Spiker gets Dominated by Mark


Spiker gets Dominated by Mark

The feud had been brewing for some time between volleyball rivals, The Spikers, and The Dominators, so much so that Misty, the star player for The Spikers had nearly come to blows with Cindy, the star player for The Dominators. It had become personal for Misty. She learned through the grapevine that Cindy and her boyfriend Jim had broken up, so when she saw Jim alone at the end of the bar, she walked right over.

"Hi", she said, smiling at Jim. "Mind if I sit down?"

Jim looked Misty up and down... a tan brunette, she was over 6 feet tall with a tight body, wearing a short skirt and top, revealing extra long legs and several inches of sculpted abs.

"Sure", said Jim.

"I heard about you and Cindy", she said. "Sorry".

"Well, don't be", said Jim. "I had about enough of that *****'s attitude".

"Really?", said Misty. "Well, I was about ready to kick that *****'s ass last week. I would have, except the other players held me back."

Clenching her fist, Misty continued. "I'll put this right through that skinny ***** if I get a chance."

"Hmmmm", said Jim. "I'd love to see that. You know, I might be able to help you out."

The two hatched a plan. The Spikers and Dominators had another match the next week... when the game is over and Cindy leaves to go home, Misty would call Jim on her cell - he'd meet Cindy's as she got home and get her to let him in the house. When Misty got there, he'd let her in and they'd beat the crap out of her rival. Next week arrived... The Dominators beat The Spikers in another heated match, leaving Misty more ready than ever to get revenge on Cindy. Misty slipped a sweatsuit over her skimpy 2-piece spandex volleyball outfit and waited for Cindy to leave.

After most of The Dominators were already gone, Cindy got up to leave. Misty called Jim... "She's on her way." When Misty arrived at Cindy's place, she saw lights on inside and Jim and Cindy's car in the driveway. "Good", she thought, "he's in." She parked down the street, got out of the car, and popped the trunk lid. She quickly stripped off her sweats and threw them in the trunk... the less the ***** has to grab hold of the better, she figured. The back door opened as soon as she got there. Misty quickly opened the screen door and leaped inside like a cat after a mouse... then...


Sharp pain stabbed at the back of her head and stars as Misty fell face-first to the floor. Through the haze and the ringing in her ears, she saw a shadowy figure - it was Cindy holding a large frying pan. The laughter of some of her Dominator teammates was heard in the background. The door closed, then Jim's voice. "Take her into the kitchen". Misty was quickly hoisted up by Dominators Toni and Sherry and dragged near the sink...

The two Dominators held the dazed Misty up by the arms. Her head hung down, but Jim grabbed a handful of brunette hair and pulled it up. "Oh, in case you haven't guessed, me and Cindy are back together. Nice of you to dress for us... makes it easy to see what we'll be taking apart", said Jim, checking out Misty's trim body. "But first..." Jim's voice trailed off.


Groggy and with half-closed eyes, Misty never saw it coming. Jim torqued a hard right high into the left side of her unprepared stomach, caving her muscled abs and driving her back into the girls, who held tight.


The shock of the first blow had barely registered when Jim shot 3 more right hands into the same spot, his fist ripping into Misty's tan belly and repeatedly crushing her stomach.

The fire growing in her abdomen quickly awakened her, but after four harsh blows to her relaxed belly, the winded Misty went from dazed to suffering and struggling to keep the contents of her stomach down. Jim stepped aside and Cindy stepped up, holding a clenched fist in front of Misty's face.

"So", she said. "Gonna put this through me, huh?", grabbing the restrained girl behind the neck.


Cindy delivered the point of her bony knee into the flat-bellied girl's navel, driving it upward across Misty's washboard abs. Misty managed to tighten her stomach, but Cindy's leg, well-toned from years of beach volleyball, penetrated the weakened belly, increasing her rival's suffering as it slammed Misty's guts into her diaphragm

No sooner had her foot returned to the floor, when upshot Cindy's other bony knee, wrinkling Misty's tan skin as it sank into the center of the spiker's 6-pack, continuing deep through the failing defenses of Misty's upper belly. With Cindy's knee already embedded in Misty's body, Jim pumped a vicious left into the rippling belly flesh struggling to protect her stomach organ.

