Summer Jobs Chapter 2 – Ice Creamed by gao23


For those not in the know, Jenny was a woman brought to the attention of the budding ENF community by her husband many years ago. Voluptuous but shy, gorgeous but clumsy, she's become a bit of a folk heroine in certain internet circles. She's been stripped out of more outfits than most women even own, always to her shock and embarrassment.

For those who love stats, Jenny is a statuesque 5'10", with DD breasts, a bubble ****, a trim waist, and long blond hair. She's well-intentioned, polite to a fault, a bit ditzy, and optimistic to the point of being naïve.

Chapter 2 – Ice Creamed by gao23

The shameful humiliation at the Dip'N Donuts confined Jenny to the modest solace of her bedroom for a few days, but the shame soon became eclipsed by her need for money.

She found an ad for ice cream truck drivers in the local Pennysaver. It didn't sound like a great job, but it meant fresh air and it paid cash.

Jenny arrived at the truck depot bright and early for her interview. It was chilly that morning, so she wore a baggy old pair of jeans and a hockey jersey over a green tank top.

After a curt interview with a disinterested old crone, Jenny found herself behind the wheel of a gaudy ice cream truck older than she was. It had a creaking suspension, antiquated freezers, and loud, tinny music. The temperamental gear shift, topped with an 8 ball, took every ounce of Jenny's strength to shift.

Jenny's "beat" was Pinelawn, middle of the middle-class development. As Jenny came cruising into the development late morning, the day was getting hot. Really hot. And humid. The ice cream freezers may have kept the treats cold, but it made the rest of the truck even hotter. She was starting to sweat like a pig.

Jenny pulled down a side street and parked. She stripped off the hockey jersey and threw it in her handbag. She found a pair of tiny scissors in her bag and contemplated her jeans. They were old and comfy, but right now they were making her feel all gross and stuff. They might make a cute pair of cut-offs.

Jenny considered taking the jeans off to make it easier to cut them, but the idea of being in this truck in just her ******* and a tank top... so soon after the very public clothing mishap –er, mishaps at the Dip'N Donut...

Jenny gingerly made the first cut, at mid-thigh, and worked her way around the leg. "There, not so hard."

She moved to her left leg and repeated the process. She was pretty satisfied until she realized, "Rats! The left leg is shorter!"

She set to work hemming the right leg to match, but it was tricky from the angle, especially in the back. Too late she realized, "Dang it! Now the right is shorter!"

More snipping, tugging, hemming, but still, "Ah come on! Still uneven!?": Snip snip snip...

It was only when Jenny noticed her pockets hanging out the hems of her tattered cutoffs did she realize, "Oh no! I cut them too much!" Indeed, what had, mere minutes ago, been modest cutoffs, now were becoming scandalously short. Standing up, her **** cheeks were only just barely covered.

"Oh NO! What did I do?!" Jenny tugged at the cutoffs, but the truth was unavoidable; she had just turned her modest, unflattering jeans into itty bitty short shorts.

"Well, at least they're not too tight," she sighed.

Indeed, the cutoffs didn't hug her tushie like true Daisy Dukes, but what she failed to appreciate was that her leg holes were very very loose, and they hung low on her hips. Her bikini-cut hot pink Victoria's Secret ******* peeked out the top just a bit if she leaned a certain way. Not that she realized that.

Undeterred, she quickly cleaned up the mess and hopped back in the driver's seat. Time to sell some ice cream!

Stanley hated that damn ice cream man. Lousy kids always dragged him out of the air conditioning to spend way too much for what they already had in the freezer. At least it was a moment of peace from his harpy of a wife, Gertrude.

He sulked over to the truck, ready to empty his wallet to whatever greasy troll was driving today when a most astounding sight befell him. A gorgeous young blonde, with the face of an angel and the body of a temptress, appeared in the window of that ice cream truck.

"What can I get for you?" she said, all perky. She scrunched her nose when she said it, and raised her shoulders, just a bit, making her wondrous, gravity-defying breasts jiggle just a bit.

His son and daughter chirped out their orders, and she turned around and bent over to fish the ice cream out of the freezer.

That ass, that round, perfect ass! Scarcely covered in those shorts and just a foot from Stanley's bulging eyes. And when she bent over... oh dear Lord! The little ribbon of denim between her legs did almost nothing to hide her bright pink silky ******* from his lusting eyes! He could see everything, down to the fine lace detailing, the subtle bulge of her most treasure, most private place. Were those a few curls of blonde hair peeking out? My God! A Natural!

