Strip Club by Peter


Strip Club written by Peter

I was in a ********** in Baltimore last week. I was sitting with a cute red head - about 19 - who was fooling around with me in the back of the bar. She told me that one of her friends, a big busted black girl, was waiting for one of her best customers, a powerful and wealthy black executive. My friend, Mary, told me that the black girl, LaTisha, usually got $200 in tips from the executive when he came in. After about 20 minutes, the executive came in and a new girl, Casey, decided to come on to the executive.

Casey was 18, about 5'2" and 100 lbs, with nice B cups and blue eyes. As the executive came in, she rubbed his crotch and invited him to have a drink with her in one of the booths in back. Since he obviously liked young white girls, he went with her and spent about an hour fooling around with her. I couldn't see it, but it looked like Casey gave the guy a ******** and let him feel her up. LaTisha sat at the bar and was really pissed off at Casey because she had taken her best tipper and she needed the money.

LaTisha was a big girl. She had 44DD breasts and a bottom which matched her top. She was about 5'11" and weighed close to 200 lbs. She had grown up in the projects and knew how to fight. After the executive left, Casey came toward the back of the bar and headed for the locker room to clean up. As she walked past Mary and me, Latisha walked up behind Casey, grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around by the shoulders and slammed her up against the wall. Casey bounced off the wall and started to say something, but Latisha just slapped her across the face. Casey covered her face, leaned back against the wall and started to cry. LaTisha then slugged Casey in her belly. It was a powerful upper cut that struck Casey on her belly button, but lifted up into her solar plexus.

Casey let out with an incredible oooof just after the blow struck her and doubled over in absolutely precious agony. Casey's mouth hung open and the pain, fear and surprise were etched across her face as she clutched her belly with both hands. For almost 30 seconds, Casey stood there, doubled over, gasping for breath as LaTisha looked on and smiled. Mary and I went over to Casey and helped her into one of the small side rooms reserved for private entertainment. Casey was incredibly **** doubled over and holding her belly. I felt her up as I "helped" her into the back room. I think LaTisha knew that hitting Casey in the belly turned me on. She liked the idea of giving a good rise to a regular customer and getting her revenge at the same time. LaTisha followed us into the back room as a got Casey to stand up and lean back against a wall in the back room. As I was wiping Casey's face, LaTisha came in and once again bashed Casey in her belly. Casey did not expect this and didn't see it coming. LaTisha's fist hit Casey dead in the middle of her belly, just below her rib cage. I could hear the thud of LaTisha's first into Casey's belly and Casey's body let out the most incredible ughhh! Since I was holding Casey by her left breast when LaTisha hit her, I felt the power of the blow and was right next to Casey's face when her belly was hit. I held Casey by her left breast with my right hand as she slowly doubled over and collapsed on the floor.

Mary knew how much this turned me on and she pulled out my Peter and gave me a b--- j-- while I leaned over Casey fondling her breasts as she leaned against the wall trying to regain her breath. It was wonderful.');

July 12, 2023 12:26 AM