Sweet Bakery by Unknown WAM


Sweet Bakery by Unknown WAM

It’s late. Been a long, hard summer's day at the Sweet Bakery. Amy wears cut-off jean shorts that are on the verge of letting her long beautiful ass slide out. Her Sweet Bakery t-shirt is tied, showing off her flat belly and pulling the fabric tight against her breasts. She wipes the sweat from her brow as she wipes the tables clean. Puts up the chairs. Locks the front door. Spins the sign on the door to read “CLOSED”. Click. The lights go off.

She walks back into the actual baking area and storage space. The thick door separating the rest of the store slams shut behind her. Kyra is wearing a thin, tight skirt that clings to every inch of her skin. She is sprinkling chocolate shavings on cream pies that cover the surface of a large wooden table. Denise is wearing purple jogging shorts that hang loose, but close to the area where her **** cheeks come together. Denise nurses a large glass of ice water while she surveys the massive amount of pies she labored over…to fill several orders for the following day.

“I’m beat…” Denise proclaims as she rubs the cool glass against her forehead.

“Why are you beat?” Kyra asks. “You barely did anything!”

Denise simply retorts, “Whatever…it’s hot.”

“No kidding,” says Amy as she slides a rolling rack stacked with thick gooey pies against the wall. “I closed up. Let’s get out of here.”

Amy turns around to open the door and it doesn’t. She tugs at the handle a bit. Her cute nose crinkles up in confusion. She gives a hard pull. Her eyes widen with the fearful realization that this door is not going to open.

“Uh-oh…” Amy softly mutters.

“Uh-oh, what?!?” Kyra says.

Amy yanks at the door. She rattles the handle and pulls and pulls. Nothing. The door is stuck.

Amy turns with a very concerned look and says “I can’t get it.”

“Oh No! No. No way. Uh-uh.” spouts Kyra.

Kyra runs to the door and begins yanking violently at the handle.

“…great…” says Denise

Denise plops down in a chair and buries her head in her hands. Kyra continues to pull at the door. It won’t budge.

“Give me a hand!!!” yells Kyra.

Amy frowns a bit at Kyra’s forceful tone, but she obliges her. They pull and pry at the door. Denise leans her head against the wall and yawns.

Kyra shouts “Pull hard!”

“I am!” Amy barks back.

Denise accepts the inevitable…they’re stuck for the night. She tries to get comfortable in her chair, but cannot. She wriggles around, changing positions. Kyra and Amy yank at the door. Heave! Heave! Heave!!! They lose their grip and go flying backward….headed for a table packed to the brim with pies. They are about to collide with these thick, creamy pastries….they whip their arms around…..grabbing onto each other…falling…flailing……and they gain their balance. Just grazing the table. Kyra looks down to see bits of white topping on her shirt and her short, little skirt.

“…. oh..just great!! Thanks a lot, Amy!”

“….me?….okay, just gimme your clothes”

Amy removes her shirt, revealing a thin pink bra and *******. She hardly needs the bra to support her pert and full breasts…so, the bra is very minimal. Amy pulls on the bit of her ******* that is tucking between her cheeks. Kyra removes her soiled clothes but leaves on a white sports bra and black semi-thong *******. Amy fills a bucket with water to soak the clothes.

The once itchy Denise is now dozing off in her chair. She starts to slide down, slipping off to her side. As she dozes, her weight pulls her down and her face lowers dangerously close to a big, fat cream pie. Slipping down. Her soft, pretty face gets closer to sinking into the pie. Sinking down, then … a snort!

She stops, jerks, snorts again, and pulls herself back up…unaware of the mess she barely avoided. She snorts again and wakes up. Looks around, confused. She wants to lay down. She looks at one of the pie-covered tables and walks over to it. She starts to take the pies off the table, so she can lay on it.

Amy is busy cleaning the clothes. Kyra is impatiently beating a wooden s**** on a table. Amy glares at her briefly and resumes her work. Denise has been cramming all of the pies on other tables. The pies barely fit, but by overlapping and squeezing, she gets most of the pies on the other tables. But not all of them fit. She is left with one goopy pie. Denise puts the last one on a stool. After Denise puts the pie down, she lies on the table and curls up.

