Sara's Second Semester by Ace


Sara's Second Semester by Ace

Shortly after Sara's second encounter with Gina and their friend Kelley, winter vacation gave her a welcome break from her freshman year at college. Although she enjoyed meeting old high school buds and going to several parties, her thoughts often turned to her encounters with Gina. She didn't really understand why she liked something that on one hand caused her so much pain. Often before going to sleep she thought about the two beatings she received from Gina. Thinking about her defenseless belly impaled upon Gina's fists spread warmth throughout her body. She relived the sound of a hard fist against soft flesh. She heard again the "UUGGNNN" that came from deep within her.

Lying in bed, she gently caressed herself where those fists had done their destruction: her belly, just below her navel, her firm breasts, her flat stomach. Oh, how they hurt her! But she wanted that hurt again. She wondered if Gina enjoyed punching her and if it would be a turn-on to get Gina in a helpless situation and punch her vulnerable belly.

What if Gina didn't like it? She didn't think she could do it alone. Who to get to help her? It was not as if she could just ask anyone to help her beat up her roommate. Maybe Bob would help--he had seemed more than a little interested when she told him what Gina had done. Bob didn't know how much Sara had liked it, and she wasn't sure she wanted to tell him. After more thought, she resolved to ask him to help her.

When Sara returned to school, she and Gina greeted each other as if nothing special had happened--just the usual small talk about vacation, boys, etc. Sara sought out Bob soon and told him her plan. Since Bob and Gina had kind of cooled off, she guessed that Bob would agree to help her, and he did.

The next day Gina was given a message to meet Bob at the house he and several other guys rented off-campus. Sara was nowhere around when Gina received the message, and after a few minutes, she drove over to the house. She let herself in and went down to the den in the seemingly deserted house. After about a minute, the sound of the front door closing and locking could be heard, and then Sara and Bob walked into the room. "What's going on?", asked Gina.

"It's payback time," responded Sara, with a grin.."Take off your clothes".

At first frightened, Gina then responded, "Sure, I will if you will".

Soon to the delight of Bob, both girls had stripped down to bra and *******. The girls circled each other for a few seconds before Sara attacked. She slapped the brunette on the side of the face. Gina's face reddened, and she instinctively covered her face with one hand. Sara then quickly slapped the other cheek.

Enraged, Gina lunged at Sara and aimed a fist at her face. Sara luckily ducked the wild punch and scored a decent uppercut to Gina's stomach.

Despite her fairly ripped upper abs, the punch did some damage, and a low "OOF" escaped her lips.

Before Gina could respond she received two more hard slaps across the face. "SPLAT...SPLAT" Gina again put her hands to her face and Sara dug two more punches into the middle of her flat stomach.

"OOOUUGH" Gina's hands went to her midsection, and she stood in a half-crouch, sucking air.

Once more, Sara delivered a ringing slap to Gina's face. Tears came to Gina's eyes as her face reddened. Sara aimed yet another slap at Gina, causing her hands to come up for protection. This opened up her body and Sara sank a solid punch in just above Gina's navel.

A "UGGGNNN" was wrenched from Gina and she doubled.

"How do you like it", Sara asked. When Gina refused to respond, Sara quickly reached over and undid Gina's bra strap. Sara grabbed her roommate by the shoulders and pushed her against the wall. Gina, with some effort, stood straight up facing her tormentor.

"Now what are you gonna do?" Gina asked with a quaver in her voice.

"Don't you know?"...from Sara. She looked at her helpless roommate, now nearly naked. Bob was also enjoying the view because, in addition to Gina's flat midsection, her breasts were looked full and firm, and her belly flat and ****. Her deep-set belly button was about four inches above the top of her brief yellow *******.

"You're mine, now, roomie", said Sara as she advanced toward the girl. Gina raised her hands in a feeble gesture of resistance, but Sara brushed them aside and punched each of Gina's breasts, right on the *******.

"AYIIIIII", screamed Gina, holding her wounded *******.

Sara then moved to her ultimate target, Gina's flat belly, and rocketed two uppercuts into her belly button. A long "OOUUGGHHH" was forced from Gina, and she doubled over and stumbled forward toward Sara. She put her arms on Sara's shoulder and linked her hands behind Sara's neck. "

Do it again, punch my belly", she almost begged. With Gina leaning forward, hands around Sara's neck, Sara had Gina's whole body, breasts, stomach, belly, groin as a target. Sara remembered the pain and the pleasure of Gina's fists buried in her soft belly and wanted to be on the other end. She then began a series of belly punches to Gina.

First to the belly button, "OOUUGH, OOUUGGN, "OOGGHHHHH",

Then to her delicious lower belly, "UUGGNNN" "UGNNNNN", "OOUUGGHHH".

Sara's punches were in a rhythm--they were slow and not as hard as she could punch. Sara was enjoying this almost as much as Gina, but not experiencing the pain.

Finally, she called Bob over, who could hardly walk because of the tremendous hard-on he had. He held Gina's arms behind her and pulled her upright. Sara stood before her helpless target as Gina displayed an 18 year old's beauty: full breasts, long tanned legs, beautiful, now soft belly, legs spread wild apart as she struggled to stand.

The hard punches would come now, the ones Sara knew would lead to pain, ecstasy, and wonderful memories.

"THUD", "UGGGNNN" right on the navel.

"THUD", "OOUUUGHH" two inches below the navel.

"AAIII", a series of punches to those erect *******.

Finally, "OOOOHHH" as Sara punched up hard between Gina's legs. Gina's eyes were getting glassy--time to finish her off--Sara stepped in close and drove vicious knee lifts to Gina's wide open belly. Gina shook with the violent ****** that rocketed through her body. As Gina passed out, Bob and Sara laid her gently on a sofa.

She then led Bob to the adjoining bedroom

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