She turned around and handed his kids their treats with a wide, wholesome smile. Stanley got his own treat; a perfect view down her tank top. Round, youthful breasts, trembling at her every vivacious gesture, wrapped in a matching hot pink bra. Perfect cleavage, flawless, creamy skin.

A dozen or so neighborhood kids had gathered around the truck. They had no money, of course, but their lust for ice cream matched his lust for sweet blonde perfection.

"Uh, hey kids! Ice cream is on me!" A chorus of cheers went up. It was a small price for Stanley to pay to watch this goddess bend, stretch, and arch that stunning body of hers.

"Aren't you a sweetheart! Buying those kids' ice cream!" She purred. Stanley was too awestruck to speak. Too bad his wife wasn't...

"STANLEY!" howled Gertrude, knocking him out of his spell. That miserable harpy must have sensed he was having a rare moment of happiness. He slinked back to his miserable life.

Jenny sorted all the cashed and took stock, blissfully unaware at how much that "sweet" gentleman had seen of her natural charms. She actually just sold out of a few items!

Jenny stepped out of the ice cream truck with a grease pencil to X out the sold-out items.

Stanley escaped his wife's soul-crushing grip long enough to take one last longing peak out his living room window. The blonde beauty was now standing on his lawn, marking the menu. A wicked idea popped into his head...

The sun was just brutal, beating down on Jenny. What a scorcher!

There was a peculiar hissing sound behind Jenny, and then a jet of ICE COLD WATER blasted her right in the ****!

"Eeeeek!" Jenny spun around to discover the lawn's automatic sprinkler system just kicked on. At first, she leaped out of the way of the water, but she realized that water actually felt pretty nice! Her tank top was way dark, too, so she wasn't at any risk of repeating her wet T-shirt show from the Dip'N Donut.

Jenny timidly stepped in the way of the next stream of water.

"Ooooh, that feels so GOOD!" She pranced between the jets, childlike and oblivious to the ****** display she was putting on. Yes, her tank top didn't become transparent, but it did cling to her now like it was painted on. The water also made her cutoffs heavier, forcing them to ride lower, leaving the lacy waistband of her pink ******* on display.

Stanley watched the dreamlike display, dizzy with lust. That sprinkler system was worth every penny.

"Stanley! There's some ***** on the lawn! Get her outta my yard!" Damn that woman.

Jenny was drenched but refreshed, but the inside of that truck was hotter and stuffier than ever. She climbed back into the ice cream truck, ready to resume her route when that nice dad came up to her window again.

"Hi! Come back for more?"

"Y-yes!" Stanley's mind raced for a plan. "Uh, I see you're out of Chipwiches. Are you sure you don't have anymore?"

"No, we sold out."

"Are you sure? My son really really wants one. Another one." His son wasn't even out there with him anymore, but this girl didn't seem too shrewd. "Maybe there's one more? Hiding down at the bottom? My poor son, he really wants it!"

She was falling for it! He could see it in her eyes!

She opened the freezer and reached in... reached way in. All the way to the bottom, sorting through the heaps of frozen treats. The cold air in the freezer felt so refreshing. Her tummy and breasts pressed against the frosty freezer wall, sending shivers down her body. She took her time, letting the refrigerated air cool her wet skin.

Meanwhile, Stanley was leaning in close, his nose mere inches from her upturned backside. As before, the cutoffs offered little coverage of Jenny's ******* and her most intimate spot, but now... oh but now, those ******* were soaking wet. They clung to the delicate blossom of Jenny's *****, revealing every detail, even the faint shadow of a cleft right down the middle, and the tiny bud of her ********. Why didn't he bring a camera?! He leaned in even closer and inhaled deeply...

"Oh! I found one!" Jenny exclaimed, from inside the freezer. She leaned back to stand up—but couldn't! She tried again, but nothing. She was stuck fast, and Jenny realized; her shirt was frozen to the wall of the freezer!

Jenny began to fidget and squirm. She reached an arm out and handed Stanley the cookiewich. "Um, there ya go!"

"What do I owe you?" Stanley was still hypnotized by Jenny's shifting **** and rubbing thighs.

