Teen Princess Goes Down by smokeydokey


Teen Princess Goes Down by smokeydokey

Part 1

She was just recently starting to feel comfortable in her current situation. Kailey felt enormously accepted as she walked through the dirty-tarnished gray metal and glass swing doors that led to the local bowling alley that happened to be the center of her new "hood". Her first few weeks of being the "New Girl in school" had evaporated in the misty haze of her memory, and she was convinced that her worries had been all for naught.

Just as she had hoped, 14-year-old Kailey had been accepted by her fellow students purely on the basis of her youthful beauty; she looked remarkably similar to the teen actress Larisa Oleynik. It had been a month since she had started at her new school and she already had a boyfriend, and more importantly, a circle of new friends. Friends are the safety cushion in the cruel world of childhood, and Kailey knew this well. Too many times in her past life she had been the dispenser of cruelty to those who had been outsiders or did not fit in.

Even on the first day at her new school when she had been terrified of countless negative possibilities, she had performed well. Just stay quiet, and look cute. The boys won’t waste time in giving you attention, and there’s your foothold. Once the BOYS like you, its a cinch.

The main problem and the reason that Kailey felt so sick when she first started her new school was that she was from an upbringing that was very different from this place. She had been brought up for the first 12 years of her life in the splendid ease of the "Good Neighborhood." They had lived on the lake in what, in all honesty, could only be called a palace. She had gone to the best school in the area, which was a public school, but it was pristine and inhabited solely by other rich kids.

Her Dad had been a lawyer and he happened to represent some "unsavory characters" in some "unsavory activities" which had initially provided the wealth that her family had enjoyed. Unfortunately for the Goldberg's, recent indictments had sent her dad to prison and consigned them to the harsh fate of starting a new life. The money was taken away, the house was gone, and instead of riding in the Mercedes to school, Kailey has driven around in a used Toyota. The worst part of this situation was that they had to move out of their old neighborhood, into an apartment building in a fairly rough part of town. It wasn’t the ghetto, by any means; her mom still had a job at the hospital, which kept them from being destitute, but Kailey was forced to switch school systems, and she had to start high school at Springfield, which was known as the rough "white trash" school.

It had been hard, but she was starting to get used to the dirty old looking atmosphere of the school, and the crudeness of her fellow classmates. 2 years ago, she wouldn’t have even acknowledged the existence of any of these people, but things were different now; she needed them.

Kailey and her new friends Melissa, Chrissy, and Lisa walked together through the bowling alley talking loudly to one another and giggling in the normal teenage girl fashion, on their way to meet their boyfriends, who were at the traditional hang-out spot, the pool room. Kailey wasn’t paying attention to where she was walking and crashed into someone violently. As she continued past, rubbing her shoulder, she felt a little too safe a**** her new buddies and foolishly called back to the girl whom she had run into in her old rich-girl sneering tone,

"Watch out you big, fat red-headed pig!" As soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted saying them. She hadn’t been thinking, she had just wanted to look cool in front of her friends. The problem was that she had insulted Beth Stratford. Beth was a big-boned redhead who was in the roughest group in school, and who lived in one of the worst parts of town. She was 2 years older and probably weighed twice more than petite little Kaylie. It had been a bad move; Beth was known for fighting, and she didn’t lose very often.

"What the f--- did you just say?! You want to repeat that to me again you little *****?!" Beth had instantly roared.

Kaylie was in a panic now, she realized that she’d f---ed up, and pretended not to hear Beth, as she picked up her stride. Beth had no intentions of letting it go, however, and she ran after the girls and grabbed Kaylie by the hood of her sweatshirt, and violently spun her around. Kaylie’s friends just looked on, half smirking at her; no help there.

"What’s your problem?" Kaylie asked, trying to sound brave; there was a quiver in her voice.

Beth looked at her incredulously, "What’s my problem?! My problem is that now I’ve gotta use up five minutes of my life beating the s--- outta you, THAT’S my f---in’ problem!"

Kaylie’s heart was about to pound right through her ribcage. She suddenly felt the urgent desire to be back home in her room right now, but she knew that she had to stand up for herself, or she would lose the respect that she’d earned. Besides that, the boys, including her boyfriend had gathered around and were watching her to see what she would do. Even her boyfriend wanted a fight, she could see it in the look on his face.

