Tenant's Stomach Paid Rent by Land Lord


I have really had enough of this tenant. I own a small 4 unit apartment building and all my tenants are decent people and pay their rent on time for the most part. That is except for one. This one little hottie who probably always gets her way and can use her hot little body to get what she wants. Well, this was the third time her rent has been three months behind in the last two years. Whenever I sent the eviction notice she somehow comes up with the money. This last time though I guess her usual tactics weren't working so I started the legal proceedings.

She came to visit me and tried to sweet talk me into letting her slide, as she had done before, but I was onto her and never fell for her crap. Hot as she is, this building is a big part of my income and I just can't let tenants slide no matter how good they looked. But she seemed desperate this time and dropped the act and said, in a serious tone - "Come by the apartment. I'm sure we can find a way to work this out where we'll both be satisfied!"

I laughed inside. She thought she could clear this debt with ***. Silly her. I had something better in mind. Better for me anyway.

I've always had a thing for punching pretty girls in the stomach, so I figured I'd take full advantage of this rarest of opportunities. I went to her unit later that evening and she greeted me with just a tight belly shirt and cotton *******. I knew it. She was going to try to use *** for her back rent and get out of her eviction. She smugly retorted "So what do you like? What do you want? I'll do anything to get out of this mess!"

I just said "Stomach".

"What", She said. "The stomach!", I said.

"Have you ever been punched hard in the stomach?", I asked.

"What? NO! I Mean - why are you asking that?". "Cuz that's what I want!" She just looked at me as I walked over to her with my eyes fixed on her exposed belly and without warning I punched her hard in the stomach. She grunted hard and fell to her knees. She was doubled over holding her stomach with the breath punched out of her.

I just let her stay down there a while and when she looked up I said "From now on this is the only way you can pay your back rent and prevent me from evicting you!".

She had a sick look on her face as I pulled her up and punched her soft stomach again, only harder. She grunted and doubled over again before falling to the floor. I was enjoying this and was highly aroused.

Bringing her up again and the third and final uppercut punch up her stomach with everything I had, lifting her in the air and driving all breath and sound out of her before allowing her to collapse on the floor, desperately hugging her tortured stomach.

I have the eviction notice with me and I pulled it out and ripped it up and threw the pieces on her doubled-over form and walked out.

She still lives there. I've seen her several times since then but neither of us ever mention the stomach beating I gave her. She doesn't work and depends on her looks to get gifts and favors from men, so soon enough she'll be behind in her rent again. But she knows how to pay it off now. I can't wait.

April 5, 2022 2:59 PM