HUUGGHHH...HUGGGHHH... "That's it!" said Jim as the tall girl turned pale and jaundiced, her stomach convulsing and its contents spewing out as her captors shoved her face into the sink. They held her there until she stopped.

"She did?" asked Cindy? "Let's make sure".

THUDDD!!! Cindy stepped back and punted the bent-over girl flush in the belly, lifting Misty's firm ass up as she followed through on her.

"THUDD!!! Another punt to the guts lifted the spiker... but no more heaving. The girls pulled her head out of the sink and wiped Misty's wide open mouth, the girl's belly still convulsing as it struggled to recover from Jim and Cindy's violating blows.

"Lights out!", said Jim, who popped the beaten girl in the jaw with a loud "CRACCCKKK!!"

Everything went dark....

Misty awoke with a start as the ice-cold water splashed over her. She was no longer in the kitchen, instead she looked up to see her hands bound to wooden support of the staircase banister.

Besides the dull ache of her belly and jaw, she also felt the pain in her back of being bent sharply over backward. Jim and The Dominators had taken her into the living room, where a staircase with a solid wall under it went up to the second floor. They had shoved an old high back armchair up against the wall with the front of the chair facing it.

Misty couldn't move her legs either... they had bound her ankles to the back legs of the chair, then bent her long body back over top of the chair. She began to struggle to free herself, but she was tightly stretched and her own weight was working against her.

She couldn't see much except her arms, the banister and the ceiling, her hair hung straight down. She had been stripped naked, her perky B-cup **** pointed at the ceiling and her ribs stuck way out as her back bent around the chair. The sinew of her hard 6-pack abs was in full view through her thin tan skin as her concave belly contracted, straining against her bonds.

"We're gonna have a little contest", Jim said to the girls. "Take your best shot, one of you gets eliminated per round, winner gets to beat this ***** up."

The girls cackled with excitement... all saying "Me first!!"

"Toni, you're up." Toni jumped up, fists clenched and ready, but Jim looked at the bound girl's tight belly and said "Hold on... let's soften this up a little bit first."

He checked out the tensed, hard body in front of him... it was already bruised on the stomach where he had worked her earlier.

Misty had recovered enough to start to plead for mercy, but Jim wasn't going for that.

"Please, please don't... UGGGHH!..."

Jim picked the 6-pack to the left and above Misty's oval navel, snapping a sharp right that bounced off her body with a SLAPPP!!, the water flying off her toned body as the blow slammed into her flesh.

"Ohhhh, ohhhh no don't... UGGGHH!..."

A left to the center of the muscle on the other side of her navel SLAPPPed!! into Misty, her abs tensing again as the pain of Jim's hard knuckles digging into her hard belly shot through her. Jim knew that she could only keep this up for a short time before he would break her and kept punishing the same pair of muscles as Misty begged him to stop.

"Oh, please... UGGGHHH!!!... Stop... OHHHH!!!.... Oh Gawdd... UHFFFF!!!... Uhhhhh....GUGGHHHFFF!!! Jim's pistoning fists began to drive Misty's stomach in deeper and deeper as her resistance waned... suddenly her exhausted body sagged and her head dropped down, her belly relaxing in front of Jim's oncoming fists.


His last two punches sank deep into Misty's guts, blasting past her defeated abs and sending a wave of pain through her. A weak "Oh... gawd... oh... gawd..." was all Misty could muster, her concave belly moving in and out rapidly between the words.

"Ok, she's all yours", Jim said to Toni.

Toni jumped in front of Misty's glistening body, the tall, lean girl assuming her best karate stance.

"HYYYAHHH!!!", hollered Toni as she shot a straight right hand into Misty's flat lower belly just below the navel, her small fist disappearing into the softened flesh. Misty's shapely ass slapped against the back of the chair, a low UGGHHH emitting from her lips as the punch sucked her taut body in even further. "Good!" said Jim. "Cindy, you're next".

Cindy hopped up, bouncing on her toes and watching the flat-bellied girl's labored breathing. When Misty breathed out, Cindy suddenly jumped forward and fired a leg toward the center of Misty's belly.

UHHHGGGHHHHH!!!! The flat of Cindy's foot slammed brutally into Misty's stomach just as it reached its most concave, collapsing it across the bottom of the upper 6-pack and crushing the remnants of her breath right out of her.

