Sleeping at the Slaughterhouse (part 1) by nerveexplosion


sleeping at the slaughterhouse (part 1) by nerveexplosion

I watched from the crowd, silently snapping pictures as she made her way through the gallery on the red carpet and into the premiere of her newest movie. I'd been watching Keira Knightley for quite some time now, sent her roses, emails, and even made a website for her but she never feels the need to reply. It seems like nothing I do is ever good enough for her, but tonight I'm going to make it up to her. Tonight I'll make her pay I thought as I walked away from the crowd.

Soon after she entered the theatre I walked away from the crowd and sat down in my 1981 Monte Carlo, I had a few rounds to make that evening.

I parked the car at a parking garage a few blocks away from the car rental center I work at. I made my way to the garage where all the rentals were kept and unlocking the gate let myself in. I guess being a manager does have its perks sometimes. I picked out a black 2001 Lincoln town car limousine matching the one she had arrived in, started it up then made the 15 minute trip to my house to change.

I knew I had plenty of time since there was sure to be an after-party for the premiere, so I didn't bother bringing my uniform with me earlier when I was at the rental center. Being as we occasionally rented out exotics and limousines, we also had our own staff of chauffeurs to make sure our pricier vehicles came back in the same condition we rented them out in. Although there was never any need for me to chauffeur I kept a uniform at home in case an occasion like tonight ever arose, I'd be prepared. I spent the next couple of hours preparing an update for my website. I would have an early review of the film, as well as the pictures I took from the red carpet, and maybe even have Keira Knightley for an online chat for a couple of minutes.

When I was done preparing the update I checked my mail for the 12th time that day, as expected there was no reply to the email I had sent her that morning. This only made me more confident that I was doing the right thing. I half hour later I got the phone call...

"Hello, Mr. Thompson?"

"Yes it’s me"

"The party is winding down and she'll be expecting the limousine to be there within the next half hour."

"I'll be there as soon as I can; the remaining five thousand is in an envelope in your mailbox. I have to thank you again you don't know how much this means to me"

"Pleasure doing business with you."

I arrived at the back entrance of the theatre 45 minutes after the phone call. There were dozens of other limousines in line waiting to pick up one of the many other celebrities that had shown up for the premiere. After another ten minutes, I finally got close enough to see the groups of celebrities waiting to be driven to where it was they were going.

I immediately spotted Kiera, talking with Orlando Bloom, who was also at the premiere. She looked stunning that night. She was wearing very low-cut Jeans which clung to her like a second skin about 3 inches below her jeweled navel. She was also wearing a wrap that covered from her collar bone to just under her breasts, leaving the entirety of her slim, tight stomach on display. She's never looked more beautiful I thought as she kissed her co-star on the cheek before waving goodbye and heading for the limousine. I got out of the limousine and opened the door for her, she gave me a quick look over before asking, "I thought George was the driver tonight?"

"Sorry ma'am, but George was ill and I was called in to replace him," I replied a little nervous that I had already been discovered.

"Relax, just call me Keira, you don't have to be so professional about it"

"Will do, Keira," I replied, more than a little relieved.

I got back into the driver's seat, started the car, and pulled out.

"Is there anywhere, in particular, you want to go?"

"Just take me back to the hotel, I'm exhausted"

I had come prepared and before leaving had slipped a sleeping agent into the bottle of champagne in ice that was nestled in the back seat bar.

"Would you like a drink," I asked, "There's some chilled Champaign in the bar?"

"Sure why not, to celebrate a successful premier,” she replied.

It was almost as if this was meant to be. Everything was falling into place. She drank two glasses before propping her head against the window and falling asleep. It took us almost 45 minutes to get to my uncle's old slaughterhouse. My family used to run a slaughterhouse back in the '70s before we dove into the car business. We never tore down the building, so it was the perfect place for what I had in mind. Since it was in the middle of nowhere I had to go off-road to get to the entrance, I tried to go slow, but Keira was already stirring in the back seat. Shit, have to hurry I thought to myself as I mashed the gas pedal into the ground. This only brought her around quicker; she immediately flipped the button to roll down the electronically controlled windows. "Where are we?" she asked, still a little groggy My only reply was to push harder on the pedal; I needed to act fast before all my planning went for not. She again asked where we were going and again I made no reply other than to slam on the breaks sending her crashing forward into the barrier that separated the passengers from the driver. I quickly got out of the car and opened her door, dragging her outside by the arm. I then slammed her against the side of the car, my forearm on her chest pinning her against the side of the car.