There was no one coming to her rescue on this one. Kaylie had never been in a fight, but she had worried about them before, and she knew that she didn’t want any part of fistfights. She loved herself and her body too much to let it get beat on by somebody else’s fists. Scary images of her face getting punched and blood flying and severe pain taunted her brain.

And then there was getting hit in the stomach…that was bound to happen in a fistfight, she had seen it happen at school, and she knew that she didn’t want that to happen to her tummy. She remembered the time when she had seen a fat boy get punched in the gut by the side entrance hallway of the school a couple of weeks before. The sound of it had made her own stomach feel sick, then when he had fallen, they continued to kick him in the stomach over and over. God! What if that happened to her?! Kaylie was about to cry, but she continued to try her best to look brave.

Part 2

Kailie’s mind raced with panic. She had the urge to strike first, right then and there; get a surprise shot in and…but she knew that wasn’t going to happen. She was frozen in place and could not will her body to move. She didn't want to hit anybody any more than she herself wanted to get hit. There was a lead ball lying heavily in her stomach and an icy chill ran over her.

"Come on you little rich turd, it's time you learned a lesson." Beth turned and began walking toward the entrance of the bowling alley. Everyone that had gathered around the scene now bustled with excitement and many exuberant cries of "Fight!" or "We got a catfight!" were heard.

Ah, ****…She wasn’t going to get out of this without some pain. She knew that later on tonight she was going to go to bed in a world of hurt. She could only hope that Beth would go easy on her. She would take the first punch and go down, hopefully, that would end it…she hoped.

The October night air was crisp and cool. The two antagonists and their growing audience walked briskly to the alley between the two buildings. This was just getting worse though Kaylie. Half the school was going to witness her getting her ass kicked, and this enclosed alley only deepened her realization that she was trapped and escape was very unlikely. She had seen adults that were her parent's age going into the bowling alley as they walked, and she looked at them with a pleading, suffering gaze. Adults weren’t supposed to let this stuff happen…but they didn’t know what was going on, and they couldn’t save her. She had briefly considered running over to them for protection, but that would have been disastrous to her image. No…this was going to happen…she was going to get beat up.

The audience of kids surrounded them, cheering them on.

"Kick her ass, Kaylie!" Most of them cheered her on, but they all knew what was going to happen, and they stared on with bloodlust in their eyes.

"Let's go prissy! Come on…hit me!" Beth circled her and taunted. Kaylie had hoped that Beth would start it, but she wouldn’t throw the first punch.

"COME ON BITCH! I’m giving you a free shot, let's have it!" With that Beth put her guard down and raised her arms, indicating she was ready for Kaylie’s move. Before she even realized it, Kaylie lurched forward with a clumsy attempt at a punch to Beth’s face, but she chickened out and hit her shoulder instead. The crowd erupted in laughter.

Kaylie was too scared to actually hit Beth for fear of the retributions, but the retributions were already on the way.

On the downswing of her punch, Kaylie’s stomach was exposed to Beth’s left. Beth dumped an impossibly quick, hard punch to Kaylie’s solar plexus with a frighteningly professional motion. Everyone in the crowd heard the violent thud and there was a collective gasp. Kaylie heard an unfamiliar, embarrassingly masculine noise escape from her, "HUOOOOOPH!!"

At first, the pain did not register, but slowly, an intense burning achee grew in Kaylie’s stomach, and she was bent over, with her arms wrapped around herself in an intimate hug of desperation, trying to figure out how to breathe again. THIS was not something that Kaylie had expected. Her diaphragm was frozen. Her attempts to draw air into her body were failing; her throat was closed tightly shut.

Kaylie stumbled around like a drunk, hunched over her burning stomach. Her eyes were wide with fear, and pain and her mouth hung open wide, desperately attempting to **** in some air.

"Come on *****, I ain’t through with you yet!" Beth was in a fighting stance again, threatening and menacing.

Kaylie could not register these words, or even acknowledge her pain yet, because she was beginning to believe that she would never be able to breathe again, and this was making her wonder why nobody was helping her, and why did Beth still want to fight her? Couldn’t they see she was going to die? Just then, her struggles paid off, and she was able to haltingly **** in her breath in short, raspy gasps.

