Shay and The Sisters by Ace (All parts)


Shay and The Sisters by Ace (All parts)


Shay was excited, nervous, and not a little scared after receiving departmental approval for taking on the undercover assignment to infiltrate The Sisters, a local girl gang suspected of terrorizing a large section of the city. Like a pack of wolves, they never worked alone, only in groups of two to four. Through a police informant, Dutch, Shay received information as to where the gang members hung out. He didn't know or wouldn't tell the location of their headquarters.

Shay found several gang members, she assumed, at a little dive as shady as the gang's reputation. There were a couple of pool tables in the back, and Shay sauntered back to where several girls were lounging or playing pool. "I hear you girls control a lot of action around here", she said.

"You hear wrong, now beat it", said a blonde named Roni.

"I don't think so, how about a little pool? I'm looking for a place to hang out. I'm not looking for any trouble", Shay replied coolly.

"You want to play pool, come on", said Roni, brandishing a pool cue. Roni swung the cue at Shay's head. Shay ducked and rushed the blonde, jabbing her in the face and punching her stomach before Roni could react. Roni doubled over while two other girls, a redhead, and a brunette began to walk her way.

The girls were about 19 and dressed identically: black cut-offs and cropped tees. Each had a good body and their outfits revealed dark tans on their midsections to just below their navels. The girls came at Shay from the side--the red-head caught a karate kick in her mid-section and the brunette was greeted with a punch to the mouth. When Amy, the brunette put her hand up to protect against the follow-up headshot that Shay faked, she was wide open to an uppercut to the pit of her stomach.

"UUMPH", she gasped. Shay saw movement out of the corner of her eye and sidestepped a lunge by the redhead. She stuck out her foot, and the girl went flying. Roni was just now recovering and moving to the attack. Shay backed against the wall as Roni came after her.

Roni aimed a crushing blow at Shay's head and screamed as Shay caught the punch in her own hand and twisted the girl's arm behind her back. Shay then pushed Roni into Amy and smirked as they both tumbled to the floor.

Shay felt rather than saw something behind her. It was the fourth girl, a tall dark-haired girl named Erica, and she grabbed Shay from behind. Shay quickly drove her left elbow back. It met a soft target, the tall girl's stomach.

"AOUGH" The girl hung on, but her grip was weakened. Shay sent her right elbow straight back, and it dug into the same target.

"OOUGH". Shay quickly turned around and gave the girl an uppercut to the jaw. Shay then went downstairs to her exposed belly and buried her fist in Erica's belly button. "OOUMPH"

The redhead, Lisa, had recovered from the kick she had taken, and now joined Amy and Roni as they circled Shay. Roni tried the attack from the rear, but Shay flipped her on her back and gave her a belly stomp.

"OOOOMPH" Shay was dealing out punishment with her feet and her hands were gaining control. She found wide-open bellies, vulnerable faces, and even an occasional chance for some karate chops. She would have been able to walk away basically unscathed but for Roni, who was seemingly out of action from the belly stomp.

At just the right time, Roni got up snatched a pool cue, and belted Shay in the back of the head. Stunned, Shay staggered off to the side, aware that she was in big trouble. She couldn't focus her eyes, and so did not see the punch from Amy that landed on her belly button.

"OOMPH" Shay doubled over a bit, and Amy dug a vicious uppercut into Shay's solar plexus.

"AAUUGH" Shay tried to turn away from the punishment, but instead, she turned to face Erica, who punched her twice in her belly on the navel. Shay's belly was flat and firm, but these punches were hard and cruel, and coming one right after the other, they penetrated the finely tuned abs. "OOOUMPH"

Shay was a walking target now. She could not defend herself against the belly blows that threatened to go all the way through her, or the shots to the face that made her ears ring. Finally, Erica grabbed her from behind and held her so that the fun could begin.



"OOUMPH". A small hard fist landed just below Shay's breasts and took most of her wind. She wanted to double over, but strong hands held her upright.

"SMACK, SMACK" "OOOOUGH" A left and a right powered into the pit of her stomach. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Shay didn't expect to be in this position.

"I want to see what I'm hitting", an unknown voice said, as Shay felt unknown hands tugging her shorts down to her feet. With the blindfold on, Shay had no idea where the next punch would land, but she hoped it would knock her out. No such luck--the next thing she felt was a hard shot to her wide-open belly. "OOUUUGH"

Shay was in great shape; her years of sports, jogging, plus all the time working out in the police academy gym had toned her 120 pounds into a lean, but still feminine body that women were jealous over and men dreamed about.

"OOUGF" Another belly punch, this time harder and lower dug into her guts. She knew she couldn't take much more of this. First she had been jumped by the four girls, and although she had left some of her own calling cards in the form of a few belly shots, kicks, and bloody noses, the girls had eventually worn her down, and now she was getting the beating of her life.

"OOUGGHH" Someone's knee buried into her navel, rearranging her insides.

