The Animal Magnetism by Meepo the Kobold


“Is this quite safe?” asked her assistant curiously, as Amelia Duchagne donned her goggles.

“Of course it is. Reviving such a small creature as a frog requires very little electricity. You see, its animal magnetism field is quite small. Do not worry.”

With that, she pulled the great lever beside her. Her assistant stood back, watching the contraption and shaking his head. It consisted of two enormous copper plates, with a dead frog placed on a glass table betwixt them. “Confounded magnets,” he said to himself, “how do they work?”

A moment later, he was almost blinded by the intense light. Bright blue electricity arced between the copper plates and grounded itself in the dead frog, which shook violently. It was over in a second.

Amelia Duchagne removed her goggles and approached it. The room smelled strongly of ozone, and the air still crackled with electricity, but this did not seem to bother the scientist. Unafraid, she picked up the little frog – and to her assistants' astonishment, he could hear it croak!

“Do you see, Charles?” said Amelia, “By restoring its animal magnetism field, I have given it life! It is now charged with electricity, and-”

The frog leaped from her hands. It did indeed seem quite lively – it jumped first to her hair, and then to her shoulder, and as she swatted with her hands to try and catch it, it took another jump straight into her cleavage!

“Oh dear,” said Amelia, “Perhaps the dosage was a bit too strong... Oooh!”

“What happened?” wondered Charles, looking curiously at his employer. Her mouth was a round O-shape, and her blue eyes were wide open. She looked quite shocked.

“It is nothing dangerous, I – ooh! Eek!” said Amelia, as she grabbed her bosoms in a most unladylike fashion, squeezing them together. Charles blinked with surprise as she then began to twist and turn like some sort of Oriental dancer.

“I seem to have – eep! I seem to have electrified the – ooh – creature, and it is, um – oh my! - it is giving off gentle shocks. Oh, ouch!”

Her face contorted into a peculiar expression, with crossed eyes and mouth wide agape. Ignoring any pretense at ladylike behavior now, she pushed her right hand as far down into her cleavage as she could muster, but it seemed the little critter had escaped – judging by the way she was making little jumps forwards, Charles could guess it was at her lower back.

“Undo my dress! Undo my dress!” she commanded. “That's an order!”

Her assistant hesitated, but when she wheeled around to stare at him like a murderous madwoman, he dared nothing but obey. He hurried around to her back and undid the strings of her dress, parting the back so that her shoulders were free. She literally jumped out of it, twisting and contorting in nothing but her corset and petticoats. The frog was still in there.

“Oh, my!” she said, “I think the intensity of the shocks is lowering somewhat. It merely... tingles, now- oh! Oh! Oh dear!”

Her hand reached around to grab the front of her petticoats, and she began digging in them furiously, ripping them away layer after layer. “I say! Get out of there!” she shouted, and Charles watched in astonishment as she tore off everything that covered her bloomers. The frog was sitting in the very last one, but as she tossed it away, the poor critter jumped off it in panic, and landed once more between her breasts!

“Oh! Oooh!” shouted Amelia as the electrified creature nested itself between her bosoms, and a redder blush than Charles had ever seen came over her, as her eyes crossed once more and her expression became strangely unfocused.

“Shall I take off the corset, ma'am?” asked Charles hurriedly, prepared to undo the laces, but the scientist protested:

“N- no! It would be- indecent- I shall... I shall do it myself.”

With those words, she began to run, on shaking knees, towards the exit. It was evident the electricity was affecting her, but Charles was mystified at her behavior – her voice was strangely unsteady, and her demeanor didn't suggest discomfort so much as... something else. Pondering this, Charles shouted out his warning just a little too late.

“No ma'am! That door doesn't-!”

It was too late. Dr. Duchagne had already grabbed a scalpel from a table and burst outside. Charles saw her bring the knife to the corset, as steadily as she could muster, and in one quick slash she cut it apart. Her large breasts veritably burst out from their confinement. She sank to her knees, and a great sigh, almost like a moan, escaped her parted lips as she rubbed her bare breasts and touched her tingling *******.

“Oooh, it feels so good!” she exclaimed. Then vaguely, she became aware of the sound of shocked gasps and mocking laughter.

She opened her eyes. She had run straight out in the street before her laboratory, and a group of well-dressed women stood gathered before a great crowd of commoners. Every single person stared at her where she knelt, wearing only her bloomers and stockings.

“Miss Duchagne.” said a highly indignant lady. “I represent the Royal Academy of Sciences. We have come to see your invention. I hope this is not what you mean by animal magnetism?”

Amelia swallowed, hugging her breasts with her arms and averting her eyes shyly. “Ah, um, no. If you just let me get dressed, I will demonstrate- I had a frog, you see, and- oh, where did it go? Has anyone seen a frog?”

She became suddenly aware of a tingling sensation on her left buttock.

“Oh dear...”

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