Tanya's Challenge - Lily by Jeri


Tanya's Challenge - Lily by Jeri

When the crew re-assembled for the first night's shoot of the next week, they heard the most feared words in the movie industry; the director saying, "I got an idea over the weekend..."

The director had the writer and the stunt coordinator with him, showing how serious he was about the change. He had decided to change the script and wanted them to rewrite the script so Tanya actually wins the fight against the gang attacking her in the dark alley, and she and the businessman get away to his beach house. There, she would be attacked by the gang leader and knocked unconscious. The gang leader would then kidnap the businessman from his beach house. The stunt coordinator had suggested that they stage the short fight scene at the beach house near the pool. The director said that was perfect, as he wanted Tanya to be in a bikini during all the beach house scenes. He said it would increase the box office. From the murmurs of approval, the crew seemed to agree with him.

Tanya knew the stunt coordinator. It was Lily. She had three roles on the set. She was the stunt coordinator, she was acting as Tanya's stunt double for the really dangerous stunts and she was Tanya's personal martial arts and stunt trainer. She hadn't been on the set the previous week, since there were no really difficult stunts scheduled for that week's shooting. This week was when they shot the fight scene with Tanya fighting the whole gang. The writers usually didn't go into the details of the fighting itself. It was going to require Lily to plan the fight choreography, especially now that the script had changed.

After discussions with the director, the writer decided they could salvage most of the footage what was already in the can, but would have to bring the businessman back in for a couple of shots showing him getting away with Tanya. They could do these scenes any time, so they scheduled them for the next night. They also needed a gang leader. Again, for ratings, the director wanted the gang leader to be a female. She wouldn't have many parts, just the fight scenes. The director cast Lily for the part on the spot. She had done a little acting in other movies and he knew she could handle the fight scenes. It was a natural choice. And, they wouldn't have to delay the shooting while they searched for a new actress for the part. The writer hurriedly rewrote a part of the script so that night's shooting could continue, and then went off to start work on the new beach house scene.

Lily called Tanya and all the stunt people together. She told them how she wanted them to fight and how they should react. Tanya had trained with them all, and knew exactly how the scene should be played from Lily's detailed description. She knew exactly what to do, as she had practiced all the moves before.

At the director's suggestion, Lily acting as ringleader would send the gang to attack Tanya, but would stay out of the fight and watch it from a distance. She would then ambush Tanya at the beach house later and kidnap the businessman there.

Tanya had trained a lot for the fight scenes. So, she didn't even flub once during the first night's shooting. The second night they had a few longer fight sequences, which involved a series of memorized moves on her part. In one sequence, the longest one, she had to defend and attack against five of the gang simultaneously. The timing had to be precise, as each move depended on the previous one being done successfully. Tanya flubbed it four times before getting it correct. The director called a break immediately after the scene was in the can.

Tanya walked to the side of the set and was approached by one of the crew. She opened her leather jacket. She was wearing a black bra and low cut jeans, which exposed almost the whole of her well-muscled, tanned stomach. The rest of the crew gathered around the two of them. The designated crewman pulled back his fist and brought it forward in a fast punch directly to her navel. As had happened every other time, his fist bounced off her stomach muscles and had no effect. The crew groaned a little at his failure, then broke up to enjoy the remainder of their break period.

Tanya was turning around to walk back to the set, when she saw Lily standing there with her mouth hanging open, staring at her. Lily walked rapidly up to her and asked her what that had been all about. Tanya told her about her Web page challenge, and how many times she had been punched so far. She told Lily about the crew's obvious lottery to select who would punch her and their lack of success, doing nothing more than causing a little temporary muscle soreness in her stomach. Lily said, "I see," and smiling a little smile, turned to get back to work.

Tanya had one other fight sequence to do that night and a few close-ups to allow for some edits in the scenes she had done so far. The close-ups were done first, leaving the fight scene as the last thing before she went home that night. Evidently she was tired, as she couldn't seem to get the sequence right. After the eighth take, the director called it quits for the night. They would pick up fresh with that sequence the next night.

Tanya walked to the side of the set, starting to unzip her jacket as she went. She saw one of the crewmen (obviously the winner of the lottery) approaching her, followed closely by the rest of the crew. Lily came from the side and intercepted the lead crewman while he was still quite a way from Tanya. Lily talked a little with the crewman, and they walked back to the middle of the rest of the crew. Lily talked a bit more with them, and the whole crew gang gathered around her. Tanya stopped, waiting to see what would happen. There was a cheer from the crew, then another, for a total of five cheers.