"WHAP" "UUGN" Two fists loosened teeth as she tasted her own blood. "Hold her tight", a voice said.

"AAUUGHH" A kick landed in her naked belly. Her brain spiraled toward unconsciousness, and her memory fluttered back to the day two weeks ago when she had volunteered, fresh out of the academy, to infiltrate a teen-aged girls' gang that was suspected of numerous beatings, robberies, and intimidation of local elderly people.

Shay was 21 but looked two-three years younger, especially when she had her hair cut short, as she did for this assignment. The captain reluctantly gave his permission, and Shay bought the kind of clothes favored by the gang: black shorts, black cut-off tees, in addition to having herself pierced in a few places. With her dark hair, bronzed skin, and new jewelry, she looked quite the part.

"OOUGF" A fist smashed into her stomach.

"OOUUGH" Someone was standing directly in front of her and landing flat-footed punches all over her midsection.

"OOUUUGH" AAUUUUGH" Her abs were turning to mush; they couldn't resist the hard punches. She felt someone removing her bra, freeing her firm breasts.

"AUUGH" A hard female fist landed flush on her right ******, smashing the breast.

"OOUGH", "OOUUUGH" Hard shots plowed into her beautiful ****. Then, SPLAT, a sudden punch buries into her vulnerable lower belly.

"OOUUGGGH" Shay felt the fist violate her now soft belly.

THUD, "OOOUUUGH" Another vicious blow to her gut.

She felt the hands release her. Her hands instinctively went to her head to remove the blindfold. Someone then punched her in the middle of her stomach.

"AAUUGH" She was pushed from the rear, evidently toward another gang member, who punched her unprotected breasts.

"AAYEEE" she cried before being propelled forward toward another girl, who came in low to her belly. "OOUUUMPH"

A voice said, "Finish the b.... off". A shot to the face turned her around, a knee to the belly doubled her over and made it convenient for someone else to drive uppercuts into her hanging breasts. As Shay's hands came up, her belly was fair game, and she felt the hardest punch so far bury into her navel. Wordlessly, she sank to the floor and into unconsciousness.


When Shay tumbled to the bare floor, the other girls had a short conversation about what to do with her. As Shay was lying on the floor, they put a shirt back on Shay, and with each girl grabbing an arm or leg, they carried her to a car and dumped her in the back seat. She was propped up between Amy and Erica.

She came to and muttered, "Where are you taking me?"

"Shut up, B....", you'll find out soon. After a short drive, they arrived at the house The Sisters used as their headquarters. With her blindfold still on, Shay was walked in the back door and down a flight of stairs to a basement room.

"What do we have here?" an unfamiliar voice asked.

"This broad came to the pool room looking for trouble--said she wanted to join up with us. We had to rough her up a little", said Roni. "

So you want to be one of us. Are you tough enough?" the voice asked. "Sure, I'm tougher than these losers", said Shay, motioning with her head to the girls who still held her.

"We'll see about that", the leader said, "Take her shirt off". One of the others took off Shay's shirt.

"Very nice," said Silk, the leader "But I'm the judge about who's tough enough, around here." With that she punched Shay in the middle of her stomach.

"UMMPH" The punch was not an especially hard one but was unexpected, and it partially winded Shay. A harder punch, this time just below Shay's breasts dug into her tan stomach.

"OUUMPH" The impact caused Shay's **** to bounce, and this drew the attention of Silk, who sent two jabs underneath her breasts. Each tit was sent up from the force. Shay stifled a scream. She knew this was her final test. If she could just take it, she'd be in the gang.

Silk worked out on her beautiful breasts, and rifled punches into the ******* of each breast, her fist forcing each tit back into her rib cage. Suddenly, Silk switched targets and drove her fist into Shay's lower belly.

"OOUUGH" The fist landed several inches below Shay's belly button and pushed into the tender flesh. Silk then went up to Shay's navel and watched as she made Shay's belly button disappear with a hard left.

"OOOUUGH" A right punch followed and then a left and right just below her navel. Her belly was now like mush and even the lighter punched easily penetrated. Silk had found Shay's weak spot, her gently rounded lower belly.

She used her gut like a punching bag, lefts and rights landing with precision and force, always in that delicious part of Shay's belly.




Silk then stood close and buried her knee in Shay's belly button.

A three-finger spear thrust went like a knife into Shay's abdomen.  A black cloud of unconsciousness swirled around Shay's brain.

"Thunk", a vicious punch to the solar plexus.

"UUMMMMPH" The soft tissue of Shay's breasts felt hard knuckles digging in.

"AIYY" Shay began to slump. "Hold her up; I'm not finished", ordered Silk.

The sickening "SPLAT" of hard fist into soft belly sounded again and again as Silk worked over Shay's lower belly". Shay passed out and was allowed to slump to the floor.

When Shay came to a few minutes later, she found herself lying on a cot wearing her shorts and top but minus the blindfold. She was in the same large room where her beating took place. Her hands went to her belly--she groaned. Her belly felt like s.... Her stomach muscles throbbed from the pounding they had taken. She felt like she would never eat again.