Amy finishes working any stains out of the clothes. She lets out a sigh of exhaustion and leaves the clothes to soak in the bucket. Amy goes to sit on the stool. Amy is tired and not paying attention. She is completely oblivious to the pie that Denise put there. Kyra sees that Amy is about to be surprised by a very messy cushion. Kyra runs over to grab the pie and prevent Amy from sitting in it. Amy steps to the stool and begins to sit. Kyra lunges for the pie. Amy bends her knees and moves down…her perfectly smooth long-ass is extremely close…the highest crest of the thick white topping is just barely skimming Amy’s delicate underwear. Amy stops dead. She noticed the pie? No. Amy notices Kyra directly behind her.

“What are you doing?!?

“uh…” Kyra stammers.

Amy rolls her eyes and sharply sits down. Gulp! Her beautiful **** sinks into the gooey pie, only protected by her thin *******. The ******* are saturated with the soft pie. Amy scrunches up her cute face and squirms in her seat, shifting in the gooey pie. Amy slowly turns to Kyra.

” She did it!” Kyra exclaims, pointing at Denise.

Amy looks over at Denise, who is sound asleep on the table. Amy simply nods. Kyra lets out a sigh of relief… Amy slowly walks over to a table..slowly picks up an overflowing chocolate pie…Amy looks at sleeping Denise… smiles. Then Amy looks at Kyra. Kyra smiles, thinking Denise is going to get it, which makes her smile grow. Amy looks at the other pies and pinpoints a particularly sloppy one. Amy slides her free hand under the pie, slowly picks it up, and smiles at Kyra. Amy walks across the room and stands next to Kyra. Amy looks at Denise. Kyra giggles lightly. Amy giggles. Kyra giggles harder.

Amy pulls her arm back and SMACKS Kyra in the face with chocolate pie. Gobs of topping fly. The crust falls. Kyra’s face is covered in sweet goo…thick cream…chocolate filling that clings to Kyra’s face with little bits dripping down. One little bit…plop on her cleavage. Another…splat on her toes.

Kyra is stunned. Amy plants the second, runnier pie on top of Kyra’s head. The creamy filling dribbles down Kyra's face and drips onto her body… slowly dripping over her large supple breasts… sliding down her smooth stomach….Kyra slowly wipes the goop from her eyes.

”I told you it wasn’t me-” Kyra softly says…

But Amy doesn’t care. She hits Kyra in the face with one more pie, then brushes her hands with satisfaction. Kyra staggers about, her face completely covered with the three different pies. Her cute eyes peek out from the crests of meringue and cream. Amy wipes the pie off her undies, still clinging to her **** after her seat on the stool. After each stroke of her hand, she flings the pie from her fingers.

Amy twists around to see her pied behind. The undies are well-stained, as her firm ass sticks out. Amy then proceeds to the bucket and slips off her *******, one luscious leg at a time. She delicately pulls the ******* from her foot and bends over to put the ******* in the bucket, thrusting her ass high in the air. Just as she bends down completely, Kyra smacks her bare bottom with a thick, butterscotch pie.

Amy jerks up and a sour look overcomes her face as she shifts her ********** around…feeling the butterscotch all over her bare ****. Then another pie hits Amy square in the face. The gobs of lemony cream completely engulf Amy’s face. Amy jerks her head back a shakes it, but only a little bit of the pie falls off. Amy doesn’t waste any time…she quickly picks a pie.

“We’re even!” Kyra cries.

“Even? I don’t think so.” Amy plainly states as she smashes the cherry-filled cream pie into Kyra’s face. The thick filling oozes out from the tin as Amy twists it around. Kyra smacks her full lips. Her tongue slips out to lick a little of the cherry away. Still not satisfied with her revenge, Amy goes to a table of pies to pick up another. Just as Amy starts to finger a pie, Kyra shoves Amy into the table. Amy’s face and body are shoved into the pies, packed in tightly. So many pies smashing into Amy’s body at once!

