unseen listener, circling above. The Breeze heard her tell everyone how common sense and research can prove virtually any unbelievable story to be a hoax. She answered a few questions about specific stories, but the Breeze let her be until she was asked, “What about wind strippings, Professor Stacklight?”

“Wind strippings. Also called the Mischievous Breeze. I believe there is a news article in today’s paper about it. There are, of course, a great many believers in this phenomenon, and I’ll grant you, there is some evidence of it. That evidence is not as strong as it first appears.”

“But aren’t there some actual photographs and even video of it?”

“The explanations for that range from staged hoaxes to optical illusion.”

That was the Breeze’s cue. It was time to prove himself to this skeptic a**** skeptics. He flew down from the ceiling to the **** lady scholar. She had chestnut brown hair tied back very professionally. He clothes were conservative and expensive. She also had a pair of glasses that really made her look like a brainy beauty. The Breeze decided to do his stripping in stages, but also very quickly so that she wouldn’t have time to get off that stage. First, he stripped her to her underwear, bursting the clothes from her upper body so that her ample but not oversized bosom in bright blue bra met the public. In the very next instant he shot her pants down so that she wouldn’t be able to run. The ******* there matched the bra. They weren’t immodest, but they were tight on a fabulous lower body. That stripping was so fast that the pretty Professor Stacklight didn’t even have time to react until it was done. “Im-impossible!” Then she squawked as her arms moved to cover her. It was difficult for her to decide just where to put them as she stared out at the flabbergasted crowd.

The Breeze looped playfully about her so that she could feel him. “Oh no. It’s not over!” The moment that the Breeze heard some happy sounds from the audience, he went to work again. He unclasped the back of her bra. “NO!” Then he snapped it off her into the crowd where it was caught like a stray baseball. The lovely, lovely pair of ******* that met the public had a graceful but strong curve to them with exquisitely, geometrically perfect *******. In fact, even her **** looked smart. That is, until she threw her hands across them with a scream of rage and humiliation.

Someone shouted, “Are you sure it isn’t real?”

“Shut up! Stop looking at me! This can’t be happening! It’s impossible!” What an unintelligent remark from an otherwise brilliant woman. Of course it provoked the Breeze into furthering his display. Blue ******* dropped to her knees, revealing a great, fluffy thick brown bush. The crowd’s noise level rose as Professor Stacklight’s blush increased. Her hand flew down to cover her muff. The arm that remained at her chest wasn’t quite positioned right, so one pretty ****** peeked over the crook of her arm. She trembled as she realized that to get her ******* back up, she would have to move her hands. So she turned around. The crowd let out a great cheer at the sight of her bare ass.

Once her ******* were back up, the mortified lady of learning trotted off the stage. Right there were a few reporters and photographers who had delightedly been clicking pictures while she had been stage stripped. They weren’t stopping either. One of Professor Stacklight’s colleagues chivalrously draped a coat over her to protect her though. The Breeze considered taking that away as well, but he wanted to hear what she had to say first. She couldn’t help sounding bitter, but there was also some unexpected humor in her voice when she said to the reporters, “In light of this experience, I suppose I’ll have to reverse my position and accept the reality of these wind strippings.”

She might have been the first of his victims to accept his pranks with any good graces at all, so the Breeze let her be. Instead, a**** the many people in the audience, he managed to overhear a very loud lady demanding that the Professor should be above such things. “It was an obvious hoax. Don’t tell me you’re falling for that.” She wouldn’t be talked out of it, so the Breeze decided to make a persuasive argument. After all, obnoxious as she was, the woman was quite appealing to the eye. Brunette, blue eyes, a figure that was not quite slender with disproportionately ****. They weren’t really much more than mediums, but on her, they looked big.

As she argued with some of the men around her, the Breeze went to work on her. “I’m telling you, there’s no rational explanation for wind strippings. WHOOooHOOH!” The Breeze had flowed fast and cold into her clothing, making certain that she could feel him before he started on her clothes. First it was her top. Everything above her waist was stripped off all at once, flying upward, baring her lovely, not quite round, dark nippled bazooms. She didn’t even scream. She wasn’t certain if she was more shocked that she had been so wrong, or that she was so *******. Of course in the next moment, she lost the rest of her clothing. Her bum, though it was kind of small, was very very well rounded. The eye catching curves of her bosom and **** were delightfully offset by the rest of her slim body. That could only be appreciated for a moment before she crouched down, arms wrapped around herself.

All around her was laughter and pointing, and she was infuriated to see a few camera phones taking her picture. “Don’t you dare! Stop that! Stop laughing at me! Someone help!!”

Only once before had the Breeze attempted to carry a woman, but he knew that he was more than strong enough for it at that moment. This was also a very deserving woman. Her penetrating scream sounded amid gasps as she was lifted, bodily from the ground. The sensation had her limbs flailing, which was wonderful, since she wasn’t able to cover any essentials. The Breeze lowered her to the waiting crowd. At first it was just a lot of hands making certain that she didn’t fall. It was quite gallant really. Then, once she was held aloft, totally naked, it became a sort of spontaneous crowd surfing. The Breeze made certain that the crowd could not put her down, pressing upward whenever it looked like she might make it down. So, moving with the wind pressure, she was passed along with hands holding her up, touching her body all over. “Put me down! Put me down! Stop touching me!” But hands kept at it, some deliberately and some not. Her legs and ***** and **** and all over everywhere else were handled by a mass of strangers for about ten minutes before the Breeze allowed her to escape.