"What the haaauuuuuggghhhhh!!!!"

My fist ramming into her stomach cut her sentence short as I felt her hot breath explode from her mouth. She tried to double over but my arm against her chest prevented that. I reluctantly pulled my fist out of her stomach. I placed my hand under her chin, my fingers wrapping around her cheeks as I brought her to eye level. I could see the shock, fear, and pain in her eyes as they started to water up. I knew she would scream if she got her breath back, and although we were in the middle of nowhere I didn't want to take any chances. I moved my hand from her face to her throat and again rammed my fist into her.

My hold on her throat prevented her from making more than a raspy gagging noise, air and spittle flying into my face as her body was shoved halfway back into the limousine from the force of the blow. I felt her internal organs move as they made way for my fist, her feet lifting off the ground and back as her body folded in half, then I let her go. She landed on her feet before falling forward to her knees and then face-first into the dirt. I watched her as she rolled over to her side in agony, gasping for air, a thin trickle of drool running down her the corner of her mouth, hands clutched to her bruised stomach. She was barely conscious but I wasn't anywhere near done with her yet. There was plenty more fun to be had in the slaughterhouse.

I picked her up in my arms and walked into the slaughterhouse, closing the aluminum door behind me. I set her down on the floor and walked to the table where my supplies were kept. Duct tape, rope, ice. Not to forget, the hooks that hung from the ceiling hadn't been touched in years and were just begging to be used again. I didn't have much rope so I had to decide what would be the best way to make use of my supplies. I leaned down and duct-taped her wrists together then hoisted her up on my shoulder and walked her over to one of the hooks. I placed the hook in between her wrists, and under the duct tape. It held, but I decided to wrap her wrists a few more times to be sure. I then took the rope and cut it in two. I tied one to each of her legs, spreading them at a 45-degree angle I then tied the other ends to the door handles on the door that led to the basement. Having finished stringing her up I made my way back to the table donning the ski mask and placing the tape where it had been. Grabbing the ice bag, I walked back to where I had left Keira, then crouched down and dumped its contents into a small old mop bucket leaving one of the cubes in my hand as I stood up. I began rubbing the cube up and down her tightly stretched abs, watching it melt while she started coming to.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked, clearly frightened now. I didn't bother answering, if I did it would have made my identity obvious. It was bad enough that I couldn't wear the mask earlier, there was no need to any more risks than I had to. I continued sliding the ice cube up and down her stomach circling her navel until it finished melting completely. That I struck, I cocked my arm back and rammed my right hand as hard as I could into the left middle portion of her stomach.


I felt her breath on my face as it was forced out of her lungs. Her body twisted to the right but the ropes held and stopped her from turning any further, swinging her back in my direction. I waited for her to stop swaying before I drove a left-handed punch deep into the right side of her stomach. She turned to the left only to immediately get slammed with another right hand. This one landed higher than the punches before it, driving high into her battered stomach right where the first stomach muscles were visible. I finished my little combo off with an uppercut that impacted her belly button ring and ripped up to her sternum.

The look on her face was perfect, her eyes were wide as saucers, and her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of the water she desperately gasped for air. My fist remained lodged in her stomach, deeper than I ever would have thought possible thanks to the ropes that forced all her weight to be pushed down onto my fist. I heard the creaking of the door to the basement. I knew the lock was about to give way so I reluctantly removed my fist and stepped back to view my handiwork. Her head hung low, chin resting on her chest, still desperately fighting for air. Her stomach muscles spasming, still in shock from the brutal beating they had just received, were already showing signs of bruising. I stepped forward again, another piece of ice in hand. I again rubbed the small cube all over her stomach until it melted. All the while she begged for me to let her go, I of course refused her any clemency.

I waited for the cube to melt before restarting my assault with a straight punch that landed low on her stomach a hair above her jeans. It didn’t knock the wind out of her but I assumed from the look on her face that hurt just as bad. I then wrapped my hands around the small of her back and pulled her as far into me as the ropes would allow, then jumped up plunging my knee directly into the pit of her stomach.


She made a noise that sounded like she choked on her own scream as my knee forced her guts to move out of the way sending massive waves of pain throughout her body. I repeated the devastating maneuver two more times before stepping back again. This time only gurgling wheezing sounds escaped her lips, as all the air had been completely expelled from her body. I lifted her chin up her eyes were narrow slits, the pupils rolling into the back of her head. He let her head drop back down as merciful unconsciousness swept through her. She looked so beautiful, her sweat-soaked body glistening under the single yellow light that hung from the roof. The worst was yet to come..

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