Summer Jobs Chapter 3 – Fun & Games by gao23


For those not in the know, Jenny was a woman brought to the attention of the budding ENF community by her husband many years ago. Voluptuous but shy, gorgeous but clumsy, she's become a bit of a folk heroine in certain internet circles. She's been stripped out of more outfits than most women even own, always to her shock and embarrassment.

For those who love stats, Jenny is a statuesque 5'10", with DD breasts, a bubble ****, a trim waist, and long blond hair. She's well-intentioned, polite to a fault, a bit ditzy, and optimistic to the point of being naïve.

Chapter 3 – Fun & Games by gao23

A few days later, Jenny managed to find a job at a local amusement center called the Funplex. Mostly arcade games, skeeball, batting cages, and that sort of thing. She had been there once or twice on dates... although one occasion did end with her bottomless on the miniature golf course. But that was a while ago. Surely no one would remember her!

Jenny's supervisor was a nerdy little kid named Doug, a year young and a head shorter than her. Doug was socially awkward at the best of times, but in front of this buxom blonde sweetheart, he was positively gobsmacked.

He set her up with the standard-issue uniform; a referee shirt and shorts made from jersey material. Jenny slipped into the small ladies' room to change and locked the door.

Unlike the tragic uniform at the donut shop, these clothes weren't too small. The shorts were loose and breezy and came down to her knees. The V-neck referee shirt was nice and loose. Jenny was happy for the added material to hide her eye-catching bosoms.

Jenny took a look at herself in the mirror. Her lime green shirt looked tacky under the ref shirt, so she slipped it off. She had on a sports bra underneath, which somehow felt more modest than her usual lacy bras. White knee socks and a ponytail completed the look.

The referee jersey was so loose, it sorta made Jenny look frumpy. As shy as she was about her curvaceous body, Jenny was proud of her svelte waist and flat tummy. She tucked the jersey into the waistband of her shorts. Much better!

The job was easy enough. Pick up random litter around the arcade. Keep kids from cheating at skeeball. Cash in tickets for cheap prizes.

Doug told her Jenny could take one free snack from the snack bar per shift, so on her break, Jenny helped herself to a fruit Popsicle. Jenny relaxed in the corner of the snack bar, nibbling, licking, and sucking on her pink fruity treat.

So naïve, so innocent, she had no idea the spectacle she was performing. Every father and a teenage boy was slyly keeping an eye on young Jenny, fellating the pop with earnest enthusiasm. And every one of those eyes popped from its socket when the Popsicle broke from the stick and plopped down the V-neck of Jenny's jersey.

"Oooooh!" she cried, feeling the sugary meltwater wash between her ****. Jenny shoved her hand down the neck of her jersey, into her sports bra. She was completely oblivious to where she was, and all the ***** eyes locked on her performance. All she cared about was retrieving that rascally chunk of ice.

Jenny's cleavage wobbled and swelled as she grasped for the Popsicle. It slipped through her fingers, out the bottom of her bra, and down her belly, caught at the elastic waistband of her shorts.

"Ahh! So cold!!" she shivered. Jenny pulled her hand out from between her wet breasts and fumbled with her waistband. Once again the Popsicle eluded her, plummeting right into her crotch!

She squirmed in her seat, the Popsicle melting between her thighs. "Darn it! Come here, you!" Clueless to her display, she brusquely thrust her hand up the leg of her shorts, revealing an expanse of bare thigh, and finally, the virginal white crotch of her *******.

Jenny fumbled and fished around her crotch and ****, unaware of the dozens of gawking men and boys. At last, she plucked out the offending icy treat and held it up victoriously.

Doug, one of Jenny's audience, snapped out of his spell and shyly approached her. "Jenny, I need you to clear a jam in the ball pitcher on cage 7."

"Okay! ...uh, how do I do that?"

"Well, uh, you just unplug the machine, pull out the ball, and um, plug the machine back in."

"Okay, no problem, boss!" Jenny bounced off. Doug was starting to realize he knew this girl. She was a senior when he was a freshman in high school, and she was something of a legend. She was as smoking hot back then as she was now, but she was a klutz, and always falling out of clothes and embarrassing herself. The girls always complained that she was a **** or some kind of deviant exhibitionist, but Doug wasn't so sure.

