Tara Again by Countrymouse11


This is a sequel to the original Road Rage story.

Tara Again by Countrymouse11

Two weeks later, the buzz was starting to die down. Everyone seemed to have seen some photos of Tara on the internet. Tara herself managed to find a few, and admittedly the cheerleader was looking pretty good writhing on the hood of her own car bare breasted and beaten.

The blonde was humiliated, she'd gotten her ass handed to her without putting up a fight. Worse everyone knew it. She was walking funny for days and still didn't have the courage to wear anything that exposed her little belly.

She felt ridiculous hiding her body in a one piece swimsuit during class, she'd worked hard to be ogled by guys. Still even the feel of air against her stomach made her uneasy now.

Tara pulled herself out of the pool and brushed her hair back. Aware of male eyes on her body. "I bet they want to punch it too now, see how soft I really am..."

She patted herself down with a towel and headed for the showers. She spotted a camera carelessly left on the bench, in fact, it was her camera. When Allison had finished beating her belly, she had run off with some of her things. The blonde had to walk two miles without a shirt or bra on because of her. 

Tara went to retrieve the camera, but was interrupted by an "Ahem" from someone behind her.

Tara spun around terrified to find Allison in a bikini waiting there for her. "Good thing I came back to lock that up huh? Some **** might've run off with it."

The blonde tried, "But it's mine! You took it... AHHH!"

The cheerleader screamed as Allison took a step towards her, fist clenched. The brunette pulled the punch, instead reaching out with her left hand and pulling away the girls towel. Tara let out an "Eek!" and put her hands over her thighs.

Allison then grabbed Tara by the hair and dragged her into the showers, camera still in hand. She slammed the girl against the wall and sank a hard right fist into her belly. The sensation came rushing back , Tara closed her eyes tight and moaned, "OOOOH!"

The cheerleader slid down the wall then curled up into a ball groaning as she held her belly. There were several girls showering there and they cried out in shock at the spectacle. Allison left briefly and came back with a bag.

"These are yours right Blonde?" Tara nodded dumbly. She watched in horror as Allison took a pair of scissors to her pants and started a new seem.

"Ooh let me do that!" exclaimed one of the girls, "She's a ******* moron!"

Allison was happy to oblige and soon three more girls were happily cutting and ripping up the clothes from her locker. Allison herself took a stip from Tara's gym shirt and tied Tara's wrists to the shower head. The stretching of her abs hurt a bit, she was to short to have her feet completely on the ground and that didn't help.

"Ooh film this, the guys will love it." One of the girls held the camera up as Allison hooked her fingers into the top of Tara's blue suit.

"No..." Tara pleaded, knowing what was coming.

"Ready? Good..." Allison tore on the fabric brutally, it came apart like tissue, ripping completely off the girl. 

Tara was a tanned goddess, 36C breasts with no tan-lines, a slim waist, and wide hips. Her olive-skinned legs were slender and long, muscles rippled underneath as she dangled there helplessly. 

"Oh my god!" pleaded Tara, not sure what she had done to deserve this complete public exposure. Allison turned on the shower, drenching her victim so that her body shivered. 

"Now, my favorite part..." Allison balled a fist and buried it into Tara's stomach.


She followed up with a left.


Then another right.


and another left.


She followed up with two more punches.

"Oof! Oof!"

Allison pointed up at Tara, "You try to get your camera back, I'm gonna shave your head!"

She started to walk away from the sobbing, soaking, naked girl, but turned back to clarify. "The head you claim to think with."

April 1, 2022 1:22 AM