Sarah's Troubles (3) by CountryMouse


Sarah's Troubles by CountryMouse


But that wasn't the end of the night's events...

I was outside with my car keys in my hand a couple of hours later. Blonde bombshell Sarah and her group got really drunk, and her boyfriend got really lucky or was about to. I watched her stumble out first laughing wildly with her friends behind her. That's when it happened.

The 2 girls came out from behind a car. It was Rae, the girl Sarah had beaten up earlier, and the same friend who had run to her side to help. The girls were both wearing high heels and short black dresses, and they charged Sarah. Rae led with a vicious cross that turned Sarah's head sideways.

Sarah stumbled backward into the wall behind her. Rae and her friend, I think her name was Laura, pinned both of Sarah's arms over her head. Apparently, there was a game plan because they both attacked Sarah's dress without taking time to discuss it.

Again, I wish this happened when there were smartphones so I could have filmed this whole thing. Sarah's dress was thin and satiny, not made of tough material. Still, it took some effort from Rae and Laura to tear it off of her. They pulled and pulled till the spaghetti straps broke, then it was easier work to rip the little black dress clean off her body. 

“Oh my god!” the blonde cried out squirming in the cold night air. My thoughts echoed hers, but for different reasons. That little dress had showed her figure off pretty well. Now that Rae and Laura had done me the favor of removing it, Sarah was reduced to a very skimpy bra and ******* set. Sarah was in her early 20's and her body was just amazing! 

They held her up, exposed in her underwear for just a moment. Then Rae raised her right fist high and swung it hard up into the blonde's stomach. Sarah's eyes widened as her body cramped around Rae's balled fist. She lurched forward, her jaw-dropping slack as she grunted, “Uff!”

Laura followed suit immediately shoving her own fist into Sarah's gut. She let out another “Guff!” her face had a look of pain and astonishment. The girls continued to pound on this girl, not giving the blonde a chance to recover at all. They just kept punching her in the stomach, pulled their fist back, then sank their fist even deeper. All Sarah could do is provide a steady cadence of “Unh! Unh! Unh!” as blows rained into her sleek torso.

The assault was quick and brutal. At first, Rae and Laura were taking turns, sinking one punch into Sara's belly after another. For her part Sarah stood there, shapely legs apart, **** against the wall, as her tight little body absorbed each devastating punch. The aluminum siding wall rattled as Sarah was forced against it over and over.

Sarah's group of friends started walking out of the bar. They were shocked to see Sarah being handled so roughly, the girls were too terrified to jump in, and the guys were probably not stepping in for the same reason I wasn't.

I still can't believe Sarah was still conscious at this point Her glassy eyes were still open, with tears in them. I was close enough to notice Sarah's lips purse a little every time Rae or Laura's fist pushed into her gut. 

At last Rae and Laura seemed to be getting tired, I could hear them breathing heavily and the assault slowed gradually. The girls Sarah was with were becoming braver and outnumbered Rae and Laura. After nearly 5 minutes of tenderizing the blonde like a slab of meat, they left her to lean on the wall. 

Laura went to get the car, but Rae remained behind to admire her handy work. Sarah was wobbly on her high heels, instinctively trying to remain standing. Her arms were limp at her sides, giving me a really good long look at her stunning figure. Man, I wanted to **** this girl!

Rae postured, taunting Sarah to fight her. Sarah managed to shake her head 'no way' between sobs.

Not satisfied, Rae grabbed a handful of blonde hair and smashed a cruel knee into the already beaten girl's soft belly. The kick had so much force it took the blonde's feet off the ground.

Sarah moaned, “OOOOOHHH!” and fell the rest of the way to dirt ground. She instantly curled into the fetal position holding her tummy. 

Rae ran to the car laughing as it peeled away.

February 19, 2022 6:56 AM