"Where am I", she muttered.

"You're here, with the Sisters. In fact, you're one of the Sisters, now", said the voice that belonged to the one who had just pounded her belly into mush. "I'm Silk; sorry we were so rough on you, but as I said, you got to be tough to be one of us", she said.

"There has to be a better way," Shay grumbled, struggling to sit up. Shay looked around, saw a small boxing ring set up in one corner of the room. The rest of the room was bare, save for a few chairs, an entertainment center, and some storage cabinets. "Now what?" Shay asked.

"You take a few days, rest up, and we'll see about some jobs for you--see how you fit in", said Silk.

"What's that for?" asked Shay, motioning to the boxing ring. "That's to decide our challenges," answered Silk. "All our girls are ranked from ten up to one. I'm #1, you're #10. If you think you can beat the girl ranked ahead of you, you challenge her, and then you decide it in the ring."

At that point, Shay didn't feel like she could challenge her grandmother, but she told Silk she would be ready to get started in a few days. Shay slowly stood, one hand holding her belly. "Be back in three days, and we'll put you to work.


About a week later, Shay showed up at the headquarters of the gang. Silk and some of the other girls were there: some were watching TV, some were working out, a few were playing cards.

"Come on in, I've got a job for you", said Silk. "I want you and Kim to go out to the tennis club and check it out. All the rich girls from The Heights play tennis after school there. They usually carry some good cash with them. I want you to relieve them of it. If you can scare it out of them, fine; if not, beat it out of them." Silk put Kim in charge and told Shay to do as she was told.

Kim was about Shay's size, but a couple of years younger. She was new to the gang, and in fact, ranked just ahead of Shay, at #9. The two girls drove out to the club and waited in the woods, near the entrance.

Nothing promising appeared for quite a while. The girls either walked out in large numbers or with adults. Shay and Kim were about to call it quits when Kim whispered, "Look".

Two young girls, about 14 or 15 were walking down the path to the parking lot. They were chattering away, oblivious to anything around them. They were obviously from wealthy families--their outfits were designer made, they had designer exercise bags, and the whole picture was money, money, money. Each girl had her hair in a stylish fashion. They seemed tan and fit as their shorts and matching tees revealed a few inches of tummy between shorts and top.

Shay and Kim suddenly stepped from their concealment and confronted the girls. "We're a little short of cash tonight and we need to use yours. You can either give it up or we'll beat it out of you," said Kim.

"Go to H..." said one of them. "Why don't you go back to the shelter, where you belong."

Shay and Kim grabbed the two and pulled them back into the woods. One started to scream, but Kim silenced her with a punch to the stomach.

"OOUF" said the girl, gasping for breath. The girl Shay was holding grabbed her tennis racquet and aimed it at Shay's head. Shay caught her arm, and holding her arm over her head, forced her back against a tree. The girl lashed out at Shay, but she easily blocked the punch with her free hand.

Since the girl's arm was still being held high over her head, her tee-shirt had ridden up several inches, revealing a flat stomach that was now stretched even more taunt. Shay quickly drove two jabs into the girl's wide-open stomach. "OOUMPH" "OOUGH"

The young girl dropped her racquet and put both hands on her stomach and doubled over. Shay grabbed a handful of that stylish hair and pulled up sharply. The pain from the hair-pulling made her put both hands on Shay's to relieve the pain. Standing upright, the girl's soft belly was a beckoning target. Shay buried her fist in the young girl's belly button.

"OOUUMPHH" was forced from the girl as she tried to collapse.

"The money?" Shay asked. "I'll punch your belly until you give it to me". When the girl did not answer, Shay dug an uppercut just above the girl's belly button, totally relieving her of any remaining air in her lungs.

"Take it" she wheezed.

"What about you?" Kim asked the other girl. "Don't hit me, just take it all", she whimpered. Kim took the girl's billfold and pushed the girl up against the same tree.

"You tell anyone about this, and you're dead meat", she snarled. She followed the threat with a hard knee driven to the girl's belly.

Both girls remained on the ground crying as Shay and Kim turned and walked slowly away.


"Why did you do that?" Shay asked Kim as they were walking to their car at the tennis club, "the girl would have given you her money anyway."

"What do you care?", sneered Kim, "the rich b... got what was coming to her". "I think you need to get what's coming to you; I challenge you for your position", said Shay.

Back at the headquarters, the two turned in their take to Silk, and Shay told the leader about the challenge. "You don't waste time, do you?"

Silk remarked. "No reason to", replied Shay. The arrangements were quickly made for the next afternoon, and all the girls were buzzing about it.

The rules were simple: the fight ended with a knock-out or submission, there could be no interference from anyone else, no weapons could be used, fighters could tape their hands or wear thin gloves if they wanted to. This last rule was more for the protection of hands than of the intended target. Apparel was usually shorts and tee shirts. Punching/hitting was allowed to any part of the body or head, and the girls were to be barefoot. The fight had to last a minimum of ten minutes to prevent a girl from giving up too quickly and not putting up a fight.

