The Barfight Written by Kuujo


The Barfight Written by Kuujo

My girlfriend Sarah works on weekends as a bartender in a local pub. She is 5'4" with brown eyes and medium-length brown hair. She has a good body, a nice soft abdomen, well-toned arms, and legs. She takes Kickboxing lessons four times a week so she can take care of Herself, but not in my fantasy, here it goes. Sarah was working until 2:00 am on a Friday night in December, from behind the bar she met many interesting people. 

Sarah was well-liked by many, except Sue. for some reason, ever since grade school Sue hated Sarah, nobody really knew why. Sue often stood quietly and played pool with the locals. 

On this typical night, Sarah was wearing blue jeans, with a light blue denim shirt with her sleeves rolled up just before her elbows. She had the front of her shirt tied in a bow-like fashion so that her belly was exposed about three inches above her navel, she looked hot. 

The night was going as usual until a scuffle broke out between two guys playing darts, before you knew it, there was a bar-room brawl taking place. Sarah knew that she had to get in on it one way or another, and she honestly wanted to put her kickboxing lessons to good use. 

She jumped out from behind the bar and got into the mix lucky for her there were plenty of women to beat up on since she isn't quite tough enough to take on guys yet. 

The first girl she grabbed was some chic with red hair. She gave her one good jab to the mouth and down she went. 

Sarah turned around and grabbed another victim, this time landing a roundhouse kick to the head sending the girl flying to the ground. 

Sarah was totally kicking ass nobody even got a punch off at her. During all this Sue was quietly waiting in the corner of the bar for the right moment to pounce on Sarah she had been waiting for this her whole life. 10 minutes went by and Sarah was cleaning house this is when Sue decided to make her move. Like I said, Sue was full of hate, she wasn't pretty, actually, she was **** ugly, but built like a truck, just as tall as Sarah but probably stronger. 

Just as Sarah took a quick rest to re-tie her belly-exposing shirt she felt a tap on her right shoulder. As she turned around, she saw a fist come flying at her from the left, she ducked just in time, and on her way up threw a right hook of her own that landed on Sue's chin. 

Sue was pissed, that was the last punch Sarah would land for the rest of the night. 

She threw another right hook that was blocked in mid-air by Sue's left arm and countered with an explosive right upper-cut to Sarah's stomach that hit with such force that it lifted my girlfriend about three inches off the floor. 

Sarah's body folded over Sue's fist as she let out an “OOOUUUGGGHHFFF!” 

That caught everyone's attention in the bar. What they were about to witness was something they never thought could happen. Sarah tried to catch her breath until another thrashing uppercut landed deep into her gut, once again lifting her up a few inches.

 “UUUGHH!” She gasped, she was in unfamiliar territory for sure, she was usually the one handing out such punishment. As Sarah stood doubled over with one arm over her waist and the other holding onto the bar for balance, Sue grabbed her by the shoulders and tossed her against the wall like a rag doll.

As she started towards her Sarah still had enough energy to try connecting with another hook but as she swung, Sue ducked under and came up with a punishing blow to Sarah's sore belly. 

“OOOFF!” Sarah cried out as again she was folded in half over the strong forearm of Sue. Sarah's arms were dangling at her side, leaving her mid-section dangerously exposed, and Sue took advantage of it.

"Now here comes the real pain" Sue advised Sarah as she pushed her against the wall. Like a professional boxer, Sue began to administer alternating punches to Sarah's beaten belly. These were not jabs, these were serious upward punches that sunk deep into the pit of Sarah's stomach. They were being thrown so hard and so fast that Sarah didn't even have time to double over because just as she began to, another blow was landed on her gut thrusting her head back and chest forward. Sue was like a machine; each punch was harder than the last.

A right. “UUUGHHH!”

a left “OOOFF!”

another right “UUGHHH!”

Sarah's belly was getting the beating of a lifetime. The people in the bar were in shock, nobody ever imagined that Sarah would ever receive such punishment. 

Sue kept working Sarah over, a left “OOOOFFFF”

A right “UUUGGGHHH!” 

Another right ”OOOFFF!” 

Sarah's body just kept jerking forward as Sue delivered one crushing punch after another to Sarah's soft stomach. Sue was relentless, each punch seemed to get harder and harder, there was no end in sight. Sarah was grunting with each blow she received, her face filled with pain. 

Sue paused for a few minutes to simply catch her breath; she had thrown so many punches she was beginning to break a sweat. Sarah doubled over once more with both arms grabbing her midsection, but she was still able to remain standing. 

Just then, the front door opened, and in walked a six-foot, 200lb blonde named Bobbi. She was the biggest ***** in town, a few years older than Sarah. Unfortunately for Sarah, she was friends with Sue. 

"Well, well, what do we have here," Bobbi said, as she stood Sarah straight up. Sarah looked at the giant with half open eyes, one hand still on her tummy. 

Sue then looked at Bobbi and said, "Let's get back to work". 

And indeed, they did, Sarah's arms were held by Sue as Bobbi big woman yanked Sarah’s shirt open and tore off her bra to expose her breasts. Then the big woman threw her coat to the side and cracked her knuckles. Sarah knew what was coming, and she knew she couldn't do anything about it. To her this was 10,000 times more painful than the worst stomachache she ever had. 

Without wasting any time Bobbi went to work on Sarah's battered belly, throwing huge, thunderous punches that plunged deep into the center of my girlfriend's black and blue stomach. 

“OOOMMMFFF!” Sarah was almost split in half by the power of Bobbi's slugs. 

“UUUGGGHHH!” Again, Sarah was socked in the gut. She was getting hit so hard that Sue had a hard time not falling back herself, and she was the one holding Sarah! 

A third shot was on the way. “OOOUUUFFF!”

These punches made Sue's seem like jabs. Sarah was close to passing out, she felt like a bomb had gone off inside her and her gut was on fire. Bobbi dumped a half-empty pitcher of beer over Sarah’s head and used that on Sarah's belly. She held onto the handle and was ramming it into Sarah's stomach. The loud thwomp was heard throughout the bar.

Next, while still being held, Bobbi began thrusting her big knee into Sarah's gut causing to jerk up into the air, Sue finally let go as Bobbi continued her assault on my girlfriend, now throwing uppercuts that almost put a hole through Sarah's back, moving her back almost three feet every punch until her **** was against the pool table. 

Bobbi then pushed her back onto the table and got on top of her. Sarah's arms were hanging off to the side as Bobbi straddled her. She began delivering massive alternating downward hooks into Sarah's belly, each one landing with awesome force.








Sarah just laid there and took them; she had no choice. 

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