School Days Catfight by pwestcat


School Days Catfight by pwestcat

My first and LAST Classic Cat Fight

Well, this is the event in my life that truly fascinates my Psych partner.

I was around 17 at the time, and attending Catholic Girls School. Yup, no BS. The fight itself was a major event at the school and talked about for the remainder of the school year and beyond. My scrappy partner, let's call her Sue, was one of the Queen B's of our grade 11 class. She was a bit younger than me. Both of us were soccer players and in fairly decent shape. Myself with long natural dirty blonde hair, and am fairly ***** for my age. She was of Italian descent, slightly tanned with jet black hair, and a ***** temper to match. I guess we were both around 5 2 and 100 pounds soaking wet. I was rather proud of my ample cleavage at the time and bent the school regs to the edge of the dress code. Same with Sue, and the penguins kept an eye on both of us.

In any case, let's cut to the chase, we played soccer every day for our athletic program. Often being out at the same time the senior males from the local High School were playing, one field over. I guess we would perform extra for them, often resulting in an extra carding or two. I was playing on the opposite team from Sue. During this match, she cow-kicked the back of my leg, leaving a good-sized welt. That didn't really bother me so much, I could always get her back next time, but tomorrow was class picture day, and I would be front and center with Miss Queen B, as we were the shortest ones in class. I just knew that my right leg would have a healthy bruise on it. Sure enough, the next day in the acceptable uniform, with a pleated black skirt, white blouse and tie, **** pantyhose, and black buckled up oxford heels, we stood for our class photo. I guess it was the way she looked at my leg and smirked, that set the course for our after-school activity.

Fast forward, we got off early that day, and anybody who was anybody was heading for the Mall, on the other side of the Soccer Field. I was walking with my friend Jane when we caught up to Sue and two of her friends. Can't remember the exact taunt, but it went something like hey limpy, or something like that, from one of Sue's friends, I was cool just walked up to Sue's friend another dirty blonde, said something like, "OH? like this" and cow kicked Sue who was standing off to the side. Not hard but just enough so she would feel it.

Well, the rest was School Dazz Hysterical History. Jane and Sue's friend locked up like two hockey players holding each other back, as Sue and I exchanged slaps pulled hair in a frenzied awkward classic catfight way, tangled up vertically, like a Sailor greeting his wife after two months at sea, skirts flying and hiking up. We looked like two really bad polka dancers, kicking pulling poping blouse buttons, and starting hose run.

THEN we hit the ground wrestling and rolling for what seemed like an hour. Clutching pulling ripping, biting, pulling hair, more hugging clutching, and pulling clothes. Dirt got in our eyes, sweat, hair, I was blind and so was Sue. I remember her second friend kicking and pulling at us, I suppose either trying to stop the fight or help out Sue, but she probably kicked Sue more than me. My game plan of sorts was simple, hang on for dear life and inflict more pain than Sue. I had recalled while snaking around the field with Sue, from an earlier play scrap I had with my sister, that I neither wanted the Girl I was fighting to roll on top, and certainly not roll on top and struggle into a sitting position on my Chest, as my bigger sister had done one summer earlier and proceeded to spit in my face.

So I had instinctively hooked and locked both my legs around one of Sue's. During the course of our fight, she had done the same, and periodically cow kicked me with a free leg in the small of my back or lower, adding bruises to my ass and thighs. One of my hands was firmly grasping hair and blouse collar, while the other clawed and punched away, like a flailing whip. Sue had her own grip with her especially long nails, that had cut into the back of my scalp. She too would flail away with her free arm.

I then heard a husky youthful voice yell out CATFIGHT. CATFIGHT at least 6 or 7 times. Followed shortly thereafter by the t******* of heavy soles on turf, and a building ground and crowd noise. with comments like; "come on Sue, get on top Pat, pull her bra off, ya catfight, look at them go, f_ck this is great, who are those two, hey those other two broads are fighting now "(Meaning that Jane and Sue's friend had gotten into it.) This of course was mere background noise, to Sue's heavy breathing cursing and the sound of the ground rolling up and hitting my body every couple of seconds. Pain, emotional embarrassment, and physical exhaustion were the principal ingredients of this after-school activity.