On the day of the fight, each girl showed up dressed as they usually did, cut-off shorts and tees. Shay was about the same size as Kim, but where Shay was dark-haired and had a dark tan, Kim was very blonde and pale.

Silk rang a small bell, and the challenge began. Kim went on the attack immediately and fired a left at Shay, who was able to move her head just a few inches and avoid the hard punch. Kim took another wild swing at Shay's head, and the dark girl easily ducked it.

For the next minute or so, Kim chased Shay around the ring, throwing a lot of ineffectual punches and burning a lot of energy. Shay caught punches on her arms, ducked some, and weaved out of the way of others, while all the time dancing away. Shay felt great. All the jogging and gym work had paid off. She felt like she could do this forever.

Finally, her competitive juices made her want to fight back, and when Kim threw one of her innumerable shots toward her head, Shay was able to block it high with her right and dig her left into Kim's midsection.

 "OOUF" came from Kim as the blow struck home. Shay immediately came with an overhand right that landed below Kay's eye and brought her advance to a halt. Shay's right landed on the left side of Kim's face and staggered the girl.

Two light jabs peppered her face, and Kim's guard was up to ward off these damaging headshots. Shay took advantage of Kim's wide-open body and dug her left just above and to the right of Kim's belly button and sent her right to the same area to the left side of her stomach.

Kim started to double, but an uppercut to the chin straightened her up and made her easy prey to the uppercut that made her navel disappear into her body.

"OOOUF" Shay stepped inside and drove solid body shots to Kim's stomach. The girl backed toward one of the corners and showed fear in her eyes. "I give" she cried.

"Nope", you've still got five minutes," ruled Silk.

"Take those shorts off", ordered Shay.

"No", pleaded Kim.

"Take 'em off, or I'll knock your teeth out", Shay said, giving emphasis to the last word with a sharp jab to Kim's mouth. Kim did as she was told and wriggled out of her shorts, revealing a pair of yellow bikinis.

"Now the shirt", demanded Shay, and helped the process by ripping it off Kim. Kim was now left standing nearly naked, as her bra was not providing much coverage. The nineteen-year-old was quite a looker.

She had the body of a 25-year-old-smooth white skin covering the supple curves of her hips and the gentle round of her belly. Her breasts did not need much support as the pair of 36s jutted from her chest. Her stomach was flat and showed a little color around the navel from the barrage of punches she had received. Shay resolved to provide some more color on that white body.

Her first move was a left and a right that plowed into Kim's stomach, just above her belly button. That area was getting softened up, and Kim's groans attested to the pain it caused her. Shay then dug her fists into Kim's milky-white belly below her navel.

"OOUUGH NOOOO" Kim protested as she felt the fists bury into her gut past the soft skin, past the thin wall of muscle, and stop finally deep in her abdomen. She put her hands down to her lower belly. Shay moved forward and exploded two uppercuts that landed in the middle of her vulnerable, unprotected stomach.

"AOOOUUGH" Kim was literally lifted up on her toes as the fists plowed up into her stomach. A couple of face punches knocked her back into the ring where she grasped the ropes to keep from falling. In an instant, Shay was on top of her giving her three knee lifts to her wide-open belly.

"Don't, please don't hit me any mo--"OOOUUGH" Shay planted her fist just under Kim's breasts.

"Didn't that kid ask you not to hit her?", Shay asked with a sneer, "How's it feel on the other end?" Shay pulled Kim's bikinis down till they were barely hanging on her hips.

"Look at that nice, soft, smooth, white, belly. I wonder how far my fist will sink in", she said with a gleam in her eye.

SPLAT. "OOOUUUGGHH" Shay's left fist buried itself in the young girl's belly about three inches below her navel.

"AAOOOUGH" Her right fist landed in exactly the same place. Kim's hands were at her side. She was helpless and vulnerable.

THUNK "OOUUGGHF" Another belly-buster just below the navel. Kim sank to her knees facing Shay. "Thirty seconds" warned Silk.

Shay kicked the helpless girl in the belly, her foot landing right on Kim's belly button. Shay pulled the nearly unconscious girl to her feet and drilled her stomach with three punches.

"OOOUUGGGHHFF" Kim crumpled to the mat as Silk said, "Time's up".

"You're number nine", said Silk. Come see me for your next assignment.


Kim groaned as she awakened. Her hands immediately went to her belly, which felt like it had been beaten with a baseball bat. Some fellow "Sisters" had picked her up redressed her and laid her on the cot near the ring. Kim was sore, angry, and ready to hurt somebody. She was unable to do anything for a couple of days, but on the third day, she got up feeling better but no less angry and called Lynn one of The Sisters. The two got together and went out on the prowl.

