Schoolyard Brawl by CountryMouse


This was a blow for blow rewrite of the fight from "They Live"

Schoolyard Brawl by Countrymouse 11

"Just stay the hell away from me!"

"Listen you dumb *****!" yelled the brunette. She grabbed Amy by the shoulder, but the

sleeve ripped away from her arm as the blond wrestled away.

Amy gasped in surprise at this exposure and instinctively punched Sharon in the nose. This

just pissed her off though. "We're going to settle this once and for all!"

The blond got in her face, "Fuck you!"

Sharon seized the opportunity and swung a hard right into Amy's face, which sent the girl

staggering backward. She banged into the dumpster dropping her backpack.

The blond got back up with her fist raised, kicking the backpack away.

The girls circled each other like boxers. Both in their school uniforms, black skirts that

fell mid-thigh, white long sleeve dress shirts, though Amy was missing a sleeve. Both girls

wore knee-high stockings and Mary Jane-style shoes. Sharon had long straight hair, while Amy

had a short bob of blonde.

Sharon took a wild swing, but Amy dropped her left shoulder and slammed two quick jabs into

the girl's middle. The tall brunette grunted "oof, uff!" before Amy followed up with a left

jab to her face and a brutal haymaker to her right cheek.

The brunette spun around and fell to her knees. Amy moved in for the kill but Sharon turned

with an uppercut to the blonde's belly. Amy let out a "Hoof!"

Sharon followed up with a pair of left jabs and another right cross. The tall blonde fell

face first with a grunt, and immediately started to pick herself up.

Amy threw a few wild punches that Sharon just knocked aside, they both had good reach. She

taunted Amy "Had enough skank!"

"No!" Sharon stepped in and lost her wrist in Amy's stomach. "Ouph!" Amy was on her knees

yet again the belly punishment now affecting her.

Sharon was on her again, but Amy threw a back fist into her face. Amy grabbed the side of

her head and hammered her point-blank with her right fist. Sharon staggered, but as she

recovered Amy punched her again.

Sharon just rolled onto her back trying to get a breath. Amy laughed victoriously and offered

Sharon her hand.

Sharon got up but Amy kept her grip and punched her again. "Fucking *****!" Sharon landed on

her belly.

Amy pulled her opponent up by the hair determined to vent her frustrations. Sharon lashed

out getting the collar of Amy's shirt, she viciously ripped open the dress shirt, pulling it

down to her elbows.

Amy let out a girly scream, that was cut short by a hard punch to her bare belly. "Oof!" The

The next blow took her feet off the ground. "Awwww..."

The tall blonde, shirt in tatters, fell to the ground, unconscious

That is until...

Sharon tried to pull Amy to her feet to deal out more punishment. Amy was alive again

landing a fist into the brunettes belly, Sharon "oofed!" and Amy let loose a cruel kick to

the pretty girl's face.

Amy pulled her torn shirt together and started to walk away, leaving Sharon lying in agony

on the ground.

Sharon was getting up again, and Amy saw it. Both girls were beyond thinking at this point,

and Amy could only try to walk away.

The brunette rushed her tackling her to the floor. Sharon put her foot in the small of the

girls back grabbed the shoulders of her shirt and yanked upward. The school shirt ripped

clean off, leaving Amy in her bra.

Sharon got Amy on her feet and fired two hard punches into the girl's newly bared torso. "Uf!

Uf!" She continued her assault with a right fisted punch that sent the blonde crashing into

the wall behind her.

Sharon slammed another fist into the poor girl's belly, "woof!" She went to hit her face

again but Amy raised her arm to block it and threw her own punch into the brunette's face.

Amy had her in a headlock, Sharon elbowed her in the stomach, but she kept her hold and

wrestled her to the ground. Sharon managed to get her hand in Amy's face and shove her off.

Amy was quick on her feet clocking Sharon as she tried to rise. She fell on her back, just

to get punched in the face again as she lifted her head again.

Sharon pounced on Amy between punches trying to choke her opponent out. Amy had more drive

at the moment and easily flipped her over so the blonde was on top.

She pinned Sharon Arm and kicked off, bringing her knee down hard into the tall *****'s crotch.

"Oooh!" Amy repeated the kick, "Oof!" and again "Hoof!"

Amy straddled the brunette smiling, with a quick motion she ripped open Sharon's shirt,

buttons flying. "You wanna tear off my clothes? See how you like it!"

Amy grabbed on to the waist band of Sharon's skirt tearing the cloth as she pulled on it. In

no time the hot 18 year old was down to her white bra and *******. The bra barely contained

her ample breasts, and the ******* were modest but ****. Sharon had wide hips long ballerina

legs, and her tummy was soft with just a hint of definition.

Sharon gasped in horror at losing her outfit. Amy got two handfuls of Sharon's ***** and

pulled the girl up as she winced in pain.

Sharon came up with a two by four in her hand, she'd grabbed it while she was pinned. With

her arms free she was able to utilize it. With a baseball swing Sharon smashed the board

into Amy's belly "HOOOOOG!"

Amy doubled over groaning pathetically, her eyes were closed tight and her mouth was slack

as she desperately tried to breath. Sharon dropped the weapon and wrestled off the shreds of

her shirt.

The brunette was quite a sight, attacking the blonde in only her bikini underwear, black

knee-socks, and heavy clodhopper shoes. She evened the score pulling Amy's skirt down her

slender legs. Amy had a similar underwear ensemble, though she was a little skinnier and her

bra didn't have to be as supportive as Sharon's

"Ah my legs!" she whined trying to cover up her thighs with her hands. She bared her teeth

and tackled Sharon. The hit the wall hard. The blonde rocked Sharon with a balled fist and a

cruel backhand.

Sharon came back with a hard punch to her eye. Amy staggered back a few steps and threw a

punch that was completely off target. Sharon buried her fist in Amy's little belly. The

skinny blonde let out a raw "Ahhhhf!" letting go of what little air she had in her lungs.

Sharon pulled one of her arms around to her back, and wrapped her own arm around Amy's

throat. The two girls struggled against each other sweaty and glistening in the sunlight.

Amy tried to break the hold by stomping on Sharon's foot, but it got worse for her as Sharon

yanked down the lacey cup holding her left breast in place.

Amy cried out again bringing her hands up to cover herself. This just allowed Sharon to get

a better hold and she pulled the other half of the bra down.

The ******* blonde reached her arm over her attackers head and just sat down. Sharon

couldn't manage this and she dropped forward banging her forehead on Amy's shoulder. The

brunette flipped onto her back from there, and lay still.

The blonde tried to at least get her bra in order, but the clips and straps were stretched

or broken after the struggle. She held the cloth in place flipping Sharon off before

scavenging for something she could wear.

She didn't get too far till she felt a tap on her shoulder. Sharon was back, jabbing her in

the kidneys from behind. Amy managed an elbow to the girls head before Sharon scored another


The blonde was finished and Sharon wasn't much better. Amy leaned against Sharon trying to

stay standing. Sharon took advantage pounding blow after blow into Amy's belly.




Her punches were finding less resistance and each blow brought Amy to her toes.





Sharon couldn't throw another punch, the blonde ***** fell to the ground holding her


Sharon made a point to remove her underwear and hide Amy's shoes. She picked up whatever

clothing she could find to ensure that ***** would have to go home barefoot and bare bodied.

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