Sweet Revenge by Unknown WAM m,f f,f


Sweet Revenge by Unknown WAM m,f f,f

This incident happened in the fall of 1995. I was a stock clerk at a grocery store in Champaign, Illinois.

It was about 11:00 on a Saturday night. I worked the closing shift with one other employee, the assistant manager, Wendy. Just as I was about to lock the front entrance doors for the night, two young women came barging through yelling "Wait!"

They were both dressed in quite fancy party outfits and were loud and giggly. It was clear that they had done some serious drinking that evening which was confirmed when the blond asked me where the dairy mix could be found. As I locked the entrance door and turned off the outside lights. I pointed to the 8th aisle. By now Wendy had looked up.

The two women yelled out "Hey Wendy, haven't seen you yet this fall." Followed closely by the question "Who is Jim screwing around with on you this year?" Wendy immediately turned a bright red and the look in her eye made it real clear these gals were not friends.

As the women swaggered over to aisle 8 I asked Wendy who they were. She said that they were ex sorority sisters. The blond, Cindy had lost a sorority election to her last year and then dropped out of the sorority but not before seducing her ex-boyfriend one night when he was drunk. It was clear that there was no love loss between these two.

I could hear the young women giggling and wandering around the store and I was eager for them to get finished. Soon I heard a commotion and went to look. They had toppled over a candy display and had candy all over the floor. I told them to be careful about the same time that they knocked a bottle of vegetable oil off a shelf and it exploded on the floor.

By now Wendy was also watching. She sternly told them to get out of the store and they arrogantly dismissed her and continued wandering the aisles. Next, it was cereal boxes then two jars of grape jam that hit the floor.

Wendy said "I've had enough. She walked over to confront them and I followed closely behind. The women were something to see, I could understand how Wendy's old boyfriend was tempted.

Cindy was a very classy young woman. Pretty blond hair worn with lots of waves, a great tan, and smile, and a great body. She looked to be about 5 feet five inches and 110 pounds with those pounds in all the right spots. She was wearing an off-white slit skirt that showed off some very nice legs and a satiny tight tank top style blouse cut low to reveal the tops of some very shapely breasts. Nice waist, cute behind, and sporting a set of what looked like nice firm C-sized *****, clearly displayed to their maximum advantage for all to see.

Cindy's sidekick, I later learned her name was Sandy, was no slouch either. She was more slender and looked very nice in her black party dress. It too had a low-cut front and accentuated a perky set of *****.

As Wendy approached, Cindy turned to her friend and said oops as she deliberately knocked another jar of jam onto the floor. Wendy was furious. I had never seen her so mad. After a second she ordered me to go to aisle 6 and grab some packaging tape, "Hurry."

I returned in time to see Wendy grab Cindy and quickly pin her arm behind her back. Wendy was being careful not to step in the slippery mess from the jam jars. Sandy, obviously quite drunk and incapacitated watched in horror as Wendy walked with Cindy down to the end of the aisle and pinned Cindy up against a post. She quickly grabbed both of Cindy's hands behind her back and wrapped them around the pole. She then called for the tape. As Wendy held both hands around the post she barked out orders for me to tape Cindy's wrists up good and tight.

By Now Cindy was cussing a blue streak. She made the mistake of saying that Jim was a lousy lover anyway which only intensified Wendy's anger. In no time Cindy was tightly tied to the post and Wendy was wrapping tape around her ankles. I was told to put tape over her eyes too.

Wendy then went to get Sandy. She told me to get a plastic chair from the outdoor section. When I returned Wendy wasted no time in taping Sandy's arms to the chair arms and her ankles to the chair legs. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Both girls were still screaming but since no one was in the store it did not make much difference. Wendy said that she was going to finish locking up and turning some lights off and told me to do some grocery shopping.

If these girls want to make a mess we'll make a mess alright were her words as she told me to get several dozen eggs, several bottles of syrup, some chocolate sauce, some whipping cream, some vegetable oil, and all the cakes and pies more than two days old in the bakery. I still couldn't believe what I was hearing. I warned Wendy that she could get in trouble.

With that, she grabbed Cindy's purse and rifled through her wallet finding sixty dollars. She said that would take care of most of the groceries. I asked her if Cindy would call the cops and she said no way. Cindy had erased all the computer hard drives before she left the sorority house and they had decided not to press charges but had evidence to threaten her with if she thought about complaining.

After about 5 minutes I was back where Wendy had the girls *******. Wendy was calmed down and clearly enjoying the squirming and predicament that the girls were in. She asked me which one first. I thought it was only fair to have Cindy watch her friend Sandy first. Cindy's eyes were uncovered but we put tape over her mouth to quiet her down.