"I don't care who it is, I just want to beat up somebody," she said through gritted teeth. Lynn suggested that they go out to the park. They soon found themselves at the edge of the woods, which was bordered by a jogging trail. There were occasional couples or men jogging by, but they were looking for someone alone they knew they could handle. Finally, in the distance, they spotted a young woman jogging briskly down the path. "I think this could be the one, get ready", said Kim.

Lynn immediately assumed a position as if she'd been hurt, while Kim disappeared into the brush behind her. As the jogger approached, Lynn called out to her, telling her that she'd fallen while jogging and thought she'd maybe broken her ankle.

The jogger immediately turned off the path to give assistance. Lynn noticed that she appeared to be about 25, with long blonde hair ******* on top of her head. She was dressed in short shorts and a crop top.

As the young woman knelt to examine Lynn's ankle. Kim grabbed her from behind and pulled her up. The blonde put up some initial resistance, but when Lynn punched her twice in the stomach, all the fight left her. The two Sisters dragged the jogger back into a clearing away from the path and released her. "What do you want? Money? I'll give you all I have", she wailed.

"Sure, I'll take your money, but mostly I'm looking to fight somebody; get ready", replied Kim. She followed this up with a punch right to her mouth. The blonde cried out and turned to run. Lynn caught her and spun her around where she was met by Kim's left fist in that nice tan area between her shorts and her top.

"OUMPH" Kim delivered two more punches to the same area, the middle of her stomach. "OOUGH", she moaned, doubling over. Lynn caught her from behind and held her arms behind her back. Lynn stood directly in front of the helpless girl and pumped three more punches into the middle of her stomach.




The blonde was completely winded, and all her energy went into trying to breathe, so she offered little resistance when Kim slipped her shorts off and left them on the ground. She then took off her top. The young woman was now left wearing nothing but a brief pair of ******* and her jogging bra. The blonde was all curves, from the rounded fullness of her breasts to the gentle round of her belly. She obviously had not done much jogging or other kinds of exercise for a long time.

"Nice belly. Is it soft?" asked Kim with a sneer, "I wonder how it will feel when my fist is buried in it?" With that Kim drove a left and a right deep into the soft flesh.



The guttural sounds were music to Kim's ears as her fists found a soft target in the blonde's belly.

SPLAT, THUD, THUNK The impact reminded Kim of the sound made by punching a pillow. And indeed, punching the young woman's belly was like punching a firm pillow. Kim especially liked the sound, the feel, and the sight of a hard punch just below the blonde's navel. The groans of the jogger seemed to come from deep within her.



Changing targets, Kim moved just below the blonde's breasts and drove punches into her upper stomach.


"UUMMMPH" The impact made her breasts shake, and noticing, Kim jerked off her bra and freed the full, rounded ****. They made great punching bags and Kim hit them square on the ****** with several shots to each tit. Like her belly, her breasts were soft, and Kim's fists sank deeply into the delicious flesh. The young woman just sobbed now, too spent to do anything else. Kim then stepped in close and kneed the blonde between her legs.

"AYYEEE" I punch to her wide-open solar plexus stopped her scream and her breath. Next, a combination of punches landed in quick repletion to her deep innie belly button. "OOUUUUMPH"

"OOOUUGGHHH" Kim smiled at the sound, remembering her own pain at the hands of Shay. "Put her on her knees", said Kim, and Lynn let the blonde down on the ground.

Standing in front, Kim drove a kick straight into the girl's wide-open belly, the toe of her gym shoe burying in the unresisting gut. "OOUUUGGGHHH"

Another kick to the belly. "OOOUUUMMPHH" Finally, Kim drove her knee into the blonde's ****. She screamed, and when Lynn released her, she crumpled into a ball.

"I feel a lot better now, get her money and let's get outta here," Kim said, smirking.


This episode is written as a response to an idea by Fist3. Hope you like it.

Mr. Jackson, at 64 had become the talk of the country club set, the envy of all the men, and the recipient of cold stares from the women. Widowed for five years, with all the money he could spend, and tired of traveling alone to fancy restaurants and exotic vacation spots, Mr. Jackson had come back from a three-month stay in Hawaii with a new wife. Not just any wife, but a stunning young wife named Mia. She had to be at least 40 years younger than Mr. Jackson and worlds removed from his usual lifestyle.

For the first few months after they came back home, the couple seemed very much the honeymoon couple. If one could get past the obvious age difference, they seemed very much in love. It wasn't too long before she began to tire of the brunches, society dinners, and fund-raising concerts that made up so much of the life that Bob Jackson had retired to.

Mia much preferred to spend her time sunning at the club, where her incredible body was on display in the briefest of swimwear. Mia was about 5'9" and weighed about 120 pounds. Her long blonde hair dark tan and blue eyes had the look of the beach written all over her. She played tennis almost daily, and the constant running toned her legs to lean loveliness She wore short shorts and crop tops that would, by comparison, make the famous young Russian tennis player be described as dressing modestly.