Lily walked out from the gang toward Tanya, with the crew gang following her. She went up to Tanya, and told her to open her jacket. "So," Tanya thought. "Lily will be the one to punch me." She had no idea what Lily had done to pull that off, but she had sparred with Lily before. She knew that Lily had a very strong punch that had hurt her a couple times during her training. So, she flexed her stomach muscles as tight and hard as she could make them, and then unzipped her jacket and held it open.

Lily let loose with an uppercut punch to Tanya's stomach, rotating her shoulders and body as she did so to get the whole of her body into the punch. The punch started out low, and came up into her solar plexus at a 45-degree angle. It penetrated into her stomach quite a bit, but not all the way to her backbone. But that wasn't necessary. Tanya let out a gasp from the sudden pain that radiated throughout her whole body, but said no more. Her whole body was paralyzed instantaneously, so she couldn't even groan to communicate the pain she was in. She couldn't even breathe. She grabbed her stomach right at the point of contact and bent over sharply, then just fell to the ground on her side. She didn't even realize that Lily had caught her and helped her to the ground. She was trying to gasp for breath, but did not succeed in getting any air at all into her lungs. Her whole upper body area seemed to be paralyzed, not letting her **** in any air.

Someone grabbed her hands and forced them away from her stomach. She jumped at the sudden pain of someone punching her in the stomach again in the same place. But curiously, the stab of pain caused her to take in a deep breath. That sudden breath unparalyzed her breathing, and she could once again draw a breath, though she had to take shallow breaths due to the stabs of pain that spread out into her stomach on every inhale. She still felt someone punching her in the stomach, but it was less intense now. Slowly, she realized it was actually Lily massaging her stomach, and not punching it. The "punch" sensation was just her mind's reaction to the pain. Even more slowly, the pain started to recede. Eventually, Lily sensed she was able to get up and helped her stand. She was still bent over to relieve the pain still pulsing in her stomach, but was able to walk. Lily helped her walk around for a while then let her walk on her own.

"Well," thought Tanya. "I did want to see what a real stomach punch felt like and if I'd puke from the punch. I didn't puke, but it hurts like hell." Then she chuckled (only a little, to prevent her stomach from moving), and thought, "I wonder if I can update that Web site by tomorrow morning?"

Tanya finally looked around and saw that all the crew were looking at her. Ignoring the pain, she straightened up, and said to everyone in general that she was all right. She then walked away at a good clip toward her car. The crew got back to work securing their equipment for the night. When Lily was sure no one was looking, she went after Tanya, catching her just as she opened the door to her car. She told Tanya, "Move over," and pushed Tanya over to the passenger's side, taking the wheel herself.

Lily drove Tanya to her training gym. She told Tanya to get out and go into the gym. There, she laid Tanya on the mat and massaged her stomach deeply with the tips of her fingers and the heels of her hands. At first, it hurt a lot. Slowly, the pain decreased to a dull ache, as Lily massaged deeper and harder. Lily kept massaging until the pain of her massaging was greater than the residual pain from the stomach punch.

When Lily thought she had done enough massaging, she let Tanya get up. She looked at Tanya's stomach and was pleased there was only a large red area around where she had been punched and massaged. She had caught it in time, and had massaged the area enough that there would not be any bruise to show on screen. She then told Tanya what she had done wrong. She showed her how to flex the proper stomach muscles to help take a stomach punch to her solar plexus. She told Tanya to flex her muscles as she had just been shown, and then punched her again in the same spot. Tanya again doubled over and fell to the mat, but was able to get up quite quickly without losing her breath.

As it was early in the morning and they had to get up early in the afternoon to get their make-up applied for the day's shoot, Lily told Tanya to go home and get some sleep. Tanya drove home, a little sore and a little embarrassed that she could not take that one punch from Lily. But, she fell asleep rapidly due to the previous night's activity.

Tanya awoke to loud pounding on her door. It was Lily, who wanted to check on her before they went to the night's shooting. Tanya's stomach had become tender again, so Lily massaged the soreness out of it until she felt well enough to do that day's stunts. They both went to the shoot in Tanya's car, since Lily had left her car at the shoot location the previous night. The makeup artist needed to add a little extra makeup to Tanya's stomach to make it match the rest of her skin, but other than that, Tanya was ready for the last night's shoot at this location.