Sandy was scared and appeared a little soberer as she straightened up when she began to realize what was in store for her. Wendy said that she thought she would start with some nice slippery vegetable oil. I handed her a half-gallon jug and removed the top. Wendy wasted no time at all. She placed the open bottle top in the cleavage between Sandy's breasts and inverted the bottle. She let it pour out down the valley between Sandy's *****. The whole bottle went inside her top and I watched in delight as it gradually soaked through and ran down the full front of her dress. Some oil overflowed and ran down the outside of her dress to her lap.

Wendy stepped back to admire her work. The glistening oil accentuated the tight black dress and looked outrageously **** under the bright store fluorescent light. "What next?" she said.

I hesitated. Wendy said, "Well Chuck, you are going to have to help me clean this mess up so you might as well enjoy it too."

Whipping cream was too obvious, cream pies on that black dress would have looked good but I decided on the eggs next. I opened several cartons and carefully took one egg out. I had to laugh at the look on Sandy's face as I approached with the eggs. I cracked the first one over her head and let it slowly run out on the top of her head. Wendy said, "don't be bashful, eggs are cheap".

I picked up the pace and quickly smashed two handfuls of eggs over Sandy's head. Enough that egg whites and yokes were now flowing down all sides of her head. It looked fantastic and I took several more eggs in hand. I cracked a few and let them slide down her front.

Wendy said "It's time to put something down her back. How about a few jars of applesauce." No complaint from me, my job was to open the bottles as Wendy pushed Sandy forward in the chair and moved her long, now black, egg-covered hair out of the way. Sandy gasped as the applesauce began its journey down her back inside her dress.

Wendy was clearly having a ball. She decided it was pie time. Two cream pies, one of each side of Sandy's head were next. It was unbelievable the mess Wendy made when two large pies landed on Sandy's face and piles of filing and crust dropped off onto her lap and down the sides of her dress.

Next Wendy asked for a can of whipping cream. I could not believe it as she slowly spread Sandy's legs partially apart and stuck her hand with the can of whipping cream up the front of Sandy's short, once black party dress. As Sandy's dress was pushed up toward her crotch, the lacy tops of her stocking came into view. The straps of a black lace garter belt were now about 4 inches visible. Sandy squirmed as the cold whipping cream sprayed out between her legs inside her dress.

Wendy called for another can as the whipping cream began to ooze out from between Sandy's legs. Sandy was getting a little noisy so Wendy shoved a heavily frosted birthday cake into her face. Wendy stepped back a few steps to admire her work. "Well," "she said, "should we finish this one or start the next one now."

"What do you mean 'Finish?'" I said.

"There might still be some clean spots." was Wendy's response. "We'll need to check."

"Start thinking about what we should do to Cindy." Wendy went back over to Sandy and slid the shoulder straps from her dress down over the sides of her shoulders. I was rock hard as the two soaked **** encased in a lacy pushup bra came into better view. Wendy said "Why don't you smear some pudding on these ****." She handed me some pre-made pudding.

What's a guy to do? I peeled off the serving container top and dumped a blob of pudding on the first one then the other breast. A few more of the individual serving size containers and I had a nice pile of pudding oozing slowly down Sandy's *****. I hesitated briefly then with both hands massaged in the pudding.

Sandy had long since given up any verbal protesting and squirming and seemed resigned to just waiting out this ordeal. This was awesome fun. It was a good thing I did not stop and think about it too much or I would have been scared shitless to be rubbing pudding on the **** of a woman ******* in my place of employment. After several seconds of careful massaging, I think even Sandy was beginning to enjoy it.

Wendy interrupted by asking, "What should we do to Cindy?"

I said, "Do you mean should we let her go?"

Wendy said, "Of course not, I mean what stuff should we dump on her." Wendy was thinking about using canned dog food on her and I quickly interjected and suggested that we use syrup and honey first. I thought brown pancake syrup would contrast just right with her off-white skirt and blouse. I turned my attention to Cindy as Wendy grabbed the syrup bottles and ordered me to get several more. Wendy walked around Cindy as if to size up her next victim.

"Let's work on her backside first," Wendy suggested. She grabbed Cindy's waistband and began pouring a bottle of Log Cabin down Sandy's skirt back. Now Cindy had one nice ass. Wendy slapped it smartly after the first bottle then rubbed Cindy's skirt to squish around the bulge that the syrup had left in Sandy's bottom. The heavy syrup was slowly spreading around and starting to soak through. A second bottle followed then a third and fourth. Syrup now overflowed her waistband and ran down over the back of her skirt. The syrup was now making its way down her legs as well having soaked through or seeped out of Sandy's *******.

Wendy next instructed me to pour a couple of bottles of strawberry ice cream topping down the front of Sandy's skirt while she left to get some other supplies. I couldn't imagine what she had planned now. Being the loyal employee I removed the tops of two bottles and stuck them, one at a time, in the waistband of Cindy's skirt far enough to hold the bottles. They made the sound of a think liquid bubbling as the syrup ran out and air-filled the bottles. It wasn't long before the telltale signs of strawberry syrup could be seen below Sandy's mid-calf-length skirt.

