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Showtime by Allisin_Wonderland

"Act One. Curtain Up."

The call was said over the microphone backstage and the actors knew it was time to get in places. Kelli was so excited to go on stage. This was her first leading role as Sarah in the farce, "What the hell is going on?" The play was about Sarah, a businesswoman comes home to her apartment from work, and in the middle of this: a group of burglars try to rob her house. At the same time, the tenant of the house visits Sarah’s apartment to tell her of complaints he’s been receiving from the noise the burglars keep making. During this play, Sarah is not aware of any of the characters in the house because while she’s on stage, the others are offstage which is why the play is a farce.

Kelli was so nervous auditioning for the show but she felt that she had it in herself to act. She felt so funny being in front of people but she managed to overcome that fear through the rehearsals. Sure it was just a high school play, but this was going to be in front of people she knew. Luckily, Kelli’s director had helped her overcome her fears by telling her, "I will tell you what to do and I will make you look good."

That is what she kept telling herself all night opening night. Thinking about those words comforted her. But there was another fear she had about the play. The play called for Kelli to have several quick changes from her Business clothes, to her evening gown. Kelli hated ********** in front of people. Even in gym class, she would always get into a bathroom stall and undress. The thought of being revealed under what the world normally saw you in terrified Kelli. During rehearsals, she tried to wear her clothes under her costumes but she would either be too hot under all of the clothing or the costumes wouldn’t fit over her normal clothes. So she had to give in and just wear the costume over her underwear. Now, in farce, the pace goes by extremely fast so Kelli had to change into her costumes so fast that she had to have two costume girls help her change. The only way Kelli could go through the process was if she undressed and changed in the storage room backstage so no one else could see her.

Most of the other cast members in the show understood Kelli’s fears. They knew she was new to theatre and they let it slide. However, Nicole, who was also a girl who auditioned for the play was not as patient with Kelli as the others. Nicole wanted the part of Sarah so badly. Sarah was a beautiful person and Nicole was just as beautiful. Even the director said that Nicole would fit the part before they had auditions. But then that ***** Kelli came to audition. This hot little blonde who had no clue about acting gets the role because she is much more beautiful than Nicole. So instead of getting the role of Sarah, Nicole got stuck being one of the burglars instead. What made her even angrier was the fact that Kelli was so difficult to work with. She whined all through rehearsal about how she didn’t want anyone seeing her undress and how she was too nervous to get onstage and blah blah blah. Just thinking about it that night made Nicole red with anger.

The first act went on very well. The energy was high and everyone managed to get their cues right on time. What made this play so crazy was that all the time the actors would be running through different doors and the timing was very precise to cue the next actor on so the actors were always in a rush. Kelli managed to get by act one with no nervousness whatsoever and she kept her cool. Even when she had her quick change, she held back her nervousness and she didn’t panic. At first it was a little unnerving getting out of her business outfit and having to slip on her nightgown but it all happened so fast that she didn’t give it a second thought.

The curtain opened for Act 2 and Kelli was the first person to come out. She took a deep breath and opened the door that looked like her bedroom from the audience and stepped through. Kelli’s mind was racing so much that she didn’t notice that her nightgown had got caught on a loose nail in the set. She shut the door and quickly took off towards the bathroom door. The lines she said were interrupted with a loud ripping sound and Kelli didn’t notice at first until she felt a cool breeze hitting her.

Kelli looked down in horror and saw that her nightgown had come off and she was left in her bra and thong. Backstage, Nicole had seen the incident happen and she grinned with sick pleasure. Seeing Kelli embarrassed fed her jealousy. Nicole quickly ran up the stairs backstage and took the nightgown and went off with it somewhere backstage. It was so dark that no one could see her stealing Kelli’s costume, it was perfect. It was going to be good to see how she would get out of this one.