It was the tennis-playing that got Mia into trouble. She began to spend more and more time with the tennis crowd, seeming much to prefer their company over that of her husband's. She began to stay out later, occasionally arriving home half drunk.

Her husband tried to reason with her but to no avail. He was afraid that his young wife would eventually get romantically involved with someone, and he couldn't bear that. In conversation with his gardener, he heard about The Sisters and was able to make contact with Silk.

He told Silk that he would pay the gang $ 5,000.00 if they would teach his young wife a lesson. He didn't want her seriously hurt, and he especially requested that she not be punched in the face. He didn't want that beautiful face damaged. He said he would set it up so that Mia could be easily taken. His chauffeur could be trusted and was in on the plot.

The next Friday afternoon, the plan went into effect. Bill was to drive Mia to the club for a round of tennis and then partying. He said he had to pick up something and parked near the gang's hideout. As soon as he left, Shay and two others opened the limo, gagged Mia, and took her inside.

Once inside, Mia knew she was in big trouble and began to offer money to be released. Shay explained that was not going to happen, and she was here to learn a lesson. The three Sisters: Shay, Lu, and Roni circled Mia. Then the three rushed the blonde. Shay and Lu punched the girl in the sides and Roni gave her a kidney shot. "NOOO DON'T"

"UMMPH" Mia doubled over, but Roni pulled her head back by the hair. Mia screamed and put her hands up to relieve the pressure on her hair. Roni pulled her head back, causing her top to ride up, exposing even more of Mia's taunt mid-section. Shay stepped in and punished the flat mid-section with two more jabs. "OOUGH" "OOOUGH"

Mia gasped for breath and would have fallen except for the strong hands of Lu and Roni, who held her up. Shay walked close to the girl and looked her up and down as if deciding what to do next. The girl made a beautiful victim. Her white top and white shorts that came up only as far as just below her belly button set off the dark tan of her stomach. Her belly button was a deep innie and Shay decided to try it out.

A quick punch landed right on the girl's navel and pushed into the firm flesh. "OOUMPH"

"Oh, you've got a firm belly. We'll see how long that lasts," said Shay. Shay pivoted and drove a hard left and then a right to the girl's belly button. She groaned loudly. This brought no sympathy, only another belly button shot. This time Shay could feel her fist sinking in deeper.

It was obvious that Mia was trying to tighten her abdominals, but her muscles were slowly being beaten into submission. Shay turned as if to walk away and then shot her elbow back into Mia's vulnerable belly, again right on the navel. "OOUUMMMPPHHH"

"Why should I have all the fun, here you take a turn", said Shay, changing places with Lu. Lu was trained in various styles of fighting and went into the posture of a karate fighter in front of the helpless girl. But instead of a fist, Lu sent her foot deep into her stomach.

Mia was being held now by Shay and Roni as Lu stood in front of her, moving her hands in the classic karate style. Mia, watching those hands was painfully surprised when Lu gave her a sidekick to the stomach. Bare fist to bare stomach is no contest, and Lu's foot sank into Mia just above her belly button.

"OOUUMPH" Leaving her no time to recover, Lou's fists used the young blonde's mid-section for her own personal drum. Mia's stomach was flat and tan, and Mia was proud of it, but her stomach muscles were slowly being turned to jello as each punch sank deeper. Mia groaned with each punch and begged for mercy. Lu was not impressed, and standing to Mia's right gave her two karate shots right to the navel. "AAOOOUGH", "OOUUGH"

"OK", said Roni, "I think she needs a chance to defend herself one on one. Let's get her in the ring. Mia was pushed, stumbling through the ropes and into the small ring. She stood in front of Roni, weaving slightly.

"Go ahead, try to punch me," said Roni. Mia took a roundhouse swing at Roni, who easily blocked the punch with her right and gave her a vicious uppercut just below her breasts.

"UUMPHH" The blow made Mia's breasts jiggle in their tiny bra, and Roni reached in and freed them by ripping off the bra. Mia reacted by crossing her arms over herself.

"Why are you doing this?" she cried. "Never mind, just remember this the next time you start to make plans to go out on the town and leave your husband "SPLAT" at "SPLAT" home "SPLAT".

Each word had been punctuated with a hard fist to the mid-section. Mia was doubled over holding her stomach. Her full breasts hung down invitingly. Roni walked Mia over to the ropes, and with her body still doubled over like the letter "L", her head and **** were hanging over the ropes on the outside.

"Help yourself", Roni invited. Shay and Lu then worked over Mia's ****. Shay took the right one and Lu the left one, and each girl sent stinging uppercuts into the firm breasts. Each aimed for the ******, and punch after punch landed on target, smashing into the delicious tender flesh.

Mia couldn't move, she was pinned with Roni holding her hands behind her while forcing her to bend over the ropes. Her beautiful mounds took a tremendous beating. Lu was even able to high kick the girls' vulnerable breasts.

Finally, Roni pulled Mia all the way back into the ring. Mia held her bruised and battered ******* and moaned.