Wendy returned with a gleam in her eye. I thought she was calming down and her anger was dissipating but I guessed not as she walked over to Cindy with scissors.

First, she grabbed the long-slit skirt Cindy was wearing. Pulling apart the slit and exposing some awfully shapely legs she took the scissors and began cutting from the top of the slit toward Cindy's waist. Let's see what's in here she said.

I shook my head in disbelief as the tops of once white, lace stockings came into view. In no time Cindy was standing there modeling a beautiful pair of embroidered *******, a matching garter belt, and those classy stockings. This was the kind of lingerie that came from the best department stores. Wendy had just destroyed a skirt that might have cost a hundred bucks and she was not done yet.

Wendy asked if we should do her top before or after we plastered her with more food. I voted to do both. It was my turn to go again and time again to do some pies. Cindy's face and hair were still un-messed though she looked sweaty and slightly unkempt from the earlier struggle.

A pumpkin pie to the face was first. Nice shot if I do say so myself. The orange looked nice as it slowly fell from her face and rolled down her front. The front of her blond hair was partially covered too - but we were just beginning. A cherry pie followed - right on target on her left breast. Now we're talking real breasts here. Cindy looked to be a 38 C cup in my opinion - can't do much better than that.

This was getting really messy. Cindy had long since given up protesting too. An apple pie was carefully smashed on the right breast - hey we didn't happen to have all cream pies in stock.

Wendy was back to work on Sandy. She had cut the dress straps further exposing Sandy's lacy black bra. She was at work on the hem of the skirt. Once she cut through the hem she started to yank at the dress and started a nice rip toward the waist. Some more snipping and yanking and it wasn't long before Wendy had the dress completely cut off.

These were two hot chicks, Sandy sitting there in a puddle of slimy food in black thong *******, and a coordinated bra and garter belt. Cindy standing in off-white *******, a garter belt, and stocking with a messed-up blouse still covering her top.

Still mumbling something about these ******* will never mess with me again, Wendy next turned back to Cindy. Cindy's front was covered by pies that just about completely obscured her tank top style blouse. Her cleavage was mounded with pie filing and her face was still mostly covered.

Wendy started on Cindy's blouse next and quickly had the front cut completely open. Unbelievable. The thick consistency of the pie filling had kept it from completely soaking through the blouse so once the blouse was gone most of Cindy's front was a clean target. What gorgeous ***** cradled in a fancy embroidered bra with lace t******* and sheer panels on the top half. "Syrup and honey time," said Wendy.

My hand shook as I approached with a bottle of honey. I poured generously near her neck and watched with eager anticipation as the honey slowly made its way down Cindy's front. Flowing out over the tops of her ***** with a heavy stream collecting in her cleavage and disappearing down her bra quickly filling the valley. Two more bottles of honey followed.

Wendy had now opened some pancake syrup and asked me to pour it over Cindy's head. Cindy briefly wiggled to try to avoid her fate but quickly gave up as streams of syrup began flowing over her hair and down her face. The syrup dripped onto her front and followed the honey down over her bra and beyond, streaming down her stomach and onto her garter belt, *******, and stockings. I couldn't resist and massaged those massive breasts with both hands. Never had I felt such lovely orbs.

Cindy seemed emotionless, perhaps too tired to care, perhaps so many guys had handled these things that she didn't much care if yet another guy was rubbing her *****. Two gorgeous women in **** lingerie covered with all manner of substances and ******* in a grocery store.

What could be next? Wendy finally seemed to be running out of steam. As we both stepped back I asked her if she was done yet. We briefly talked about what to do with them and how to get them home. Wendy asked Cindy if she had had enough yet. "I need an apology before I untie you and take you home."

" No way!" said Cindy. Wendy walked over to Cindy and with each hand grabbed one of the cups of her bra. With a very hard tug, the front hook ripped open, and out spilled two gorgeous mounds.

"Whipping cream," ordered Wendy. Hey, when it's gone this far, why not go all the way. The first can went down her ******* until it seeped out the top. The next can went on Cindy's chest and the third can on Cindy's face and hair.

"No, not the scissors!" I yelled to no avail as Wendy had grabbed the waistband of Cindy's garter belt and ******* and was snipping away. I thought I would *** in my pants as she revealed what I later learned was one of the hardest working pussies in town. I could hardly stand up straight.

Wendy told Cindy to apologize or Sandy would be next. No response and Wendy was quickly snipping away. Off with the black lace bra, *******, and garter belt. Two completely ****, except for stockings and remnants of garter belts, campus cuties in our store. "Ready to apologize?" said Wendy.

"What else can you do?" said Cindy. "There are carrots and cucumbers in the produce section." threatened Wendy. Cindy blurted out a begrudging apology.

It took us about three to four to hours clean up. We drove Cindy and Sandy home wrapped in towels at 4:00 am. I went home to the shower and had a good night's sleep.

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