School Charity Day by Unknown


School Charity Day by Unknown

Holly had raised nearly £200 for “Children In Need” before the charity day at school had even started. She was sure they wouldn’t make her do anything silly now. Holly was in year 12 (18 years old) and was the target of all the male attention. She was one of those stuck-up rich ******* who thought the boys were not good enough for her. She was gorgeous though, with long brown hair, very pretty, big ***** and she wore her school skirt very short to show off her bare **** legs. She always spent hours grooming and trying to look good.

When she arrived at school, the day was going well, lots of events going on, teachers being pied that sort of thing. Then the gunge tank was wheeled out. It was just a toilet in a phone-box-like structure, with a stepladder up both sides so the slime could be poured from above. The headteacher came out and asked for volunteers to go in. A few boys volunteered and they were lined up and collection buckets for money put in front of them. Not many people put money in so Mrs. Pearce had an idea. She approached Holly and asked her to go in.

“Not a chance,” she said and screwed up her face. “I’ve got my rep to think about, and that stuff looks disgusting“.

“Ok then,” said Mrs. Pearce, “I’ll have to tell your parents that you skipped school on Thursday.” 

“No please they will kill me, I’m on my last warning.”

“There’s one way to get off the hook,” she said as she looked at the gunge tank. “Anyway, they might not vote for you…”

Holly gave a look of horror as it dawned on her that she would have to go into the vote… As much as she protested, it got her nowhere. So she reluctantly agreed. It was announced that Holly was joining the contenders; this caused a stir a**** all the pupils.

The money started pouring in and it soon became clear that there was only going to be one person in the tank. Poor Holly, she had made an extra effort to look good today and she would never live this one down. The time came and resigned to her fate, she took off her blazer, shoes, and socks and walked slowly and nervously towards the tank. She was lead in, wearing only her white shirt, green school tie, and very short blue skirt. She pouted as she sat on the cold toilet seat…

She looked out to the crowd and to her horror, the whole school was there to watch and cheer. She went bright red and let out a quiet groan before hiding her disgust with what was about to happen to her. Two boys stepped up the ladders with huge buckets of thick smelly green gunge, one had to plug his nose as he reached the top, as the foul smell of the revolting glop was too much for him. They held the buckets above her head and then tilted them slowly.

Holly put both hands to her face and hunched her shoulders. Then it began to pour, it started slowly, but soon it was coming thick and fast. Horrible disgusting smelly green slime being poured all over her lovely, shiny hair and pretty face. It covered her shoulders and chest and splattered over her smooth bare legs and feet. She was a stinky sloppy green mess by the time it was over.

When all the gunge had been poured, the boys stepped down and Holly was left mouth open in shock. She wiped the muck from her face only to see all her friends laughing at her. It was still dripping down her legs. She wiggled her slimy toes. Her shirt had gone see-through and her black bra and ample 34C ***** were on show.

As she stood up, she slipped on the slime and landed on her ****. Her legs were wide open and the crowd got an eyeful of her white cotton *******, which were also mucky. She stood up and walked to the changing rooms, never having felt so stupid and disgusted in her whole life. She had been completely covered in foul revolting slop and laughed at by her entire group of peers. Poor Holly….

February 27, 2022 8:47 PM