Sister Defender by Unknown


Sister Defender by Unknown

Two yrs. ago I lived in a small community and life was good. My parents divorced and we moved to the city with mom so she could get a job. I'm 16 and my sis is 18. Her name is Ashton.

This yr. at school, I was jumped in the restroom. She waited as I stepped out of my stall and busted me in my belly. Three times she punched me before I fell to my knees doubled over. I was jerked up, shoved into the corner, my shirt lifted towards my chin pinning me. It happened so fast I couldn't react.

Her fist slammed deep into my belly many times. It was scary not being able to breathe. When she finished, she shoved me into a stall and left.

Days later my sis and I were cruising and saw this girl with her clan hanging out. My sis said that it was payback time.

I told her no because we were outnumbered but she went anyway. At first, it appeared to be a one-on-one fight but then they ganged up on her. I remember watching my sis double over or fall to her knees. Each time she was picked up and punched again. After a while, they held her arms behind her back. That's when I stepped up and begged them to let us go.

All that got me was a fist in my belly. I was picked up and my arms were also held. I watched as they punched my sis hard in her belly. She grunted and tried doubling over but was held firm. It wasn't long before the buttons on her blouse popped off exposing her. My eyes focused on sis's belly button as it disappeared behind her fist. A loud smacking noise sounded as her fist slammed into sis's bare belly skin. Sis just uullfffed over and over. A big bruise quickly appeared on her belly. Sis's belly folded inward then quivered out with each blow.

They then turned my sis towards me so she could watch. Grunts and loud moans burst out of me as she repeatedly punched the center of my belly. My shirt fell open as I was punched. Her fist made my belly burn as it sank into my belly cavity. My navel is sensitive and she painfully tortured it with her fist. Days later I learned why she wanted to beat me up and that explains why she took her time torturing my belly and especially my navel with her fist. I think I was punched more than fifteen times.

They dropped my sis and she collapsed to her knees doubled over. After a few minutes, she got to her hands and knees trying to stand up. That's when one girl walked behind her and another to her side. At the same time, they kicked. One foot went between her legs and the other to her belly. It was like a football player punting a football. She grunted loudly and then gasp like a fish out of water as she rolled on the ground holding her crotch and her belly.

I was pushed down and curled into a fetal position after I was kicked in my belly twice. This almost made me puke.

One girl said, "Get her up I'm not finished."

I was yanked up to my knees with my arms pulled behind my back. I was too weak to resist but begged her not to hurt us anymore. My shirt was torn open exposing my belly as she walked up. She kicked me in my belly until I passed out.

At first, I didn't know what I did to make her mad but someone said that she saw me and her bf kissing. That night was warm, I had a belly shirt on and allowed him to play with my belly button.

I also learned that someone videoed us being beaten up and showed it to him.

April 5, 2022 6:10 PM