While he had admired this gorgeous goddess in the hallways, and even caught a well-remembered view of her green ******* up her skirt when she tripped up some stairs, Doug never got to see one of her legendary wardrobe malfunctions.

He had heard about her losing her bottoms during a cheerleading routine at homecoming, flashing the whole audience at graduation, and losing her gown right down to her ******* and garters at senior prom, but he never got to see any of that. If this bombshell was who he thought she was, today might be his chance to change all that.

He quietly followed her out to the batting cages to see...

Jenny found a handful of teenage boys impatiently waiting for her to get the pitching machine back up and running. They watched, mouths watering, as this ***** hottie unplugged the pitching machine and inspected it.

The boys watched wordlessly as Jenny unwittingly gave them a long linger peek down her jersey at her cleavage and overstuffed bra.

"Ah! There's a ball jammed in there! I see it!" Jenny laid down on the ground and scooted underneath the machine. Her baggy shorts fell away, giving the boys glimpses of her white ******* and bubble-shaped ass cheeks.

Doug watches from afar as Jenny liberated the jammed ball, wiggled out from under the machine, and plugged it back in. Damn! Maybe this wasn't the Jenny of legend after all...

Jenny cheerfully bounced her way back to the main arcade when she sort of... jumped. And twitched. She clutched her ***** and her boobies, her face awash in panic. She broke into a ******* yet somehow **** dash for the ladies' room.

Jenny flew inside and locked the door. She lifted her jersey to see half a dozen ants zigzagging across her bare tummy.

"Oh no! Th-they must be attracted to the sugar from that popsicle!" Jenny double-checked the door was locked, then stripped all the way down, **** but for her socks and sneakers. She felt the all-too-familiar butterflies in her tummy, embarrassed beyond words that someone might burst in and catch her bare **** in a public ladies' room!

Jenny quickly hand-washed her ******* and bra first and placed them on the hand dryer to dry. She quickly brushed away the last of the frisky ants and turned her attention to washing the jersey and shorts. Then she smelled... smoke?

Her bra and ******* were on FIRE! She screamed and quickly whisked her flaming undergarments to the sink before they set off the smoke alarms. But it was too late; her bra and ******* were destroyed!

"Jenny? A-are you okay in there?" It was Doug, her boss!

"Y-yes sir. I'll be right out!" What could she do? Jenny disposed of her destroyed underwear and put back on the shorts and jersey, still wet from washing.

Looking in the mirror, it seemed okay. The top seemed baggy enough, although the cool wet cloth made her ******* all pokey. The shorts were heavier wet, and sunk lower on her hips. And she couldn't help but feel every draft against her naked kitty.

Jenny gulped, took a deep breath, and headed back to the arcade.

Doug watched Jenny emerge from the ladies' room and walk out onto the floor. Oh my god! He thought. Her ****! They're bouncing all over the place! And her *******! Just sticking out like that! S-she's not wearing a bra!

Doug deftly snuck into the ladies' room. The smell of smoke still lingered. He checked the trash and found the burned bra and *******. Dear lord, she's not wearing ******* either?!

A father watched, half-interested as his son and his pal played air hockey, then something caught his eye. A vision of pure, innocent *********, poured into the hourglass curves of a blonde goddess, came strolling his way. Flawless skin, pouty lips, and warm, vulnerable eyes. Her breasts, her spectacular, gravity-defying breasts swayed and bounced, unhindered by any bra, and capped by two excited *******.

His mind raced, and a plan formed. He took out his cell phone and shoved it into the goal on the air hockey table. The game ground to a halt.

"Dad, what the hell?"

"Shut up son. Oh, miss! Miss?"

"Yes? What can I do for you, sir?"

"Darndest thing, my cell phone just fell into the goal here and I can't reach it."

"Oh, no problem. I have very small hands" Jenny leaned over the air hockey table peering into the goal. The boys were annoyed at having their game interrupted, but for dad, the game had just started.

He angled himself for the best view down that top. The light passed right through the thin jersey, backlighting the most perfect breast God had ever created. The taut ******, no bra indeed! The breast moved as only a young, natural breast could.

"Got it!" Jenny pulled the cell phone free, and the table whirred back to life. The sudden blast of air whipped her jersey right up to her armpits, exposing her mesmerizing DD breasts to the entire arcade!

"Boobies!" the boys laughed. Jenny shrieked in horror and pulled her uniform back into place. She handed the grinning father his phone and fled, humiliated.

