Sucker Punch to Her Stomach by D-Rock


Sucker Punch to Her Stomach by D-Rock

I finally got up the nerve to do it. It has taken years but I finally did it.

I was out of town on business in a city I had never been before and would likely never come back to. I searched around the bar I was at on my last evening there. I finally found a nice target. A slim young woman with a white blouse and dark blue pleated skirt on that was rather short for that style. It was perfect. She sat with two other women and they had drinks for about two hours. Then the other two left and she stayed and was on her cell phone for about another hour. The whole time I waited.

Finally, she left. It had gotten dark and I followed her. She walked to the parking garage. I stayed behind her but out of sight. I was getting really aroused thinking about what I was going to do to her. I followed and she finally got to her car. That's when I came up asking her if she was familiar with the garage and how to get to the top floor - or some inane something or other. She looked at me and as she began to speak I upper-cut punched her up into the pit of her stomach as hard as I could!

Her reaction was exquisite and just what I had hoped for, what I had imagined all these years and never seen in any pics or vid clips to my satisfaction. A deep, guttural, stomach grunt was forced up out of her as she lurched forward onto my forearm. The grunt was so hard I thought sure her stomach organ was going to come up after it.

I left my fist up her stomach, the only thing holding her up as she desperately clutched my forearm. She looked up at me with the grimace of extreme stomach pain etched on her beautiful face. With all the breath knocked out of her, she gasped and gulped in a pocket of air and I pulled my fist out of her flat but extremely soft young stomach and she collapsed to her knees, arms folded across her stomach, and proceeded to bend all the way over until her forehead hit the ground. Her pleated skirt rode up and exposed her black satin ******* and I almost exploded.

This felt too good so I force her back up to her feet, seizing her by her arm. This was so easy because she couldn't have weighed more than 100 lbs and stood only about 5'2". Once on her feet I grabbed a handful of her streaked blonde locks and she reached up with both hands to her hair as I snarled "I'll bet you've never been punched in the stomach before, have you? A real stomach virgin"!

And with that I drove my fist upward up into her stomach organ again, driving it up under her ribcage and raising her up into the air and forcing a throaty, breathy stomach grunt from her. She was stomach impaled on my fist for a few seconds while she clutched my forearm again. I admired the agony of severe stomach pain on her face for a few more seconds before letting her crash to the ground by my pulling my fist from her ruined guts.

Again she hit her knees and bent fully at the hips, arched her back inward and pushed her punished stomach out, threw her head back at first and rotated her hips, and stuck her ass out I guess trying to push the caved in feeling out of her. She involuntarily raised up and her hinged hips to almost strait before folding full over and her chin inches from the ground and grunted hard again and eeked out the words "My stomach"!

She rocked up and down on those hinged hips a few more times as I admired the way her skirt rode up over her **** and then she finally rested her forehead on the ground, but way up now, and just wheezed and gasped and grunted. She heaved and wretched and that way her hot **** was sticking up I know it was time for me to get out of there though I hated to leave that dreamy site.

I wonder how long she stayed doubled over like that holding her stomach and if anyone else saw her like that?

February 19, 2022 8:12 PM