"Uuuggghhh.. uugghhh"... Misty's body immediately began writhing in agony as she desperately tried to fill the void deep inside it. Cindy smiled at the havoc she had wrought on her rival.

"Awesome!", said Jim as Sherry stepped up to the still squirming girl. Sherry was bigger and stronger than the other two girls at 6'2" and 170 lbs. With Misty's 6-pack abs rolling up and down and side to side in the quest for oxygen, Sherry stepped back and cocked her arm, then leaped forward, planting her foot and launching a massive right uppercut into Misty's navel slit.

GUUUUUUGGGFFFF!!! Misty's whole body shuddered as Sherry's vicious punch hammered into the flaccid belly. The spiker's flesh rippled away as the big girl's knuckles tore up the middle of her devastated stomach, the hard fist finally lodging itself beneath her ribcage.

Misty's body spasmed uncontrollably and her mouth opened wide as Sherry pulled her fist out of her displaced guts, which were now absorbing the brunt the Dominators' punishment.

'Cindy and Sherry advance" said Jim. Toni walked past Misty and pumped a quick fist into the girl's convulsing belly...

Cindy saw how Sherry's uppercut had devastated Misty, her muscular belly was reddened up the middle and rolling in an effort to massage out the agony that had been inflicted on it.

Misty's rival wasted no time... she stepped back then quickly leaped forward. Grabbing the top of the chair, she pulled herself toward Misty, then whipped a bony knee upward into her lower belly. UHHHHHGGGFFF!!! Cindy grunted as she followed through with the pointy appendage, instantly caving the flat belly and continuing through her navel and up the line separating her 6-pack, crushing her guts as it rolled over them.

HHUgghhh...hhhuugghh.... Misty dry heaved, but the contents of her stomach had already been beaten out of her, along with most of her oxygen supply. Her body's struggle to defend itself had exhausted her... she turned pale and was on the verge of passing out, but still squirmed instinctively.

"My turn!" said Sherry, running to the other side of the room. She went into a 3-point stance like an NFL lineman, then took off full speed at the battered girl,

UHHHHHGGGGHHH!!! CRACCKKKKK!!!! Sherry threw herself at the defenseless spiker, flying shoulder first into the center of her belly as if she were a human blocking sled. The big girl completely crushed the already deflated Misty's stomach, driving her body into the back of the chair so hard that the chair back snapped as the airborne Sherry helicoptered away.

Misty lay semi-conscious on top of the broken chair as Jim walked up and unbound her wrists. "You win", he said, pointing to Sherry.

Jim moved to unbind her ankles, but Sherry stopped him. "You said I get to beat her up... so pick the ***** up. I'm not through with her yet." He obliged, stepping between the chair and Misty, picking her up and putting her in a full nelson. HUUUHH...HHUUUH... HUUUHHH... Sherry stepped up and threw short straight punches into Misty's perky ****, grinding her knuckles into the fleshy orbs as she flattened them into her chest wall... then grabbed the ******* and twisted.

AHHHH!!!! Misty has awakened again as the pain from the ****** twisting shot to her brain. Sherry pulled herself forward by them, slamming her knee into Misty's navel, deflating the girl again. Then another ****** twists and pulls and another knee-deep into the muscular midsection.

Misty sagged, again on the verge of passing out from the pain of the cruel ****** twists and knee after knee into the depths of her abdomen. Finally, Sherry let go of her **** and assumed a puncher's stance.

"This is it, *****", said Sherry. Elbows bent and with clenched fingers facing up, the big girl torqued her shoulders and drilled rapid-fire uppercuts into the semi-conscious spiker's unresisting 6-pack. Her fists now easily penetrating Misty's abs, Sherry relished pistoning the once firm stomach muscles into mush, sloshing the defeated girl's unprotected guts around as the tan belly turned a shade of red.

Using the same devastating attack, Sherry moved down, raining short, quick punches into the spiker from her navel to her pubic bone. Misty's limp body shook as her stomach conformed around Sherry's knuckles, then flattened back out only to absorb yet another brutal belly reddening, gut sloshing punch. Finally, Sherry tired and Jim dropped Misty's battered body to the floor... they dragged their rival out to her car, laughing as they threw her inside.

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