"Stop your crying", Roni ordered. When Mia continued, she received a sharp slap across the face. "Your old man doesn't want us to punch your face, but if you don't do as your told, you'll go back home with two black eyes and a broken nose." Mia stopped moaning.

"Now take off your shorts", Roni snapped. Again, Mia obeyed, slowly sliding her shorts down to the floor and stepping out of them.

Mia stood there naked except for her bikini *******. She was trembling and trying not to cry. "Wha ..what are you going to do to me?", she whimpered.

"We are going to give you a belly beating; we're going to see if your belly is as soft as your ****; we're going to enjoy the feel of our fists sinking into your belly," Roni answered. As she said that, she placed her closed fist on Mia's bare belly below her navel. "Are you softer here" Roni put her closed fist against Mia just above her ***** on the left side, "or here". Roni's fist was touching her lower right side of her belly. "I'm going to bet your softest spot is right here"

"OOUUUMPH" At the last "here" Roni punched Mia three inches below her navel right in the center. Mia groaned and put her hands to her wounded belly. "And another thing, every time you move your hands to your belly, you also get it in the face". Mia's eyes widened with fear. She did NOT want her face touched. She slowly removed her hands and faced her tormentor.

"Come on up", Roni motioned to Shay and Lu. "Go first", she said to Shay.

Shay looked at the beautiful young blonde in front of her. She was now her human punching bag. She couldn't defend herself, was not allowed even to protect the punched area. Mia's **** body, particularly her wide-open belly with its innie navel and gently rounded lower belly was now hers. She owned it. Shay found herself oddly aroused by the possibilities. She wanted to pound this willful, arrogant girl. Shay was the master, Mia the slave.

 Shay began the punishment with a huge right that landed in the girl's lower belly on the left side. "AAAOOUUGH" Mia twitched to the left but didn't move her hands.

"OOUUGGGH" Another punch to the same spot. Mia again bent to her left. "OOUUGGHH" Shay sent her left fist to the girl's lower right side. Mia listed to the right and groaned loudly. Shay then buried her fists in Mia's belly below her navel way down in her gut.

The girl's mouth opened, but no sound came out. She just stood there hands at her side. Shay pistoned two more deep gut shots to the girl and enjoyed the feel of her small hard fists sinking into the **** belly flesh. Shay then kneed her lower belly. Shay then pushed Mia back against the turnbuckle of the ring. She wanted some support so her punches would bury in even deeper.

Shay began to feel as if she was punching in slow motion and able to see herself. She saw her biceps flex and her fist close, saw the backswing and the pivot of her hips to get the strength of her legs into the punch.

Then she saw and felt the initial contact--saw her fist begin to penetrate the soft tanned flesh below Mia's navel--saw her fist sink deeper and more of it disappear in the girl's gut. She saw the shaking of the surrounding skin and finally felt the movement of internal organs as her fist pushed all the way in. She loved it and sent punch after punch into Mia's helpless belly.

"I think she's learned her lesson", said Roni. Has she? What to do--what to do.

"No she hasn't learned her lesson yet, not 'till I have another shot at her" answered Lu.

"Fine, suit yourself; you want some help?" asked Roni. Lu and Roni climbed into the ring and walked toward the blonde, who was cowering in the corner.

"We're not through with your belly, yet, “sneered Lu, "and maybe we'll work you over somewhere else". Lu wasted no time. She rammed her fist into Mia's belly button.

"OOUUGH" Another punch dug into her once firm stomach mid-way between her breasts and navel.

"UUGGGN" Mia doubled over, but still did not protect herself. As Mia's **** hung down, they were too irresistible, and she punched each one right on the ******.

"Stop, please stop, you're killing me", Mia begged. Lou's answer was to step in and drive her knee between Mia's legs.

"AAEEYY" Mia put her hands down over her wounded c... This brought a punch to her eye and another jab to the face. Mia had broken the rule. Her head snapped back, and her hands came up to her face. Lu made a two-handed fist and buried it in Mia's belly, below her navel.

"OOUUUUGGGH" Mia slumped to the floor, completely unconscious.

The gang members redressed the young wife and carried her out to the waiting limo, which drove her back to her mansion and hopefully to a better marriage.


Shay's Back written by Ace

Over the past few weeks, Shay had done everything Silk had assigned her. She had roughed up, robbed, and beaten teenagers and older women-- some to get money, some to exact revenge for spurned lovers, and sometimes just because she could do it.

She began to be afraid that she was liking this too much--the ********** of another woman by the force of her fists was becoming more and more important to her. She sometimes dreaded the time when it would end--when she turned over the evidence she'd been accumulating and passing on to her snitch, Alex. At any rate, she was pleased with her next job.

A wealthy, "society" girl named Tina had been throwing herself at another girl's boyfriend at the local university. Jan, the girlfriend, wanted something done about this--she wanted a message sent. Jan had made all the arrangements and told Silk to have someone show up at the locker room of the tennis club at 10:00 p.m. and they would find no one there but Tina. Silk passed the job to Shay, and at the appointed time, Shay entered the building through a door that had been "accidentally" left unlocked and made her way to the locker room.

