Sonya by Unknown


Sonya by Unknown

I had always had a thing for Sonya. Sonya was on the cross-country team at the local college and if you ever needed to find her you could always find her somewhere near the college track. Sonya was just twenty-one and at 5'6" with an ample chest, slim stomach, long dark hair, and emerald eyes had the body of a goddess. She worked really hard for her body, going to the gym every night and then running afterward. Sonya usually wore something tight or revealing (cropped), like her common tight pair of black pants and cropped sweater, she knew that her body could get her certain privileges and took full advantage of it. 

Sonya never had to pay for membership at the local gym, **** the owners knew half the guys that had ordered membership cards were only there to ogle Sonya while she worked out, either that or trying to get in shape to impress her. I was always afraid to talk to her until one day she was transferred to the same science course I was taking. We ended up getting paired up for a science project and became fast friends. Over the next year, we got to be really good friends, but I never had the opportunity to date her, no matter how hard I tried she always gave me we’re too good of friends bs. I seem to get it all the time. 

One day she called me up on the phone and told me something strange had happened, while she was running at the track some guys had gone up to her asking her about her membership at the gym. Most people knew she was getting a free ride and were starting to get a little ****** off about it. She said she just whipped out her membership card and the guys left, but not before warning her that they were onto her. I told her to just stop running at the college track if she didn’t want to be bothered and to use the old trails that were marked out around town, I figured they’d be better for a cross country runner anyway. 

Several months went by without incident and on March 16th, I prepared a little surprise for her. I knew that she went on her morning run through the trails at 7 am since she didn’t have any classes until 11 that semester. It was her birthday and I had decided that I was going to surprise her during her run and give her my gift. I snuck through the woods earlier that morning and sat down behind some tree waiting for her arrival. 

After a while, I finally heard the rustling of leaves and peeked around the corner preparing to jump out with my gift, to my surprise it wasn’t Sonya who I saw standing in the middle of the trail. I quickly ducked back behind the tree hoping whoever it was hadn’t heard me, there were three guys standing in the middle of the path, I couldn’t tell who they were because they were all wearing jogging pants and hooded sweatshirts. 

I heard more rusting so I decided to take another peek, the guys were still standing there, but I could see Sonya in the distance making her way towards where I was. What the **** are these guys doing, I thought to myself while leaning up against the tree. 

“Excuse me” I heard a familiar voice say, so I leaned up against the tree and peeked out once again, the guys were still just standing there with Sonya in front of them waiting for them to move. ****, I said to myself, she was wearing tight black running shorts and a matching Nike sports bra, she was breathing heavily, her stomach just showing signs of a six-pack every time she exhaled, 

“Come on guys, I got a while more to go,” she said while wiping some sweat off her brow. Suddenly there was a loud SMACK as the guy in the middle launched his fist right in the middle of her sweat-soaked stomach. 

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFF!!! She grunted in reaction, folding over his arm just as his fist exited her stomach. I watched her backpedal a few steps clutching her stomach while trying to get her breath back. No way she could have seen that coming, I sure as **** didn’t. 

Slowly she reached into the small pocket on the side of her shorts and took out her wallet throwing it at one of the guy’s feet, 

“Take the money please”. She croaked while trying to straighten up. All she got in response was another punch just above her navel.

UUUUUUUUUNNNNNNG she grunted, falling to her knees. 

One of the men reached around from behind and lifted her back up to her feet, pulling her arms tight behind and her back. He leaned backward making sure her taut stomach was stretched to its limit, wide open for attack, as her feet left the ground. With her back arched so far back Sonya’s ribs were clearly visible and her abs looked more defined than ever while her stomach became more and more concave as the grunt holding her leaned further back. 

The first man stood in front of her admiring her smooth, firm stomach before slamming a straight right just below the navel.

I watched from my spot behind the tree as Sonya tried to flex her abs just before the man’s fist slammed into her stomach. Even though she saw it coming she was in no position to offer much resistance and the punch sank in DEEP just below her belly button. 

“AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGHHHH!!!” she grunted as her legs jerked out in front of her while the man’s large fist sank further and further into her. Sonya came to rest against the man holding her up, the guy in front of her launched another right then left into her stomach. 

“UUUUNNNNNNGG, OOOOUUULLLLLF!!” The first punch rocked Sonya’s stomach directly in the center of her straining six-pack, sinking in deep and forcing her ribs to jut out just a bit. The man holding her almost lost her grip from the force of the punch, Sonya managing to slightly double over as what little air she still had in her lungs was forcefully removed. An instant later the man in front hunched down low then nailed her with an uppercut that connected with her navel and drove up into what Sonya thought was her throat. 

The man who had been holding her finally lost his grip as the other man’s fist drove up into Sonya’s guts, sending her into the air before finishing its arch. Sonya landed on her feet wobbling slightly, slack-jawed and glassy-eyed with a thin trickle of drool running down her chin. 

I looked on wondering what was holding her up when she finally collapsed to her knees, then fell face-first to the ground. She rolled over to her side then just lay there, feebly clutching at her battered gut trying to breathe, but no air was coming. 

“Pick her up,” the ringleader, said while motioning to the third man, “we’re not quite through with here yet.”

February 19, 2022 7:40 AM