Could it get any better? It was all just a matter of timing. That lecture hall was not the highest profile event he could attend. New meteorological methods and equipment were being unveiled very dramatically on the other side of town. There were a number of important people attending, a**** them politicians, one of whom was a fabulously attractive brunette with a figure that showed even through her expensive senatorial clothing. How perfect! There wasn’t just a crowd here ready to see his work. There were reporters to record it! To add to the Breeze’s enjoyment, the nearest of those reporters was as wonderful as the Senator. The main presentation was over along with the main question and answer with the people responsible. So only back up questions were being asked to the other respresentatives. The Breeze waited until the beautiful redheaded reporter got the the **** Senator. “Cynthia Diamond, KMNF news. Senator Dweiler, though many believe it to be a product of overimagination, there are some credible reports of what we now call wind strippings. Less than an hour ago there was a report about a very public manifestation at a major lecture. Is there any new knowledge or information available that you can comment on?”

Senator Dweiler tried not to look condescending, but it was clear from her tone that she thought this too silly to comment on. “I’ve spoken at length with the leaders of the field, and they assure me that there is no real evidence to support wind stripping claims. I’m certain even any recent phenomenon are only urban legend.”

“Thank you Senator,” the lovely reporter said, “I’m sure our female viewers will be delighted to hear that.”

That would have been it. That was all they were going to say about him. Well, the Breeze wasn’t having that. He swept down just as the two pretty ladies shook hands. In a terrifying moment, Cynthia’s suit jacket was rended off of her and twisted around both her wrist and the Senator’s. “What?” “What just happened?” They both understood, but neither wanted to believe it. As they tried to pull apart, the Breeze kept up his assault. The Senator’s skirt flew off of her body. Gorgeous legs in dark stockings were all anyone nearby could see. She panicked. She saw the camera ready to film her embarrassment. “NO! Not again!” As she tried to run one way, Cynthia pulled the other way. It was too perfect. The Breeze quickly and carefuly herded them together, back to back. Once they were there, the Senator’s jacket was used the same way that Cynthia’s had been, but on the other pair of arms. They were trapped, tied together, back to back. Cynthia shouted at her camera man, “Dave! Stop filming or you’re fired!” He wasn’t about to stop though. None of the footage of this would ever see any airtime, but he would damn well keep a copy for himself.

“This can’t be happening!,” Senator Dweiler screamed as she struggled to get free. She managed to circle away from Dave’s camera, but of course that put Cynthia in the shot. So the Breeze attacked the reporter’s clothes. With a burst, her shirt popped open along with the lacy bra underneath. Cynthia screamed as she looked down at her own fabulous medium ****. She tried to shake back and forth in hopes that her torn clothing might cover them up a bit. Then she glared at the camera. She turned in place right when the Senator wasn’t expecting it.

“Turn that camera off!,” the pretty politician demanded. Then she got the same treatment from the Breeze that Cynthia had. In an instant a pair of real nice knockers were bared. They were definitely big, but maybe only barely so. They suited the senator, as they had a wonderful, official sort of beauty. Senator Dweiler shouted then at Cynthia. “Turn back around here! You can’t leave me like this! This could ruin my career!”

Cynthia fired back, “I’ve got a public career too! Stop that! NO! NOoOoO!” But the Senator had the upper hand in their odd little tug of war duel. Cynthia was facing the camera again, bare breasts and all. “Oh OH oh! Everyone can see my, my, my!” The Breeze made that ambiguous with another quick burst as the **** reporter’s lower body was completely bared. “AAAaaAAAAaaaH!!!!” Her nice, thick, stand up bush, dark red and gorgeous was out for everyone to see.

Senator Dweiler screamed, “Stop looking!” There were people on every side of course. She did feel better where she was, instead of pointed toward the camera though. Every time any other camera came close, the Breeze pushed it away. He was enjoying the women’s back to back fight for cover.

Dave said with a menacing grin, “I’ve got a great close up Cynthia!”

“Stop that!” She spun violently, putting the Senator back in front again. For a second the Senator realized that her ******* were all that the camera could see. Then in the next moment, the Breeze had whisked those ******* down, baring for spectators and news camera, her gorgeous brown bush. The Senator grimaced and grunted as she tried to turn away, but the ******* at her knees made it too hard for her. The camera pulled out, getting full frontal along with that exquisite, desperate expression.

With one last burly gust, the Breeze relieved both women of the rest of their tattered clothing. All they had left, other than shoes and stockings, were the bindings on their wrists. They circled in place, each struggling to avoid the camera, but both giving more than enough full ******, especially since the Breeze was no longer keeping other cameras away.

After a few minutes of that, the Breeze decided to have mercy on the unfortunate women. He swept a big sheet of cloth over them, then took his leave. His time was ending again, but only for the now. His legacy would continue and more and more people would come to believe in magical wind strippings.

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