Sarah's Night Out (2) by CountryMouse


A user on her by the name of countrymouse created what I thought was the best story on this site. I am hoping to read more because he hinted at another story at the end of the first one but it's been forever and there still is none there. If you could please continue this series it would make me and possibly many others feel very happy. - Mystery Vendetta 2009

Sarah's Night Out by CountryMouse

“Guys! Sarah's getting into another fight!”

I was out of my chair in an instant. In fact, several of my buddies were on their feet. In just a few months Sarah had become a legend around campus. Not only because she was an incredibly hot girl, but because she was also a major *****. 

Only a few weeks ago this got Sarah into deep trouble. She had messed with this girl named Allison, and Allison really kicked her ass. I mean Sarah didn't even fight back, she just flopped around while Allison hit her in the stomach over and over. 

We all ran up to the VIP area, kind of a quiet room set aside for groups that wanted to hang out separate from the main bar. There she was. 

Sarah stood around 5 foot 6 and had shoulder-length, bottle-blonde hair. Tonight she was dressed in a very short little black dress that showed off a fine pair of legs. I couldn't help but instantly picture her naked, something I got to see the last time she had fought. Man what a body she had!

As I arrived on the scene Sarah was standing nose to nose with another girl. Her would-be opponent was no slouch on looks either. She looked to be a least part Arabic, with olive skin and dark brown eyes, I learned later that she was actually a reigning beauty queen named Rae. Rae stood several inches over Sarah, who was standing with her hands on her hips and glaring up at the amazon. 

I don't know what their problem was with each other, but I arrived just in time for the action. The Arab girl had a half-full glass of Sex on the beach in her hand, which she promptly threw in Sarah's face. I Heard Rae scream, “Bitch!”

The bombshell staggered back a few steps on her stiletto heels. She was shocked by the alcohol on her face. Sarah pushed the hair out of her face and blinked her eyes clean. The gauntlet was thrown now, she had to either back down or step up and fight this girl. I could see that Sarah was hesitating. Understandable, the last time she had been in a fight Sarah was really humiliated bad. Allison had absolutely destroyed Sarah, and stripped her clothes off, in front of a lot of people.

Sarah glanced around her, looking at her friends, probably hoping someone would interfere. No one did. She actually caught my eye briefly, and I think she recognized me from the crowd at her last battle. Our eye contact seemed to give her an idea.

Sarah turned to Rae a little more bravely. Now I could see the blonde's gambit now. As Sarah faced the beauty queen I could see her small right handball into a fist. She glanced at me one more time and I knew what was about to happen.

The blonde took one step into Rae's personal space and drove her balled fist right into the girl's stomach. Sarah put everything into the punch and managed to hit Rae pretty hard right in the gut. The pageant girl grunted “Oof!” loudly and lurched forward.

Rae's eyes were wide open in shock. Her eyes then fluttered closed as her pretty face contorted into a mask of pain. Rae bent over at the waist, Sarah's fist still stuck in her gut. Sarah looked like her old self at that moment, her old cocky, bitchy self. The humiliation of the last few months washed away in her triumph. I imagine Sarah couldn't help herself. She pulled her arm back and slammed it into Rae's belly one more time. 

Rae grunted “Huff!” The girl's body rocked completely under the blow, her arms flailed loose, and she stumbled on her high heels. Sarah let her victim go and stood over her ready to pounce if she needed to.

Rae just stood there bent over with her hands on her knees and head down. She finally inhaled deeply and raised her head to groan, “Ooooooh!”

At this point, one of Rae's friends ran to help her out. Sarah gave this second girl a cocky, “You want a piece of me too *****?” look but allowed the girl to help Rae walk away. Rae was led away hunched over like a cripple, her breathing erratic.

For Rae it was really awkward, she'd lost the fight but she wasn't able to walk out on her own for almost 15 minutes. Sarah and her friends taunted her the whole time, and it almost looked like Sarah would get into it with another girl. Finally, Rae was able to move enough to leave with her friends.

Sarah strutted back to her friends, the hottest girl in the room. She walked up to some lucky guy and shoved her tongue down his throat. Apparently, she was really turned on by hitting another girl. She made out with that ******* for a long time. 

But that wasn't the end of the night's events...

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