Tina had just finished her shower and was dressing. She had just put on her ******* and shirt and was buttoning it when Shay entered the room. Without saying a word, Shay walked over to the girl and slapped her across the face, twice.

"You B...., what did you do that for?" she screamed. Shay said nothing, and when Tina aimed a slap at her, she caught her hand and twisted it up behind the girl's back. Tina started to scream, but a karate chop to the girl's throat stopped the sound.

Tina put both hands up to her throat and in the process, spread open her unbuttoned shirt. This movement revealed her smooth brown belly and breasts. Shay quickly jabbed the girl twice, just below her breasts.

"OOUUFF" As the girl doubled over it was easy for Shay to rip the shirt completely off the girl. She stood up, her eyes wide with fear. Shay smashed her palm into the girl's forehead and knocked her against the lockers. Stunned, Tina's hands fell to her side as she stood there.

Shay surveyed her victim: about 5"9", 125 pounds packed into an athletic body. Her breasts were full and firm, her mid-section flat, and her belly tan and ****. There didn't seem to be any fat on the 20-year-old, so Shay knew she would have to soften her up. She had learned that the quickest way to break a girl down was to pound her midsection from belly button to breasts. When a girl's stomach was weakened and she couldn't breathe, then she was ready to be punished.

Accordingly, Shay quickly tied the girl's hands behind her and tied them to the convenient handle of a locker. She then dug her left fist into Tina JUST ABOVE HER BELLY BUTTON. A "whoosh" of air and a groan from Tina followed. Shay pivoted and drove her right into the same target. Tina's stomach was firm, but the fist still sank in.

Shay moved up the girl's mid-section and delivered a right and then a left to the middle of her stomach. Tina groaned with each punch. Her delicious breasts were the next target and Shay enjoyed the feel of the soft skin of Tina's **** as they received the blows. "AYYEEE", screamed Tina. Shay quickly silenced the noise with a solid belly punch that landed right on her navel. "OOUUGGHH".

Tina was suffering big-time now. Her breasts, her midsection, and her spirit had all been battered. The once cocky girl had been reduced to begging for mercy. She offered Shay money, her sports car, anything to stop the beating. Shay, still silent only smirked. Shay stepped to the side of the bound girl, and using the side of her hand, drove karate chops into Tina just below her breasts. They dug into this sensitive area, forcing a guttural "AUUUUGHHHH" from Tina. A couple of jabs under the ribs on either side made the blonde groan.

Noticing a couple of small 3-pound dumbbells on the floor, she picked them up and approached the helpless girl. Grasping one in each hand, she plunged her fists into Tina's mid-section. The added weight contributed to the force of each blow.

"OOOUUGHHH, AOUUGGGH, UUGGHHH" Tina's flat, tan stomach from belly button to the breast was pounded unmercifully as Shay's fists found a softer and softer target. Tina put down the weights, stepped in close, and pounded vicious uppercuts to Tina's mid-section. Without the weights, Shay felt she had even more power, much as a baseball player feels stronger after practice swings with a leaded bat. Each stomach punch lifted the girl up on her tiptoes, and her gasps and groans told Shay what she wanted to hear.

One final right uppercut a couple of inches above the navel buried into the girl and she passed out as much from loss of oxygen as from the pain.

Shay herself was breathing hard from the exertion and took a short break to look for other ways to punish Tina. Her eyes soon fell on something to be expected at a tennis club--Tina's leather tennis racquet bag. Opening it up, she found a roll of cash, which went directly to Shay's pocket, and Tina's racquets. Selecting one, she walked back to Tina, who was just coming to.

Shay stepped to the side of Tina and swung the racquet like a baseball bat, the thin metal side of the racquet burying into Tina's lower belly.

"OOUUGHF" Four or five swings delivered with all Shay's strength caused Tina to moan almost continually. Changing tactics, Shay gripped the racquet high on the handle next to the strings and then jabbed it into Tina's belly.

"OOOOUUGH" The end of the handle disappeared in the girl's soft belly right in the navel. Tina strained to double over, but the rope held her securely the young girl's body was vulnerable, defenseless, and wide open.

Shay then dropped the racquet and began to pound Tina's belly with her fists. Hard fists sank into the soft belly. Right, left, right, left--all of them to Tina's belly button. Shay even extended her middle knuckle so that it rammed deep into the blonde's nave.

For the first time Shay spoke, "Think about this before you go after someone else's boyfriend".

Shay then dropped down and pounded Tina's lower belly 2-3 inches below her navel, going from side to side. "AAUUGH" "OOUUGGHF" "OOUUGGGGHHH"

Tina's eyes rolled back, and her head fell forward. As Shay prepared to leave, she couldn't resist taking one more shot at that flat stomach. As Shay's fist dug in just above the navel, only a small "OOHHHH" was heard.

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