"Oh, it's on the house! Have a nice day!" The blonde bombshell called from inside the freezer. Something was wrong... why wasn't she standing up?

"But, please! Let me pay you!"

"No no no! You're such a good customer! It's free!" Jenny was getting desperate—and cold!

"Please! I insist—"

"STANLEY!" Gertrude howled from the house. Damn that woman! He reluctantly pried his ***** gaze from the Most Perfect Ass in the world to go placate that harpy.

It seemed like he left, but Jenny wasn't sure. Deep breath, now or never...

Jenny yanked the tank top up and over her head... Her bra was frozen too! In full panic now, she reached back and unhooked her bra, at last pulling free.

Jenny stood up, free but now completely *******. She rubbed some warmth back into her chilly *****, and peered around, making sure she was alone.

She wasn't! One little kid was watching her, peeking in the window wide-eyed.

"HEY!" She cupped her breast, crimson-faced. The boy scurried away, giggling. Jenny had bigger problems...

Gertrude was stomping towards the ice cream truck, a scowl on her face and rolling pin in hand.

"Oh my GOSH!" Jenny recoiled in pure terror, right into the gear shift. It goosed her right between the **** cheeks, shocking her off her feet. She fell backward, and the nosey gearshift slipped right up her shorts.

Jenny landed squarely on her tush, with the gearshift sticking up from the waistband of her cutoffs. If there was one way to look more lewd and perverted while ******* in a family neighborhood, she just found it.

She struggled and fought to stand back up, but the gear shift kept her from getting her footing. Time was running short...

Jenny unbuttoned her cutoffs, and swiftly wiggled her way out of them. She leaped to her feet, now completely naked except for a pair of sopping-wet hot pink bikini-cut *******. And there was Gertrude—

"You filthy SLUT!" the witch screamed!

Jenny nearly jumped out of her very exposed skin! Gertrude leaned in the truck window and clawed at Jenny, catching a fistful of wet *****.

"No! Let go! That's my underwear!!" Jenny squealed. Gertrude yanked and tugged like an angry dog, exposing Jenny's elegant little tuft of honey blonde bush.

"You nasty skank! What are you, a prostitute?!" Gertrude yanked harder and harder.

"Stop it! You're going to rip it!" Jenny clutched and tugged, clenching her **** thighs in an effort to hold on to her last stitch of clothing.

"Oh yeah?!" Gertrude yanked with all her might, and RIIIIP! Jenny's poor pink ******* tore apart!

Nude, mortified, and terrified, Jenny tumbled into the driver's seat. The hot vinyl burned her bare tushie. She started the engine and slammed it into gear. The ice cream truck peeled out and raced down the block at its top speed; 20 miles per hour.

The winding suburban streets forced Jenny to keep shifting, which mean no hand was free to cover her naked **** as they jiggled and bobbed.

And she had no idea how to shut off that damn music, so after a block or two, she had a dozen ravenous children chasing her!

"Ice cream! Ice cream! ICE CREAM!!!"

"Oh NO!" There was a stop sign coming up! She had no choice but to slow down. The children were gaining on her!

I freckle-faced boy appeared in the window next to her! "She's NAKED! She's naked! She's naked!"

Jenny scooped up her **** defensively, but that meant she couldn't shift out of first gear. With her legs clenched so tightly, she could barely work the pedals.

By now there was a pack of screaming laughing children trailing behind her, chanting "Naked! Naked! Naked!" And the chanting meant that soon there were teenage boys and young men on bicycles joining the chase!

"Eeeek! No!" Jenny squealed. The streets behind her were swarmed with gawking young boys, eagerly catching glimpses of the **** beauty behind the wheel.

She uncapped her firm round breasts to finally get the clunky ice cream truck into second gear. She vainly tried to ****** back her cutoff shorts but doing so let the truck slow down, and gave the ***** horde behind her more peeps at her **** body.

The boys held up cell phones, hoping to snap pictures of the Godiva-Esque beauty behind the wheel. "Go away! Go away, you awful boys!"

At last, Jenny saw her salvation; a highway on-ramp. She took the turn on squealing tires and sighed in relief as the mobs of leering men fell away. When she regained her wits, she found a quiet empty parking lot, reclaimed her shorts, and scraped her poor bra and shorts from the freezer.

Jenny returned the ice cream truck without telling her supervisor and slinked away, once again humiliated and jobless.

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