The Argument by Stomach_Hurt_er


The Argument by Stomach_Hurt_er

I have a crap job at a fast-food joint. I hate working there. The only good thing about working there is this hot little babe that I love looking at and fantasizing about. I imagine her in many ways but mostly on her knees bending way over and holding her stomach in pain. She's petite, about 5'1" and maybe 100 lbs. Long blond hair down to the middle of her back small waist and perfectly pouting and rounded little tummy. She has smallish breasts and a flat but unmuscled stomach. I know this because I've seen it many times as she always wears things that show off her belly and stomach. I've longed to sink my fist deep into that soft belly and real hard up the pit of that stomach, always to the end that she grunts up her throaty breathy sounds and she folds over my fist impaling her guts, and then falls to the floor into the position I crave to see her in, on knees and doubled all the way over holding her stomach with **** in the air and magnificent ass on show.

I got my opportunity last night. We were the closers and had to do all the work to close the eatery. Just us. I mean, I've had these fantasies about punching her in the stomach since she started here months ago but we were busy doing our closing last night and it really wasn't on my mind. But she was looking hot in a short frilly skirt and belly top as she bounced around doing her work.

I'd never flirted with her before but this night I felt bold and started commenting on her **** and stomach asking if she liked it doggy-style. I could tell she didn't like my comments, but I kept it up saying things like "Man I'd like to bend you over and do something to you from behind" and " Why don't you flip your skirt up and bend over for me and let me see that ****!"

She was getting angry and telling me to stop. I didn't.

"Are you a backdoor girl by any chance?".

That did it. She walked over to me and slapped me really hard. And that gave me a perfect excuse to punch her and I did, as hard as I could right in that little perfectly pooched tummy, She grunted hard from deep in the guts just like I had always imagined, breath blasting out of her mouth and nose into my chest and she folded over my forearm with my fist up her belly.

She clutched my arm and gasped as I pulled my fist out of her only to ram it back up her, harder and higher up the pit of her soft stomach knocking the small amount of breath left in her out with force. She looked up at me and grimace in stomach agony before I pulled my fist out of her. She gulped and clutched her ruined stomach and sank to her knees folded full over touching her forehead to the floor and her ass shot up, flipping her skirt up onto her arched inward back and pushing her *****-covered **** up and out.

What a sight! I had scored and fulfilled a fantasy and man did my fist feel good deep in the softness of her guts. I watched her suffer stomach pain in that position for a long time. Then I went back to finish my work coming back to her often to see her doubled over stomach holding an upturned ****. Eventually, she began to recover and slowly started to rise, but still holding her stomach. She staggered into the kitchen where I was and still holding her stomach and hunched over asked "Why did you do that?".

I answered that for one, I always wanted to, and two, because she slapped me. Any girl that slaps me is basically begging me to punch her in the stomach.

Done with my work I left her there to finish hers by herself with a well punched and hurting stomach. And yeah, I'll be going back. She can tell who she wants but there were no witnesses. Besides, if she does tell I'll use that as an excuse to puncher in the stomach again.

April 5, 2022 6:46 AM