Doug's eyes went wide at the sudden display. It IS her! And today he's finally going to get to see one of her legendary mishaps up close and personal.

Jenny had gone and done it again! She's so sensitive, so self-conscious about those big ***** of hers. She doesn't even like wearing a swimsuit in public, but now Jenny has gone and flashed her bare boobies to the world. How humiliating!

Jenny tried her best to support her jiggling breasts as she dashed away, but the jersey material was merciless against her sensitive *******. The feeling of the cool air conditioning against her **** body, hidden only by this thin pair of shorts and shirt. She wore more clothing than this to bed!

She stumbled her way in a flushed daze to the Junior Park, where it seemed mostly like moms and grandmas with their kids.

An elderly woman approached Jenny. "My grandson lots his shoe in those tunnel thingamajigs. Could you get it back for me?" She gestured to a twisting, curling maze of plastic tunnels, like a hamster run for kids.

Jenny got down on all fours and wormed her way into the nearest entrance. It was a cramped fit, especially around her chest and hips, but she was quite glad for the moment of privacy from the crowds.

The jersey continued to tease and rub her poor, tingling *******. After many twists and confusing turns, she at last retrieved the missing sneaker.

"Now, to find my way out!" The first exit she came upon was a slide. It was far too narrow for him to turn around, so headfirst it was.

Just as she took the plunge, something snagged Jenny's shorts! A loose bolt, a crack in the plastic, she would never know for sure, but whatever it was, it shucked her shorts down to her ankles in a flash!

"Oh my gosh!" She bucked and twisted, trying to reach back to unsnag her shorts, but the tunnel was just too narrow. Her naked ass pressed and rubbed against the walls of the tube.

Her boss Doug appeared at the mouth of the slide. "Jenny, are you okay in there?"

"I... yes. I'm okay" she said meekly. If she asked Doug for help, he would just crawl up behind her and see her bare naked private parts, not even a pair of ******* to protect her modesty. Jenny had no choice. She knew the jersey was long enough to cover her tushie and trimmed blonde bush. Maybe she could get to her street clothes in the employee lounge...

With great anxiety and reluctance, Jenny pulled her feet free of her shorts and slid down. She crashed right into Doug, knocked his legs out from under him. The young man was stunned by the sensation of full breasts pressed against his legs.

Jenny quickly jumped to her feet, tugging down her jersey. She felt so naked, so vulnerable. Every breeze over her innocent *** was a sobering reminder that she was a hair's breadth away from public humiliation.

While the jersey was long enough to cover her ***** and ****, the long lovely expanse of thigh she was now displaying told Doug her shorts were missing!

"Doug, um, sir? Can I take a quick break? I—"

"Jenny, you just had a break 40 minutes ago. Why do you need another one now?"

Jenny shyly tugged at her jersey, anxiously rubbing her bare thighs together. What could she say? That in those 40 minutes, she had lost her bra, her *******, her shorts, and had just flashed her bare boobies to some strange man and countless others?

The truth may have gotten her mercy from her boss, but she was just too humiliated to say it. "No reason, I guess" she whimpered.

Jenny just prayed she could keep her modesty long enough to sneak back to the break room to slip into some clothes.

"Good. Um, cage 7 has another stuck ball. You did a great job with it last time. Think you can handle it again?"

"Yes sir." Jenny minced away, taking short, nervous strides. As she nervously tugged at her jersey, it hugged the round contours of her bare ass. Doug followed her discretely, marveling that this goddess of a blonde really could be naked under that simple jersey.

It was a gorgeous sunny day outside, and the place was more crowded than ever. Although Jenny's state of undress may have gone unnoticed inside, in the sunlight her jersey became translucent.

Doug was having a hard time keeping up, with his growing erection. The sun was showing every detail and curve of her flawless silhouette. The flexing of her cheeks as she walked. The gentle sway of her breasts, the shadows they cast over her belly. Even the shadows of her excited pink *******.

Doug knew the effect sunlight had on these uniforms. Jenny wasn't the first girl at the Funplex to show off more than she intended when she stepped out into the sunshine. However, she was the first girl at Funplex to walk out in the sunshine in nothing but the jersey!

Jenny crept along timidly. If people didn't know she was bottomless under that jersey, her body language said it all. Hunched over, back arched, hands clutching at the shirt tails against the mischievous wind.

