Star Wars: A Woman in Power by CountryMouse


Star Wars: A Woman in Power by CountryMouse

“Viceroy Gunray, I ask you point-blank!” Sio Bibble demanded. “How will you explain this invasion to the Senate?”

The Neimoidian’s flat reptilian countenance managed to a small flicker of humor. “The Naboo and the Federation will forge a treaty that will legitimize our occupation here. I've been assured it will be ratified by the Senate.”

“A treaty?” the teenage Queen exclaimed in astonishment. “In the face of this completely unlawful action?” Amidala rose from her throne and stepped forward, surrounded by her cloaked and hooded handmaidens. She was young, beautiful, and serene. An applied beauty mark of crimson split her lower lip, and a golden headdress framed her powdery white face. Her eyes were sharp with anger. “I will not co-operate.”

Nute Gunray exchanged a quick glance with Rune Haako. “Now, now, your Highness.” He purred “Don’t be too hasty with your pronouncements. You are not going to like what we have in store for you and your people. In time, their suffering will persuade you to see our point of view.

He turned away. “Enough talk.” He beckoned. “Commander Opred?” A broad-chested man stepped out from a**** the score of droids that filled the room. He lowered his head slightly in response moving to the center of the room.

Two of the droids grabbed the Queen’s arms and hauled her a few steps to stand in front of the burly officer. They wrestled the young Queen’s ceremonial robes off her body, tearing her garments away as if her struggles weren’t happening. The gown and headdress lent both size and majesty, but once removed it was clear Amidala was just a girl no more than 19 years old.

Commander Opred looked the girl up and down as if she were a beggar wench masquerading as a lady. His gaze lit upon the neckline of her white linen slip. His fingers followed his eyes, and Amidala could not help but flinch from their touch upon her skin. Keeping eye contact Opred removed his uniform shirt revealing massive heavily muscled arms.

Appalled by such casual violence, Amidala gazed with fresh loathing upon Yute Gunray as he turned back to her with a smile. “When I command, girl, you’re always expected to be agreeable.,” the Viceroy called.

“Palpatine will hear of this,” Amidala said angrily. “He’s a man of power, and you cannot dare to anger him too far. He has the ear of the Council, and of the generals. He-”

Commander Opred cut the young woman off by placing a huge hand behind her head to pull her forward. He clenched his other hand into a massive fist and drove it hard into the Queen’s soft stomach.

“HUUUCH!” Amidala choked as her breath exploded from her small body. The Commander nodded at the Droids who were released to fall to her knees. The girl held her belly and continued to gasp for air. “Huuch-Ghuuhh Can’t breathe!”

“He’s out of the sector,” Yute said sweetly. “I arranged to have him on an embassy to Casselle. A long one.”

Amidala seemed to shrink. “He’s gone,” she said hollowly.

Commander Opred took a bucket of water and upended it over the Queen’s head. The girl sputtered and coughed as she was wrenched back to wakefulness. The Droids picked her up again, but she couldn’t keep her legs under her. She looked up at the Commander, most of her powder white face paint washed off.

“Let’s have the rest of her clothes off,” Yute ordered.

“No!” the young Queen screamed, but the droids paid no heed. They bound her arms behind her. She writhed as they held her for the huge man standing before her. Once more he reached to the neck opening of her gown, using both hands now. For a moment he rubbed the fabric between finger and thumb as if feeling its understated richness. Then with a sudden, savage burst of strength, he tore the gown clean in two from seam to seam.

Amidala cried out in surprise, in dismay, as he tore her dress down to her waist. Out of respect, Sio Bibble and Captain Panaka turned their heads away from the site of their Queen’s naked torso.

The Commander continued by hooking two fingers into the waistline of her skirt and brutally ripping downward. The white linen cloth tore away from her hips easily, leaving the young Queen naked and shivering in the cold air of the throne room.

“Bastard!” she spat at the Viceroy still breathless. Though not athletic, Amidala was petite and trim. She had lovely long legs and small but firm breasts. Her skin was smooth and evenly tanned throughout.

Commander Opred got the nod from Nute and drew his fist back aiming for her belly. He twisted his upper body with the punch digging his fist up under her ribcage. The punch was merciless and the slight girl's whole body shuddered.

Amidala was just catching her breath when the second punch violated her guts. Her eyebrows knitted together as her eyes closed and her jaw dropped. The man’s huge fist forced air out of her tight little body pulling forth a deep, pathetic, “Ghuuuh!”

Suddenly the Droids had let her go again and Opred had an arm around her waist. His lips came down on hers in a bold hard kiss, his tongue thrusting, and stroking. Amidala struggled, but he just bent her over his arm till she was disoriented and dizzy, clinging to him for balance as he plundered her mouth filling her senses with a fog of sweat, warm skin, and hard flexing muscles. Amidala’s head swam with darkness and heat as he went on kissing her, greedily taking what he wanted.

“Mmmmf!” The young Queen’s scream was muffled. By the time Opred stopped she was so desperate for air, she almost fainted again. She finally drew in a sharp breath and struggled again, trying to pull away and gain control of her breathing.

The Commander grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back towards him. He punished her body again with a barbaric massive punch to her stomach this time lifting her whole body off the ground with it. Amidala clung to her assailant’s huge arm and wailed “OOOOOOH-OH-OH!” She was finished. Willing to sign anything to stop this beating.

Suddenly, Amidala was dropped to the ground. She lay face down wrapping both arms around her stomach. Around her was the sound of fighting, and yes, the distinct sound of a Jedi’s sword.

Then Captain Panaka lifted the young Queen and held her in his arms. She was introduced to a tall man with aquiline features and long gray hair. He wore the robes of a Jedi Master “Your Highness, we are the Ambassadors, for the Supreme Chancellor. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi”

“Your negotiations seem to have failed, Ambassador.” Stated Sio Bibble.

“The negotiations never took place.” Qui-Gon shot back “Your Highness, under the circumstances, I suggest you come to Coruscant with us.”

Amidala demanded to stand on her own feet, but accepted help. . Stripped of her robes of office, she did her best to cover herself with her hands. She was acutely embarrassed to be standing naked in front of her men “Thank you, Ambassador, but my place is here with my people.”

The Queen’s ****** didn’t seem to affect Qui-Gon. Though she noticed his handsome young apprentice giving her a side glance. “They will kill you if you stay.”

Sio Bibble spoke up “They wouldn't dare.”

Captain Panaka added, “They need her to sign a treaty to make this invasion of theirs legal. They can't afford to kill her. Queen Amidala performed well, not willing to give up her people even after what they put her through.”

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