Sisters are for Slugging


Sisters are for Slugging written by Ace

Alan was not happy that summer vacation had begun. Oh, sure, he was glad not to have to study for tests or get up early. What really brought him down was the prospect of dealing with his step-sister. Jan, at 19 was four years older than Allan. Since Jan's father married Alan's mother about ten years ago, Jan had always resented her new stepbrother. She was mean to him behind their parent's backs when they were small and had continued to be cruel and abusive as they grew older. She would trip him, beat him up, and use any excuse to humiliate him. Being younger, smaller, and weaker, Allan could never defend himself; and she really made his life miserable.

The best time that Allan could remember was the past 9 months while Jan was away in college. Alan used that time well. Not only was his life happier at home, but he became part of a self-improvement group designed to promote more independence, self-reliance, and physical development. Part of the yearlong activity was a self-defense class in which he learned a little boxing, a little Tae-Bo, and a lot about standing up for one’s self. Still, the thought of Jan returning to maybe terrorize him was not comforting.

Aside from a few snide remarks, Jan pretty much ignored him for the first few days of her vacation. It was on the first Saturday of summer that things got ugly. Their parents were going to be gone for the day, and Allan looked forward to taking it easy by the pool, hoping that Jan would be with her friends that day.

As luck would have it, Jan had no plans for Saturday and slept in. About 10:00 that morning, Allan was lounging in a lounge chair reading a science fiction book and enjoying the warm sunshine, when Jan came outside. She was wearing her usual tiny bikini that set off the curves of her #10 body. Allan's friends always kidded him about his foxy sister, but he saw nothing in her but a mean-spirited tyrant.

But to everyone else, Jan was a showstopper: dark brown hair, dark eyes, long shapely legs, firm, full breasts, flat stomach, and **** belly that was set off by an innie belly button that she liked to display whenever she could. She had lost most of her previous summer's tan and was looking forward to becoming her usual bronze self this summer.

Jan dove into the pool, swam the length of it a couple of times and then climbed out. She toweled off and walked over to Allan. "O.K. Freak, my time for the chair, hit the road," she said. 

"Why", asked Alan, "there are other chairs". 

"No, I want this one, beat it", she ordered. Allan refused to get up and told her to leave him alone. 

"I said get up", she yelled and knocked his book out of his hands and into the pool. 

Allan jumped up and told Jan to retrieve the book from the pool. When she refused, he told her to get it or she'd be sorry. 

"What are going to do? beat me up," she sneered. And with that, she punched Allan in the stomach. He wasn't expecting to be hit, and the blow made him double over. She slapped him across the face and pulled his hair 'til he was standing upright in front of her. She then punched him in his belly right above the navel. 

"OUGH" This was the way it always was. She would punch his body so there would be no tell-tale marks. 

She then pushed him against the side of the house and punched his flat stomach two more times. Jan was strong, and her punches hurt, but they also triggered a response from within Allan that made him warn his stepsister again not to hit him. She only laughed and prepared to punch his stomach again.

This time, however, Allan caught the punch with his own hand, and in one movement twisted Jan around so that her back was to him. With his free hand, he gave her two judo chops across her midsection, just above her belly button. 

"AAugh, you little s...", exclaimed Jan, as Allan released her. Holding her stomach with one hand, she aimed the other towards Allan's face. Allan sidestepped the punch and delivered an uppercut to Jan's stomach, above the protecting hand. 

"Ougg" Jan's stomach was fairly tight, so she took the punch without doubling over. She charged Allan and threw a punch with all her weight behind it right at Allan's face. It was easy for him to duck the wild punch and come up nearly from the floor with an uppercut that landed on her belly button and nearly cut her in half. 

"OOUUGH" was forced from Jan as she put both hands to her wounded belly and staggered back. Allan stalked her and punched her below her right eye. Her head came up along with her hands, and there was nothing to prevent him from digging both fists into her belly, again to on her **** navel. This time, he felt his fists sink deeper into her abdomen as he heard her gasp for air. "Little soft there, huh?" he mocked as she turned away from the assault. Two quick punches into her side made her turn toward him. He gave her two quick jabs to the face: one to the mouth and one under the eye again. He faked another face punch and when she bought the fake, her body was wide-open again. He drove his left into Jan's belly below her belly button. It felt good, so her punched her there with his right. "OOUGH", 

"OOUGGGH" She put her hands down to her lower belly and tried to double over. It was easy for Allan to drive two uppercuts into her upper stomach with enough force to lift the teenage girl up on her tiptoes. 