NO, I was not thinking about *** at the time or getting off in the least. NOR did I have a burning desire to kiss little Sue, while her chompers were snapping at my lips and cheek. I guess we obviously looked like two very awkward petting lovers of sorts. Our skirts were both in a more than ready position for Male exploration, as I could feel my skirt bunched up around my waist like I was wearing a rolled-up towel around it. Sue's skirt had gotten hauled under her blouse almost completely, while I had been grabbing and clawing at it along with her backside, to keep her rolled off me. She had been performing a similar strategy kicking with her free leg whenever I began to roll on top to help maintain our gyrating momentum. Periodically our hair grips would slip and we would bump faces, this seemed to lead to not only knawing on the other cheek and nose and chins but also, some vigorous face butting.

Fortunately, the combination of sweat, wet grass, and grime made it difficult for us to get a good bite or claw grip on the other's ass or mug. Sue did have an especially largemouth with huge teeth. I swear my face could have fit inside her big mouth. Along with this facial bumping-biting battle, a good knuckled hook would often travel up the side of our heads. so there we were with a gathering audience, not knowing where we exactly were on the field. We had rolled apart once or twice during our combat, only to tackle the other through bleary teary eyes, and continue our roll about.

I then heard something distant and from a familiar Adult voice, like, you two stop this fighting immediately. I then heard Jane sob out," they started it". Then a split second later, Sue and I were tumbling down the side of the ditch into the grassy mucky wet base. A brief wrestle roll match later and quick uncoupling roll and we immediately separated, spitting out ditch water and gaging.

After I cleared the sweat and grime from my eyes, I could see the damage done. We were both a complete wreck. Sue had one **** winking out of her bra. One of her sleeves was gone, ripped off. her skirt had been pulled up just below her *****. One of her oxfords was missing. She was panting like a wild-eyed racehorse, closing one eye to the glaring sun, while leaning against the sloped side of the ditch. Her lone oxford shod foot was still in the murky ditch water. Blonde hair hung from her nails, she even picked one of my blouse buttons from under her thumbnail. her face was streaked with grime and black gooey hair, her white open blouse was dirt and grass-stained, and only one button remained, her tie was matted to the back of her hair, her nails filled with black dirt hair and grass.

My shorter but still long french nails had just been done for today, and were now half-broken, my ******* were soaking wet, but I was glad to still have them on, my wet blouse was filthy with caked-on grim and flecks of grass and hair but in better shape than Sue's. My shoes were filled with ditch muck. I noted from my dirt-spattered timex that we had been going at it for less than 15 minutes. Probably closer to ten.

Then the booming Adult voice once again. Looking up, I recognized the School Director, leering down at the two of us lying side by side in the ditch glaring at one another. With three Seniors from the Public School all chubby-fied and glee. "You three get down there and stop those other two girls from fighting, NOW!"

The director had to be f_cking kidding. I could barely stand, let alone pull out another black strand of Sue's wet gooey mop. Our site was totally something to behold to the uninitiated to the Catfight world. Both the nylon material of our pantyhose had been not only filled with nasty runs but one leg had been removed completely off of Sue. She had to look the worst for it. Although later in the School Gym change room under the glareful guard of the master penguin, I decided my pre-shower face was decidedly worse than Sue's. The bite marks luckily washed off for the most part, as in hind sight, I had noted we had landed our rolling asses in the wet lower area of the field.

My friend Jane and her catfighting partner were both less messy, but the bulk of their fight had been more upright punches and ripping. When they have pulled apart, they were basically *******. Jane also had a broken nose and one missing tooth. Her partner had a severely twisted ankle and required minor eye surgery. No this was a REAL catfight for the both of us, nothing **** at all for any of the four cat fighters involved. The 2nd kicking friend of Sue's got off scot-free! In addition, she was the one who ran and tattled to the Director. Probably a good thing for Jane, who was on her back when the other gal was pulled off her.

End result we both got suspended for a full week, with detention every day for the remainder of the year. Plus of course the paddle from both parents and penguins. Jane and fight buddy, are the same. On the bright side, my first serious boyfriend was the Freckle-faced Senior who helped me hobble back to the Director's Office.

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