Slowly her perceptions came back to her, and she heard the crowd cheering her on, "Come on Kaylie! Shake it off, get her!" Kaylie saw Beth lunge forward with a fist aimed at her face. Kaylie yelped and threw her arms forward to fend off the blow. Beth’s fist slammed into her arm, and Kaylie desperately threw a wild sideways punch at Beth. The bottom of her fist hit Beth in the ear, which sent her backing away holding the side of her head. "

You’re dead now *****!" Beth pretended to throw another punch at Kaylie’s face but instead sent her other fist hard into Kaylie’s unprotected stomach.

"HUUUPH!!" This was followed by a vicious punch to Kaylie’s mouth which mashed her braces into her mouth bloodily. As she started to fall, Beth tackled her, and they crashed to the ground. Kaylie landed in such a way that her arms were pinned above her head by Beth’s sideways form, and her belly was completely exposed. Beth took advantage of this opportunity and began pounding her in the stomach over and over "THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD!" Kaylie could not escape, nor could she even make a sound.

She lay there under the merciless beating with her face contorted in a silent scream of pure agony. The pain was a white-hot poker of searing torture in her tummy. Her stomach was a balloon that swelled with a violently throbbing ache. Instinctively she knew to try and keep her stomach muscles tight, but this wasn’t protecting her from the pain. The fists were bouncing off her tensed-up stomach, but every blow was sending thick waves of intense burning pain into her belly.

Part 3

Kaylie tried to roll over to protect her stomach, but Beth was too heavy on top of her. THUD!

"HOOOPH!" Beth was grinning in delight at the distress on Kaylie’s face. She was now crying like a baby, and tears streamed down her contorted agonized face. An especially hard fist pounded into the center of Kaylie’s baby-fat tummy, and she felt her stomach lurch underneath the wash of pain. Kaylie had eaten a big dinner only an hour earlier and now the contents of her stomach spilled out onto the parking lot and her chest.



"…Please!…don’t hit me anymore…"


THUD! "…uuuuuhhhh!"

The beating would not stop. Kaylie wondered how much more she could take. This was too much! Beth was going to kill her…she couldn’t survive the severe intensity of this pain. The pain was an icy-cold hand that was squeezing her stomach with all its might. Besides that, Kaylie realized that once again, she could not breathe. Her mouth was open wide in a silent sobbing scream.

Beth twisted and punched Kaylie in the eye, then grabbed her ponytail and began yanking on it. A harsh gasp escaped from Kaylie’s throat loudly, and she was able to haltingly **** in quick, loud suffering sobs. Beth’s face was directly over her own, grinning evilly. She sucked in the snot from the back of her throat and nose, smiling the whole time. Beth let the trail of spit slowly drop out of her mouth onto Kaylie’s own mouth. Beth was only inches from her face, and Kaylie was sobbing without shame. She smelled the spit…she heard the crowd…she felt humiliated and her stomach suffered from an ache that felt like her belly was a pot full of boiling water.

Beth slowly got up and let Kaylie writhe and grovel on the ground, her arms wrapped tightly around her. "You don’t look so good, prissy." Beth sneered.

"You got a tummy ache?" Beth let her right leg swing back and planted a boot as hard as she could into the stomach of the prone ******* the ground. "HHHUUUUUUHHH!!!" All of the air was jettisoned violently from her body in a violent heave. Kaylie just lay still as another boot thudded against her solar plexus.

"Anybody else wanna hit her?!" Beth yelled to the crowd. One of Beth’s friends began to walk forward, but Brad, Kaylie’s boyfriend stopped her, "Come on Beth, she’s had enough…don’t kill her." Beth leaned over and rolled Kaylie onto her back. She patted her on the stomach with a soft gentle touch and winked.

"Hope you feel better sweetheart." With that Beth lit up a cigarette, and walked away with her friends, high-fiving and celebrating her victory noisily.

Brad leaned over Kaylie’s motionless form. Her eyes were wide open, and tears poured out in a flood. Her mouth hung open with a slack, and the remains of her dinner trailed down her chin and onto her sweatshirt front. Kaylie rubbed her stomach with both hands and soon the ability to breathe was slowly restored. Brad had slipped his hand under Kaylie’s sweatshirt and was rubbing her bare stomach gently as Kaylie sobbed.

She lay on her back spread-eagle for 15 minutes, then Brad helped her unsteadily to her feet, then led her away slowly, hunched over in a helpless crouch of agony. It was a week before Kaylie could shake that awful ache that sat deep in her belly.

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