Every portion of Amy’s upper body becomes emersed in the thick, gooey pie. Amy starts to pull herself up. There are sounds of glubs and plops…and the creamy sweet goo on her body slowly separates from the thick goo still on the table. But Amy doesn’t get very far. Kyra pushes her back down and climbs on top of her. Kyra saddles herself on Amy’s back as if Amy’s **** was the head of the horse.

Kyra wipes the remnants of pie from Amy’s ****. Kyra buffs Amy’s behind with her forearm and gives it a friendly little pat. Kyra picks up a healthy size cream pie and smacks it onto Amy’s bottom. The pie flies. The whipped topping squirts between Amy’s toned **** cheeks. Kyra smacks Amy’s **** with another pie. Blam!

And another!

And another!

...a pie spanking machine!

After about eight pies are smashed on her ****, Amy pushes Kyra off of her back. Kyra tries to make a run for it. Amy chases. Kyra is chased into a corner of the room. Kyra presses her **** firmly against the wall and grabs her undies to protect herself. Amy picks up two pies and runs over to Kyra. Kyra doesn’t move. Amy puts down her ammunition. Kyra feels like she has won…she’s safe from revenge.

Amy bows her head and steps right next to Kyra. Kyra hangs on to her ******* tightly. Amy pulls Kyra’s white sports bra over her head, scoops up the pies she put on the floor, and smears a pie on each breast. Amy lets the tins fall, then smears the filling and whipped topping around on Kyra’s breasts. The glopped-up breasts jiggle as Amy pulls her hands away. Amy steps back.

Kyra begins to wipe the pie off of her breasts, in shock and disgust. Kyra looks up to say something….but before a single word leaves her mouth, Amy smacks Kyra’s breasts with two more pies.

Kyra squeals as the pie splatter over her large, wonderfully full melons. Kyra hurls her sports bra across the room and is about to yell at Amy. Kyra opens her mouth wide and Amy shoves an eclair in her mouth. Amy laughs as Kyra’s eyes widen and bug out. Amy continues to giggle. With a burst of air, Kyra shoots the eclair custard into Amy’s face. Amy is mid-laugh with the custard filling hits her face.

Amy is completely taken off guard and her whole body jolts. Amy makes a wild lunge for Kyra’s ******* and tries to yank down. Kyra pushes her full ass tightly against the wall and grabs onto her ******* with her right hand. Her left reaches for a bowl on a shelf, next to her head.

Amy struggles with Kyra’s ******* and is pulling one side of the ******* down to the middle of Kyra’s thigh, while Kyra clings to the other side at her hip. Kyra tips the bowl with her left hand, dumping yellow batter onto Amy’s head. Amy screams and lets go of the *******.

Denise wakes up. She looks to see Amy frantically flailing her arms and flinging the smooth yellow batter off of her body….and Kyra laughing as she pulls up her stretched-out *******.

“What’s going on?” Denise calls out in a half-asleep daze.

Kyra and Amy stop and turn.

“This happened because you put that pie on Amy's stool,” Kyra replies.


“She sat in it!”

“She sat in it?”



“You didn’t do that!?!” Amy asks Kyra.

“I told you!” Kyra replies.

Still dumbfounded, Amy asks Denise, “YOU did that?!?!”.

“Sorry…” Amy quietly replies with half-sincerity.

Amy and Kyra look at each other. They look at Denise. Then look back at each other. Amy walks over to a rolling rack of pies. She reaches both hands in at once and slides out two pies. She looks over to Kyra. Kyra turns to the table closest to her. She picks up one very heavily topped pie with both hands. She shifts the pie to her left hand. With her right, she picks up another, showing gooey peach through a cross-laced cream top. Kyra smiles, satisfied with her selection.

Denise edges backward with concern. Amy and Kyra methodically approach.

“It was an accident, Amy…” Denise says quietly.

They continue to saunter over to Denise.

Denise pleads ” I didn’t mean it! Hey, please, I’m sorry! I really am!”

They move right next to Denise. A look of uncertainty comes over Amy’s face. Amy’s eyes look over to Kyra, who seems ready to strike, just waiting. Kyra sees Amy’s expression. Kyra’s expression changes…maybe it’s time to stop now.