Kelli immediately tried covering herself with her arms and ran back through the door she came from to get her nightgown. She looked around the backstage area and panicked even more when she could not find her nightgown. The other people backstage ran around through the dark to help Kelli find her costume but were not having any luck. Tears began to develop in Kelli’s eyes as her embarrassment grew. She could hear several whoops from the audience and she didn’t want to go anywhere near the theatre again, let alone back onstage.

While Kelli was standing in the darkness covering her exposed body, Nicole snuck up in the dark and pushed Kelli back through the door that led onstage saying, "The show’s got to go on *****." As Kelli flew through the door, Nicole grabbed onto the back of Kelli’s bra strap and ripped it off of her body leaving Kelli ******* onstage. The crowd reacted with shock and surprise. The men began whistling and shouting things like, "Anyone got a twenty?" and "Drop your thong!"

Kelli immediately covered her naked breasts and froze on stage. She didn’t know where to go anymore because wherever she went there would be people watching. God how she hated being in the show now. Why did she audition for this stupid play? As she got more upset, she realized who had pushed her out onstage. It was Nicole. In the very beginning Kelli thought Nicole seemed a bit snippy with her whenever Kelli tried talking to her, but what she did tonight was going too far.

Backstage, Nicole was against the wall dying with laughter. She was not aware that Kelli had gone back through the door and grabbed her by the shirt pulling her onstage.

"Think it’s funny to humiliate someone huh?" Kelli shouted at Nicole and she wrestled Nicole to the ground and managed to rip her top off. Kelli immediately wrapped the top around herself to try and save some of her dignity. Caught completely off guard by this, Nicole quickly got up and then noticed that she had nothing over her torso except her silk white bra. Nicole froze instantly and just stood out in front of the audience not knowing what to do. Kelli took this opportunity to yank Nicole’s pants down and rip them from her ankles. Nicole screamed out loud and quickly covered her white silk ******* as well.

Before Kelli could get the pants back on, Nicole pushed her and sent Kelli across the room and she tripped over the couch that stood behind her. Kelli lost the pants as she fell and they flew off the stage and into the audience. At this point, the men were cheering so loudly that nothing else could be heard. This was the best show that they had ever seen and now they were sure to be seeing high school plays much more often.

Nicole leaped onto the couch and began slapping at Kelli and Kelli tried helplessly to fight back. The two girls wrestled off of the couch and rolled across the stage until Nicole managed to get the shirt off of Kelli. Kelli quickly got up to cover her breasts again but looked down to see that while they had rolled over the ground, her thong had been slipping and was now down to her ankles. In horror, Kelli quickly tried to run through a door but tripped over her thong and fell to the ground as she fell, her thong flew in the air and landed somewhere backstage.

This excited some of the men in the crowd so much that some of them stood on their chairs and whistled at Kelli. This had gone too far, Kelli should have known better than to get back at Nicole. She should have gone offstage and tried to find something to cover herself with but that ***** Nicole pushed her to fight with her onstage instead. Well, it was too late now and Kelli had to find something to cover herself with. She looked to Nicole who was frantically trying to wrap her shirt around her waist and charged at her knocking her to the ground sending the shirt offstage.

Kelli had lost her chance to get the shirt but she didn’t care, she could still wear the bra and ******* and she tried to pull them off of Nicole. Kelli had her hands on both the bra and the ******* and Nicole desperately fought back to keep them on her body. Each girl pulled harder and harder on the underwear and just as Kelli was about to win the tug of war, there was a loud rip and both girls flew back in the opposite direction.

The girls got up on their feet and they looked around for the bra and ******* but they were not to be seen. They stopped looking around when they noticed there was loud applause coming from the audience. They looked out and every man was standing on his chair whistling and clapping. Instantly the girls looked down to see their naked bodies exposed to the audience. Frozen in embarrassment, they tried covering themselves and could not do anything else at all. To both actresses, this was the worst night of their lives, but to the men in the audience and to you readers, there’s no business like show business. 

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