"AAUUGHHHH" She wanted to go down, but Allan wouldn't let her. Two straight lifts to her mouth loosened teeth and began a line of blood down from her mouth.

She stood on trembling legs, her arms out in front of her in a meaningless effort at defense. She was defenseless, totally vulnerable. "I'm not going to knock you out; I want to teach you a lesson you won't forget. With that, he belly punched her low in her soft belly.

"OOOUUGH" As he beat her, he became more aware of how good-looking she really was, and now all that beauty was his to punish, was his to enjoy anyway he wanted.

At 15, he had no experience with girls other than the swimsuit editions of various magazines and the occasional men's magazine. He wondered what his stepsister looked like naked, so he pushed her back against the house, at the same place she had pushed him just a few minutes ago. He reached out and snatched off the top of her swimsuit. This seemed to energize her, and she swore at him and covered herself with her arms. He smiled because he knew what he wanted to do to her. 

He sent a crushing left into her stomach, felt the soft skin on his knuckles, enjoyed the sensation of his hand penetrating the thin, protective layer of muscles and burying itself in her gut. 

"OOUUGGHH" She just stood there, so he sent a three-fingered spear thrust into a defenseless lower belly. Wordless, she remained standing. 

Coming in close he pumped a series of shots to her navel, her lower belly, and the pit of her stomach.

"AAUUUUUUGGHH" finally came from deep with her.

Weaving against the side of the house, hands at her side, she was totally vulnerable he noticed for the first time her firm, full breasts. He wanted to feel them, to caress them, but he wanted more to beat and punish them. So he made them his punching bags. His hard fists smashed her ******* against her chest wall, uppercuts came in below and pushed them up. He took aim and punched her right on the *******.

"AIIIYYYYY" was the inhuman sound forced from Jan.

Allan stepped back and viewed his handiwork. Jan's light skin was beginning to discolor around her navel, far below it, and up to her breasts. The young girl was just about unconscious, so he decided to finish her off. He buried his fists in her belly button, making it disappear in her gut. She was totally soft now, so his last two punches to her lower belly seemed to go all the way through to her backbone. She gave a final moan and crumpled to his feet.

"You still have to pay for that book," he said, walking into the house.

As Jan crumpled to the deck, Allan smiled to himself. "This was too easy", he thought, "she can't get away with 10 years of treating me like crap and only taking five minutes of discipline". He began to come up with a plan that made him smile again. He quickly got some things from the garage and went back to the deck. Jan was now fully awake and had retrieved and put on her swimsuit top. She had just gotten to her feet and was standing by the garage door when Allan came out with an armload of "discipline tools".

Even though Jan had received a pretty good beating, she was a strong and strong-willed girl. She picked up a full pop can and blind-sided Allan with it as he emerged from the garage. She hit him just above the eye, causing Allan to drop the items from the garage and stagger around like a drunk man. Jan took advantage of Allan's situation and gave him a shot in the stomach. She pushed him back against the wall for the second time that afternoon. She dug a right and then a left into Allan's mid-section. If he had not been in such good shape, and Jan had not been weakened by the recent beating, Allan would have been in serious trouble. She went for a lower punch, one right above the top of his trunks. Alan grunted and fell into a clinch with his stepsister. He just needed a few seconds to regain his composure, and when he released Jan, he was ready for business again.

"Nice sneak attack", he told her, “Now let's see what you can do with just your fists." He beckoned her to come at him, and she needed no more encouragement. She sent a roundhouse right toward his head. Allan dodged and countered with a left to her mid-section. 

"OUGH" She came at him again with another wild punch which he easily ducked before burying his fist just above her navel. 

"AUUGH", she groaned as her tender belly was hurt again. He faked another belly shot which she took, and then punched her face. He followed this up with a left-right combo to her mouth and jaw, causing more blood to spurt and her legs to feel like jelly. He grabbed her by the arm and swung her violently into the side of the house, which just a minute ago had supported him. 

Jan was momentarily stunned by the impact and was left wondering where she was. Allan smiled as he looked at his wide-open target. Should he go for her trim midsection and hear her breath whoosh from her lungs as her solar plexus was invaded or go to her **** belly button.