“I’m really sorry. I had NO idea…” Denise adds.

“Oh…okay…it’s okay, Denise,” Amy says, knowing it’s better that they don’t. It was an accident after all.

“Yeah ..it’s alright…” Kyra adds.

” Really? Whew! Thanks, guys…Y’know, I thought-“

Before another word leaves her mouth, the heaping pie is crammed in Denise’s face. Her brown hair flies back as the gobs of pie splatter against her clean face! Denise’s eyes open wide in shock, peeking through the cream on her face.

Immediately following, Kyra clobbers the side of Denise’s face with the soft peach cream pie. Large chunks of peach and cream slide down Denise’s neck and slip down her shirt. Denise’s jaw drops and the pie dangling from her chin quivers.

Denise slowly wipes her eyes, scooping and wiping away the pie. Just as her vision is cleared, Amy smacks Denise in the face with another pie. Denise shrieks. Amy takes her other pie and sticks it down the back of Denise’s shirt.

Denise yelps loudly as Amy slaps her back. The pie squirts out the top of her collar and oozes down her back. Denise wiggles and shakes, overwhelmed by the messy attack.

Amy wildy rips open Denise’s T-shirt. Denise’s bare breasts jiggle as the shirt is torn off. Her large, round ******* quickly become hard. There is no time to even react. Kyra snags a pie and smashes it into Denise’s cleavage. Denise arches her back and her ******* completely stiffen.

“Stop!” Denise cries.

But Amy and Kyra are not finished. Amy runs and grabs a bowl of pie filling. Amy pulls back the elastic at the back of Denise’s purple jogging shorts. Kyra holds Denise by the hands as Denise nervously hops around. As Amy pulls back the shorts, she surveys Denise’s gorgeous ass, separated by a hot black thong. Amy gets ready to pour, but she is not satisfied.

Nope…we can’t have that thong protecting her. Amy takes hold of the elastic on the thong underwear and pulls back the shorts and the thong. Denise’s ass bounces as it is set free from the thong. Amy pours the silky batter down the back of Denise’s pants. It flows over Denise’s round bottom. Amy lets go of the thong, snapping back…causing the batter to splatter…and squirt up into the tight crevice of Denise’s ass.

Denise squeals and wiggles as the filling slide down her legs. Kyra, giggling and laughing with delight, dips her hands into a bowl of uncooked meringue. She firmly grabs Denise’s breasts with her meringue-filled hands, gleefully mushing the goop around on Denise’s highly aroused breasts.

Amy pulls down Denise’s shorts and thong to her ankles… Denise can’t take it anymore. She spins around. Amy is holding a pie with two hands ready for attack. Denise hits the pie from beneath, smashing it into Amy’s face.

Denise quickly grabs Amy’s t-shirt and fings it off over Amy’s head. Amy’s incredible breasts bounce wildly as they are set free. Denise grabs two pies and smashes one into each breast. These massive pies leave mounds of thick cream pilled onto Amy’s spectacular chest.

Denise spins around and grabs Kyra. Denise pushes Krya’s face into’s Amy’s cleavage… and pushes Amy’s breasts together, sandwiching Kyra’s face! Denise raises up Kyra’s skirt and quickly yanks down Kyra’s lovely *******. The full ass that Kyra tried so desperately to protect before is completely exposed.

Denise takes a strawberry cream pie and very firmly hits Kyra’s well-rounded bottom. Denise twists and turns the tin….Kyra feels every bit of the pie on every bit of her ****. Kyra jumps forward, knocking into Amy. Amy’s breast accidentally went into Kyra’s open mouth. The two entangled bodies fall to the ground. Kyra pulls her mouth away…the lips naturally closing as she does. Amy gives a little smile of embarrassment at the sensation.

Denise laughs wildly at her friends and jumps up and down with delight. She slips on some of the goops and falls down. Her bare **** landed on a fallen pie…and pie squirting up her ****. Denise shakes her whole body. Kyra and Amy laugh. Denise laughs. Denise looks down at her firm, naked body…completely covered in pie. She looks up.

“Anyone got milk?” Denise asks.

They all laugh.

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