Tanya proved that she was ready by executing the fight sequence she had flubbed the previous night perfectly on the first take. She did the following fight sequences just as easily, for a while. But the sequences were becoming more difficult and she started to flub them. She flubbed three of them three times each before she completed them successfully. When the director called for the final wrap at this location, she had three more stomach punches to look forward to. As on the previous night, Lily gathered the crew around her. The crew cheered several times, more than the previous night, and Lily walked away from them toward Tanya.

Tanya was a little concerned, since her stomach hadn't done too well against Lily's fist the previous night. But she was going to give her best effort at withstanding Lily's punches. So, she walked confidently to meet Lily and bared her stomach.

Lily rotated her whole body, and threw the first punch, a strong punch to Tanya's solar plexus, the exact twin to the punch she threw the previous night, maybe even harder. But this time, Tanya's strong upper stomach muscles absorbed the punch and only allowed Lily's fist to penetrate a little past her outer muscle layer. Lily whispered, "Good," under her breath and got ready for the next punch.

Tanya saw that Lily was aiming lower, probably for the center of her stomach. She decided to take this one in her stomach with her stomach sucked in. She used her muscles to draw her stomach all the way in. Her stomach was drawn in so tight her navel appeared to be almost a part of her backbone. But due to her muscles, she still had a defined clef down the center line of her stomach, and two deep clefts parallel to that one on either side of her stomach, at the junction of her abs and her obliques. Her abs themselves showed the six distinct muscle sheets prominently, that gave her stomach a pronounced six-pack, while still being concave. But while her stomach was as shallow and thin as an anorexic model's, her muscles were as taut and hard as ever. The sudden transformation of Tanya's stomach surprised Lily so much that she stopped in mid swing. She stared for a minute, then reset herself.

She drove a hard punch right to the middle of Tanya's stomach at the navel. There was a gasp from some of the crew, and Tanya doubled over from the hard punch. But she didn't fall, even though Lily reached out to catch her, obviously expecting her to collapse from the punch.

Tanya had been expecting the punch, and was ready for it. She did not know if she could take it with her stomach sucked in like that, but she was willing to try it as an experiment. She had already experienced the pain of a stomach punch, and knew that while it hurt a lot, the pain would go away eventually. She was pleasantly surprised that it was no more painful than the previous punch had been.

Lily set for the last punch, and Tanya set to receive it, her stomach once again looking like a bodybuilder's. From Lily's stance, she did not know where she would be punched. She suspected it may be low in her lower stomach, as that was the only area Lily had not yet attacked. Based only on that hunch, she tightened her lower stomach muscles as hard as she could make them, even at the expense of the other areas of her stomach. If Lily punched her anywhere else, she may not be able to withstand it. Fortunately, she had guessed right. Unfortunately, it didn't help.

Lily aimed a powerful punch at Tanya's lower stomach, in the middle of it, barely above the top of her jeans. This punch caused Tanya excruciating pain, penetrating deep into her lower stomach, crushing her abdominal muscles. It didn't have the incapacitating, paralyzing feel of the punch to her solar plexus. Instead it had an agonizing pain that shot all throughout her body. She immediately collapsed from the pain and was this time caught by Lily. The pain was blunt, and spread throughout her stomach. She was rolled up into a ball and holding her stomach at the impact point of the punch as she lay on the ground, whimpering. She was not aware that the crew dispersed, to give her some privacy in her agony. She was not aware that Lily carried her to her car. She was only dimly aware that Lily was massaging her stomach.

Slowly, Tanya came out of her pain induced trance. The pain, while still there, was dissipating. Slowly, she started to feel better, much too slowly for her liking. Slowly, the pain died down to a general ache that was slowly contracting from the rest of her stomach down to the point of the punch. Slowly, she found she could actually stand up and walk around outside the car, with Lily's support.

After a long while, the pain subsided to the same dull ache that she usually had from a stomach punch. This surprised her, that a punch that had hurt so much did not have a more lasting effect. She eventually felt good enough to get back into the car, only after Lily made sure she was OK. She went home, glad that she would have the next couple days off while the crew broke down the equipment in the alley and set it up at the beach house for the new kidnap scenes.

Tanya recovered from her punches completely by the second day. She did some strenuous stomach exercises, focusing on the points she had been punched. Lily came over a couple times to make sure she was recovered, and to give her a couple more belated pointers on taking stomach punches, demonstrating the techniques by punching Tanya's stomach. Lily seemed almost obsessed with conditioning Tanya's stomach to take a punch. She would find out why soon enough.

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