Allan surveyed his helpless victim, trying to decide which target to go to next: Jan's trim stomach, her inviting belly button, or lower belly. Jan was still standing against the wall, in Never-Never Land, her hands at her side. He approached her, but instead of punching her, he gave her a karate-style kick to the pit of her stomach, just above her belly button. Allan's foot met little resistance as Jan groaned, 

"OOUFFF". Allan stepped in and fired two punches to the same target, and the teenager's toned stomach gave way to the punishing fists. Jan's eyes bugged and she desperately tried to **** in air. 

"Please, no more, I give--OOUGHHH" This last guttural sound came as Allan drove his left and then his right fist into the girl's **** lower belly. With her bikini ******* worn low on her hips, they revealed almost as much a thong would; and what was revealed was sweet, indeed: Allan saw the gently rounded curve of the teenager's belly. There must have been three/four inches of the delicious belly between her navel and the top of her *******. He wanted to use her belly for a punching bag.

He was just about to begin when the cell phone on the deck table rang. It was his girlfriend, Mari. Allan told Mari what he was doing and then said, "Sure, come on over". 

Mari lived just a few houses away and was over in a couple of minutes. Mari was no friend of Jan, having been the victim of her bitchiness on more than one occasion, in addition to knowing how the older girl had mistreated Allan. When Jan saw Mari, she pleaded with her to help her. 

"Forget it," sneered Mari.

Mari, like Allan, was 15, and an intense little blonde. "Can I play, too?" she asked wickedly. 

"Why not, I need a rest", Allan replied. Mari walked up close to Jan, who turned away. She presented her side to Mari, and "wamp, wamp" 

"UUGN" Mari dug her fists under Jan's ribs. Jan turned around to escape the punishment, and Mari delivered two kidney shots to the older girl. Jan moaned and turned back around. 

"Try her belly, you'll like it", suggested Allan, and Mari drove to punches into Jan's vulnerable belly. 

"UNGGGG", Jan moaned, as Mari's small fists penetrated her gut.

"Let's both work her over, you go low and I'll go high," said Allan. Allan then punched Jan just below her breasts while Mari worked on that wide expanse of soft belly flesh. 


"Now both of us go low". Mari dug her fist into Jan's belly low on the right side while Allan buried his fist in Jan's lower left side. 

"UUGGGNNN" Jan put both hands to her belly and slid down the wall.

Allan went over to the pile of stuff he had brought from the garage, and rolling Jan over tied her hands behind her. He then walked her down to the ground level of the built-up deck and tied her hands to one of the deck supports. He then put another rope around her upper chest and tied it to the same brace. "I don't want you falling down", he said.

"Now let's look at my toys," he said to Mari. He picked up a baseball and gave Mari a volleyball. "Let's practice a little, O.K? With that, he stepped back about ten feet and threw the baseball right into the navel of the helpless girl.

"THUNK" "AAUUUGH". The ball could be seen burying into her gut. Mari then fired the volleyball at Jan. She, too aimed for the belly button, but her aim was low, and the ball landed in Jan's lower belly.

"SPLAT" "OOUUGGHH". They each fired the balls several times at Jan and the balls seemed to pack the power of two punches at once, judging by Jan's reactions. "I'm tired of this, I want to punch her some more", said Mari. She walked over to the groaning girl, tore off her top, and drove her left fist right into the ****** of Jan's right breast. 

"AAIIEEYYY" screamed Mari, so Mari punched her in the solar plexus to take her breath away. Mari worked out Jan's beautiful breasts, punching each one right on the ******, sometimes coming in below to make the **** fly up, and sometimes making them fly side to side. Allan then picked up a tennis racquet and jammed the end of the handle into Jan's navel. 

"AAUUUGGGHHH" Her belly button disappeared as Allan left the handle in her belly and actually forced it in a little more. Jan's eyes were starting to roll in her head, so Mari slapped her in the face a couple of times to bring her around. "I want a shot at her belly again", Allan said. He stood before the barely conscious girl and punched her low in her belly on the left side.

"OOUUGGGH" He then aimed a little to the right with another belly beater. 

"OOOUUGHHH". Alan slowly made his way across Jan's delicious, soft, lower belly. He probably punched her eight more times, each time moving a little more to the right until he had gone all the way over to the right side. 

All that could be heard was the "SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT of his fists and the continuous groaning "OOOUUUGGGHHH". Her beautiful belly that Jan so often liked to show off to the boys received the punches like long-lost friends. Allan's fists seemed to bury into the wrist.

Finally, Jan's head fell forward. Mari gave her a vicious punch to the navel, and the only reaction was an unconscious "UGHH.”

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