Shelly vs Kelly by Unknown (User)


Shelly vs Kelly by Unknown (User)

Kelly was not afraid of Shelly in the least and she was going to prove that Shelly wasn't going to bully her nor her friends.

After school, Kelly stood in the parking lot wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a dark green t-shirt as dozens of onlookers crowded around to watch the fight.

It was something that shelly was especially looking forward to. It wasn't all the time someone volunteered to be a punching bag.

Finally, kelly ran up to shelly and tried punching her in the face. Shelly easily blocked it and punched Kelly in the face. Kelly spun around once and fell face-first on the ground. She moaned.

Shelly looked around and made sure people were watching as she walked over to Kelly and rolled her on her back. She then crouched down and grabbed Kelly by the front of her shirt with both hands, slowly dragging Kelly to her feet for dramatic effect. Kelly moaned and Shelly replied by tossing her into the side of a car door.

Shelly walked over and punched Kelly square in the face. Kelly was out cold but Shelly's card to the sum of zero.

She reached down and grabbed Kelly by the front of her shirt at her belly and lifted her onto her feet against the car door, easily exposing her entire stomach to everyone.

Shelly made sure people were looking at Kelly's flat, silky smooth belly and her deep, smooth belly button. Shelly wanted her to feel embarrassed as punishment for challenging her. She held firmly onto Kelly's shirt front, keeping her pinned against the car door, and finally punched Kelly right in her exposed stomach, keeping her fist in her gut for a full ten seconds before slowly removing her fist from Kelly's stomach.

Then Shelly dragged Kelly with her shirt still grasped over to the school's entrance and threw Kelly right through the glass door frame.

Kelly lay motionless in a pile of broken glass, her shirt risen up to below her chest. Shelly walked over, reached down, grabbed the front of Kelly's shirt again, and pulled her onto her feet, leaving her stomach still exposed for people to look at.

Shelly then punched Kelly once more in the belly, causing Kelly's unconscious body to hunch forward, removed her hand, and held Kelly's shirt with both, hands.

No one was left in school except for the students so no adult was going to come to Kelly's rescue.

Shelly was having too much fun anyway.

Just for the heck of it Shelly took her right hand and placed it on Kelly's silky smooth belly and started to rub it and even stuck her finger in Kelly's smooth belly button and began swirling it around.

Shelly removed her finger and again held onto Kelly's shirt front with both hands before backing her up into a wall.

She then took out a knife and jammed it into Kelly's shirt front where Shelly's left hand was. Shelly punched Kelly once more in the stomach and walked away, leaving Kelly hanging by the front of her shirt.

April 5, 2022 7:55 PM