Doug wasn't the only person to notice. Hushed whispers and snickers washed through the crowds of teenagers and young men. A couple got their camera phones out. If poor spacy Jenny had any clue how many people were scrutinizing and lusting every gesture of her nigh-naked body, she would have fled the scene there and then.

Batting cage 7 was empty at the moment, which Doug knew. He also knew there was nothing wrong with the pitching machine; he just wanted to get Jenny outside.

Jenny approached the machine, peering in the chute, careful to keep the jersey tugged down over her tush. But Doug realized- she never unplugged the machine! Exposing her body was one thing, but he certainly didn't want her hurt!

"Jenny, wait-!!"

Jenny turned to see who was calling her name. The tail of her jersey caught in the spinning flywheel. In the blink of an eye, her once-billowy jersey pulled skin tight, smooching her **** into massive cleavage!

"W-what's happening?! Oh nooooo!" Jenny wiggled and squirmed in her skintight shirt and it drew tight and tighter. And then, right at the bottom of the V-neck, a RIP formed! The all-too-familiar sound of tearing fabric!

It split open 4 inches, letting Jenny's young firm **** spill out! She instinctively cupped them, trying to hide her pointed ******* from the hundreds of eyes.

The relentless flywheel yanked the jersey down, off her shoulders, pinning her elbows to her side.

The rip slowly spread down her belly like a burning fuse, past her ribs, past her belly button. The jersey gave way, revealing the first wisp of blonde hair. Jenny defensively clutched her ****, but she couldn't cover them and her kitty all at once. "Noo! Don't look!"

Just an inch of jersey left before Jenny was fully exposed and helpless before the gathered mob... and the flywheel stopped! Doug pulled the plug!

Doug leaped in front of her, trying to shield her perfect body from a hundred ravaging eyes and cameras. In his haste to be chivalrous, Doug forgot his aching erection, tenting out his shorts. Waves of laughter swept the crowd.

The only one who couldn't see Doug's rigid lust was Jenny herself. She clutched him close to her body, using him to shield her shameful exposure. Jenny pulled him tight against her, pressing her plump, firm breasts into the shorter man's shoulders and neck. Her arms wrapped desperately around his stomach and chest, pulling him flush to her naked body. Her sweet breath and whimpers of utter humiliation, right in his ear.

Jenny writhed and wiggled, trying to find shelter and modesty from the hundreds of lustful eyes. Her nervous hands rushed all over Doug- until she brushed against something... hard? And protruding? She gave it a quizzical squeeze...

Once again, Jenny grossly underestimated the effect she has on men. Doug's body shuddered, his eyes rolled back in his head, and his knees buckled. Jenny looked down and realized she had Doug groped Doug hard-on through his shorts!

"Ewwww!" Disgusted and horrified, she pulled her hands away, releasing Doug. He slowly crumpled the ground, once again revealing Jenny's **** *******. A wave of cheers and applause!

Jenny was still stuck against the pitching machine by the remains of her jersey. It was either give up the last of her jersey, exposing her kitty to the world (again), or stay stuck there and wallow in utter humiliation.

Gathering her nerve, Jenny let go of her *****, grabbed the jersey, and RIPPED it apart, at last exposing her trim little ***** to the gawking mob. Reduced to her knee socks and sneakers.

She ran, ran as best she could while trying to shield her jiggling, statuesque body. The crowd was thick, and dozens of rude, exploring hands pinched, squeezed, and groped her soft, blushing flesh. Covering her **** left Jenny's ample backside open to slaps and naughty pokes. Protecting her tushie and kitty meant her ***** were stroked and tender ******* pinched without shame or mercy.

At last, she broke free of the mob, her skin electrified with rude handling and humiliation. Jenny burst through the doors of the arcade and dashed a bouncing naked streak through the video games and speechless teenagers.

A crowd of ***** ogling men trailed behind her. She flew through the inconspicuous door marked "Employees Only", and rushed to the lounge. Already there was a chant of "More! More! More" from the arcade.

Two wide-eyed coworkers watched, speechless as the "new girl" ran into the lounge, completely **** save for her shoes and socks, pulled on shorts and a shirt from her bag, and dashed out the fire exit.

Jenny managed to slink to her car, unnoticed by the excited crowds, and slip away from the Funplex, never to go there again.

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