Sarah Picks the Wrong Fight by Alex


Sarah Picks the Wrong Fight by ArthurP

The Tualatin High School girls’ cross-country team was on a hot streak, finishing races with tops marks, and then going on to win the state championship. It was an experience that one girl would remember vividly to this day. Sarah Bishop was one of the girls on the cross-country team at the time, and she was one of the very best, like a goddess, some would say. She was not only the fastest runner, but she was also the most beautiful. A girl standing at a height of 5’8 carrying with her a graceful, willowy body, which seemed to dance gracefully, rather than move. It couldn’t be said that she didn’t have help though. She was forced to take muscle-enhancing drugs at an early age because her step-parents cared more about her athletic future. Either way, she survived to become a very strong female indeed. Able to bench press up to 300 pounds, and do squats of up to 430, she was awarded ‘Sophomore Weight Training Queen’ every year. She always wore tight, revealing clothes, which showed off not only her beautiful C-cup breasts, but also her attention-demanding 6-pack of a stomach, as well as her famous, long, and willowy legs, all the way down to her beautiful feet and adorable little toes.

Needless to say, she was at the top of her game, that is, until one day. A new girl came to town, named Emily, and she was used to getting things done her way at her old high school. The trouble started when she tried to flirt with Sarah’s boyfriend. Sarah’s friend saw this and told her what happened, which eventually led to Sarah stomping up to Emily and demanding to know what her problem was. Everyone stopped to watch what was happening, for no one ever dared mess with Sarah.

“What the **** is your problem, *****?” said Sarah, shoving Emily away.

“Hey! Don’t touch me hoe, it’s a free country, I can do whatever I want!” Emily replied with an evil smirk.

“Oh ya? Well, this he just happens to be my boyfriend, so back off sister!”

“Make me!”

“I will!”

“Oh, really now? I’d love to see you try.” Emily shot back coolly. Sarah’s angered expression turned to one of shock, but she quickly regained her composure.

“You want to fight? Ha! I’ll ******* murder you *****.” She replied with a sneer.

“Oh you’ll regret those words, but bring it on ****.” Was Emily’s reply.

“Fine, we’ll take this to the gym.” That was all Sarah had to say.

By the time they reached the gym, a huge crowd had formed inside, sitting on the bleachers, or standing near the mat that was thrown down for the two beautiful sophomore girls’ fight. All eyes turned to stare as the two girls in question appeared from one of the double doors. They had changed and were dressed to fight. Sarah was wearing a jaw-dropping sports bra, which highlighted her hot abs and strong arms, she was also wearing black short shorts, which showed off almost every inch of her famous legs. Below that, her bare feet touched lightly on the hard gym floor. Emily was wearing a similar outfit, only with a tie-top that had long sleeves and only came down to the bottom of her perky C-cup breasts. Her abs looked strong with good definition, and her long pants didn’t show off her legs but did accentuate her beautiful bare feet quite nicely.

“I’ll give you a chance to back down now while you still have a chance.” Said Emily, as they both got onto the mat.

“No way *****, you’re just too scared to handle a real woman.” Spit Sarah. “Okay then.” The match then started. The two girls circled warily around each other.

Then, suddenly, Sarah lunged at Emily, faking a wild left at her face, which Emily went for. She then shot her other arm up and struck her right in the solar plexus. “Ooooof!” was the guttural cry that came out of Emily’s mouth, as her breath was knocked right out of her. She stumbled backward, looking stunned, her right hand clutching at her beaten belly. Sarah grinned, knowing that this fight was over.

She advanced slowly on Emily, drawing it out. Then when she reached for her, Emily looked up at her with a smile on her face that Sarah would never forget. The next thing that happened shocked everyone, Emily’s barefoot shot up, and rudely buried itself in Sarah’s delicious belly.

“Awwwwff!” was all Sarah could say, as her breath was knocked out of her with a sickening thudding sound that came from her belly being impaired by the fierce kick. Sarah tries to bring her hands down to cover her wounded stomach but Emily would have none of it. She shot another foot up, catching Sarah right on the belly button, her bare toes digging in.

“Hooooooog!” spat Sarah, as her beaten belly took the hit. Her hands once again tried to find her beaten belly, but Emily still wouldn’t end the suffering. She grabbed Sarah by the bra and shoved her over to the gym wall, leaning close.

“I told you to back down, guess you blonde ******* just can’t listen, huh?” Said Emily quietly, menacingly as she leaned back out to stand right in front of the beaten and battered cross-country star.

Sarah looked up to stare right into Emily’s eyes as she replied just as quietly, “Do your worst.”

“Oh, I will-“ Sarah didn’t give her a chance to finish her retort though, as she brought her leg up and stomped ruthlessly on Emily’s toes.

“Ayieeeeee!” Whimpered and screamed Emily as she jumped up and down, her hands coming to hug over her bare toes. Sarah waited for a beat, then shot her fist up to strike Emily in the face, a fight-winning punch. It would have worked too, but Emily recovered too quickly.

She let Sarah have it, pummeling the seam of her upper belly with a pitiless punch. “Oooohh!” Was her reply as the small fist dug in deep. Emily kept her fist lodged tightly in there, feeling the quivering of Sarah’s belly, and loving it. She then pushed her fist in further, sinking it to her backbone, and pushing Sarah right up to the wall before finally letting go. Sarah felt sick, literally, and moaned out her last breath, before coughing.

“You’ll pay for that dirty trick.” And with that, Emily struck Sarah in the belly. Over and over, with punches to the solar plexus, belly button, and obliques.

Uuk! Oohh!! Oww!!! Ohhh!! Hoooof!! Awwwff!!! Went Sarah, as she cried, tears raining down her face and falling down to her sports bra, which accentuated her rosebud *******, making them hard. It was good too, it distracted Emily as she fell into a rhythm. Two hard punches, then waiting for Sarah to regain a precious breath, then two more hard punches, repeatedly ******* with Sarah’s hot red belly. Seeing her hard ******* turned Emily on and she made those her next target.

She freed those perfectly shaped orbs and drove uppercuts under them, sending them skyward. Sarah screamed at this new torture and begged for her to stop. Emily’s response was to punch harder, stroking Sarah’s ***** so hard that they flattened right against her chest, punches that knocked them side to side, then Emily finally stopped the torture by grabbing both of Sarah’s ******* with her fingers, mercilessly pinching and squeezing them. Sarah let out a shrill whimper at this. It also made her wet however, her shorts were soaked. Emily noticed this as well and sent a barefoot right up between her legs. Her bare toes dug double deep into Sarah’s ******, popping the athlete’s cherry.

Sarah whimpered again and Emily threw her to the floor, then stomped her bare foot down, over and over, into the poor girl’s stomach, until Sarah started heaving uncontrollably.

Emily finally left the broken girl to wallow to curl up in a ball and wallow in her misery.

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