Sister-in-Law by mark


Sister-in-Law by mark

I was visiting my brother and his wife from out of town, my brother got called into work unexpectedly, so my sister-in-law asked if it was ok if she went into work for a few hours herself.

"Sure go ahead", I said, "I'll just watch a little tv". They had been gone a couple of hours when I heard a knock on the back door... it was my ex-sister-in-law Sharon.

"Where's Mike?" she said, stomping into the kitchen as I opened the door. "He was supposed to pick up the kids an hour ago."

"He got called into work," I replied, shrugging my shoulders. Then she started ragging on me as if there was anything that I could do about it.

I never really liked Sharon very much, she always had been a pain in the ass, and since the divorce used the kids for blackmail, extorting money by threatening to take them away and not letting Mike see them if he didn't cough up the cash.

My eyes just kind of glazed over as Sharon bitched at me, hands-on hips. I did notice the silver of pale flesh that peeked out between the hem of her short tank top and very tight dark capri pants. Sharon was a tall (about 5'8"") and very thin woman, she was always doing triathlons and running marathons,.

Finally a pause, "Did you bring the kids with you?" I asked. "No," she said. "Well, you could have left them here if you'd have brought em."

Probably the wrong thing to say - she got pissed off and resumed going off on my brother. I had already heard about enough myself before she started up again. I guess I just couldn't take any more.

She was yammering away and looking out the window. She turned to face me again

CRACK!! I snapped a quick right sharply into Sharon's jaw, the force of the blow sending the skinny ***** sprawling against the kitchen counter, then **** first to the floor.

Quickly I was on her, grabbing a big handful of the front of her tank top and yanking her up and shover her back against the counter. She was definitely shocked and hurt a bit by the punch and kind of flailed a little bit.

I pushed her hard with my left hand and she bent back her ass hard up against the edge of the countertop and toes just barely touching the floor. As I pushed, the tank top rode up her torso to the bottom of her bra, exposing her stomach.

All of Sharon's running had left her with very little body fat, beneath the pale skin of her concave belly lie a set of chiseled 6-pack abs, straining muscle fibers evident as she fought my push

Although tensed, Sharon's body was not prepared for what happened next. I clenched my right fist and slugged her as hard as I could right in the navel.



The loud slap of my fist smacking into her bellybutton became a deep grunt as her abs crumbled around my knuckles Sharon tried to straighten up, her wide-open eyes and mouth a testament to the sharp pain welling up inside her, but I held fast with my left hand as my right fist finished embedding itself into her guts.

She tried grabbing my left arm to get loose, but her thin arms weren't very strong and I had a good grip on her shirt. Before she could do much else, I slugged her again.



Another loud smack and primal grunt echoed through the kitchen as my hard right slammed into the center of Sharon's taut six pack, the tight belly wrinkling as my fist drove it toward the counter. She vainly tried to cover up, but it was too late - by then the punch was deep inside her.



I rocketed a third hard punch, hammering high into the *****'s firm stomach. This time was the charm, her legs buckled and the wind rushed from her lips as the punch ripped into her body. Sharon's ribs protruded sharply as my fist collapsed the muscular abdomen directly beneath them.

She began to cough, trying to get some of her breath back, and began crying and softly begging for me to stop, but I was determined to give her a pounding she wouldn't forget. I brushed Sharon's hand away from her reddening belly and proceeded to beat her up.





With my left continuing to push back and hold Sharon up, I drove my right over and over into the sinewy pit of her stomach. I could feel her abs wane as successive punches slammed into her and her body began to sag, her navel stretching into a longer slit as her legs gave out.

I slugged her now defeated abdomen several more times, the reactions lessening as each blow bludgeoned deep into her softened stomach. She had also stopped begging and was unable to cover up, so I decided it was time to free up my left hand.

I propped my flat-bellied punching bag up against the counter and using my lower body to make sure she didn't go anywhere, began pistoning her.


Sharon's stomach beat like a drum as I busted up the woman's 6-pack with my 2-fisted assault. Her body flopped about as my knuckles tore into the muscular belly, but I had her trapped so she couldn't fall, her fit abs rippled and deeply collapsed without protest as she absorbed the quick, crushing blows.

I worked Sharon's body for about a minute, rapidly punching her for a few seconds, pausing, then targeting a different section of her 76-pack and pistoning the concave belly for a few more seconds. I lost count of how many times I punched her, probably 8 or 9 hard slugs and a couple of dozen quick ones.

It was time to finish Sharon off. I threw her limp body over my shoulder, hauled her over to the heavy wooden kitchen table, and tossed her onto her back on top of it. Her stomach moved softly in and out in rhythm with Sharon's shallow breathing. I undid her tight pants, exposing her lower belly, its creamy whiteness in sharp contrast to the very red 6-pack.

I got a wet cloth, splashed it on her face, and waited for her to stir. When she did.


I slammed my fist straight down into the flat of her lower belly, which caved in instantly around it, then I twisted the fist inside her collapsed flesh. Sharon's torso jerked as I drove the blow home, she squirmed and moaned in agony, but was too weak to do anything about it.



I moved up, slugging her in the navel, crushing her stomach seemingly to her spine as her back pressed flat against the table and twisted the knuckles painfully into her sinewy abs. Then another gut buster sinking down low and another round of grinding

Sharon's battered belly absorbed a few more slugs and twists, as I alternated between torturing her upper and lower stomach, methodically grinding her once tight abs into mush.

I was finally done, I buttoned her pants back up, picked her up, and tossed her out back.

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